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Characters needed for story

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Shadow_Pup, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I tried to write a story a while ago and came up dry on characters, a tried this method of finding characters but with very little luck. Recently I thought of more characters myself and thought I try to get some more off this community. Any ways here is the information.

    I need characters for a Fantasy/Romance/Action book I'm planning to write.
    Put characters here I will PM you if your character is accepted.

    Characters all ready have:
    Amy Dawson - Main Character
    Garrett Kane - Amy's monster love interest
    Ludovica Ippoliti - Amy's best friend
    Owen Merva - Amy's friend
    Liam Dawson - Amy's dad
    Tracey Dawson - Amy's mum
    Bam Murphy - Monster hunter

    Characters needed:
    Amy's Sister (1/1): Kia Dawson (@EeviumZ)
    Amy's friend (1/1): Zenix Larse (@BlueMew392)
    Garrett's Best friend (1/1): Adrian Acula (@Red Gallade)
    Monster Hunter (Villain) (1/1): Ace Boucher (@Kasumi Daiyamondo)
    Monster Hunters (2/3): JC Wolfa (@LunarSilvally), Shadow Wolfa (@LunarSilvally)
    Extra Human Characters (2/5): Mask Talon (@LunarSilvally), Maskerin Talon (@LunarSilvally)
    Extra Monster Characters (3/5): Amanda Lycanna (@Red Gallade), Mortis Deus (@DevVoid), Katlyn Amarí (@BlueMew392)

    There won't really be a character sheet, just be descriptive and write what you feel necessary.

    Amy Dawson:
    Amy is a sweet and creative girl. She likes to hang out with her friends and she is a talented artist. She loves all forms of art but painting is her favourite. She is kinda short and skinny, she has long blonde hair (like her mother) and blue eyes. She wears a baggy grey t-shirt, blue jeans and white flats, all of her clothes are spotted with different colours of paint. She also usually has paint on her hands as well. Amy is 15.

    Garrett Kane:
    Garrett Kane is a shade, a being that can manipulate shadows and feeds on light. He looks nearly human, pale skin, tall, slender, brown hair but he has purple eyes that glow in his true form. He is usually found wearing a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt, a grey hoodie and black trainers. Garrett is kind and mature, he loves singing and playing the guitar, he is scared of heights and cramped spaces. Garrett is 16.

    Ludovica Ippoliti:
    Ludovica Ippoliti is a dedicated and ambitious girl, she works hard and loves seeing people succeed. She likes to make friends and would protect Amy with her life. She loves reading and drawing. She is kinda short, skinny, long black hair, big green eyes and freckles. She wears a slightly too big jumper that cover her hands and goes below her waist and the collar covers her mouth, blue short-shorts (not visible under the jumper), big, black rimmed glasses and no shoes. Ludovica is 15.

    Owen Merva (@Gold The Dragonite):
    His name is Owen Merva. He's a cautious person who rethinks a lot of things, which makes him a bit slow to respond. He realizes he has a small crush on Amy while the story develops. He has brown, spiky hair, blue eyes and wears a white t-shirt under a black coat with sneakers. Owen is 15.

    Liam Dawson (@Gold The Dragonite):
    His name is Liam Dawson. He cares for his daughter and loves her dearly. However, he tells the Villan about Garrett, as he dislikes Garrett and all monsters in general. He wears a white buttoned shirt and black trousers. He also has black hair. Liam is 39.

    Tracey Dawson:
    She loves Amy dearly and supports her relationship with Garrett no matter what he is. She wears a red t-shirt and a blue skirt with black flats. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Tracey is 35.

    Bam Murphy:
    Bam is kind of tall, has bleach ice white hair and grey eyes. He is usually found wearing a pair of black torn jeans, a white t-shirt, a black trench coat and black boots. Bam hates monsters after one killed his mom after his dead left, he is skilled with a crossbow and throwing blades, he has a fear of fire and death. Bam is 19.

    @Red Gallade don't know if you would still be interested in this, I will leave your previously reserved spot open for you.

    @LunarSilvally, @DevVoid, @BlueMew392, @EmoKitty21 and @EeviumZ would any of you be willing to help with character ideas.

