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Changing for the Better

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Picnicker Virgil, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. ((I'm gonna try to keep this fan fic going but chances are it'll end up dying... I just wanna finish one for once.))

    Chapter One

    Ursula Sloane looked on in disgust at the decreased red and white sphere that Marla, her aunt, held out to her. Her pouty lips were open in a disapproving manner and her eyebrows pressed down firmly against her bright aqua eyes. "What do you expect me to do with that?" Ursula asked sternly, brushing her thick, straight, beautiful jet black hair out of her face and crossing her arms. Ursula was fourteen and currently staying with her aunt Marla and her cousins at their ranch in Johto. She hated this trip so far, it obviously wasn't her idea to come here but she hadn't had much of a chioce. It was all her mother's idea.

    Marla sighed, she was expecting this sort of reaction. She remained calm and rolled back the sleeves on her red plaid overshirt. Quickly pushing back her faded brown hair behind her ears, she tried again. "It's a PokeBall, Ursula. Come on, don't you wanna see what's inside?" She drew the hand with the ball closer to Ursula.

    "Eugh!" Ursula shrieked as if it was something nasty rather than a common item. "I don't want to see what's inside!" She insisted, pushing Marla's hand away and turning her head the other direction, eyes sealed. She stamped a violet boot on the ground for emphasis.

    Marla rolled her eyes. "Ursula," She started, a bit taken aback by the mean look the fourteen year old shot at her, almost as if she wasn't worthy of speaking her name. "You have no idea how hard I worked to get this for you! All right, I'm going to show you what it is now, ok?" She had figured Ursula was just being immature and she knew she would actually want to know what was inside. Everyone was curious, no matter how much they'd like you to believe otherwise. With a press of the center button the PokeBall expanded and Marla aimed it at the ground. Glistening white luminescence shot from the PokeBall, which had opened slightly, and took the from of an odd creature on the ground. Smeargle looked up at Marla questionably, wondering what was going on. "I found a whole cave full of 'em. I knew how much you liked the color purple and so I caught you one with purple paint! See, each Smeargle has a dif-" At this point Marla looked up and realized Ursula was no longer near her. "Go say hi," she told Smeargle, pointing to Ursula in the distance.

    'Eugh.' Ursula thought as she walked across the dirt to the door. She didn't care what was in the PokeBall so she had taken the opportunity to go back inside. She was almost there when she heard footsteps behind her. "I don't care what's in th- AH!" Behind her was a disgusting creature. It was small and almost human and it looked as if it had dipped its tail in something Ursula couldn't identify. "EUGH!" Ursula shrieked. Marla was beginning to get irritated by Ursula's constant Eugh-ing for these past three days but so far she hadn't said anything on the matter.

    "Smear?" Smeargle asked, holding out his tail as if to shake hands. Ursula, however, didn't see this coming and ended up with a wad of purple goop on her black and violet striped dress.

    "M-my dress!" Ursula squeeked, stunned. Her surprised face quickly turned to an angry one and she began to kick dirt at the dress ruiner.

    "Ursula! Stop it!" Marla shouted, strong tan arms carrying her niece away from Smeargle, who was crying now and rubbing his swollen eyes. "Look what you've done! You've made him cry now STOP!"

    Ursula finally stopped, flustered. Her black hair was a mess from the struggle she had just gone through and her face was red. She looked on the verge of tears. "My... Dress..." Ursula started angrily.

    "Come inside, we'll wash your-"

    "It's dry clean only!" Ursula spat, rushing inside, crying.

    Dear Diary,

    Today that horrible Marla tried to give me this dirty beast creature. Its tail was so hideous and dipped in the foulest of substances. I suspect it was Marla's doing, I just know she sent that thing on me as a sick joke. These farm people disgust me. This bed I'm writing in is as disturbing as the room it's placed in. I can only guess what it's stuffed with and I believe it to be straw, it certainly feels that way. I wish I were back in Kanto, back in my soft, warm Queen sized bed... Not this rat hole in this atrosious atrosis horrible region. Marla thinks the beast creature and I will be friends, companions as she put it. She told me to keep its container by the side of my bed but I put it in the hallway when she wasn't looking. I'm quite tired now, Diary, so I'll leave on this note: I HATE this place!

