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Open CHARMS HIGH (Sign Ups and Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Welcome to Charms High!

    Swearing; Allowed
    Romance; Allowed
    Violence; A little
    Pokemon; No
    Fantasy; No
    All pokecharms rules apply


    Year (7-12):


    Backstory (Optional):

    Contact me if you'd like to be a teacher.

    So the plot of this is undecided, it's set in a normal highschool. The plot we can decide as a group. :)
  2. Name: Midnight Storm
    Age: Fifteen
    Gender: Female
    Year: Sophomore

    Personality: Midnight is very shy and quiet, usually keeping to herself. She is very observant and cautious but she is kind. She doesn't like crowds so she tries to avoid them. She doesn't have any friends yet and she likes to be left alone
    Appearance: Midnight wears a black shirt with a white wolf and a white dragon on it. She has black skinny jeans for her thin figure with black sneakers. She has shoulder blade length black, silky hair with cobalt blue eyes and pale skin. She is about 5'6 ft. tall and quite skinny with a flat chest
    Aspirations: Midnight would like to be a wildlife specialist, author, or an artist. She is very good with animals and loves them; she knows about most animals in the world. She loves writing and reading however she will need a certain topic to write about. She loves painting, drawing, and coloring with her own style of what colors match or don't match

    Backstory: Midnight was always ignored by her parents though they did feed her and give her the things she needed. She always wanted to be reconized by her parents but they always seemed to see her as a bother so she quite trying. Her parents caused her to be so quite yet observant since she wanted to be included in things but she knew her parents saw her as a bother since they had so much work. She always had average grades and kept up with things but she never went on school field trips. Her family usually switched jobs quite frequently so they moved around a lot. She never really had any friends or anyone she could go to for help so she bottled up most of her feelings and tried not to get close to anyone. Her family moved for her fathers job and now she's going to a new school with new people though she is used to moving
    First Hour: Japanese
    Second Hour: ELA
    Third Hour: Math
    Fourth Hour: Art
    Fifth Hour: History
    Sixth Hour: P.E
    Seventh Hour: Science
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    • Name: Riley Wilson
    • Age: 16
    • Gender: Male
    • Year: Junior
    • Personality: Riley is a goofy kid, who people either seem to like or hate. There's really no in between. He is always upbeat and has seemingly endless energy. However, most people don't know, that he has a temper, and if he feels the need, he will fight and stand up for what he belives in. He is somewhat of a slacker in class only barely getting by. However he accels in Art and Theatre Arts, and works very hard. He enjoys sketching and acting, and is very light hearted. He is a loyal friend, and doesn't betray others or break promises. His promises are something he holds in high regard.
    • Appearance: Riley has shaggy reddish brown hair, that kinda looks like a mop. It hangs over his ears and his eyes, which are emerald green. His skin is peachy, nis nose is a bit crooked and his left front tooth is chipped. Freckles dot the bridge of his nose. His face is shaved, with the occasional bit of stubble on days he forgets to shave. He wears graphic tees that are funny and light hearted. He always wears a red hooded jacket and had it over his shirt. He prefers to wear jeans and a pair of beat up Converse High Tops. His backpack is an old olive green canvas bag.
    • Aspirations: Despite being a Junior, he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. He enjoys to make people smile and wants to do something that makes others grin. But his plans are still a mystery.
    • Classes:
    1st Hour- ELA
    2nd Hour- Math
    3rd Hour- PE
    4th Hour- Science
    5th Hour- AP Art
    6th Hour- Theatre Arts
    7th Hour- History
  3. Name: Ryan Christopherson
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Year (7-12): Freshman

    Personality: If someone could balance being really cool and being nerdy at the same time, Ryan would be that person. When he's not gawking over superheroes and girls, he's out cracking jokes, hanging out with his friends, or dedicating that season to a certain sport. Despite being awesome, Ryan has quick temper, and if he doesn't like you, he'll vocalize it. Not even gonna mention his narcissism.
    Appearance: Ryan has Brown hair that is swept to the right. He takes extreme care of his hair and pounds talons of gel into it. He has Brown eyes. Ryan wears a black shirt with The Flash logo on it and black cargo shorts.
    Aspirations: To be a rock star. Or be an electrical engineer.