    Secondary Writer (0/1):
    Ideas People (0/2):
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  2. Yes I would love to help you with this I can use the siblings to help out on this if that's alright @Shadow_Pup
  3. *The Eevee appears in a burst of multicolored sparkles, yawning and rubbing her eyes. It appears she's been awoken from a nap. She gives a slight huff of annoyance before realizing what the thread is for and begins typing with no hesitation.*

    (Amy's Sister)
    Her name is Kia Dawson. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, like her sister and mother before her. She is fourteen years old. Her outfit usually consists of a white tank top and navy blue athletic pants, along with black running shoes. Her hair is usually tied up in a ponytail. Energetic and fun, Kia is always a pleasure to be around. She's a pretty intelligent girl, studying a grade ahead of her age. She's also very charismatic and intuitive, having no problem with making friends. She's athletic, taking part in sports such as swimming and gymnastics as much as possible. She loves her sister with all her heart and supports her in everything she does, unless it conflicts with her morals.
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  4. Honestly, I've almost forgotten about this, could you kindly remind me what it's about?
  5. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    This is my request in a way for character ideas for my Romance/Action/Fantasy story I am planning to write in the creative corner here on Pokecharms.

    The base idea is that it is about the relationship between a monster and a human (kind of a better version of twilight I guess but not really) eventually I will incorporate every character and any plot ideas people feel suit this also.
  6. Then I suppose I'll make a char or 2 for this (and thanks for reserving me a spot :3) the 2 chars may/may not have a lil' connection to one another as well.
  7. You think you can reserve the Monster hunters spot for both of the siblings and just two extra character spots for the time being @Shadow_Pup
  8. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  9. The second one will likely be an extra monster.

    Also, I see the making of the character is different compared to the usual bios, so forgive me if it takes me some time to properly flesh out a character.
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  10. Yes, JC and Shadow and Mask and Maskerin just to help fill if that's ok if it isn't I understand @Shadow_Pup
  11. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Hmm, I might be able to make a villainous monster for your story if you reserve me a spot for an extra.
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

  13. JC Wolfa

    JC Wolfa is quite a stubborn young lady that always has this distant nature towards herself. Although she can see it, her stubbornness can be a pain to handle as this is a way to hide her emotions to prevent from being hurt again. Despite this nature towards herself, she is very understanding yet, gentle towards others she really knows very well. Although people think she is a brave girl, she only acts the part to hide her fear. She is a light-skinned young lady with a well feminine build that stands at 5'3 in height. She has long dark brown hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes as her right eye is slightly blind as her bang covers it. She wears a black and silver cross necklace around her neck with glasses upon her face. She wears bandages around her wrists and ankles to hide her scars. She is part wolf but winged with white feathers as she can change between the forms as much as she pleases, a white pelted one with light blue eyes. The only people who know about this is her brother Shadow, Mask, and Maskerin, her two closest friends. She teaches special defense classes to young lives and knows the way of the sword, a katana in particular only used for defense. She has a strategic mind as she uses it to create things her mind comes to. If you get as far as to gain her trust, she will protect you as if her life depends on it. She is stern so don't expect her to go easy on you if you end up training with her. She favors animals and does not judge others no matter the reason. She wears a white wolf blue streaked mask and hooded cape when she travels to hide her appearance. She has an older brother named Shadow.

    Shadow Wolfa

    Shadow Wolfa is the brother of JC Wolfa and unlike his sister, he is a brave young man with a calm nature. He has jet black hair that is slightly longer in the back. He is a light-skinned young man with a well masculine build standing at 5'8 in height. He has light blue/gold eyes with a bang covering his right one. He wears a black cross necklace around his neck with a bandage only on his right wrist with a black watch on top. He takes a big interest in research so spends most of his time finding information on just about anything so if you have any questions to ask him about anything he will tell you. However, he is mostly overprotective of his young sister JC and won't let anyone have her heart in the easiest of way. He wears a plain black buttoned-down shirt over his tank top with shorts and comfortable shoes. He is also part wolf and also winged with black feathers much like a crow(like his sister) but black pelted and gold eyes. He wears a black wolf gold-streaked mask and hooded cape to hide his appearance when traveling. He also favors animals as he and his sister own a white female husky named Dove.