    Love, Ursula.

    Ursula pulled the metal cord on the lamp by her bed, wiping her hand on the sheets before placing it under the covers. She rolled over on her side to be more comfortable but found it just as uncomfortable as any other position. She wanted desperately to be back in Kanto, back in her bed as she had wrote. Back in a house where the rooms were the size of this entire estate. Back where she didn't have to do everything herself, back where she could do what she wanted whenever she pleased. Back home. "I hate this place..." Ursula mumbled, glancing at the door to make sure the thing wasn't trying to creep in and sleep near her.
  2. ((Didn't wanna double post so soon but I'm bored and really felt like writing some more of this.))

    Chapter two

    The sound of Dodrio woke Ursula from her short slumber. She blinked the sleep out of her eyes and looked around, making sure that Pokemon from yesterday wasn't anywhere near her. Noticing the coast was clear she threw back the covers and stepped out of bed, into her slippers rather than the grimy wooden floors she despised. Pulling her nightgown, which hung on a hook above the door, over her purple pajamas Ursula took a deep breath and opened the door a portion. She peeked her head into the hallway to make sure the beast creature wasn't roaming around waiting for her. It, as well as the PokeBall, was gone and she figured Marla had taken it back after she realized Ursula didn't want it.

    Her furry black slippers made soft, padded noises as Ursula walked along the hallway towards the stairs. The stairs greeted Ursula's feet with loud creeking sounds and alerted all those downstairs to her presence. As Ursula stepped into the kitchen she nearly gagged. The Pokemon from yesterday was sitting in HER chair, the one she'd been using in her time at this ranch. It was sitting politely, with a napkin on its lap and enjoying a piece of toast with both hands. Chewing, the Pokemon turned to face Ursula and after losing interest in her turned back to a plate smeared with marmalade and wiped the toast on it before bringing it back to its mouth. "Eugh!" Ursula cried, confronting Marla, who was cleaning dishes at the sink.

    "What is that thing doing in my chair?!" She was clearly angry but Marla was growing used to Ursula's temper and remained calm.

    "Eating toast." She replied with a smile.

    "This isn't funny! Tell it to get off!" Ursula said in a demanding tone.

    Marla put down the dish she was cleaning and hung the rag she was using to clean it with over a wooden bar. "I'm kinda busy, kiddo, think you can do it yourself?" She grabbed a dry rag and began to wipe the dish with it.

    "I'm not talking to that thing." Ursula stated crossly. She glanced at it and noticed its tail, which was swaying side to side, still hadn't been washed. "What did you do to its tail?" Ursula asked suspiciously.

    Marla laughed. "I didn't do anything, it's a Smeargle. All Smeargle's tails are like that."


    Marla rolled her eyes. "They use it to mark their territory, or just to doodle for fun. Oh, I wish you could have seen the cave... It was beautiful, a rainbow of colors..." She stopped cleaning and was clearly lost in thought. "Oh, right," She said, suddenly snapping back to reality. "Breakfast's right over there." Marla pointed to a plate of eggs and toast and a cup of orange juice sitting on the counter.

    Ursula looked at it with a disgusted face but said nothing. She grabbed the plate and went to the top of the stairs to eat. She didn't want to be anywhere near that thing while she ate.


    The one good thing about this place, thought Ursula, was the water. She didn't know how these people got such clean, pure water but she felt more refreshed showering here than she did bathing in the spa she visited in the winter. Purple towel wrapped around her body and a smaller purple towel wrapped around her head, Ursula proceeded to change into some clean clothes. She wore a small black sweater that reached mid stomach before ending and a purple and black striped dress that ended just below her knees. A thin violet silk scarf was added for style. She also touched up her nails, redoing the violet nailpolish that had become chipped in her days here.

    "I like your scarf," Marla said cheerfully as Ursula came down the stairs once again. Ursula ignored her. "The boys told me to tell you to go outside once you were changed, I guess they want to show you something."

