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Causality and Consequence

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Satoren, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. In the dim, shadowy reaches of the past, there was a creature known as the ‘Black Beast’. Possessing powers beyond the comprehension of mankind, its only desire was the total annihilation of all humanity. Fighting a hopeless battle for survival, mankind was pushed to the brink of extinction.

    Just as all hope was about to be lost, six heroes appeared. They taught the last vestiges of humanity how to harness and control the mystic force of the universe known as ‘magic,’ and humans fused it with science, creating what was to become known as ‘Ars Magus.’ The humans who had the ability to use Ars Magus stood beside the six heroes and against the Black Beast. After a series of brutal battles, mankind finally stood victorious. Amongst the survivors, the war came to be known as the First War of Ars Magus, and the six brave warriors went down in history as ‘The Six Heroes.’

    After the defeat of the Black Beast, the people rejoiced. But peace did not last for long. From the remains of the Black Beast, a dark mist began to spread outward. In seemingly no time at all, the black mist covered virtually the entire planet. The mist, which became known as ‘seithr,’ wreaked havoc on mankind, as prolonged exposure had detrimental effects on the human body. In order to limit their exposure to this deadly poison, humans were forced to construct cities above towering mountains. These cities became known as ‘Hierarchical Cities.’

    At the same time, the organization known as the Novus Orbis Librarium was formed for the purpose of managing and controlling the objects known as ‘grimoires,’ which are required to use Ars Magus. Inevitably, the NOL began to leverage the power accorded to them by their control of these grimoires; and most of the world fell under their jurisdiction. With almost half the world’s population decimated by the war against the Black Beast, the remaining survivors began to quickly rebuild their civilization under the watchful eyes of the Novus Orbis Librarium.

    Decades passed since the founding of the Novus Orbis Librarium. Within that time, Ars Magus had become an indispensable part of people’s lives. However, the use of Ars Magus came with a price; the effects of which depended solely upon the person wielding it. The NOL, having gathered all those who showed a high aptitude for using Ars Magus, were soon accused by the general populous of propagating repression and inequality. Before long, a region under the NOL’s control rose in rebellion. Calling themselves the ‘Ikaruga Federation,’ they declared their independence from the NOL. This declaration of autonomy did not sit well with the Novus Orbis Librarium, and the Second War of Ars Magus began.

    For the first time in recorded history, humans used Ars Magus against each other as a weapon in battle. Overwhelmed, the Ikaruga Federation quickly fell. The victory served to reinforce the NOL’s dominance and power over the world. The absolute destruction of the Ikaruga federation served as a stark reminder to anyone who even contemplated defying the will of the Novus Orbis Librarium.

    A few years later, someone dared to defy the Novus Orbis Librarium and rose up to take on the organization whose political and military dominance were seemingly absolute. Even with an army said to rival any nation, the NOL was powerless to stop this one man from destroying the ‘cauldrons’ that lie deep within NOL strongholds. The man in question was called Ragna the Bloodedge.

    It was not long before the NOL declared Ragna the Bloodedge as an ‘SS’ class criminal. With the largest bounty in recorded history put on his head and wanted posters with his face plastered on every available surface, Ragna had become the target of a wide variety of different organizations. The most significant of these were the Librarium’s guards, bounty hunters known as ‘Vigilantes’, and Sector Seven who was known for its advanced scientific research and breakthroughs. In addition to these organizations were other individuals, who either coveted Ragna’s power or sat silently in the shadows, watching. The world was slowly being transformed by the actions of one rebel.

    Kagutsuchi Port AM 10:30
    “With what measures ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."
    The 13th hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-5

    It was a beautiful day. Large, puffy white clouds were rolling lazily across a bright blue sky. The airships that were docked gleamed proudly against the bright sun. A gentle breeze was swaying through the port, bringing with it the smell of fresh air; or at least, as fresh as it could possibly be what with the small traces of seithr flowing through it. At this altitude, people paid it no heed. With seithr being such an important energy source in using Ars Magus, small concentrations of the gas were acceptable, if not preferable.

    The port was bustling with activity that day. A lot of incoming visitors from the other hierarchical cities were swiftly descending the airships. Among them was a young man who, compared to his fellow passengers was moving at a more relaxed pace. A pair of headphones were wrapped around his head and blaring music into his ears at a moderate volume. The headphones were connected via a long cable that disappeared into the large backpack straddled on the boy’s back.

    Blues tilted his head idly from side to side as he arrived at the port. He took a moment to survey his surroundings, especially scrutinizing several of the men who rode in on the airship with him. He was familiar with them, though did not know them personally. Like him, they were Vigilantes. He knew about them from gossip he picked up at the guild not too long ago. It was highly likely that they were in Kagutsuchi for the same reason he was. While Blues was usually open to the logic of ‘two heads being better than one,’ this was one of the many instances where that was inapplicable. Under strict guidelines from their employers, the Novus Orbis Librarium, Vigilantes were refrained from working with one another. Because of this, there were times when pursuing marks got to be...overly competitive. And with the largest prize ever rumoured to be hiding somewhere in the 13th hierarchical city, this was doubtless the most difficult case Blues had to work.

