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Charming Fantasy Tactics - Blue Grimoire of the Rift

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Tangrow, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. (Hello everyone! Tangrow speaking! this is a PokecharmsxFFTA2 crossover, and I hope I wrote it well enough! This first chapter is a tad short for my taste, but I hope you like it (And I hope that everyone ever comments) because I took a lot of time deciding roles and stuff! (Thankoo RX) Alrighty, here we are!)

    Chapter 1: Books and Birds

    When the bell rang, Evans had sworn he would be the first one out of school. Summer vacation, sitting at home playing video games, maybe doing homework if he felt like it. All these things and more were on his mind as he had watched the clock tick down earlier. And right as he heard the telltale high pitched sound, he immediately jumped from his seat and began running down the hall. Well, at least, that was what he had in mind before a familiar hand grabbed him firmly by the back of his hoodie.

    “I signed us up for helping the library organize their books for the next year. You don’t mind.” She had said, and Evans didn’t even have to look behind him to see the smug look on her face. “Come on.” Without a word, Idris began dragging him in the other direction whilst Evans pretended to struggle in futility, eliciting a laugh from her.

    “Id, this is possibly the worst thing you’ve done to me all year.” Another laugh. Evans huffed, crossing his hands before actually deciding to stop being dragged and start walking alongside Idris. Her thin arms still hadn’t let go of him, however, because she was well aware he would run the second she let go. As they turned the hall, the library doors loomed ahead, alerting the young brunette of her approaching job, and the disgruntled boy of what he would be stuck with.

    “Seriously, what possessed you to do library work on the last day of school?” He said, raising his voice at the end. There weren’t many people left, just those too slow to get their books and get out. As Idris pulled open the doors, she replied.

    “It’s the right thing to do. And the look on your face afterward is amazing.” She smiled, and Evans grumbled. The library was considerably smaller than most, with just a few rows of shelves and books and a few computers. “Come on, it’s not that much,” She finally let go of him and absentmindedly opened a music box lying on the counter, causing Evans to cringe. “Mister Randell? Are you in here?” She called out. “Hm,” Idris looked around in her line of sight once more. “You,” She turned back to Evans. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” With that, Idris disappeared behind one of the aisles, looking for the teacher. Evans sighed and decided to take a seat at a table with a rather large book. It bore an incredibly intricate design and appeared to be locked, causing Evans to give it more interest than some regular book that also functioned as a pillow in school. He fiddled with the latch on it for a moment, before managing to open up the old tome.

    With a detached interest, he idly flipped through the first few pages. Evans was never much for reading, and it held true as his eyes simply skimmed the pages, more or less marveling the images of fantasy, that of wizards and magical creatures. At least, he had, until he came across many blank pages. “Huh?” He had said, to no one in particular. He flipped back a couple pages, deciding to look at what was last written.

    “One is fated to fill its barren pages. Know you his name?” This caused the boy to quickly look around, making sure no one was in the vicinity to see him, before pulling out a pen he kept in his pocket and scribbling Evans Colbert within its confines. Looking satisfied with himself, he returned the pen to its place. “Well, me, of course! Hah!” Before he could deface any more of the book, however, he found his eyes accosted by a bright light before he blacked out entirely.

    Far away, in the land of Ivalice, on the continent of Loar, if one looked closely enough on a map, they would find the Targ Woods. It is there that our story begins. It’s a peaceful, quiet forest located at the southeastern tip of the continent, out of the way, and generally out of mind. Trees dotted the landscape, and most of the wood of the continent came from the area. Today, however, within the Woods lay a most cantankerous monster, that of what could only be described as a gigantic bird. A bill was put up at the pub for its defeat, and the offer was quickly accepted by none other than the local clan.

    “Come on, then! Our mark, uh, Klesta, should be around here.” A feminine voice rang out as she emerged into a clearing from the woods many trees. She was dressed in chainmail and sturdy boots, wielding a simple Longsword. Her chestnut hair fell to her shoulders, and shifted slightly as she turned her head back to the forest. “Hurry up, you two! Sem, stop taking forever!”

    Within moments, a small girl of adolescent age emerged, garbed in white with a staff strapped to her back. On her shoulders rode what could only be easily described as a disgruntled, winged, blue-furred creature in small clothes made for him. The creature in question turned to the woman, and, with a deadpan look, said, “Don’t even dare saying it.” He paused momentarily, looking as if he was concentrating on something, but instead releasing a, “…Kupo. Damn.” The moogle looked exceptionally displeased with himself.

    “Sem got stuck in a bush, so I had to help him out, is all!” The girl carrying him cheerfully said as the moogle’s fur seemed to pale.

    “…” The first woman seemed to be trying to stifle her laughter, before looking away and letting out a large cacophony of noises before turning back, straight-faced. “Right. We should be approaching it shortly. Does everyone know what to do?” Sem nodded, whilst the girl he was situated upon bit her lip.

    “Um, Katie, are you sure we can do this with just three people?” She asked, anxiety ringing in her otherwise cheerful voice. “Maybe we should have brought Toru and Kera. It sounds really big.” The trio began walking towards ever-louder screeches.

    “Oh, come on now, Elise. This is Targ Woods!” Katie began, “If we were in the Galerria Deep, then I’d understand, but there really isn’t any gigantic-oh.” They stopped as they saw a gigantic rotund bird, three times the size of any man look at them with fiercely territorial eyes. “Huh.”

    “Oh, come on now, Katie. This is Targ Woods! What’s the worst that can happen?” Sem said dryly, lacing each word with sarcastic intent. Katie rolled her eyes, largely ignoring the moogle, before focusing on the crushatrice in front of them.

    “Well,” She said. “Let’s get to it, then!” Katie lifted her longsword, preparing for battle, but before she could rush to the monstrous bird, a bright light accosted her and everyone’s vision. “Woah!”

    “Ah, it’s really bright!” Elise exclaimed, shielding her eyes with the robe as Sem covered his with adorably tiny paws.

    As the light faded, a boy lay where it originated, dressed in ordinary wear. Such an odd turn of events confused even the crushatrice, who squawked once in confusion as the boy sat up, holding his head.

    “Holy…” He said, “What happened?” As he looked around his surroundings, he noticed the forested landscape. “Uh, Id?” The mark, however, had gotten over its initial shock, and screeched loudly. He turned around, finding himself face-to-beak with the crushatrice, and quickly backed up in fear. “Not Id! Not Id! Holy crap, what the hell happened?”

    “Uh, hey there!” Katie yelled out from the other side of the clearing.

    “G-gah! Who are you!? Oh, whatever, just help me!” He cried out desperately as the bird began to advance.

    Katie turned to Sem and Elise. “Change of plans, guys. Sem, you and I will distract the bird. Elise, provide support and help that guy out!” Sem hopped from Elise’s shoulder to Katie’s, latching onto her hair for balance as he took off the rod strapped to his back.

    “This is so insane…” He muttered, raising the rod as he felt the magick in the air gather towards him. “No matter. Fire!” He shouted, bringing the rod to a point at the bird in the distance, and within moments, a small burst of heat engulfed the foe, causing the bird to stumble back in surprise with a quick squawk. Shortly recovering from the attack with a few burnt feathers to sport of it, the bird set its sights on the tasty morsel situated on the human’s shoulders and began to bumble towards Sem and Katie. “Elise, go!” He urged. The girl nodded, and began to sprint towards the shellshocked boy with wide eyes.

    “Hey there,” The younger girl said as she crouched down to meet his wide eyes. “My name is Elise. What’s yours?” She questioned.