    Mask Talon

    Mask Talon was a talkative young man until after the accident as the right side of his face was brutally damaged. He had got a machine replacement by a scientist but seemed to realize after that he was laughing livestock and the right part of his face scared people. This caused him to wear a dark Russian blue-silver outlined wolf mask to hide his face using less of his voice and more of hand signals but despite what he has been through, he still has that gentle temperament and with his sister Maskerin's support, he was able to get back on his feet and move forward. He stands at about 5'9 in height with a well masculine build and light-skinned. He has dark Russian blue hair with a long bang covering his right side to hide his face with red tips at the end. He wears a buttoned-down shirt and shorts with comfortable shoes with a bluish-gray scarf around his neck with two gold rings on the right wrist with a long scar across his left eye as only the bottom of it is seen. He has a tattoo on the lower side of his back, three ninja stars, one big and two small on each side gold outlined. He has sky blue eyes. He spends most of his time around JC since she doesn't fear him despite knowing what his right side looks like. He is mistaken to believe that he is part Vampire since he always patrols during the night but he doesn't really know if that's true about himself even though it is true that he is part vampire but doesn't know about it. He is also part wolf to go with his vampire mix but a dark Russian blue pelt with sky blue eyes. He enjoys reading mostly about different hand signals. He has a young sister named Maskerin and a white rabbit named Honey.

    Maskerin Talon

    She is the sister of Mask. Maskerin is a sweet and shy girl as she loves to bake for just about anyone. She loves cute things as she mostly wears dresses and bows in her hair to fit her style. She has dark Russian blue hair with red long tips at the end(like his brother) with a color bow at the bottom to tie her hair with a sun hat to finish. She has light skin that stands at 5"4 in height with a well feminine build. She has sky blue eyes(like her brother) with a bang covering her right eye wearing glasses upon her face to finish. She likes to friend just about anyone and will always give a warm welcoming smile to cheer them up. Just like her brother Mask, people mistake her to being part vampire because she is mostly seen during the night but it doesn't seem to bother her if it's true or not even though it technically it as she is part vampire but doesn't know about. She does have a "dark" side to her but avoids that side as much as possible since it's a very brutal side of her.

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  14. Adrian Acula:
    Adrian Acula is a Vampire with surprising strength. He is easily mistaken for a human standing at 5'7" with Pale skin, short somewhat messy jet Black hair, noticeable fangs and Blood red eyes. His attire consists of a Black closed zip up hoodie with fur along the hood and sleeves, Gray pants and Black boots. He is usually a calm and stoic type of person who mainly shows his emotions around his best friend, Garrett. He can be extremely cruel if angered and has a soft spot for animals, loves drawing and loathes loud noises. Adrian is 16.

    Amanda Lycanna:
    Amanda Lycanna is a werewolf. She stands at 5'8" with Tanned skin, a noticeably fit figure, long smooth Blood red hair and Golden eyes. "She wears a Yellow leather jacket above a White tank top, dark Blue sorts and White trainers, her werewolf form is Brown with a few hints of Red. She is a cheerful person who talks about most things casually, even dangerous things, although when it comes to romance, she can be rather secretive. She tends to invade people's personal space, loves all types of meat and hates getting dirty. Amanda is 17.

    Was wondering if the romance is gonna be limited to the two main chars of yours because I kinda hoped for Amanda to fall head over heels for Adrian.
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  15. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Mortis Deus
    Nothing much is known about Mortis, except for that it is a wandering creature, always walking without a specific target or destination on its own. It wears what looks like a black military leather coat with no pockets, with matching dark-gray combat gloves and boots. It also always wears a dark-gray scarf tucked into the jacket and a black leather fedora, shaped and styled after the ones cowboys wore. The hat is almost seems like it is attached to it, just like the rest of its clothing, as they never seem to fall off or even be removable. It has entirely pitch-black skin, the only colour on it is its eyes; one sheer white, faintly-glowing eye, while the other is a pearl of sorts, with a light-gray colour to it, without a glow. The pearl eventually falls out of the socket, and it automatically stops doing whatever it did to get back the pearl at whatever cost. Legends says the pearl is a rare, ancient artifact that is very valuable, but will bring the holder of the pearl extremely bad luck and increasingly unstable mental health. Whoever attempts to steal the pearl from it will be chased by the creature until it either has the pearl back or it dies. This pearl cannot be destroyed, and it is strangely heavier than regular pearls, about 2x the normal weight. This monster has a bounty on its head, the only payment one will ever get is the pearl that it carries. So, it is much hunted after by those with selfish or greedy intentions.
  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    I will probably incorporate some possible relataionships, including triangles, crushes and actual couples.
  17. Sorry if I'm a bit late on this, but I was wondering if I could reserve Amy's friend and an Extra Monster slot? I have a bit of an idea on the characters I want to make, but I still need a bit more time to flesh them out. If it's not possible to reserve them, then I completely understand. Also, can angels exist in this world/story? Because that's what I was planning for Amy's friend to be, but I figured I would ask first since they aren't really considered as monsters.
  18. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    @BlueMew392 places reserved for your characters, Angels are fine.
  19. Alright, thanks.

