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Changes Needed From X/Y to Sun/Moon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Lucky Blade, May 21, 2016.

  1. Pokemon X and Y was an amazing game to say the least. The graphics were improved substantially, Lumiose City was beautiful, and Pokemon Amie was amazing! Not to mention Wonder Trade. Though with all the great things in Pokemon X/Y, there were bound to be some not-so-great things, and by some I mean A LOT. Allow me to elaborate.

    1. Harder Gym Leaders!
    It's not the exp. share that makes these games easy. I went through and looked at the teams for some of the Gym Leaders in these games, and I discovered that most of the gym leaders had at least one Pokemon who only knew 3 moves. An example would be Korrina's Hawlucha, which only knows Hone Claws, Flying Press, and Power-up Punch. I don't think Flying Press affects Ghost types, so correct me if I'm wrong, but if you brought a ghost type into Korrina's Gym, the only thing she could touch you with is Rock Tomb. Although Ghost-Types are unobtainable as of this point in the game, Wonder Trade is a thing. Defeating this gym becomes an easy task with Wonder Trade, especially with the abundance of Honedge's in the circulation. Another example would be Wulfric's Abomasnow, which only knows Ice Beam, Ice Shard and Energy Ball. Here's a tip: if in SOME way you can't defeat this gym leader, bring a Steel-Type. You will be nearly untouchable. I expected the big bad Wulfric to be tough, you know with his size and his 8th-Gym-Leader title and all, but nope. Easily one of the easiest Gym Leaders of all time.

    2. Harder Elite Four/Champion:
    Same applies. I don't like the idea of getting to chose what Elite Four member you battle, and I especially don't like the idea of members only having four Pokemon. Bring up the teams to five Pokemon again. It's not like they're having any trouble filling the fifth spot, especially with almost every Pokemon being in the game. Even if they were having trouble, they still shouldn't stop there. I mean, Flint had a Lopunny and a Drifblim. Last time I checked, those weren't Fire-Types. I'm ranting a bit here, but the point: is make these games a bit harder. The Champion is also a huge pushover. Sure the moves on Diantha's Pokemon are great, but her levels are a joke. Also, her Gorgeist has the ability Pickup. Pickup??? The Champion? Just why... I remember having to save my game before battling Cynthia, and then restarting to face her again. I didn't even have to restart once, nor did I have to use any revives when battling Diantha. And once the game is finished, you have your final battle against AZ, who uses level 50 Pokemon! You would think that after beating a team of level 60's, they would make the next battle harder. Besides that though, Diantha was a great Champion.

    Other Minor Changes:
    Multiple Save Slots
    Rematch Gym Leaders(Without Battle Chateau)
    Rematch Elite Four
    Less Rivals
    Less Legendaries/Legendary Forms
    Stop giving every Pokemon it's own signature move. It just needs to stop. It's not even special anymore.
    Less forms.
    Introduce more Pokemon!
    Travel multiple regions.
    Allow Pokemon to follow you.
    Only bring the same amount of Pokemon as the opponent into battle. Like the anime.
    And... bring back the Safari Zone. I mean the real Safari Zone, not the friend Safari.

    I don't hate Pokemon X and Y. I love it, in fact. It just wasn't as great as it could've been. It had a lot going for it, and still does, but the games are too easy. With these changes, Sun and Moon could be the game of the century.
  2. I agree with most of these!

    XY were more 'technically' good games. By that I mean, the game mechanics were much improved over Gen 5. The games themselves were beautiful, and the trainer customization was great and what eventually made me choose X over Alpha Sapphire--I didn't realize it mattered to me that much. Leveling your Pokemon was also really easy. Pokemon Amie, Wonder Trading, and especially Super training were also nice additions. If that had been around in Gen IV when I did a lot of competitive battling, I'd have loved it.

    That said, the storyline was pretty average and the gym leaders and elite four where extremely dull and unmemorable overall in addition to being pretty easy. For me they were just speed bumps on the way to the next boutique. I routinely forget the grass gym leader exists (I had trouble recalling his name). The rivals were meh and aside from Serena/Callum and maybe Shauna, the rest were beyond pointless.

    I would prefer a mix of the two together. I loved the increased chance of getting shines and getting Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities. I did NOT love having to track down friend codes to get good friend safaris. I had to use Reddit in order to get a Ditto friend safari. And to make matters worse, my own Friend Safari was slightly trashy.

    Other changes I'd love:

    An actual hard mode - Remember when BW2 attempted this? Remember how half-hearted that was?
    Multiple save slots (as you've mentioned)
    More in-depth story-line - They didn't let XY be great. Seriously NO ONE commented on the 9' tall guy???
    Rivals with an actual storyline - Black and White did it right actually. Cheren and Bianca were fleshed out characters.

    Here's hoping we see some nice upgrades in Gen VII. Gen VI set a nice standard for game mechanics.
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  3. Nerf Stealth Rock so bugs can have fun, too :U

    I'd also like it if they maybe gave you the exp. share postgame, or maybe make it a held item so it only affects Pokemon wearing it. The Exp. Share made training way too easy, and I think that kind of luxury should really be saved for after you're champion and starting to train up your competitive 'mons.

    If they bring back trainer customization, I'd really like for dlc or rare ingame clothes that let you dress up as past protagonists, or heck, the evil team grunts!

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