    1st hour: Math
    2nd Hour: Science
    3rd Hour: Intro to Engineering
    4th hour: ELA
    5th hour: History
    6th Hour: Theatre Arts
    7th hour: PE
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  4. Name: Zenix Sorrel
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Year: Sophomore

    Personality: He is shy and quiet around people he doesn't know. But once you get to know him, he can be kind and supportive.
    Appearance: He has black hair that he has stand up. He has dark brown eyes. He wears a red, long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, red converse high tops and a blue scarf. He's also 5'6 ft tall.
    Aspirations: He has no idea of what he wants to do with his life.

    1st hour: Spanish
    2nd hour: ELA
    3rd hour: Math
    4th hour: Graphic Design
    5th hour: Science
    6th hour: PE
    7th hour: History
  5. Name: Sam Wildern
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Year (7-12): 10th (The equivalent of a Sophomore in AU)

    Personality: Sam is pretty athletic and outgoing. She's nice and friendly, but does have an attitude. She can be feisty and get pretty angry at times, but she's usually just a happy person. She can hide her emotions very well, and doesn't like her weak side showing.
    Appearance: Sam had light brown hair usually tied up in a high bun. She has grassy green eyes and dark skin. She usually wears a light blue sleeveless hoodie and mini, beige shorts. She wears white sneakers and a black backpack.
    Aspirations: She loves sport and track is her favourite. She hopes to compete in as many athletic events as possible.

    Backstory (Optional): Her mother died when she was 2 due to a car accident, so Sam lives alone with her father, who is a very cheerful man and also hides his true emotions. She developed a passion for sport when she was young, and found it as a way to take her mind off of things. Like a retreat. She was bullied in Primary School and was nervous when she started high school, but quickly learned that she wasn't treated badly compared to others. She did get bullied a bit, and still does. But she's strong.

    1st hour: French
    2nd hour: ELA
    3rd hour: Team Sports
    4th hour: Art
    5th hour: Theatre Arts
    6th hour: P.E
    7th hour: Math

    All of you guys are accepted btw.
  6. Thank you very much! :)
  7. Name: Iris Lund
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Year (7-12): 10

    Personality: Usually quiet and introverted, and in most conversations she will usually sit and listen, since in most conversations where she speaks, it turns out to be a mess of horroble comparisons and constant subject changing. Even though she is usually silent, she is incredibly persistent, expressive, and studious for her age.
    Appearance: Long brown hair(usually down, but will be tied in a bun for special occasions), grey-blue eyes, glasses, and easily sunburnable pale skin. She usually wears jeans and t-shirts with a light blue hoodie tied around her waist. Just in case.
    Aspirations: A rocket scientist like her mother before her.

    Backstory (Optional): growing up, she never really had a father. Due to him dying to sickness before she was born. Leaving her mother to raise the child named iris. It was difficult, having constant work and a child to care for but she always looked optomistic. Leading to why iris looks up to her so much. Growing up with her nerdy mother, iris earned numerous personality traits from her mother. Loving math and it's concepts, perseverance, and patience.
    1st hour: Japanese
    2nd hour: Calculus(math but a higher level class)
    3rd hour: ELA
    4th hour: Science
    5th hour: Phisics
    6th hour: History
    7th hour: P.E.
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  8. a
  9. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Well, I'm obviously signing up...

    Name: Alex Pavlon
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Year (7-12): Sophomore/Year 10

    Personality: Alex tries to be the kindest person he can possibly be. Alex prefers good over bad and likes acting like a hero.
    Appearance: Alex is short Blonde haired and has bright blue eyes. Alex is average height for his age with a somewhat muscular build. Alex wears a Grey T shirt, denim jeans, and black sneakers. He also has a white hoodie, Brown shorts and sneakers.
    Aspirations: He currently wants to be an entertainer of some sort (Music or Acting)

    Backstory (Optional): (Currently thinking of one)

    1st Hour: Japanese
    2nd Hour: ELA
    3rd Hour: Music
    4th Hour: Art
    5th Hour: Theatre Arts
    6th Hour: PE
    7th Hour: Maths
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  10. accepted! RP will begin when I feel up to writing something XD

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