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Ask to Join Cataclysm

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by messenger, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Discussion, if you need it: https://pokecharms.com/threads/cataclysm.15803/

    The bunker was crowded, loud, and very stuffy. Damian tried to fan himself with his hand as he rose from the cot he rested on. Too late, he wished for one of his water types to blast him with a water gun. He scooted further into his corner and regretted releasing his pokemon. Well, that's too bad. Now you're stuck in here, possibly for the rest of your life, all because you wanted them to live free of your fate. The negative thoughts repeated themselves over and over again until Damian felt like he would scream if it was possible. Instead, he burrowed deeper into his sorrow and self-pity.

    Elsewhere, Marina slogged through half-burnt stalks of grass by a sooty beach. Her scarf was making it far warmer than normal, but it also kept her from breathing in too much ash or dust. At least your friends are safe. She reminded herself, thinking about the team she had raised, and Damian who she had helped in his journey. In reality, her team was mostly avoiding each other, but she imagined they were executing a plan to find her now. Comforted by her thoughts, she finally found the abandoned store. The trainer stood in front of it as if admiring its architecture, then cautiously went inside, prepared to scare off ghost types who might try to attack.
  2. Sapphire heard the door of the ship he was hiding in open he walked slowly towards the trainer from the shadow he shook of the dust and ash to revel his white coat with made his very much visable
  3. Daniel waved at Damian. He wasn't really sure what to do. He felt sick. Daniel walked over to Damian and said: "hi I'm Daniel! What's your name?"
  4. Maia gazed out over the expanse of what used to be a thriving prairie or meadow that she knew would have been rich with wild Pokémon. Now, the lush grasses and bushes were black and dying from the unfiltered sunlight, some spots bare and cracked. Without any life to support it, the soil, now dust, blew with the wind and ash. She coughed as some of the particles in the air stuck to the walls in her throat. The absence of any life was heartbreaking. She looked back down at the black and dry leaves in her one of her hands, the other holding the rotting husk of a Pinap Berry.

    Suddenly, Maia felt something nudge her hip. She looked down to see Absol watching her with a concerned expression. She smiled softly and dropped the fruit to kneel down and stroke the Pokémon on the head. Absol's expression softened, and he leaned into the touch. "Yeah, I know we should be getting inside," she told her partner quietly. She had found some fruit trees here a few weeks ago and come to harvest, but it looked like that hope had finally died out along with all of the other life in the area.

    They turned away from the ravaged field and began to walk back towards the city, where she had left much of her supplies in an abandoned home. She could fly with Skarmory, but they had found that the higher they flew, the more unbearable the heat and debris became, so they stuck to ground travel if they could.
  5. Alta sighed as she walked around , she was alone , she believed that she was ok but the burnt marks on her arms didn't say she was , she hated the heat , the crash , the grass looked like ash and it could be easily kicked away "i wonder if everyone is ok" she asked and she looked around, her pokemon followed close to her.
  6. *Crack* *Crack*

    Fletchling burst out of its egg, it chirp looking around for its mother. "Mom where, where are you" The poor bird has been abandoned, he let out a small cry as a tear rolled down his face. "MOM!" He screeched sending a flock of Pidgeys flying, standing up he hopped out of the broken shell, only to trip on it and fall onto the ground.
  7. "Umm what was that noise?" Daniel heard a screech and then heard pidgeys flying off. He raised his hand. "This is a trick I learnt," he muttered. Pidgeots swooped past and caught hold of Daniel's sleeve. "Woo!"
  8. Damian looked up with a red face at the random person talking to him. A blond haired person was asking his name, and he simply shrugged in response. He hoped that the person would go away so he didn't have to explain himself through limited hand motions.

    Marina watched the white form warily. If it was some kind of mutated pokemon, she would not hesitate to fight it to secure a home here. She crouched into a fighting stance, and continued eyeing it as she crept further inside.
  9. The small pokémon was tired as he walked up to a tree, he fluttered his wings as he got into a sitting position. *Grrr* the Fletchling snapped his head around only to see a Houndoom stalking close to him, frightened he flapped his wings to fly, only to fail and land on the ground.
  10. The pidgeots let go. Daniel looked at Damian with suspense. "Ok I know you are upset." He said. His shiny chesnaught patted Damian on the back. "I wonder why we are here in this bunker."
  11. Maia and Absol finally arrived at their "shelter," only to find that the door was already cracked open. She put a hand to one of the Pokeballs on her belt, prepared to defend herself. This wasn't exactly her house and she didn't have keys to lock the door, so the wind could very well have simply blown it open, but she could never be too careful. When she opened the door and looked inside, she nearly screamed with rage.