    The young boy rotated a small dial on his headphones, lowering his music’s volume. “Time is running out,” he told himself. “I bet someone’s already starting to pick up the clues towards finding him. Hmmm...” Blues stroked his chin thoughtfully. His golden brown tail waved lightly behind him. His mark was smart enough not to enter the city via airship. The only other way in would be via the railways. The Beastkin meditated on this, attempting to calculate his bounty’s next move. It had been a little over a few days since the news of his sighting surfaced. In that time, he could’ve already been in Kagutsuchi had the city’s NOL division not been alerted prior. In that case, he was still probably somewhere in the city, waiting to make his move.

    “The most crowded and easily accessible part of Kagutsuchi would be the around the lower half of the city,” Blues noted. Like all the other hierarchical cities, Kagutsuchi’s structure and locales were based on a system of social standing. With the NOL offices at the highest point in the city, the wealthy and nobles in the upper half, and finally the normal and middle class congregating at the lower areas of the city.

    “Yeah, the population’s much denser there. If he wants to avoid detection, that’s where he’ll be.” Blues grumbled having arrived at this conclusion. “Which means that if I can’t find a more effective way of finding him, I’m probably gonna be too late.” The young Beastkin sighed. He began considering that he might have been in over his head when he thought he could bring down the most notorious criminal of all time. Had he paid any attention to his bounty record, he might have been a bit more confident; but Blues was usually too modest to do such a thing.

    Blues leaned against a fence, briefly admiring an airship as it slowly dislodged itself from the port. He then turned up the volume of his music player. He could mull things over more easily if he had his music to put him in the mood. Slowly he drifted off into his little world, meditating on what his next action would be.

    Disclaimer: Introduction c/o Blazblue:Continuum Shift, ARC System Works
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  2. "Ethan you better be back home soon! You're only shopping for food, remember? Food!" A woman in her middle ages shouted from the doorway of a nice medium-sized house towards the streets in front of her, stressing the last note so that her son remembered what to do.

    "What? Oh, um, yeah, I will!" Was the response that just barely drifted to her ears as the mother watched her son escape her view once he turned the corner. She sighed, shook her head, and reentered her home, closing the door shut.

    "Now, what was I getting again...oh right, food! Food, food, food. Just gotta remember!" A young boy in his late teens spoke softly under his breath as he walked into the large elevator in front of him. He never thought much of how big it was anymore;Ethan had taken the trip to the lower ends of Kagutsuchi many times. Regardless, it was easily large enough to fit trucks and other sorts of transport inside. All sorts of people bustled inside it, although not nearly as many as would happen in the lower floors. Ethan's hazel eyes scanned the room for anyone he may know, but it seemed he lacked someone to talk to today. As the doors closed, the elevator began to descend. The boy clutched his shoulder strap bag in case anyone around was a thief. It was never too terrible to be careful in crowded places. It wasn't a particularly large bag, around the size of a medium sized purse. Sometimes he tightened the strap so he could wear it at the side of his hips instead of draping it over the shoulder, he found it more convenient. After some time, the doors opened, and Ethan moved with the crowd out of the confines of the elevator.

    The lower floors were, quite obviously not as nice looking as the mid-to upper areas Ethan grew up in. Some things were in disarray, and it was a whole lot more dirtier, but that may have just been his upbringing talking. He didn't mind who or where a person was from, if they were nice, it was good enough for him. Unless they were ugly looking. The boy couldn't handle that. Everything was certainly more crowded too;Ethan was on guard for any thievery that may befall him. He didn't dress too nicely today, he wore a T-Shirt with a pink jacket with light yellow cuffs and outline over it, zipper as far as it could go. Attached to his shoulders were two strips of fabric that were of the same color scheme, which streamed down behind him to the back of his knees. At the ends, they had four pointed edges in the same manner as the secondary directions on a compass. Ethan thought it was better than any old cape. His pants were simple, just plain white with yellow shoes underneath. He didn't mind if they got dirty, he was curious to see how it would look. It usually came out in the wash anyway. His hands touched the choker that stuck on the outside of the jacket's collar. It was simply a dull grey thing that had an even duller heart-shaped gem in the middle. It was an important thing to him, so he would not want to lose it.