    “E-Evans. Where am I? What’s happening?” He asked, the fear evident in his voice. “I was in the library just a minute ago and now a giant bird was trying to eat me!”

    “You’re in Ivalice. Or moreso, the Targ Woods. I would be so happy to ask you more, but,” She turned to look back at the ensuing battle, noticing Sem casting spells from a nearby rock while Katie was fighting the bird head-on, but slowly losing. “Can you fight?” She asked from seemingly nowhere.

    “Uh, I mean,” he said, much calmer now. Simply being around Elise seemed to have a sort of effect on others. “I can do my best.”
    “Good enough! You can join our clan, and we can talk from there!” She said happily, and then turned to the battle, seeing Katie receive a sharp beak into her arm, causing an intense bleed as she cried out. “Ah! Cure!” She said, holding her white staff out as blue magicks flowed from it, mending her wound as Katie sent her a grateful look in return. “Katie! The law card!” She exclaimed, and Katie reached into her pockets while backpedaling away from the bird, before throwing a rather aerodynamic card to Elise, who caught it as the battle raged on.

    “Did you just…?”

    “Heal her? Wow, you really must be new!” She exclaimed. “But now’s not the time! I need you to help Katie, and the best way to do that is to join our clan and fight with us! Will you?” She pleaded.

    “…Alright!” He said, standing up now.

    “Great! Now!” She held the card up in the air as it emitted a beacon to the sky. Shortly thereafter, in a quick flash of light, a tall being clad in silver armor appeared before the two, looking at Evans expectedly. “Okay, now swear the oath to the judge! Say you’ll join the clan! And quickly, too!” She glanced back at the battle. Katie was still holding up, and the bird’s figure was mottled with burn, scorch, and frost marks.

    “Uhh, alright! I, er, want to join the clan!” He exclaimed, facing the judge. The figure nodded, and the two are engulfed in a bright light momentarily, before Evans appears once more, alone, and in new garb. Sporting a blue swallowtail sort of shirt underneath metal armor held up by leather, along with shorts and leggings, he took up the sword at his side and held it out defiantly. “Alright! This makes absolutely no sense, and I’m not sure if this is a dream or not, but it’s totally awesome! Charge!” He shouted, and ran into the fray. Elise shook her head, a grin on her face, and rushed to get close enough to heal any of his inevitable wounds.

    Katie had been fighting back the crushatrice relatively well, but it was unnaturally resilient, and seemed to shrug off most of her attacks. Sem’s were having more of an effect, but it was far too long of a fight for Katie to keep going. That was why she was pleasantly surprised to see Evans run up and strike the bird from behind, causing it yelp in surprise, mixed with a bit of pain. It rounded on Evans, allowing Katie to strike at it as well. Sick of such a cowardly method of fighting, the bird leapt into the air before falling straight down, the force of the impact blowing the two away. Katie quickly spun around in midair, landing on her feet, although Evans simply slid across the ground before getting to his feet. “Watch it! We’ll attack from both sides!” She shouted over as she began to parry the monster’s beak strikes as Evans ran in to attack from behind again. It cried out in indignation, before flying up once more, intending to once more try to squash its foe.

    Before it could land, however, it was struck out of the sky with an oddly convenient lightning bolt from the clouds. The crushatrice fell to the ground with a loud thud, now showing wear and tear. Katie glanced at Sem, who was wearing a rather smug look on his face. Before Evans or Katie could run in to give it a good old fashioned beatdown, however, the bird uprighted itself rather quickly and began to flap its small wings, somehow taking it into the air. With a shrill cry, Klesta flew away from the woods towards the horizon. Watching everyone just stand there staring at it, Evans gaped. “What are you doing? We could have killed it!” Sem took a sidelong look at him.

    “The quest was simply to rid the forest of its disruption. It has been rid of.” He gracefully hopped off of his rock, brushing any dust off of his small outfit before continuing. “I have no need to waste my magick on such trivial matters.” He then turned and walked over to Katie. “So that one is our new clan member? Wonderful.” Evans couldn’t help but feel affronted.

    “Yep! That makes us a guild of six now! Soon we’ll be able to start taking jobs elsewhere!” Katie responded.

    “That would be lovely! I do wish to go home to Camoa soon.” Elise added, having watched the battle from the sidelines and healing any minor wounds. “…We should probably go back to the pub and tell Kera and Toru!” Katie nodded.

    “Yes, our reward should also be there as well.”

    “I can’t say I really understand most of this…” Evans said cautiously, “But I’m happy to help! This was really exciting.”

    “Yes, being part of a clan is thrilling,” Sem drawled, “But it can be dangerous. Are you sure you can handle that?”

    “I’ll handle whatever. Don’t you worry that pretty little head of yours.” He replied pleasantly, making Elise stifle a giggle as Sem gave him a dirty look.

    “Alright, alright,” Katie said, picking Sem up and putting him on her shoulder. Moogles were not truly as small as one’s head, but they were small enough to be carried, akin to a child of five years. “Let’s go back to the pub, and then we can talk about you.” She said, looking pointedly at Evans as she began walking.

    “Cool! Just one question…”


    “You’re a clan, right?”

    “Yep! We’re Clan Pizza!”


    (Ughhhhhh so hideously short. I'm going to work on getting to ten pages next chapter! Please comment, I want to know if I captured the Charmsians involved correctly and I am trying to work on my writing! Thank YOU ♥)
  2. I looooove this game, so I'll be reading avidly (assuming you stick to it!).

    Clan Pizza is awfully fitting.
  3. So this is just about the most adorable thing ever.~♥

    I :3'd so hard as I read it and I do hope that we'll get to see so much more of Sem and Katie bickering Evans wacky Ivalice adventures.
  4. I really enjoyed reading this! It was very well written, too, and that's not always easy to do with fight scenes.

    Looking forward to the next chapter!
  5. This was amazing~! The opening was perfect, plunging me right into the action, which I enjoyed. Can't wait for more :D
  6. Wow. This is bleeping funny. I want to read more. I'm still trying to pair people up to their 'Charms personas online. Sem and Link are obvious, and Indie's comment gave him away, but who is the female with the staff and the woman with the longsword?
  7. Shiny Pyxis

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    The one with the longsword is Katiechu, the girl with the staff is Tun. You might've gotten the latter if you knew that Tun's name in real life is Elise. :3 And Evans =/= Indie. I think he meant like, the opening was exciting and all that~

  8. (@Secad: Sorry if I didn't clarify! Evans is an OC I made specifically for the story! I'd feel it would be selfish if I used myself or anyone else as the main focus, so this smelly nobody will do. So there won't be any disguise naming. Any actual person from Charms will be under their real name or name most people know them as. In the case of Tun/Elise, naming your kid Tun is odd, so I went with Elise.)

    (Ah, nasty nasty me! This chapter is slightly shorter than the last! Most of it is excavation (Is that the right word?) but it sets the stage for Clan Pizza's very first mission! Today, you'll meet the other two members of the clan, and the name of who might show up next! Also forgive me for saying THE CHEESIEST CHARMS LINE OF ALL EVER FFFS)

    Chapter 2: The Pub!

    After the short trek through the forest, Evans found himself strolling through the small village of Targ Wood. It had an air of peacefulness, and that sort of feeling where everyone in town knew everybody else. Growing up in the larger city, with the bright lights and noises, Evans found it to be a welcoming change. There were about ten or so different houses, along with a couple of shops and one larger structure which Evans could only assume to be the Pub he had been told about, all made of wood.

