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Catch 'Em All: Reasonable or Not?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Kyupper, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. Back in the days of Red and Blue, it was easy to catch 'em all. Just find a friend who had the game you didn't have, and trade to your heart's content. It got more complicated as more versions were added and now D/P have come along, so CAN you catch 'em all? That's something many people try to take on, some accomplish it thanks to Wi-Fi, but is it reasonable if you don't HAVE Wi-Fi? Or is it even reasonable, period, to get Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Ranger, Diamond AND Pearl?
    So, is it reasonable? Or not? What do you think?
  2. [size=8pt]Well, if you think about it, only pokemon fans with a lot of dedication to the game would even fathom of trying to catch 'em all. And because of that dedication, they would most likely have been stuck to the game since the GameBoy Color days.
    So it's very likely that they would have the other pokemon games already, and the ability to migrate them into D/P is an added bonus. Of course, with that bonus and with those pokemon comes the empty data slots for all the pokes in that region. And the National Dex was bound to get bigger from FR/LG.
    So, yeah. As far as purchasing the other games goes, I think that's pretty fair.
    Not too sure about Wi-Fi though, I have it so I'm a bit biast anyway.[/size]
  3. The only Pokedex I've ever completed was my Hoenn Dex in Emerald because I had all Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and two Game Boys.

    Now it's a different story. I don't have two DS's or Pearl so I can't trade with myself. And even if I did I still don't have WiFi yet so completing my Pokedex in Diamond is impossible. That trading requires WiFi and not cables is a huge curse right now. I wish both cables AND wireless worked. If you do have WiFi then catching every Pokemon is very possible.

    Getting all the games isn't totally unreasonable as I have R/S/E, FireRed, LeafGreen, and Diamond. As long as you don't care about getting the games right away. I had to wait a little while to get LeafGreen.
  4. Why would you need cables? You can trade with 2 DSes, just like you could with 2 Game Boys; the only difference is that the DSes do it wirelessly. You don't, however, need WiFi to trade locally.

    Just like in earlier installments, you still need two handhelds and two games to trade; nothing has changed about that. So I don't see where your problem is...?
  5. Reasonable or not? Well, I think they hit a high enough number with, what was it, 493 Pokemon? Anyways, if it was "easy" then the game wouldn't be very fun now would it? I think 493 is just high enough, and I don't think they will be so stupid to got to 600, or even 1000! That would be a nightmare>>.
  6. It is...somehow reasonable, in my opinion, to catch 'em all if you have Wi-Fi, too bad I don't. Grr.
    But they're saying there's going to be TEN GENERATIONS. Do we even need to discuss if it's going to be reasonable THEN?
    Didn't think so.
  7. I doubt there will be ten generations of pokemon, from what it looks like the designers are running out of ideas. There already making you use pokemon from other generations just to catch a new pokemon, also making new evolutions of pokemon from the other generations. I see no 10 generations, maybe a 5th one, if they have any ideas left, besides that, all I see is a gap game for Diamond and Pearl.
  8. Cool. I thought you needed WiFi to do ANY trading. But my problem is I STILL don't have two DSes.[quote author=Carmen Lopez link=topic=3165.msg39989#msg39989 date=1197175629]
    Now it's a different story. I don't have two DS's or Pearl so I can't trade with myself. [/quote]

    So yeah...
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    You mean like how they made new evolutions for old Pokemon in 2nd gen? :p

    Anyways, yeah, what TBA said is basically my thoughts on it. Even with more Pokemon included and online trading, things haven't changed too much. You still need two versions and two people trading back and forth, regardless of how much longer it takes. Even in gen 1 you couldn't have completed your 'Dex without that much. The same can be said about the unobtainable Pokemon, because how many of us actually had legit Mews way back when?

    That said, since 3rd generation fully completing your 'dex depends heavily on which Pokemon games you have access to (ie. you needed FR/LG/Colosseum to collect everything minus the unobtainables). In D/P, if you don't own a majority of the previous games or know someone who does, you can't get them all. Is it reasonable to expect people to buy most of the games? Honestly... if this was any other gaming series, it wouldn't be. Maybe the majority of us do own multiple games from the Advance generation, but that doesn't really make it "reasonable" - it just means we're all obsessed with the series enough to do it. You can't really expect a casual fan of Pokemon to go to the same extent a hardcore fan would.

    Take for example as well that some people ONLY got into Pokemon with the release of D/P (or they got back into it and don't own any of the GBA games). For them without WiFi, there's no way they can complete their PokeDex, and it's not reasonable to expect them to back-track and buy the GBA games.

