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Chains of Darkness (Private Rp)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zachary, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. "Sir, we have located one of the Scroll of Erlio" said a man in a suit, sitting in a desk on a computer, frequently scanning the maps on the screen.

    A man sitting a pure purple armchair embodied with ancient Pokémon pictures threw out a huge laugh. The people inside were in completely scared when the gentleman let out the laugh, no, it wasn't a laugh. It was a cry for joy. A cry of happiness for the man dream is finally coming true.

    The man got up, facing the light of the monitor, staring intently at the map on it.

    "Scan the area around it, see what is going on." The man said in a deep, moving voice.

    From the light, a face could be seen, a man who appeared to be seventy with black hair tied in a pony tail along with streaks of gray lining it, making it seem if he was not apart of this world. The purple fedora with a black feather showed that he had class. The black suit he was wearing showed that the man regularly worked out.

    "Fonzy, print out a copy of that map, no, make it three for myself, Commander David, and your self."

    The simple scientist looked at the man with a look a bewilderment on his face then turned into a face of horror as he saw the man's eyes grow with a aura of bloodlust.

    Quickly as he worked, he printed off three copies and gave two to the man.

    "Boss, why do you want me to have a copy?" inquired Fonzy.

    "Because! You're my new general." He shot back. "NOW go and bring me that piece!!!!" He bellowed.


    The President of the Pokémon world sighed as he read the report; his desk was covered in bills and plans for the economy. Standing in front of him was a man in a black coat with a hood covering his eyes, fidgeting around and looking worried.

    "So, this new organization wants the Scroll of Erlio?" asked the confused President.

    "Correct, and they will stop at nothing to find the piece's so they can destroy the Chain."

    The President sighed again and looked on his desk again. Laying on the desk were six folders with pictures of six people on them. He then picked the nearest one up and began reading it.

    "So, you think these six kids will stop this organization, Halt?" The President mused.

    "Yes, the one your reading right now, Zacky Megiddo, is a prodigy when it comes to Pokémon battling. Even though he trains only Fighting-Typed Pokémon, he can come up with some pretty unorthodox methods to win against their weakness" Halt said with amusement.

    The President sighed again and closed the folder and threw it back upon the desk. He got up from his seat and walked over to Halt.

    "This better work Halt, your on thin ice as it is. Write a letter to each person and tell them to meet you in Jubilife City in the old Pokémon School in the northeast side of town." The President muttered while walking away.


    "Dear Zacky Megiddo,

    The World Government is in need of your help.

    There is a new organization out there called "Team Yami", and they are planning to end the world as we know of it. We need your adept skills at battling to help us defeat this adversary and restore peace to the world of Devora(My name for the Pokémon world. =p)

    We will handsomely pay you for this and owe you one favor if you help us.

    Meet me at the old Pokémon School in Jubilife City in the northeast part. Don't worry about holding the world on your shoulders, because there are five other people who are going to help you.

    Halt Vandermark."

    Zacky re-read it as he walked through the streets of Jubilife City to the northeast part. He was excited at this possibility because, hey, you don't always get the chance to save the world every day, ya'know?

    Zacky had spiky black hair that was a deep jet black along with some scruff on his face. His eyes were a beautiful silver color that made every girl melt with every glance at them. He stood at 6'0 foot tall and looked about 200 pounds. Zacky wore a black t-shirt that said "Behemoth" on it and baggy blue pants along with black skater shoes. His chains on his pants and around his neck jiggled around as he walked towards the building.

    Finally, after some looking and after asking some directions, Zacky found the building. Zacky sighed, knowing this would change his life forever if he went in.

    "Well here goes nothing!" He said with enthusiasm as he kicked the door in.

    This a private rp with my friends and there is two openings, but before you post, you must PM the post to me and if I give you the okay, post away, if not, too bad.
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  2. The air was taught, the tension in the room nearing the point at which no one could bear it. The head doctor stood at the front of the room, looking at the readings on the computer. The lone nurse in the room couldn't make out what they said, but the contorted look of distress and worry on the doctor's face told her that it wasn't good.

    "S-Sir," a frail doctor from the back spoke, his voice trembling with fear. "We only have a couple of days... In fact, we anticipated that the patient wouldn't last past the first 12 years..."

    "Well," The old doctor said, his voice harsh with age. "It looks like he's not doing so hot now, either." The doctor tossed back a magazine, featuring a fourteen year old trainer looking out across a stadium with a look on his face resembling that of pure sadistic pleasure. The doctor's hand quivered as he reached out to the magazine, but he hesitantly pulled it back.

    "We need him back in here for more surgery, or at least stabilization. He won't last."

    Kalseng was still fiddling with the letter in his hand, running the white envelope over with his finger ever so gently. The wax seal on the back wasn't even broken, and it was still entirely perfect. The seal was a dark, blood red color with different curves around a giant D. The seal was cold as Kalseng ran his finger along it, and he dug his fingernail into the wax.