    "Eugh..." Ursula muttered under breath. Her cousins were the worst. They acted immature and their idea of a fun time was brushing the Rapidash or herding Mareep, two creatures Ursula was terrified of. The truth was, Ursula was terrified of most Pokemon. She didn't know much about them but she figured they could shoot fire or send bolts of lightning down on you if they wished, or ruin your favorite dress. Ursula wanted nothing to do with them.

    "Ursula, think fast!" Marco, her cousin, shouted upon seeing her exit the house. He flung a ball of mud he had gathered at his cousin and watched as she squeeled in terror.

    Ursula opened her eyes, they had been closed as soon as Marco threw the mud ball. She noticed a blue, shelled Pokemon standing in front of her with his arms in the air. A forcefield had been raised by the Pokemon and it had deflected the mud. Ursula screetched and ran away from it.

    Marco, laughing, walked over and pet his Squirtle. "Don't worry, I planned it all out before. Squirtle here used Protect to block the mud. Protect's a move that deflects anything." He failed to notice Ursula's angry, red face. "Hey, where's your Pokemon? Mom told me she got you a Smeargle. That's pretty cool, Smeargles are-"

    "I don't have a Pokemon." Ursula snapped. She was on the porch of the house, hiding behind a beam in an attempt to stay as far away from Squirtle as possible. She instinctively reached for her phone, something she did when she didn't want to talk to anyone near her, but realized she had been forced to leave that in Kanto.

    "I have something I wanna show you. The others are already there waiting for us and it's kind of a long walk so let's go!" Marco started to run, his Pokemon loyally bounding after him and shouting portions of its name as it did so.

    Arms folded crossly, Ursula looked around. She really didn't have much else to do but she did not want to follow Marco. Hesitating, she looked around and eventually ran to catch up with her cousin.


    "You could have -ow!- told me we were going into the woods!" Ursula said, hands on her head to try and protect her hair from getting caught in the branches of the trees.

    "Eh, it must have slipped my mind." Marco said from in front of Ursula. His short brown hair didn't get caught in the trees. He didn't have to worry about his clothing getting caught, either, as he was wearing a sleeveless white tank top, showing off tanned muscles obtained from years of farmwork, and jeans. His freckled face turned back, smiling, to look at Ursula struggle with the branches. "Squirtle, wanna help her out?" He asked the Pokemon that was expertly climbing in front.

    "I'm fine!" Ursula shouted angrily. She didn't like Marco's sense of humor.

    "Ok, ok. We're really close now, by the way. Actually, we're here."

    Ursula looked up, she had been looking down to avoid poking her eye on any branches, and saw what they had walked all this way for. A small waterfall was crashing into a river which was filled with both her cousins and their Pokemon. It was beautiful, not that she would admit it of course. "THAT's what we came out here for?!" Ursula said, trying to feign a temper. She wanted to swim desperately as it was hot out here and she was itchy too. She did have her morals, of course, and refused to swim in wild water, as she called it. It did look inviting, though... And she WAS wearing her bathing suit underneath her clothes...

    "Woo hoo!" Marco shouted, ripping off his jeans and shirt to reveal that he too wore his bathing suit before jumping into the water with a loud splash. He had obviously startled his brothers, who were now playfully splashing water at him and calling him names. Ursula walked forward a bit, arms crossed as usual, and looked questionably at the water and its occupants.

    "You comin' in?" One of her other cousins asked before diving under water. Ursula shook her head, but no one saw. Instead, she went over and sat on a moss covered rock.

    Ursula sneaked glances at the water every now and then but resisted going in. She didn't want to swim with those beasts, she thought. Or the Pokemon, she added in her mind with a silent chuckle. Suddenly, Ursula was nudged by something. She almost screamed at first, knowing it was a Pokemon, but held it in. This Pokemon wasn't so bad. It was orange in color and had a fancy swirling tail. This Pokemon wouldn't hurt anybody, it was too cute. Maybe not ALL Pokemon were bad, she thought. Slowly, Ursula reached a hand down to pet the Pokemon when suddenly a jet of water came out of nowhere and hit it. The Pokemon perked its ears up playfully and look at its attacker, Squirtle, joyfully. Suddenly and without warning it opened its mouth and shot a stream of flames at Squirtle, who responded by running away. Vulpix quickly bound after it. Ursula was stunned. She was right before, all Pokemon were bad.

