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Character requests!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Skyy-chan, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. I was wondering if anyone would want any requests for me to do drawings of their characters, to keep me busy and off my lazy ass.
    Hopefully, I'll be able to get them done in a day or less, and I will have five at a time. (One per day, hopefully.)
    Ill do them once the slots are full, then I'll re-open the slots for more requests. You can also request on my page, which will also be written in the slots.

    (Either describe the character or show me a picture/drawing of them.)

    Slot 1 - AkenabeShiro
    Slot 2 - AzureEdge
    Slot 3 - theclownfish
    Slot 4 - Lopert2000
    Slot 5 - Open and ready
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  2. Jhan Garc

    Jhan Garc Formerly AkenabeShiro

    Hanzo.png Can you do it?
  3. @AkenabeShiro Sure! Now just wait for the other slots to be filled and il start working on them ^_^
  4. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I'd like to make a request as well.
  5. Go ahead!
  6. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I'd like to make a request for my OC azure(shes the same azure that i use in all of my self inserts.And the one in the creative corner) I haven't drawn a picture yet (because I'm terrible at drawing)but I'm gonna give a good description.
    She has jet black hair with side bangs, a black cardigan, jeans and military boots. (She could have glasses.) she also has a bag (any color really, I don't describe the bag much in my writing).
    I'll try to draw a picture later. Thanks again!
  7. Alright. Just....three more to go. *Emo corner*
  8. ok ive got a request

    description below
    white hair with red eyes (the hair will be like the 2 in the ''i ship it'' part of your sig). has a dark gray long sleeved collarless shirt with black pants and red shoes. he wont hold any accesories and id like him to go for the more anime appearance
  9. Right. Just two more to go.
  10. Bonnie? If your talking about the Five nights at Freddie's character...*shivers*
    But yes, I can.
  11. no the one from pokemon
  12. Oh, her! I'll put you on the request list now.
  13. can you make mewtwo and mew side by side? (transalated from: mew mew mew mew? mew mew! mew.)
  14. can i make a re1uest?
  15. i would like to see you draw this character. This is Yumeko. i love to RP as her and i wanted to see someone draw her[​IMG] .
  16. Aaronimations

    Aaronimations Formerly Aaron the Fright

    hey can you make my fursona
  17. I AM HERE AT LAST! WAITING IS NO MORE! So yeah. I have a request. I'd like to describe the trainer. His description is: Tan skin, ear length black hair, white t-shirt, with an open plaid green and blue t-shirt on top. Long black baggy pants and brown boots (The pants go over the boots about until the bottom of the ankles), and the boots have purple laces. It's a boy.
  18. If you still have slots open, I'd like to ask for a request? If possible, I'd love for you to draw my character Famine. Here's a reference . He's the fox.

    Attached Files:

  19. Can you do my Oc, Foxette/Katie? She wears a outfit very simular to the female team aqua grunt's (with a skirt instead of jeans) outfit and and has redish/brown hair down to her shoulders(maybe longer) and light blue eyes. I would like you to do either: her fraligattor Spike next to her, or her shiny eevee, Eva. I made a trainer card for her, on it she has the name Katie. I like to call her Foxette though but Katie is her real name. And maybe, if you want to, give her reddish/brown wolf ears and a reddish/brown wolf tail.
  20. long haired brunette girl with hazel eyes in a typhlosion hoodie... plz! thank you!

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