    Evans himself was about to make for the entrance before Katie rested a firm hand on his shoulder. “You’re going to go this way,” She said, steering him into a building adjacent to the Pub. “You’ve been through a lot, we can go over the rest in the morning.” Evans nodded. In truth, he was incredibly worn out from the sudden reality shift he had experience.

    “We’ll see you in the morning, Evans!” Elise waved happily before turning towards the Pub, Sem following her footsteps.

    Evans waved back as Katie led him into the Inn. It was a small building, with but two floors, where Evans could only assume the rooms are. Behind the front desk stood an aging man with somewhat thick glasses and a somewhat lazy eye, whose features crinkled into a smile upon seeing Katie.

    “Why, it’s good to see you, dear! Come give your Grandpa James a hug.” The leader of Clan Pizza returned the smile, before giving her grandfather a short hug. Afterwards, the innkeeper looked at Evans. “Taking in more strays, are we? First the bangaa, then that little girl, and now this young man here!”

    Katie flustered. “G-Grandpa! Don’t say that!” She quickly collected herself. “Anyway, Evans here needs a room for the night. Is that okay?”

    “Does he plan on paying?”

    “Put it on my tab. Evans, come over here.” She said, whilst James fiddled with a machine, mumbling something akin to ‘Darn newfangled Moogle gadgits and whatsits…’ She went behind the counter and fished out a pair of keys, and then gave them to Evans.

    “Here. Go upstairs and it’s the first room on the right. I’ll see you in the morning.” She finished before going out the door. Evans sighed, then climbed up the stairs, finding the room without trouble. It was a smallish one, but it contained a bed and nightstand, and that was enough for him. The boy hadn’t even realized how tired he had actually gotten. Upon laying down upon the bed, even with his clothes on, he found himself falling asleep.


    After waking up in the morning, Evans went outside, leaving his keys with James, who seemed to still be messing with the machine. He stretched a little before turning towards the adjacent structure.

    According to Elise and a little bit of information from Sem, the Pub was sort of a gathering place for clans, and Clan Pizza’s more or less assumed headquarters for the time being. At the Pub, one could look at the Notice Board for any quests put up, or read any important notices, although Sem had said most of those was just ‘hogwash from that detestable tabloid.’ Apparently, the Clan had two other members, both of whom had been waiting inside for their safe return. The Pub also functioned as an Inn, with a bevy of beds to sleep upon. It made Evans wonder what kind of man the barkeep had to be, what with all that had to be done. As he opened the door to the Pub, he found Katie staring straight at him, arms raised in bravado.

    “Okay, you guys! Here’s our new member! He didn’t even run away this time!” She shouted happily. In truth, once Evans stepped inside, he only spied a few people. Some hideous blue creatures at the back table eating some…well, something, and then a human and some lizard-like man walking up to them, both all smiles.

    “Really?” The human said, before moving closer to inspect Evans. He was dressed in yellowed garment along with a hat and carried a quiver on his back. “Oh, you’re a soldier!” He said, before sticking his hand out, which Evans accepted. “I’m Kerauno, but just call me Kera! I hope you’ll stick around!” Before the boy could respond, however, the lizard slapped him on the back, likely in good nature, but in reality, knocking some wind out of Evans.

    “Hrah!” The Bangaa said. “Sorry about that there! I’m Toru, and I’ll be by your side in the frontlines!” He finished, pulling Evans up. “Our table’s o’er there. Come on, guys.” The Bangaa motioned to a round table in the back end, which everyone began to head towards before sitting down. Sem sat on the table itself.

    “So,” Katie began. “Before we start asking you about…your circumstance, is there anything you would like to know about us?” All eyes turned to Evans, although he met them without backing down.

    “Uh, well…” He thought for a moment, before turning his eyes to Kera. “Oh! You called me a soldier. Why is that?” Everyone regarded him with incredulous looks before Kera spoke up to answer.

    “Well, because that’s your job! Everyone knows that.” He said, looking at him in a confused manner.

    “But I’m not a soldier! At least, I wasn’t back home…”
    “Ah,” Elise piped up with a knowledgeable look on her face. “You’re probably not from around these parts, are you!” Evans nodded. “Well, yeah, that part was obvious. Still!” The girl mostly said to herself. “It’s common knowledge that if you are in a clan, you got a job! People can tell your job by the clothes you wear, generally! You’re wearing incredibly soldier-like armor, so you’re a soldier!”

    “Oh. I think I get it.” Evans said. “So a soldier is like a guy in the clan with a sword, right?”

    “Yeah!” Elise affirmed. “Different jobs use different techniques in battle. Um, for example,” Elise said, gesturing to herself. “My job is a White Mage! I can heal people if they get hurt! You might have noticed, either way.”

    “I am an Archer. I wield bows and arrows to shoot down people from a distance.” Kera followed, pulling out an arrow. “You could technically wield a bow and arrow yourself, Evans, but the quiver would be much less effective in your hands, as a sword would be in mine.” The soldier nodded at this.

    “I would be listed under the Black Mage,” Sem sniffed, irritated by having to explain such trivial matters. “I can cast a multitude of elemental magicks at my disposal,” He paused. “Although I do prefer ice magick, kupo.” He slapped his hand over his mouth at the utterance of his species’ general verbal tick, getting a chuckle out of Katie.

    “I’m a Warrior, hah!” Toru said. “To sum it up, we’re more or less like you soldiers.”

    “And to finish our lot, I am a Paladin.” Katie finished. “I am best at using Knightswords, and will be able to take most of the physical punishment everyone can’t receive. Anything else?”

    “Uh, yeah,” Evans said, and then used two hands to point both at Sem and Toru. “Uh, what are these two guys, anyway? I’ve never seen anything like them before. Like with that thing on your head.”

    Sem blinked in surprise, touching his pom-pom unconsciously. “I do hope you’re not trying to be racist,” He said icily, shooting a glare that got the boy to recoil. “I am a Moogle.”

    “And I’m a Bangaa! No worries, I don’t bite!” Toru finished, good-naturedly.

    “Oh! Uh, okay.” Evans said, tugging on his armor a bit. “I think that’s all I have to ask for now, thanks. I, uh, guess it’s your turn then.”

    “Alright. Well then, I’ll begin with the obvious.” Katie said, leaning forward. “How the hell did you end up in front of a crushatrice from seemingly nothing?”

    “Oh…” Evans said, trying to think back. “Well, I was at the library with my girl-er, friend, and she went to find the librarian. I saw this book, you see. It was really fancy-looking, and I wrote my name in it. When I did, everything got all bright and suddenly that monster was in my face!” He stopped, noticing many skeptical faces. “It does sort of sound stupid, doesn’t it…” Sem nodded, causing Katie to politely smack the back of his head.

    “It’s almost as if you’re from another world!” Elise said, excited at the thought. “That must be amazing!”

    “I guess it sort of is, when I think about it. I wouldn’t mind learning about how clan quests go, myself.” The boy responded.

    “Well then!” Katie said, with an air of finality. “Whether or not you’re from another world, I think we should get you to go on your first official mission!”

    “Really!?” Evans exclaimed. “That would be awesome!”

    “Yep. Kera, show him to the Notice Board.” She responded, and Kera nodded before getting up, motioning Evans to join him. In the meantime, everyone else spoke a bit more quietly.

    “Is he for real?” Sem asked. “I haven’t heard a more inane story in my life.”

    “Heehee, I believe him!” Elise whispered. “Well, sorta.”

    “A clan member is a clan member,” Toru affirmed. “No matter how insane he might be!”