    In no time at all, Ethan arrived at the marketplace, and started walking towards one stand, with an elderly looking woman in a hooded orange dress smiling at him. She wore a mask, like all in the Kaka Clan, and had a tail protruding from her back end, graying with age. The Kaka Clan were a group of humanoid cat type things who lived under the 13th Hierarchical City, although some ventured upwards to do many things, like Grankaka. Ethan approached the cat woman with warmth, as they had several friendly exchanges before. The two began to chat as Ethan looked among her wares, scratching his light brown hair to think as to what would be best.
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  3. "Your mission should be easy enough to remember, Captain Williams, your priority is to find and detain the SS class criminal: Ragna the Bloodedge, also known by the alias the Grim Reaper." A voice boomed at Abram through the speaker system on the wall of his quarters aboard a Library airship.

    "Easy enough to remember, not exactly simple to do." The young man scratched the back of his head as he muttered the words, luckily the Colonel didn't seem to catch what he'd said.

    "Your secondary objective is to acquire the location of Major Jin Kisaragi, who we believe may be in the thirteenth hierarchical city, Kagutsuchi. This is not a priority, however, as we have already sent another Lieutenant after the Major, so only accomplish this objective if the odds are favorable; Ragna the Bloodedge is still your most important target." The Colonel said and then added, "Good luck, Captain." And the transmission cut out.

    Abram Williams sighed in relief as the speaker died off, "Why do I get stuck with hunting this guy down? The NOL has enough Vigilantes going after the Grim Reaper as it is." The twenty-six year old complained, looking over at his broad sword, it wasn't anything spectacular to look at, but it had served its purpose many times before.

    As for clothes, the young man was dressed in an official looking white shirt with blue straps crossing in an 'x' across his chest and again across his back. His legs were covered in black slacks and he wore white and blue boots that went about half way up his calf and folded over themselves at the top. Over the shirt was a long coat, also schemed in white and blue. It was a bit of a pain to wear, but it was official Novis Orbis Librarium attire.

    "Captain!" A woman's voice chimed over the speaker system suddenly, causing Abram to jump a bit in surprise.

    "Yes?" He replied calmly, turning the gaze of his violet eyes toward the panel and running a hand through his short black hair; messy spikes shifting beneath his hand.

    "We will be docking at Kagutsuchi Port in about five minutes," She replied, in his head Abram imagined the girl was saluting right now, which only caused him to roll his eyes.

    "Thank you, Lieutenant," Abram said with a nod, only afterward did he realize that she wasn't actually able to see him nodding. "I'll be waiting to depart." He grabbed his broad sword and tied it to his belt and with that he was off into the 13th Hierarchical City.


    Captain Abram Williams watched the airship depart again from the dock; once the ship was out of sight he slouched and took on a much less formal stance. He stretched and cracked a few of his fingers and his neck; then stood up straight once again, he was the face of the NOL while here and he had to act as such. "Sometimes," He mused silently to himself as he set off toward the inner part of the city, "I regret ever going to that damn academy." Then he thought for a second and sighed again, "Though, then I would have become a Vigilante, and it would have been essentially the same life style, I suppose." He shrugged and paused as he reached the end of the dock to one of the city gates, "Where would I best start my search? The NOL branch?" He thought looking up at the top of the mountain, then he turned his head to the left and said, "Or Orient Town, it's always packed there. Easy for someone to blend in there, even someone like the Grim Reaper."

    Having decided on a destination, he set off toward the town gate. He wasn't exactly looking forward to encountering the SS class criminal, but the prospect of testing his skills against the man sent a strange sort of excitement through his veins.

    Orient Town was bustling, as it always was, it never seemed to be quiet there. If Ragna the Bloodedge wasn't in this part of Kagutsuchi, there would at least be some sort of information. At least, that's what Abram was hoping.
  4. "Remember Kara, it's ONLY Ragna you're meant to go after." Gimi whispered in the ear of Kara.
    "Yes Gimi, I know. But once we defeat him, THEN we shall find some others to defeat." Kara whispered back to the shadow curling up from his back, stepping out into the Kagutsuchi port. The shadow was the Giri part of Karagimi, being a part of his body, but not at the same time. Giri was a creature made purely out of seithr, the remnants of the Black Beast itself. When he had been born his father had cast a powerful Ars Magus spell that bound some of the seithr to the flesh on his back, and when he battled that form came into life, taking on the image of a pure black demon. When he told people this they estimated him to be hundreds of years old. In truth, he was only really two hundred and fifty-eight. And two months. The boy had an appearance of eighteen years, dressed entirely in black, black shirt, black pants, black cloak. He had vampiristic tendencies. After he defeated a bounty, he ate that person's soul. He ate every memory, every emotion, every last drop. Then he delivered the husk for his reward. He looked around and saw various other people, most of them likely vigilantes, like him. He thought about Ragna, and about every thing the criminal had experienced, and licked his lips. Once he had caught him, and defeated him, oh what a feast he would have.

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