    A sharp pain split through Kalseng's head, and he grabbed the side of his head, grabbing his brown hair in a tight fist. His green eyes closed in pain as he doubled over. Kalseng's right hand went to grip his chest, tightly grabbing his white undershirt. His heart felt as though it was about to beat out from his chest, pounding so hard that it was barely even bearable. His soft skin was pale as a ghost, and it seemed to stick out against the tall brick building he was collapsed against. Kalseng let his dark green flak jacket fall to the ground, and he began panting heavily.

    The world started to slow down, but the pain increased. The nineteen year old began gritting his teeth, a loud groan of pain escaping his mouth. He hadn't heard any footsteps, but now he heard a set. They were familiar... They had the same beat, the same noise of the clothing on the body... The same exact reverberation...

    Who was it?
  3. "Kalseng!" Cody called, running forward. His blue jacket was practically flying behind him as he ran towards his friend. Silver, his Aipom, was following closely behind, at his heels. "Kalseng!" he breathed. His friend was collapsed agaisnt a brick building, clutching his chest, panting heavily.

    He can't be....too young for a heart attack... Cody thought to himself, his eyes starting to quiver. I won't let him die. Cody forced himself to remain calm in front of his friend, whom he had met several years ago in Johto. Silver ran around to Kalseng's other side, and the nearly permant smile etched on his face faded.

    Cody knelt down, the recently opened letter in his left hand. His deep blue eyes began scanning Kalseng, looking for anything that might have provoked the sudden pain, still hoping it wasn't a heart attack. It was then he noticed the envelope in Kalseng's other hand, the same envelope Cody had recived. He ignored this, and stared Kalseng in the eyes, "Hospital, now."

    "No." Kalseng responded, "We both got that letter, you've read yours. We're going." He had certainly matured.

    Cody just stared at Kalseng. He couldn't seem to understand it. With a slight nod, he helped Kalseng up and off the ground. Silver had leaped back onto Cody's shoulder, his usualy perch.


    The two walked through the busy streets of Jubilife, a few people giving concerned glances. Though, nothing more. It was, after all, a city. After weaving through some more streets, and narrowly missing being hit with a bike on more than one occasion, they had reached the old school house. Cody examind the building; it wasn't in ruin, but one could tell it had been empited and abandoned long ago. Helping Kalseng climb up the concrete steps, he called into the door (which appeared to have been kicked down)

    "Well!" He yelled in, "we're here!" He was almost angry, that Kalseng had chosen to come here, instead of getting medical attention. His eyes were adjusting to the dimmer lighting in the building, though he still couldn't be sure where anyone was. His hand gripped the Fast Ball containing Mars, this could easily be a trap. Silver leaped off of Cody's shoulder, but remained still at his feet.
  4. (This is posted like an half an hour before Cody and Kal come in.)

    Zacky giggled as he walked into the building. His mind was going a million miles an hour. Sweat began pouring down like a waterfall. He was excited. Zacky looked around the
    room, scanning it to see if it was a trap. After his eyes adjusted to the lighting, he saw a cloaked man sitting behind the teacher's desk, apparently looking at a magazine with a bored look on his face.

    "Yo! Homie! You rang for a hero?" Zacky yelled out acting like a clown, startling the man half to death. The said man immediately jumped from the desk and stood in attention and began to stroll towards Zacky.

    "You've could've knocked, Mr. Megiddo…" He said with embarrassment." "I'm Halt Vandermark, top spy for the government." He also added with his hand out for a shake.

    "Sorry, man, it was a dick move, I know." Said Zacky with a hint of humor in his voice, taking his hand. "So, Halt, is it just me that is just saving the world?"

    Halt gave a pitiful sigh and shook his head. "No, there is about five more trainer's coming to this place. You might as well take a seat and wait. Did you even read the letter?

    "Nope. I stopped reading it after I read the chance that you will pay me, but anyways, I'm letting out my buddy, and he hates being a poke ball." Zacky replied with a wink. "Now where did I put my balls…?" muttered Zacky as he patted himself down. "Ah! There you are! Come on out! Beowulf!

    Reaching into his pocket, Zacky pulled out a Luxury ball and clicked the button to enlarge it, throwing it in the air with a "whooshing" sound, the ball hit the floor with a "clank" and a bright red flash of light came forth. After a second of the light blinding Halt and Zacky, a 5'0 tall Lucario stood there, acting all gangster and cool.

    Zacky walked forward and gave the Lucario a high-five and said; "Halt, meet my one of my best friends, Beowulf, Beowulf, say hi."

    The Lucario gave a peace sign and went to sit down at a desk. Following suit, Zacky sat at one next to his friend. An half a hour passed with Zacky taking a nap while Beowulf doing the Souja Boy dance to Crank That. All seemed okay until a angry voice rang out into the school; "Well! We're here!"

    Zacky snapped back to reality and saw a man carrying a boy into the courthouse. Zacky immediately sprung from his seat and took the boy from the man and set him down in a chair. He then took off his bag to use as a makeshift foot rest for the boy. After sensing all was well, he stood up and stuck his hand out to greet the other man. He then noticed a Fast ball in his other hand.