    “Alright, it’s decided. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.” Katie finished, making Sem groan at the prospect of believing such a thing. “Alright, they’re coming back.” Katie said, looking in the direction of Evans walking over with Kerauno, a paper in hand. “So, what did you find?” She ended, speaking louder now.

    “The barman gave me this nice job! Uh, it says a lot of stuff, but to sum it up,” He paused, scanning over the paper in hand. “We have to chase some wolves out of a chocobo ranch!” He stopped. “Uh, what’s a chocobo?”

    “You’ll find out. Hand it over.” Sem said, motioning for the soldier to give him the job, to which the boy complied. “Hm. Inexpensive, good enough reward. A few other things too.” He looked at it for a few more seconds. “Alright, we’ll accept it. Katie, if you would…” The paladin nodded, and got up to go speak to the Barman.

    “What’s she doing?” Evans asked.

    “She’s paying the Barman for the job. You don’t think this type of thing is free, is it?” The moogle scoffed when Evans shook his head. “Well, guess again. It’s only one hundred gil, however, so it’s quite alright. There she is now.” Sem finished.

    “Alright, we’re all set up!” Katie said, smiling. “The chocobo ranch is just outside of town, so it shouldn’t be too far of a walk. However, someone will have to stay behind.”

    “Wait, why? Can’t we all go?” Evans asked.

    “Clans can’t just send all their members to do a job. Too many cooks in the kitchen and all that,” Kera responded, hands resting behind his head as he sat down. “Generally, a maximum of six clanners may go on a quest. It’s sometimes less, but usually six. The limit for this one is five, however,” Kera added, glancing at the bill now on the table. “She doesn’t want to scare the chocobos.”

    “Oh. So who’s staying behind?” Evans asked.

    “I will,” Sem said, jumping down onto Katie’s lap, then the floor. “I have to send out our monthly expenses and,” He took a breath, sending Katie a look. “Along with some other paperwork that has been neglected.” Katie laughed sheepishly before getting up.

    “Anyway! Come on then! Toru, Elise, Kera, and Evans! Let’s move out!”

    “Send Secad my regards.” Sem said, almost as an afterthought, waving from behind a mound of papers that seem to have simply appeared around him.

    “Alright guys, now, let’s hear it!” Katie said as she neared the door pumping her fist in the air. The bangaa and two humes replied in turn, pumping a fist of their own, as Evans stood there blankly.


    “…Wait, what?”

  9. Psycho Monkey

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    W00t! I'm liking this fic Tan! Combining the unique and wild personalities of PokeCharms with the thriving world of Final Fantasy is simply amazing! I love how well each member is portrayed so far. Based on Sem's comment I take it Secad is the Chocobo farm owner? Keep up te good work Tan! ;D
  10. Demelza

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    Staff Member Moderator

    Loving this. Keep up the awesome work ;)
  11. I just wanted to swing by and say that I absolutely, positively love this and I can't wait to read more of it. The amount of thought that goes into this is mindblowing. Keep up the good work!
  12. I'm having more and more an urge to whack out the FFTA again ><

    Epic as always, continue onwards sir! ♥
  13. Shiny Pyxis

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    I cracked up at this. Soooo much ♥

    KEEP IT UP, TAN. Amazing work~
  14. I'm still as hooked as ever, and this certainly didn't do anything to dissuade me from stopping :D
    Funny and charming as ever, want more so badly :3
  15. (Hello everyone! I think I have settled into a five page average for this story! It allows me to crank out chapters at a reasonable rate and I don't lose interest. Today we meet our Chocobo Knight and her albino Chocobo, and...hm. Someone else entirely.)

    Chapter 3: The Trouble with Chocobos

    “Wow, so this is a chocobo?” Evans asked, almost in awe of the avian creature in front of him. The large bird, taller than him, in fact, preened its yellow feathers with care, but kept an eye on the five newcomers in front of him. The soldier turned around to face the party. “And people ride on these?”

    “Yep!” Kera responded, walking up next to him. “Don’t get too close though; they’ll peck your eyes out!”

    “But you’re smarter than that, aren’t you?” Toru added, before giving Evans a hearty slap on the back sending him careening towards the chocobo. “…Oh. Uh, oops.”

    “Holy shi-!” The rest of the line was caught by Evans barreling face-first into yellow feathers. The chocobo in question squawked, jumping back a bit, before running up and pecking Evans in the face multiple times before walking away. “…Ow…”

    “Oh, gosh, Evans!” Elise cried out, running up to him and casting Cure to heal his wounds. She then turned towards Toru and whacked him on the head with her staff, although the bangaa didn’t flinch. “And that’s what you get for being irresponsible!”

    “Whatever. He’s fine, right?” Toru replied, nonplussed. The bangaa then found himself holding his head after being rapped upon by the blunt end of a sword.

    “None of that.” Katie said, before turning around. “I can see Secad coming up anyway, so behave.” She said, similar to a mother reprimanding her children. In the distance, exiting the nearby house at the edge of the ranch was a moogle, pompom of a white variety. She was clad in what seemed to be brown attire and blue pants, but curiously enough, upon the moogle’s head stood a hat shaped nearly exactly like a chocobo’s head, right down to the button eyes. She gave a short wave from far away until she came within speaking distance.

    “Oh, Clan Pizza! I was hoping you’d accept my request, kupo.” The moogle began. “My poor, poor chocobos are terribly stressed and losing feathers because of the wolves that have appeared around the area. At this rate, the only Chocobo that I’ll be able to enter in the show at Moorabella will be Fi!”

    “Where is Fi, anyway?” Elise asked, overlooked due to be shorter than the general group, minus Secad. “I was hoping to see her!”

    “I sent her out to Moorabella to confirm my entry a few days ago. She should be back soon, I think.” Secad said. “But now I’m thinking I might have to send her back to cancel, kupo. You won’t mind helping me, right?”

    “We accepted the quest, we’re not backing down!” Katie said. She surveyed the area – beyond the fence of green pastures for the chocobo were simply the dense woods of the forest. “So where are these wolves?” No sooner did she utter the words than a loud, long, and solitary howl sounded out, causing the general party to tense up, and the chocobos to all look up at the noise.

    “I’m going to round up the chocobos.” Secad said, tension apparent in her voice. She took a whistle out from under her hat and blew on it, causing all the birds to gather around her. “Go back to the stables, everyone. Stay there until I say you can leave.” With that verbal command, all the chocobo ran towards the stables, an addition to Secad’s house. “There. Now, I-“ Another howl sounded off, and before anyone could react, five wolves bounded out from between the forest’s thick brush, growling fiercely. “Tch. That’s what I get for leaving my sword at home.”

    ”Everyone!” Katie sounded out as everyone backed up around Secad, each keeping an eye on one wolf. “Evans, I need you to protect Elise and Secad. Toru, Kera, with me!” With that, Katie ran out straight towards one of the wolves, causing to respond and attempt to tackle her in return, but she rebutted it with a swift kick. Two other wolves ran at her whilst the last two went at Elise, Evans, and Secad.

    “Pathetic.” Kera muttered, before stringing an arrow and shooting it at one of the wolves eyes, making it cry out in pain. Toru followed by swiftly plunging his sword through the canine’s skull, silencing it entirely. “Alright, you guys handle the other one!” Kera called out, before focusing his attention on the wolves attacking Katie, while Toru ran at them.

    “O-Okay!” Left to fend for himself, relatively speaking, Evans met the wolf’s teeth with his sword, creating a short stalemate before the wolf pulled away, slashing at the soldier’s leg with his claws. “Ow! Damn!” Before he could continue feeling the pain, however, a pleasant sensation enveloped the leg, and Evans gave Elise a grateful look before continuing his fight with the animal.