    Zenix Larse:
    Zenix has black hair that he has stand up, dark brown eyes, and fair skin. He wears a burgundy zip up hoodie that he leaves unzipped, a gray t-shirt, blue jeans, and black running shoes. He's 16 years-old and stands at 5'5 tall. Even though Zenix looks human, he's actually an angel. In fact, he's Amy's guardian angel. Because of that, he tries his best to look out for her and be the big brother she never had. At first he was a bit skeptical about Garrett but soon realized that he was no danger to Amy. He's also kind and cares for those that are close to him. Zenix hardly ever shows his angel wings as angels aren't suppose to reveal themselves unless they really have to (if that's alright), making them illusive to the point where they're almost a myth (again, if that's alright). When he does reveal them, a pair of pure white wings would sprout from his back. Zenix also sometimes plays the harp during his free time as it helps him relax and clear his mind.

    Katelyn Amalí:
    Katelyn comes from a family that consist of generations of succubuses, which makes her a succubus as well. She is 16, has long light brown hair, dark red eyes, light skin, and is at 5'6. She wears dark blue shirt, black jeans, and black flats. When in her succubus form, she sprouts dark blue bat-like wings from her back, a dark blue devil-like tail, and her nails can become sharp like knives. Katelyn is a bit sassy, cocky, and persistent about getting what she wants, but she does have her fair share of being a nice person whenever she wants to be. She has her eyes set on Garrett, but whether she's after him because she's interested in him or because she likes to mess with Amy is anyone's guess. One of her other abilities as a succubus is that she can use a love charm to make any male she wants fall in love with her. However, the male can break free from this spell if they are strong-willed.

    Hopefully these two are to your liking.
  20. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    Is it ok if I help?
  21. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Yes anyone is welcome, help is much appreciated.
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  22. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    Cool! I think I could do the Villain Monster Hunter.

    Ace Boucher
    Ace is a very serious man, but he can be funny unintentionally. He is french. He has light skin, black flat hair along with a black twirly mustache, and green eyes. He is around 5'7 feet tall. He wears a tan coat, a white short sleeved shirt, olive green cargo pants, and brown boots. He carries around a knife in one of his many coat pockets. He also has a huge fear of bugs.

    Yeah, thats all I got. If you need more info, I'll get back to ya!
  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Due to my A Levels my free time is becoming minimal, so as I want to get this going and keep it going I thought I would ask something of you guys.

    What I need is two people who will aid me in the plot ideas side of things and 1 person (this one is less needed) to write when I can not.

    I will create PMs one for the ideas people and one for the other writer where I will send stuff I have started or they can send stuff they have started.

    This isn't required or expected of any of you, I am simply asking for some extra help.

    I will add these 'roles' to the first post.
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  24. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    I will gladly help with the ideas and plot! :)
  25. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Now this is random as I haven't said anything on this discussion in a while, but I was wondering how many of you would be interested if I turned this into a Roleplay, I would prefer people to use their already submitted characters so that, that step is able to be skipped, but anyway just wondering.
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  26. Maybe. I'd personally rather the story idea but I may join the RP if my schedule clears up at all. (High school sucks.)
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  27. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    I'll get back to ya in tomorrow. I have to check out the roleplays I'm already apart of. Because I'm apart of 6 different rps so...Yeah
  28. I am interested @Shadow_Pup but I am thinking of changing a bit of things with my characters in my spoliers which I probably will do now
  29. I'd be down for it.
  30. Lily May

    Lily May Previously Kasumi~chan

    Ok, I checked out some stuff and I can say I'm free! I'll join.

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