    "Take me back," Ursula said to Marco, who had just come out of the water and was drying off with a towel.

    "You aren't going in?"

    "Take me back." Ursula repeated in a stern voice.

    "Ok, ok." He turned to Squirtle. "You comin'?" Squirtle leaped into the water and started to shoot a stream of water out of its mouth at Marco's brothers. "Looks like Squirtle's staying. All right, let's go."
  3. Not a bad start, wonder where you are eventually going to go with this. ^^
  4. ((I'm wondering that too. I really want to finish at least one fan fic and I hope it's this one.))

    Chapter Three

    Dear Diary,

    I cannot believe the nerve of that Marla. She let that thing sit in my chair this morning at breakfast and tonight at dinner she joked that he had taken a liking to sitting there and may just have to sit on my lap. After that I ate dinner in my room. No one's come to pick up my dishes yet and I don't want them to attract anything. I learned the name of the best today, it's Smearmull I believe. Not that I care, I don't want anything to do with it. Marla was telling me about it at the dinner table before I left. I wasn't paying much attention but she said it could draw moves or something like that and that it had drawn a couple powerful moves already. I don't even want to know. I had to walk a fair distance today and my feet are still sore so I'm going to have to make this a short entry. Good night, Diary.

    Love, Ursula.

    Once again Ursula failed to find a comfortable position. The floor was probably softer, she thought. When she finally did fall asleep she had a dream of the 'Smearmull' swimming up a waterfall and shooting fire at her dress, which was wrapped around a plank of wood. She had tried to douse the flames in the water but they refused to go out. Eventually she had shot a stream of water out of her mouth and put the flames out. Then she had woken up.


    Ursula had decided the sun rose too early in Johto. With a yawn she pulled back the covers and put her feet into the slippers by her bed. Her feet felt something crinkly and she pulled them back quickly. She peered inside and noticed a note in her slippers. Ursula unfolded the note and read it. "I've layed out your clothes for you. Put them on and come downstairs as soon as you read this message. And don't forget to pack! Love, Marla." A thin smile slowly spread across Ursula read and reread the message. 'And don't forget to pack!' especially interested her. She was finally going home! Why Marla had layed out her clothes for her she didn't know but she still put them on.

    Marla obviously had no matching cell in her brain. She had chosen a pair of plain jeans, purple boots and a longsleeved purple shirt. She had also added the scarf from yesterday, a heavy purple belt she didn't recognize and a woolen violet she had forgot about. As she changed Ursula tried not to think of Marla going through her stuff while she slept. She made sure to check that everything was still there while she packed. As far as she could remember, it was.

    A smile on her face for probably the first time this whole trip, Ursula bounded down the stairs which threatened to give in as she stepped on each one. "I'm ready!" She said, putting her bag down and looking around for something to take her home. "Is my dad here?" She asked, hoping it'd be him that picked her up. Marla was sitting at the table playing with an odd purple device and she gave Ursula a questionable look as she came down the stairs.

    "Ah, you're up. I didn't think you'd be so happy."

    Ursula didn't even care if Marla was making fun of her, she was never going to see her again. "I just want to leave."

    Marla nodded, pressing a few buttons on whatever it was she was holding before putting it under the table turning back to Ursula. "So, I expect you don't know what I'm about to tell you."

    Ursula's smile faded slightly. "I'm going home." She declared, shaking her bags.

    "Well, you're going somewhere-"

    "Tell me what this is about." Ursula demanded, she wasn't liking how things were going in this conversation.

    "I talked to your mom on the phone last night,"

    "What did she say?"

    "Ok, if you'd let me finish I'll tell you."

    Ursula crossed her arms. "What did she say?" She repeated.

    "Well," Marla sighed, she knew Ursula wasn't going to take this well. "You mother and I both decided that maybe it'd be good for you if you... Well, traveled a bit. With Pokemon. A Pokemon journey, I'm sure that rings a bell, doesn't it?"