    On the other side of the battle, Katie grit her teeth as she fended off the three wolves as best as she could, but she was wearing down. Luckily, Toru shortly came to her aid as he bashed one wolf away with his shoulder before battling it, and Kera shot an arrow at the one Katie was fighting, allowing her to get the upper hand. Before long, Katie had beheaded the wolf she was fighting, and Toru had reduced his to an unidentifiable mass of meat. Evans, too, had done well enough in his first official battle, and a well-timed arrow on Kera’s part put down the limping wolf. The party of five met up with each other, and Elise gave out high fives.

    “Alright! That’s one, two, three…four.” Evans paused. “Weren’t there five wolves?” Everyone tensed up at the same time and looked across the field at Secad, who was currently running from a rapidly gaining wolf. “Secad!”

    “How could we have missed that?” Katie asked incredulously.

    “I got it.” Kerauno said, his voice level. He raised his bow and began to string his arrow, but before he could, a sharp screech filled the air.

    “Kweh! Kwe-kweeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    “Fi!” At that explanation, a large ball of fire bore down on the wolf, burning it nearly alive as its snarls turned to panicked whines. Before long, the canine was naught but a lump of burnt flesh, and Secad was running up to an albino chocobo that had just landed.

    “Woah…” Evans said, speechless. “I didn’t know chocobo could fly! …Or do that, even!”

    “Fi is special,” Katie replied. “Fi is a very unique chocobo. People around these parts say the two were inseparable at birth and can read each other’s minds.”

    ”I think the last bit is a load of hogwash, in my opinion.” Toru stated, rather flatly. Secad and Fi were now making their way over to the clan.

    “Aye, thanks for your help. Now I can get everyone going to Moorabella for the contest!” She said happily. “And thank you,” She emphasized you, looking at Fi who, seemingly embarrassed, made an odd bird sound which made the chocobo knight laugh. “Oh you are just amazing as always, Fi. Now then,” She said, directing the last part at the clan. “About your reward,” As if on cue, the chocobo regurgitated a sack of gold along with some other items, making Elise’s face seem to turn green as she looked away.

    “Ah, uh…” Katie said, dumbfounded. “Right. Thanks.” With that, she bent down and retrieved the items, which were surprisingly dry, before shoving them into Evans hands. “Right, call on us again if you need help, Secad!”

    “I sure will! Wish me luck!” She said, walking back to the stables now, likely to prepare her chocobos to take the trip to Moorabella.

    “We will! And Sem says hi!” Elise added, before running off to catch up to everyone following Katie.

    Before long, they were at the pub once more. Elise was sitting down to a nice cup of tea next to Sem, whose paper pile seems not to have lessened. Kera was standing near the notice board, arms crossed, while Toru and Katie were arm wrestling, rather evenly matched. Evans, however, was jumping around in glee. “Oh my god damn that was so awesome did you see my when I hit that wolf it was amazing!”

    “Yes, incredible. I almost fainted at the sight of your incredible strength.” Sem said, voice oozing with sarcasm.

    “But you weren’t there, Sem!” Elise said innocently. The moogle simply sighed and went back to doing Katie’s taxes.

    “So we pretty much just keep taking missions around the woods, then?” Evans asked. “That sounds sort of fun.”

    After decisively taking down Toru in their match, causing the bangaa to groan, Katie faced Evans. “Well, generally, clans are not allowed to leave their area unless they have enough people that they are safe. If we are to go to Camoa, the area closest to Targ, we need one more clan member. Then it’ll be quite alright.”

    “Alright then! Let’s just take missions until we find someone who will join us! Like, uh…” Evans ran over to the notice board and swiped the first bill he could find. “This one! We’ll do this one!” While Kera gawked at him for being so rash, he smacked the bill onto the barkeep’s counter, saying, “We’ll take this one!” Nonplussed, the beturbaned man took the bill and the money Evans received from the last mission.

    “Evans, you can’t just-oh?” Katie said, once looking at the bill the soldier gave her. “Oh! Oh sweet papa James, that is some money.” She turned to the group, and with a rather exciting pose, cried out, “Alright everyone, ready up! We’re going to the Targ Woods!”

    Upon reaching their destination within the dense forest, Evans asked, “So, uh, what was the mission again?” Sem, sitting atop Toru, allowed his hand to meet his face.

    “If I’m reading this correctly, some group or the other is about the forest, and are causing a general disturbance with some chant or the other.”

    “Useless magick hoo-ha.” Toru snorted, making Sem give him a rather harsh burning sensation where the moogle sat. “Hey!”

    “Magick is certainly not hoo-ha!” The moogle huffed. “I seem to recall this hoo-ha saving your sorry lizard behind more than a few times!” Elise giggled, while Toru turned red, or as red as a bangaa could.

    “Hush, you guys.” Kera said, putting a hand to his ear. “I think I hear something.” Everyone stopped moving at that point, straining to hear what the archer said. After a few moments of silence, however…

    “This is stupid.” Evans deadpanned. “Let’s go.” Everyone in silent agreement kept walking ahead, leaving Kera dumbfounded and swearing that he had heard something.

    “But I know I-“ The human was cut off by a rather loud noise. “That was it! I told you I was right!” He exclaimed, taking off towards the noise. The others followed in silent agreement. Before long, they broke out into a small clearing, where they could see some beings gathered.

    “What…” Evans began. “What are they?”

    “Those are viera…” Katie responded, examining the odd humanoid rabbit-like creatures from afar. “Viera don’t usually come around here, though…what could they be doing?”

    “Shh!” Sem said. “Listen.”

    “Nrjg, nrjg... Elom nrjg... Green Dominion...” The four viera, gathered in a circle, chanted over and over. They were dressed in green, and appeared to be in deep concentration.

    “I think it’s a spell…” Sem said. “But I can’t tell what. Let’s-“ Sem was cut off by seeing Toru get out of the bush and start moving towards them with Evans. “What are you twits doing!?” He yelled out, just as the viera raised their hands.

    “Green Dominion, heed us…njrg, njrg, grant us your-hm?” Their concentration broken, the viera looked to find Clan Pizza interrupting them. One of them a tad shorter than the rest and clad in shorts, began to speak.

    “What have you done!?” He, or she, began, apparently indignant. “We had been so close to divining a new sort of magick, but you just waltz in and mess it up! Well, we’ll see how you like being messed up! Come, sisters,” He cried out as Clan Pizza began to assemble all together.

    “You will taste the pain of our most potent green magick!” The viera raised its hands and made quick symbols in the air as the earth seemed to shake.

    “We summon thee…Sheepyrock!”
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    ........ I just
    Oh man, I did NOT expect that last part. At all.

    STUPID CLIFFHANGER D: moremoremoremoremoreeeeeeeeeeee
  17. ...Chocobo Knight is sooooooo unbelievably perfect for Secad, I'm even more impressed than before ^^

    You'll probably have me playing this by the end of the week again, haha. Can you rename people? I might have to re-enact this.
  18. Aw yeah, everyone (especially me, I'm such an egotistical bastard)is portrayed so well in this fiction! The concept is really great, and I love your style of writing, it's really nice to read. The thing I love the most is all of the little moments individual characters are having. GIVE US MOARRRRRRR D:
  19. I hope you're aware that every time my name is said, my ego inflates. I'll try to keep it under control ;D

    Aside from that, it's lookin' great, Tan! I wonder what's gonna happen next, you've definitely left us all hangin'. Lookin' forward to chapter four!
  20. I must learn more about Final Fantasy! :D

    Yes, along with everyone else, I have to watch my inflating ego. *gets a pin* I find this quite hilarious. I would imagine myself, if I was in a world full of magic instead of science, I would be happy tending and being with animals if I couldn't master the different power source.

