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Character bin for (will insert role play name once it's figured out)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Requiem_Angel, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Trainer Information:
    Name: Eric
    Native Region:
    he was born and raised in Kanto
    Age: 22.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance :Neither exactly handsome or ugly, the best word to describe Eric is average. He has brown hair, hazel eyes, and tanned skin from the amount of travel he's done over the past years. He tends to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts, though he switches between buttoned and non, and wears silver rimmed glasses. Swaps between Sandles and boots. He carries a heavy brown long coat, a backpack, and a messenger bag.
    Personality: Eric is a cheerful enough person, tending towards mischievous with people he gets to know, with a temper that sometimes gets the better of him. He loves his team unconditionally, though he especially pampers Luna. He tends to get a bit distracted and tends to let his attention wander, often focusing on random things and things he'd like to sketch.
    Other: Is a fairly decent sketch artist and survivalist. Cooks a mean omelette.
    Will post team in a bit.

    Team: Luna: shiny Umbreon, female. Neither a morning person or a Noctowl, Luna is a rather contented individual who spends most of her time sleeping, preferably in sunlight when possible.

    Eclipse: Espeon, male. A quiet collected individual, the fact that he's blind doesn't effect him much as he uses his psy to get the general layout of the area he's in from those around him, though his depth perception isn't the best. Loves his daughter unconditionally and would do anything for her.

    Hope: sylveon, female, the daughter of Luna and Eclipse. A curious and high spirited individual, she loves everyone and everything. Except ditto. She finds them creepy.

    Flare: flareon, female. A haughty individual. She doesn't think, she knows she's better than you. Very proud of her fluffy coat.

    Twitch: jolteon, male. High strung and curious, he has a habit of find himself in the wrong place as often as not when left to his own devices. He has a scar across his muzzle and nose, and an intense fear of Beedrill because of this.

    Blue: Vaporeon, female. A quiet and affectionate individual, and the peacemaker of the group. Loves water (weird I know) but also loves curling up near bonfires. Enjoys classical music.

    Working on exactly what level they are and choosing abilities is a pain. Will update when finished. All of them have been traveling with Eric for the past 12 years, so they're probably going to be on the high end.

    Edit: well, all of them except hope. As she came along mid journey.
  2. Name: Lailah

    Gender: Female

    Hometown: Canalave City

    Age: 34

    Height: 5'8"

    Weight: 135 lbs.

    Hair: Silver

    Eyes: Sapphire

    Clothing: A loose fitted long sleeved, button-down vanilla shirt along with a grey tube skirt.

    Musculature: Lailah is a tad bit on the heftier side, possessing noticeable dexterity that supplements her curvaceous figurine. This is most primarily due to the fact that she is a Psychic, and therefore indulges in far less physical activity than most (utilizing telekinesis instead to travel as opposed to walking, for example).

    Personality: Lailah is best described as a passionately curious individual who seeks to claim all the knowledge of the world. This has led her to reject positions of high authority in the past, as she cannot fathom the thought of so much as remaining within even just the same region for more than a week's worth of time! She is always traveling the world, and as a result, has never bothered to marry, despite her increasing age; because she has no children of her own, she adores younger Pokemon trainers and sees the need to enact a motherly role before them.

    Team: Metagross (need some things approved on her team before I can list it all)

    Also as far as my participation in this role-play goes, I'll probably be best off making subtle cameo appearances, given my character's advanced age in comparison to most out there.

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