    Ursula's mouth hung open. This was another of Marla's jokes, wasn't it. "I don't even have a Pokemon." She countered, leaning her weight to one side.

    Marla stared at Ursula. "You do remember Smeargle, right?" She pointed the door where Smeargle was waiting patiently, a small travel bag in hand. In all her excitement coming downstairs Ursula hadn't even noticed him.

    "You're joking. I don't have to do anything I don't want to do."

    Marla had had enough of this attitude. "You didn't want to come here, did you? Well guess what, you're here."

    "Don't talk to me that way." Ursula spat angrily. She had never been so insulted.

    "I'm sorry, Ursula, you really don't have much say in the matter. Your mother and I-"

    "I hate my mother!" Ursula shouted, eyes tearing up. She didn't want to do this. She wanted to go home.

    Marla stopped what she was saying and looked seriously at Ursula. "Do not say hate. You don't realize how strong a word that is." She paused for a moment, gathering her thoughts before she spoke again. "Look, I'm not asking you to do this forever. Lot's of children would kill to have an opportunity like this."

    Ursula's lower lip was trembling and tears were streaming down her face. "So what do you expect me to do? Just get up and leave w-with that thing a-and go camping for a few days? I don't know how t.... I wanna go home." She fell down on the lower step and hid her face in her knees as she cried.

    "You don't think I'd send you alone, do you? Marco will be going with you, he's already had traveling experience and his Pokemon are quite strong from all the training they've done. He's already agreed to do it and he's all excited to leave, you don't want to dissapoint him, do you?"

    Ursula continued sobbing and didn't answer. She didn't care whether she dissapointed Marco or not, she just wanted to go home. "C-can't I at least talk to my mother and say what I think?"

    Marla nodded. "Ok, yes you can talk to her." Ursula sighed and expected Marla to bring her the phone. Instead, she said something that surprised her. "She's out near the stables."

    Ursula's eyes widened. "Sh-she's here?" Marla nodded. Ursula shot through the doorway faster than Marla had expected her to. Four days in this place had been enough time for Ursula to learn her way around and she expertly navigated herself to the stables where her mother was indeed situated. Marco was chatting with her as she helped him feed the Rapidash and Ponyta. "Mom!" Ursula shouted, surprised that Marla hadn't lied to her.

    Rosalyn Sloane turned around and smiled at the site of her daughter. "Ah, so there you a-"

    "Tell Marla I don't have to go." Ursula shot straight to the point.

    Rosalyn handed the rest of the food to Marco and looked to her daughter. Rosalyn looked nothing like her daughter. Her short blonde hair was styled in a fashion that was out of the times. She had a plain face and was of average height. Rosalyn had met Ursula's father while applying for a job to clean his house. She had been surprised when she walked out of his office with a date rather than a job and a year later they married. Ursula was their only child, people liked to joke that they had 'learned their lesson the first time'.

    "I'm afraid you do have to go, sweety. This'll be good for you! Don't you think it's going to be fun? Marco's excited, aren't you Marco?" She turned to face a smiling Marco who nodded.

    "Mom, I don't even have a Pokemon." That one didn't work on Rosalyn, either.

    "What about that one?" She pointed behind Ursula. Ursula didn't have to turn around to know that Smeargle and Marla had followed her outside, but she did anyways. "Cute." She said, referring to Smeargle.

    The conversation went on for a good fifteen minutes. Ursula would say a reason why she didn't want to go and Marla and Rosalyn would both tell her why this would be good for her. Marco had left, not wanting to be a part of the fight, but Smeargle had remained there, holding his small bag in front of him with both hands. In the end, Ursula lost the fight. She had no choice and she had run out of reasons not to go. Marla had demonstrated how to return Smeargle to his PokeBall and showed that it could be attached to her belt magnetically. She also presented the purple device from before, a PokeDex, and some empty PokeBalls to Ursula as well as giving her PokeGear, which as far as Ursula was concerned was a cell phone she couldn't figure out how to program.

    Out of options, Ursula retreated back to her room to look for anything she had left behind. She had no choice, just as she had no choice coming here. She was to leave in an hour for a journey that could last longer than she'd like.

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