    "Hoo-ha" "Hoo-ha"...*is burnt* That is just too funny, as is the upchucking of the reward. :)
  21. Dwayna DragonFire

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    I'm really enjoying this story so far. The comedic relief adds to the story in its own sorts of ways. I love the parts that seem so very canon towards the members of Charms. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you in the future. :3
  22. (Sorry for the wait, everyone! I wanted this battle to be pretty exciting, so I revised it a few times, and I hope it paid off at least a little bit! ...It's still pretty short, but i didn't want to let the fic die completely. Many apologies! Here we go!)

    Chapter 4: Viera

    “Holy-!” Evans and Toru cried out in unison as a rather large rock the size of their heads careened at them. They narrowly avoided the projectile by ducking, but incidentally smashed their heads against each other in the process. The two fell to the ground holding their heads.

    “Idiots.” Sem uttered, having found a medium-sized rock to take cover from the barrage of rocks being fired from the smaller viera. “Katie,” He said, looking at the paladin whom was currently focusing on cutting any rocks coming at her and Elise, who stood behind. “This isn’t some simple Stone Blast.” It was true, as well- the rocks seemed to be curving around and about, homing towards them.

    By now the three other viera involved had drawn their arms, and Katie found herself fighting off a Fencer, while Evans and Toru found themselves in a similar blight. “I can tell-ow!” She cried out as a rock struck her while her blades met with the other woman. Fighting actual creatures, not monsters, was a tricky business. One had to draw the line between simply knocking them out and killing them. These viera were not of a clan, and could not survive fatal damage, so Katie had to pull back on some of her blows.

    Evans used his sword to block a strike coming at Toru’s side, while Toru countered the viera’s offensive with a swift parry, knocking her off guard. The second viera was near identical to the first- they were likely twins, and she punished Evans for ignoring her in a nasty way, kicking his back with foot, sending him sprawling to the ground. He quickly scrambled up and away, leaving Toru to deal with his own fencer. The viera and soldier began clashing blades once more.

    “Reaper!” Upon hearing the call, the ears of the fencer fighting Evans perked up. “Don’t hold back! We have to use any advantage we can get!” The shorter viera had said, almost sounding excited at the prospect of this battle, before continuing his rain of rocks. Reaper’s ears stiffened, and without warning, the woman’s foil pointed straight at the soldier’s neck, and Evans could feel a chill go down his back. Three spirits, akin to the grim reaper, came from seemingly nowhere before circling and entering his heart, causing Evans to grip it. Satisfied, the viera fell to the floor, sweeping her legs across at Evans to cause him to tumble, before she swiftly ran to help fight her sister against Toru.

    “What…what the hell just happened!?” Evans said, feeling as if his he was steadily becoming weaker.

    “Aw, damn,” Kera muttered, before breaking cover and running to Evans. “Checkmate, mate. You’re Doomed.”

    “Doomed!?” He cried out, now panicked. Kera turned and fired an arrow at one of the fencers attacking Toru, causing her to fall back momentarily, before continuing. “What do you mean?”

    “You’re going to die.” He said nonchalantly, restringing his bow.

    “Wait, what!?”

    “You’ll be fine. We have our judge, so you won’t really die, just be knocked out for the battle. Just fight as best as you can until you can’t anymore.” He finished before quickly returning to his place behind Katie and shooting another arrow at the rock-flinging viera, although one such projectile stopped it.

    The soldier stood there for a few moments more before running over to help Toru, although he could almost feel his vision beginning to leave him.

    “Ah!” Katie shouted, caught off guard by a foil to the leg, followed up by a convenient rock in the face. The wound was quickly healed, courtesy of Elise, but the paladin had to tip her figurative hat off to the viera. She was an incredibly quick foe, and was able to get many strikes off at her. Of course, the foil was not as strong as one of her swords, and she could take the blows, but it was becoming increasingly hard to strike her enemy. “I have to say, you’re not bad.”

    “Hm,” The viera responded in turn, seeming to bend around the sword strike coming at her. “You’re no pushover, either.” The viera flashed her a grin, and Katie could swear she saw something akin to a gummy in her mouth. Shaking away these thoughts, however, she parried her foe’s latest strike with her shield and followed up with a quick blow aimed at her face.

    Meanwhile, behind Katie, Elise was doing her best to catch any wounds she spotted and heal them up in a timely manner. It was running her mana- the energy source necessary to perform magic- dry at a rapid rate, however, and she could feel herself wearing down. She glanced behind her back towards a rather large nearby rock. “Uh, Sem? I’m getting tired, please tell me you’re ready!” From behind the rock came a number of mutters and likely rude insults, but her answer came shortly.

    “You filthy rabbits! Fira!” Sem cried as he leapt atop the rock and pointed at the two viera in front of the melee fighters. Shortly thereafter, they found themselves engulfed in an intense combustion of magic and heat. When the fire cleared, they were on the floor, unconscious. Satisfied, Sem smiled, as well as Elise, although her smile quickly became a shocked outcry as she watched Evans crumple to the floor.

    “Evans!” She ran out from behind the cover of Katie, and despite the paladin’s outcry, she braved the mini meteor shower of rocks to reach the soldier’s body. “I…I…Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt! I don’t know Raise, or even Esuna, b-but I could have helped!” She looked on the verge of tears, but a heavy hand clasped her shoulder as the body was hefted up before her eyes.

    “Just hold on until after the battle, okay?” The Bangaa said, taking the blows from the endless storm of what could nearly be called boulders now as Elise collected herself and nodded. They ran to the general cover of Katie, awaiting further orders after Evans body was unceremoniously dropped behind a rock.

    “You will pay for what you have done!”

    “We didn’t even do anything, you loon!” Sem shouted back before receiving a rock the size of his head to his face and getting knocked out, leaving only Katie, Kera, Elise, and Toru to finish the job.

    “Alright everyone, charge!” Katie cried out, and holding up her shield, began to run forward to the viera, her allies on her tail. She was about to strike the rabbit creature on the back of his head, but instead was met with a surprisingly painful hammer to the head. “Ow! What in the-”

    “I got it!” Toru shouted as struck the back of their adversary’s head, having snuck up on him during Katie’s short scuffle. The young viera fell forward with a thud, and the battle ceased entirely. Elise blinked once.

    “Um, maybe we should wait for them to wake up?"



    “Ah, good, you’re awake!” The first thing Clan Pizza’s adversaries saw upon awakening was Elise’s shining, if not tired, face. “…Um, your names would be nice.” She added, almost as an afterthought. The four viera exchanged glances, almost silently conferring among themselves.

    “I am Rain,” The viera who had but an hour or so ago did battle with Katie began, standing up.

    “And I’m Indie!” The viera whom had cast the nasty earth spell from earlier also got up, with a little more pep in his step. He motioned to the other two viera, still silent. “That is Reaper and Reeper. They’re twins, and didn’t have a part in this. Please, don’t hurt them!” Elise blinked at this, then broke into a giggle.

    “Why would we hurt you?” All the viera seemed to share a blank face of ‘why not?’, before she continued. “Our quest only said to investigate the source of the noise in the forest, not to behead you guys!” She paused, and added almost as an afterthought, “Which would be very messy too.”

    “Well,” Rain said. “For sparing our lives, we are indebted to you, Clan…” She got on her knees, bowing, then paused, waiting for a name once more.