    But why am I even bothering? We all know the "gotta catch 'em all" slogan was created solely to promote and sell the games. If you're a hardcore fan, you'll find a way to complete your PokeDex one way or another - even if it means buying yourself a second DS. If you're not... you just don't care about it. Even a lot of us who've been involved with the franchise since gen 1 don't bother going to the lengths of capturing every single Pokemon each generation (I know I don't).

    Summed up, yeah, it's reasonable for the people who actually care to "catch 'em all" because, even though time-consuming, it can be done. For casual fans, it's not really as reasonable, but it's not necessary either. Catching all of the Pokemon is like beating the super-powered secret bosses in an RPG... You'll do it if you want it enough, but it's not needed to beat the main game.
  10. I'm one of the few people that completed the National Dex...(without cheating...it pisses me off when people cheat then brag about accomplishing something in a game) yes it took me over 150 hours to get my hands on them all because of that 6 poke'mon a day limit, but I still did it and my opinion is this...

    It is fair because if the people who create the pokemon games make money they can keep on making more games. Therefore the more games you buy in attemp to catch them all...Your earning all the Pokemon for buying the games and playing through them to complete the Dex.

    Plus you can also use friends gameboy advanced games to help you out too...as long as you already know how to catch the Pokemon that shouldn't be trouble at all anyway.

    Finally YOU yourself don't necassarily have to have a WiFi connection...plenty of restaurants have WiFi, and I bet you have friends that wouldn't mind if you used their WiFi

    As you can see it is actually not that impossible or unfair to "Catch Them All" as we like to say it. I did it without cheating and I don't have any of the Gameboy Advanced games. My friends let me use their games as long as I didnt take any of the Pokemon they wanted to keep...if I did want the other Pokemon that they wanted to keep I would just catch another or trade with another Pearl game who already used it to fill up the Dex.

    Now if you really think it isn't fair (it's either because you don't have enough time or you don't have the money)...you should just do what I did because my way costed me no money but it takes awhile so you'll probably get more satisfaction in catching all of them.
  11. It has actually gotten harder to catch all of them. Unless you have a place where you can interact (like 'Charms) with other people or have all the 3rd Gen games and the GC. It isn't impossible, it's just too expensive. My thoughts are all with Katie. All you get for catching all 493 Pokemon is bragging rights. Nothing more. It's reasonable but somewhat hard for someone getting into the series. the Only one most accessible was Celebi, but that's different.

    You'll feel proud to catch all of them, but realize you've probably spent a good portion of time doing this for just a game. They always make it that you have to get both games to get all the Pokemon. Typicalites to promote trading.

    Just my thought.
  12. ...
    It's not reasonable. Not for me, anywayz, because ...
    1. I'm really not bothered.
    2. No-one would be proud of me
    3. I have no friends that are willing to trade anything, so using the GTS would get extremely annoying.
  13. Its difficult but not impossible. I know several people who have every pokemon except for the three unobtainables. It simply takes patience and dedication. And very good friends. I can't do it because I always restart out of boredom but it is still possible. Granted, you need to be a big fan to catch em all.
  14. I think that says more about you than the difficulty level. If anything, the GTS makes it easier to catch 'em all since you don't have to know anyone to trade Pokemon there. You don't even need a second DS or another Pokemon game. You don't even need your own Wi-Fi connector, as long as you don't mind visiting a McDonalds frequently.
  15. On the catch that you've seen the Pokemon already. If you haven't then you are out of luck. It'd be really hard if we could trade with friends. It's reasonable if you have friends to trade wiht. If you don't good luck. The GTS has its ups and downs. The biggest problem is that you have to see the Pokemon before you can ask for it on the GTS.
  16. Catch 'Em All...
    Has got to be one of the most well thought out and effective slogans ever conceived by man.
    Due to this seemingly simple phrase, alot of smiling Japanese game designers are laughing into their sushi!
    I completely agree, i have Pearl and I found it challenging but fun to comlete the Sinnoh dex.
    Then BHAM! It's national time, its hard and its boring. I have wi-fi but trades on they are ridiculous, a wurmple is going to cost you a level 78 Darkrai, 'or I'm not interested!'
    Its become absurd, I have a few advance games, but I have no idea how im going to fairly, obtain the 9 other starters etc.
    I do think this phrase is unfair maybe it should be, "try and catch 'em all, but if your honest you probably never will so give up now, and take on digimon?"
  17. If I recall correctly, "Gotta Catch 'Em All" was their second choice. They wanted to go with "Catch them if you can," or something like that, but it was already copyrighted by something else. M&M Minis, I think. Still, it is a lot catchier (no pun intended).

