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Catching up

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by LucarioKing, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Most times people get to a decent higher lvl than most trainers and gym leaders,i'm here to ask,have you ever been behind training/breeding (depends on how you see it)?
  2. Um....yup, when i went against the elite four (About five hours ago) I was WAAAAY out mached, I pretty much needed to rely on all those revives/hyper-potions/palkia/Infernape to get through them :p

    (also, I pretty much plowed through the whole game using only Infernape, Golem, and Roserade)
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    It more or less depends on the part of the game for me. Sometimes, after doing side quests or going down a side route and battling all its trainers, my Pokemon end up being at a matched or higher level than certain Gym leaders. By the time I reach the Elite 4, though, I'm always several levels below them, even after battling every trainer I can find. That's how I like it, though.
  4. nope. i'm always prepared. right now i'm training a little bit so I can face the elite 4 now. :)
    my highest level right now is 59
  5. The entire Sinnoh region for me (except one), unfortunately. I've underestimated the gym leaders in the sinnoh region :'(

    I only beat the first gym leader because I had budew and piplup
    I only beat the second gym leader because I have staravia
    same as for second to third
    the fourth gym leader was easy. Water pokemon? c'mon. I kicked his butt with Luxio and Roselia. XD
    Now I just need to do some stuff and level up a lot so I'm not to weak for ...her I think it was. :3
  6. it was actually pretty simple. the only ones i had any real trouble with were the second and third, because i was just flat-out not prepared. then again, the only reason i had beaten the first one was because i had a new geodude from the mountain-place.
  7. Roarke managed to knock out a good portion of my team with just Cranidos. Granted, bringing a Magikarp to the battle may have been a bad move...

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