    “Pizza.” She said, brows knitting at such a name. “As part of our debt, tradition of the viera says we must join your Clan.”

    “Oh!” Elise’s eyes flew up in surprise. “Well, I suppose if it’s tradition, you can certainly join! Let me get Katie!” She said, and then ran towards the other side of the clearing. Indie looked at Rain with a blank look on his face.

    “Viera don’t have a tradition like that! What are you thinking?” He asked, incredulous.

    “I’m thinking this will be…exciting.” Rain’s lips curled into a smile as she rubbed her hands together in a characteristically evil manner.

    “…If you say so! I do like exciting things!” Indie responded, smiling. He glanced at the other side of the field. Elise was speaking with Katie now, who was leaning on a rock Sem was sitting on as well. Toru and Kera seemed to be conversing nearby, with Evans on the ground, still unconscious, between them. Shortly thereafter, Katie stood up and walked over to them.

    “So, you want to join the clan?” she asked, prompting the two to nod; Rain once, Indie numerous times. The two viera behind them shared a look. “Well, then, tell me what you were doing out here.”

    “I was doing my utmost to divine a new magic before you all came along and ruined it!” Indie exclaimed, although he didn’t sound incredibly angry. “I enlisted Rain and the others to help me. Monsters around, you know?”

    “Get to the point, if you will.” Katie said abruptly.

    “I almost finished with this new magic, but since it was interrupted, it’s incomplete! The magic was designed to never miss, but it only has a homing trajectory, not a complete lock-on.” Indie finished. “So uh, can we come? You owe me and stuff because you stopped me from finishing!” He exclaimed, as if his logic was infallible.

    “…Alright.” She said, and not even a moment thereafter did Indie get up and begin cheering, with Rain smiling a little. “But, what of those two?” She asked, pointing to Reaper and the other viera.

    “They are but hired hands. Their job is done once Indie says so.” Rain answered. The other viera nodded to agree.

    “Oh, uh, right! Goodbye, girls!” He shouted, turning around and giving them a short wave. The two viera nodded, bowed, and walked away from the clan, almost in step. Once they were out of sight, Indie turned back to Katie.

    “So, what should we do first?” Katie smirked upon hearing the question.

    “You are going to carry Evans,” She turned and pointed at the unconscious soldier, “Back to Targ.”

    “What!?” He shouted in dismay. “But…he looks heavy!”

    “I got it.” Rain said, standing up and walking over to Kera and Toru. She gave Katie a sidelong glance as she passed, and sparks seemed to ignite where their eyes met. Then she turned forward and gave a large grin, pulling out a small packet from the pockets of her pants and popping a small gummy into her mouth. “Hello hello! So, who wants to help me pick up this guy?”

    Katie looked to where Indie was, but found herself looking at empty space. Upon examining the field, however, she found he was nearby Elise, as they spoke amiably with each other. She almost started when Sem, who had snuck up on her, began to talk.

    “I surmise they’ll be interesting.” Sem said.

    “Yes, very.”

    “So, we’re finally going out to Camoa, then?”


    “…Are we going to see him?”

    “…We’ll discuss that later.”
  23. Another great addition to this amazing work of fiction.

    This was as always very enjoyable to read- I like how you're letting us glean a little bit more into not only the character's personalities, but the world you have put them in- And the workings of the game this world is based on.

    I'd say keep it up! ^^

    (Also, you did Indie amazing justice. xD)
  24. Rain and Indieeeee ♥ So nicely done Ethan, keep goinggggg.
  25. Demelza

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    Rain seems like she's gonna be quite scary. xD Nice story though, keep it up. :D

  26. Tan, I am indebted to you for this wonderful, wonderful piece of writing which I read with a smile from ear to ear :DDDDD
  27. Shiny Pyxis

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    And I really didn't expect this from the last chapter, but yeshhhh Rain and Indie <333333333
  28. So, I didn't expect Indie and Rain, but it's cool that they showed up! Rain sounds like she's gonna [beep] our [beep] up!

    Also, wasn't expecting the Doomed Evans D: AND I HAD TO BE THE ONE TO TELL HIM D': I almost teared up when Elise got so upset.

    All in all, awesome chapter. Hoping for more!~
  29. (Hello everyone! In truth, the battle that should have happened is in the story, but the Yellow Wings are so incredibly bland I just sicked Rain on them. I hope that's cool with you guys ♥ Also there is a cameo about, if you know who to look for.)

    Chapter 5: Preparations

    “Wow! You can really do all that?” Tun asked Indie in disbelief. Clan Pizza was once more gathering -or loitering, as the barkeep would call it- around the Pub. It had been but a few days after their battle with the viera, and Evans was currently at the Inn, resting in bed, as he still felt tired from his ordeal with what was essentially death.

    “Uhuh!” Indie affirmed. The two were sitting next to each other at a small table. Rain was arm wrestling with Katie while Toru sat nearby at another table, and Kera was at the notice board once again, looking for any jobs on the way to their impending trip for Camoa. Sem was elsewhere, likely under a table, filling out the necessary paperwork to move the whole clan. “Or at least, I will. I can do some of it!” He added.

    “Heehee! Green Mages are amazing!” Tun said, and Indie’s smile became an ear to ear in grin. “I still have a lot to learn as a White Mage, but I’m sure I can do it!”

    At a decided stalemate, Rain and Katie withdrew their hands, letting their match go for another time. “So we’re going to Camoa, then?” Rain asked, resting her elbow on the table, and her head in her hand.

    “Yep,” Toru piped up. “Have you been around there before?”

    “I’ve passed by. What about you two?”

    “Can’t say I have.” Toru responded, resting his hands behind his head while leaning back on the chair.

    “A few times.” Katie said, with a note of irritation in her voice. “Apparently, Elise’s family lives there, though, so she’s really in the spirit to go. They got separated a while ago, I believe, and she couldn’t make the journey all alone. It’s why she joined the clan.”

    “Pretty much.” Sem’s voice sounded out, causing the trio to jump in surprise. Toru took a look under the table, seeing him under there, a mass of papers surrounding him as the moogle scribbled furiously with the quill. “I’ve passed through on the way down from Goug, but that’s about it. I hear it’s a great place for shopping.”

    “When we get there, we should probably split up to get some matters done quickly.” Katie said, and the others nodded in response.

    “Hey guys! I think I found a mission we’ve pretty much gotta do!” Everyone got up from their chairs and quickly gathered around the notice board, and by extension, Kera. “Apparently there’s a brigand of thieves blocking the highroad to Camoa, taking gil from people who pass by.”

    “Well, that’s not nice!” Elise exclaimed.

    “Indeed, it’s certainly not…” Sem said, climbing onto Kera and examining the bill. “Well, the pay is nothing to sneeze at, and we’re on our way anyway…” He passed the bill to Toru. “Go get this verified with the barkeep. We’ll make preparations to leave immediately.” The bangaa nodded and went over to the counter while everyone else gathered in a circle around Sem. “Alright. Here’s what we have to do. Katie, go make preparations for a caravan.” The paladin nodded and went out the door in quick step. “Kera, Indie,” The moogle fished in his pockets and pulled out a small piece of paper, which the viera grabbed eagerly. “Here are the last-minute supplies we need. And Rain,” He paused. “Go to the Inn and get Evans. We should be ready to go within the hour.”

    As the other members left, the white mage piped up, clutching another bill in her hand. “I’m going to go do a quick quest, Sem!”