    "I'm Zacky Megiddo, wazzup my bra?" He said with a fake surfer accent. "
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  5. Diamond strolled leisurely through the crowed streets of the city. Her thick, wavy, golden blond hair swished behind her and her bright sapphire eyes easily showed her currently pleasant attitude. Her pichu, Lightning, was laying down on her shoulder, also in a more cheerful mood than usual.

    She glanced around her, hoping to find the building she was looking for. She wasn't in a rush and although there were many people, it was quite easy to pass through them without any trouble, so she took her time to enjoy her walk.
    "How cool is this?!"

    Pretty cool! I can't wait to kick some ass! Lightning spoke without turning his head to her.

    "It's so freaking exciting!!" Lightning nodded his head in agreement.

    I knew someone would recognize MY talent

    "Shut up!" She laughed quietly as she pulled out the letter she had received prior to coming to Jubilife City.

    I hope this as exciting as it sounds!She nodded and smiled to herself, she was glad she was able to understand her Pichu. They had been together for quite a while before Diamond was able to begin to understand Pokemon. She wasn't the best battler, but her ability was able to help her through a lot.

    Diamond shook herself back to reality. She wasn't sure if she was truly up to the challenge of 'saving the world'. It had been one of her lifelong dreams but she was questioning her skills.

    "Do you think we'll be able to really help? What if we can't do it?" Lightning thought for a moment before responding.

    you have to believe in yourself. If you think you can then you can. If you think you can't then you can't.

    "...you got that from one of the books I was reading...didn't you?"

    Maybe.. He chuckled his annoying pichu laugh.

    "But you are right." She gazed into the sky with wonder as she noticed that a few stars had already begun to appear. Dusk had just about arrived. And just as she thought this Lightning tugged on her shirt. He had spotted the school building she was supposed to be going to.

    "Well, this is it." Lightning shook his head in anticipation.

    Let's go! Diamond dashed to the shabby building and thrust open the door.

    ((OOC: Would be better but my parental units are literally kicking me off the computer -.-;))

    EDIT: ((OCC: Fixed a bit :p))
  6. "Heheeeheh" Cody chuckled. Within moments, he had burst into laughter,

    "Did you really just say that?" He gave the boy, Zacky was his name, the strangest look possible. "This isn't Hoenn" he laughed. Being a native to Johto, Cody was usually calm and accepting, but this was just too funny. The Fast Ball in his hand rolled out and clanged onto the floor, releasing a large Pokemon, standing around six foot, a few inches short of Cody.

    The Hibernator Pokemon saw Cody laughing, and looked around. Seeing nothing funny, Mars, the Ursaring, walked slowly across the room, and punted Silver into the air. He caught the tiny Aipom, and placed him on his shoulder, chuckling a bit to himself. Silver smiled, relieved that Kalseng was okay for now, and happy to be on his friend's shoulder.

    "Well anyway," Cody said, bending down and pocketing the Fast Ball. As he stood back up, he spoke again, "I'm Cody. My friend you just helped, he's Kalseng. We met a while back at a Festival in Johto. We tend to run into each other a lot." Cody paused, and pushed some of his hair out of his face, "That Aipom, Silver. The Ursaring, he's Mars. Shouldn't hurt anyone."

    Cody stopped talking, and scanned the old room. "Why are we here? The letter was pretty vauge..." Cody sighed, playing with the wax seal he had torn off.

    (short post is short D:)
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    If Brian was going to help save the world, he was going to look badass doing it. The usual attire of long black pants, black boots, black figerless gloves, and a black T-shirt just wasn't going to cut it this time. Brian replaced the gloves with ones that actually had fingers, and threw on a long sleeved shirt. Over top all that, he wore a long black leather trenchcoat.

    "Behold Axel! My badass longcoat!" Brian cheered showing off his new outfit to his Pokemon.

    "Not bad. It looks better than the cape idea." the golden Infernape complemented. Brian nodded in approval and threw the coat's hood over his spikey black hair.

    As the two freaks made their way to Jubilife City, Brian scanned the letter again one more time. Of all the possible candidates to be chosen to save the world, he was one of them. The government must be desperate. Brian neatly folded the document and put it back in the envelope resealing it. He debated to himself whether or not he should give the letter to Axel to burn or not. Brian had seen enough spy movies to know that important information like this should be destroyed, but he also wanted to frame it when the mission was over with so he could brag about it to his kids when he had some.

    "Here we are." he said walking up to the old school building. It wasn't quite in ruins, but it still need some renovation before being fit for school childen again. The first thing Brian saw when he opened the door was a familiar blond with a familiar Aipom.

    "Cody!" he shouted running up and glomping his friend from behind crossing his arms over the boy's chest. "So you were chosen to eh?" he asked although it came off more as a statement. It seemed they always ran into eachother in the most random places. All the while Axel high fived Silver's tail and began dancing with the other monkey. Brian released Cody having caught notice of someone else familiar on the floor.

    "Kalseng!" Brian called in concern. The 20year old crouched next to Kal who had his head propped up on a backpack. "Hey man, are you ok?"

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