    Also, Digimon games now feature a similar principle :\ The procedure is different, but the monster collection aspect is still there.
  18. Well, I suppose it's reasonable, but at the same time it's not. Deep eh? Well, it's reasonable, because only the most hardcore Pokemon fans would even bother trying. It's unreasonable, because... just think about it.

    Oh, and by the way, I CAN say I had a legit Mew. Pokemon Stadium FTW!

    Of course, it was on my Yellow... which I lost...
  19. I think it's absolutely unreasonable! I mean, how many people do you KNOW PERSONALLY except for the friend mentioned...do you really want to give the time + effort it takes to really catch them all? SEEING them all is defidently more reasonable...I like how to get the National Dex you have to see instead of catch all of the PKMN from the Sinnoh Dex. It makes more sense and takes less time.
  20. The fact of the matter is if you know your not going to beat the game, if your positive its going to sit in a box on your closet shelf, if your not going to have fun, if you are not going to put in the effort, then just, plain and simple, don't buy any more pokemon games! It really is not that hard to complete the national dex. You dont have to cheat, or use a action replay (which falls under the catorgory of cheating in my mind).

    I have no wifi, and i have almost been able to complete the national dex in ruby. It takes only a few game packs to do so. And if you have friends that will loan you theres for the night, more power to you. The only pokemon i am having trouble obtaining are...

    Feebas (i can't find one! >:()

    about 220 out of the first 251 are obtainable in FR & LG
    What you cant get there you can snag in colloseum and breed down to lower evolutions
    the hoenn bit is obtainable through Ruby & Saphire
    the newest bunch is available on Diamond & Pearl

    If you have a sibling or a friend that won't share with you, that sucks. But it is without a doubt possible to complete the dex.
    ...but you should not be complaining that it is unbeatable or whatever!

    You have to ask yourself, did you buy Diamond/Pearl to cry when you couldnt complete the pokedex, or did you buy it to have a fun time taking on the greatest pokemon challange yet? The final and most important thing to remember is that you cannotbeat the game, you can only compete the little objectives. The game goes on forever, it just doesnt say "Im done, you win" and burst into flames!
  21. i think that it's not reasonable because how are you going to get the event pokemon, i live in england snd we have had only pokemon event thats for mew which was no where near me, you can only get them from the gts which usely are hacked or have crap stats/snatures/levels, or by hacking the event items
  22. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    I couldn't agree with you more on this note... I completed the Gold/Silver Pokedex with the exception of Mew and Celebi...

    I think of it as reasonable... but only becuase it isn't a required aspect of the game. Forcing you to get 30 out of 493 to get a vital item also seems pretty reasonable to me.
    But my question is, in the days of the fourth generation, exactly how are you supposed to get a Celebi without cheating? I haven't even heard of an event anywhere since Pokemon Crystal! (PM me if you know, since I did stray kind of off-topic with that)
  23. It's reasonable for the people who make the games because the people who buy the games in order to catch them all are paying the bills for those who make them. Got it memorized?

    The reason they make so many different versions of Pokemon is so more people will have to buy more games. The creators are absolute geniuses. When red and blue first came out I thought "thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard... why would they make 2 of the same game." And then after a while I realized it... people cant STAND knowing there are things in a game they cant accomplish... so they feel the need to "Catch Em All" by dishing out more money to accomplish a task. And of course... the more versions they come out with... the more will sell. Like Yellow and Crystal and Emerald. Add a few little differences with the ability to catch pokemon from both the original games and bam. Another best seller. Even if people already bought the two versions prior... they find out there may be something different in the new one and there goes more money.

    Pure genius. Alot of game designers could learn a lesson from that.

    Catch 'Em All: Reasonable or Not?
    For the gamers: Maybe not so reasonable...especially if you buy the same game 3 times each time a new storyline comes out.
    For the creators: Very reasonable. Can anyone say "CHA-CHING"?

    I admire the creators. lol
  24. I never thought it was reasonable to begin with.

    I like catching lots of Poke'mon before but after getting back into it I changed my strategy:

    Old: Catching 50 Poke'mon, 49 at Level 11 and 1 (my starter) being at level 100.

    New: Catching 10 Poke'mon tops, all being at level 50-60.

    I like the new way better, I always felt catching all the Poke'mon sounded like a waste of time and not worth it in the end.
  25. Just my opinion but doesn't only having 10 pokemon make the game so boring you want to kill yourself? Cause that's the vibe I get from that. (just saying)
  26. I think its realy unreasonable i remember when i was catching the original 150 but now almost 500 thats just outrageous.
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