    “Oh.” He responded, caught off-guard. “Uh, okay,” He walked over to his former spot under the table and grabbed a book before putting it under his arms. “Just don’t be too long.”

    “I won’t!”


    Evans groaned as he rubbed his eyes and sat up, unfamiliar with his surroundings. “Ugh…What happened? Where am I?” He pushed himself off the bed and looked out the window. “Oh. It wasn’t a dream, then.” He said, sounding rather melancholy.

    “What wasn’t a dream, now?” Evans started at the voice and rounded to the other side of the room, noticing Rain leaning at the doorway.

    “Oh. You’re uh, that viera from the battle, right?”

    “Mmm. Pretty much.” She replied. Evans couldn’t help but notice her chewing something when she spoke, but decided to ignore it for the time being. The viera was certainly in some attire, being dressed in a black tank top and jeans, both of which likely had armor underneath. Her foil was sheathed at her side, and her green hair fell in between her eyes. “We’re leaving for Camoa, and Katie would be much obliged if you could come.” She gave a small smile as she turned and started leaving.

    “Ah-! Uh, wait, hold up!” Evans spun around frantically, located his sword and shield, then ran out the door behind her.


    “I will trade my Bara Tome of Medicine for your cactus fruit. We will do the trade on the outskirts of Targ. Hm!” Elise said as she read her job aloud, a bag in one hand, the bill in the other. “Well, here it is! Wonder where they are?” The white mage stopped and looked around for the recipient, taking note of the caravan in the distance.

    “Ah, a fellow white mage. It is good to see one so young studying the art.” Elise wheeled around at the sound of the voice, seeing it belong to a Nu Mou approaching her. The dog-like creature, short in stature, yet around the same height as the young mage, was carrying a large book with her. “Do you have the cactus fruit?”

    “Yep!” She responded happily, holding the bag out. “But, I mean…Are you sure you don’t need that book? You could have gotten these off the market or something.” She asked.

    “No need to worry. I’ve committed all its contents to memory.” The Nu Mou responded, a slight smile on her features as she gave the hefty book to Elise.

    “What do you need it for, anyway?”

    “A boy at my clinic is seriously ill. I cannot stray too far, for fear his condition may take a turn for the worse,” She paused, the worry in her eyes evident. “Fortunately, with the fruit, I may be able to concoct a salve that will save his life yet. Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome! If you ever need any more help, don’t be afraid to call on Clan Pizza!” Elise replied cheerily as the Nu Mou began to walk back to town.

    “I’ll keep that in mind. Good luck on your journey!” The Nu Mou replied over her shoulder. With the job finished, Elise turned to the caravan in the distance, and started walking towards it, somewhat accosted by the incredible size of the Bara Tome of Medicine.


    “And your caravan is right here. Party of eight. That’ll be five thousand gil.” The Seeq grinned as he rubbed his hands greedily. Katie gave a groan of dismay and reached into her pockets, pulling out a wad of bills and coins that the boarish creature took into its pudgy hands.

    “Just give me the keys.” She said angrily, and the Seeq essentially threw the keys at her as he started walking away. She turned and eyed the wooden vehicle drawn by four chocobo. “Damn Seeq…” She muttered.

    “Hey Katie!” A bright and cheery voice chirped, causing Katie to jump and turn around, hands on her sword. She immediately relaxed, however, when she realized it was Elise. “Is that the caravan? Oh, I can’t wait!”

    “Yep. We just got to bring it over to the edge of town, and with luck, we can get going.”

    “Can I get in? This book is very heavy.”

    “Uh…sure. Why not?”


    “And some Phoenix Downs…that’s it! I got it all, Kera!” Indie shouted as he ran back to the archer, a fistful of feathers in hand. The man nodded, and Indie dropped it in their basket full of things before shoving it in the shopkeeper’s face.

    “Five hundred gil, please.” She said, and Kera gave her the money in return as Indie took the basket.

    “Come on, Kera! We’re already late! I bet everyone’s at the caravan aleady!”

    The duo left the shop posthaste, Indie running on ahead to the vehicle on the main road. Katie was sitting out front next to Evans, likely teaching him how to properly control chocobo. As the two got closer, they could see Rain and Toru sitting in the back next to Elise, who was pouring over a rather large book.

    “Hey everyone! We’re ready!” Rain and Toru looked up and nodded. “So we have everyone, right?” Indie asked, setting the basket on the floor. Upon further inspection, the caravan was reminiscent of a barn wagon, simply containing wooden seats built into the walls and space.

    “We just have to wait for Sem!” Katie shouted towards them through use of a small window between the front seats and the back caravan.

    “Present.” Sem muttered, and Katie almost screamed in surprise as she found Sem seated between her and Evans. The soldier himself blinked a few times, as well, wondering how the moogle managed to get in there without either of them noticing.

    “Uh, right! Never mind that, then! We’re off!” With that, Katie and Evans cracked the reins to the chocobo in unison, and the flightless birds began their trek to the Camoa Highroad.


    Rain unsheathed her foil suddenly, causing Kera and Toru to tense up. The caravan was had made it to the Highroad with no fuss, and was now ascending the slowly rising terrain. “What is it?” They both asked.

    “Trouble up ahead.” She said, then gave a wide grin. “Trouble is fun.”
    She added, emphasizing the last word. Both Kera and Toru subconsciously scooted a seat or two away from the excited viera.

    “Prepare yourselves, guys! I think we see them!” Evans called from the front, getting Toru to remove his sword from its hold and Kera to ready his arrows. Indie, who was looking over Elise’s shoulder as the girl continued poring over the tome, picked up his hammer lying nearby. Up front, Sem sat on top of the caravan and watched as the enemy brigands ran at them.

    Their foes quickly surrounded them, and Katie took quick note of each. There was a human thief and black mage, a bangaa white monk, a viera archer, and a moogle animist. She relayed the information to Evans, explaining that a white monk was a class that dealt heavy damage but with less defense, and that animists are usually very defensive with a bunch of support moves. Evans had just enough time to tell the clan in the back before the thief started shouting.

    “Hail travelers! Passing this way? You’re prepared to pay, I trust.” He said with a glint in his eye as he held out a large sack.

    “Pay? Now why would we want to do that?” Katie replied slyly, moving her hands from the reigns to her sword.

    “If you want to keep your lives, ye’ will. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the great Yellow Wings!” The thief answered, now appearing to be the leader of the group.

    “Hm,” Sem piped up, making his presence known. “I can’t say I’ve ever heard of it. What about you guys?” He asked, raising his voice so those in the back could hear. The response was a chorus of ‘no’, making Sem smirk triumphantly. He could almost feel as well as see the thief’s face turning red with anger.

    “Fools! You will pay for your treachery in blood!” He yelled as he pulled out his dagger, causing the others to do the same.

    “No,” A voice whispered sweetly into the thief’s ear. “You’re the only fool I see.” The thief could only gawk as he saw a foil thrust through his stomach as he crumpled to the ground, leaving all of Clan Pizza to stare, jaw open, at Rain’s triumphant grin.

    “Oh my god, she killed Cory!”

    "That's impossible!"

    "Who is that!?"

    “She’s a monster! Run!” The Yellow Wings quickly panicked and fled in all different directions while Rain walked back to the group.

    “How did you-” Evans said, not able to comprehend how the fencer managed that.

    “Job’s done. Let’s go to Camoa.” She replied, waving away the question before climbing back in. Sem and Katie shared a glance, shrugged, and then Katie took the reins once more to make for Camoa.

    (Cory's not dead - just sleeping. c:)
  30. 'just sleeping.' Gott, Tan. Master foreshadower, you are.

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