    Furniture was overturned, her duffel bag emptied and the clothes from within it strewn about on the floor. Even the radio (which had only produced static anyway) was smashed into plastic pieces on the ground. Absol growled from beside her and bounded in first, disappearing into one of the other rooms. She moved to the kitchen, hand still on a Pokeball, but whoever had been there seemed to be long gone. The cabinets and refrigerator doors were wide open and most of the food gone.

    Scowling in frustration, she retrieved her duffel and proceeded to stuff what was left of the food into it. Absol returned to the room and shook his head, also finding no good news. They couldn't stay here anymore; someone might come back, possibly whole they were sleeping and defenseless. After salvaging what they could, they exited the house again, squinting against the harsh sunlight before trudging down the bare street again.
  12. The ex-trainer scowled, desperately trying to keep a straight face. Seeing the Chesnaught reminded him much of his lost friend, who had a Chesnaught wandering around in here somewhere. His attempts to look unaffected by the chatty trainer failed. A few tears materialized, which he quickly hid behind his sleeve.
  13. Chesnaught turned and saw a houndoom trying to hurt a fletchling. It used iron tail and smashed it away. It picked up the fletchling and tapped Daniel who was comforting Damian.
  14. Alta walked slowly on the grass and she groaned, she was hot and sweaty "please no more" she said and she fell forward on the grass and she breathed slowly and she groaned " Anyone Around here!" she screamed wanting help.
  15. The Fletchling was shaking in the Chesnaughts arms ,"Fletch?" he let out a small chirp as he looked around. Everything happened so fast, he was scared, the small bird huffed a sit out a small attack out ember.
  16. Daniel turned and stroked the poor fletchling. "It's okay. I've got you now fletchling." He kept patting it so it slept but didn't know if fletchling would sleep.
  17. Bloodstone, scared and afraid rose its body temperature. Its ability flamebody was reacting to his emotion as he chirped in angry "Fletch, Fletchling!" he fluttered his wings visibly upset.
  18. Absol stopped, and Maia turned in confusion. "What is it?" She asked, but her partner had already begun walking in the other direction, looking back at her expectedly. She followed hesitantly, breaking out into a run as Absol began to speed up. After a few seconds, she began to understand his actions; she heard the shouting too. "Who's there?" She called when the scream went quiet.
  19. Sapphire sat down in front of marina he cocked his head sideways intrested about the human he got up and stepped forward calmly
  20. Daniel felt like he wanted to drop the fletchling it was so hot!
    "Hot! Ow! Ohhh no!"
  21. Bloodstone stopped as he heard Daniel scream in pain "Fletch!" (I'm sorry!). The bird pokémon lowered its body temperature, softly flapped his wings to cool the trainer down.
  22. Daniel looked at his hand then the other. Burnt. He started to cry. "Why? Why do we need to be in a bunker? Why can't we save the world?! We have to stay here!" An idea popped into Daniel's head.
    He looked at fletchling and started to talk to it. "We need an escape
  23. "-Ling?" (Why?) Fletchling was looking around and flapped his wings again wishing he could help the burnt human. Then deciding he needed to help the boy the Fletchling nodded
  24. Damian stood to help with the defensive bird, but relaxed when he heard his apologetic cry. His friend's Chesnaught was seen for a moment in the dense rush around them, but a blink later was no longer there. It was undoubtedly searching for anyone familiar, so Damian slipped away from the preoccupied trainer and went after his friend's partner.

    The cool demeanor of a predator. That was the first thought Marina had when she saw Sapphire approaching. She gritted her teeth and started circling him. "He won't be able to hurt you too badly, at worst he'll bite your arm before you drive him off. Not as bad as a ghost type." The previous pokemon champion reassured herself.
  25. Daniel nodded back and looked at Damian. "Wanna help us? You seem like you are a good trainer!" He said to Damian. Then he. Noticed Damian and chesnaught weren't there
  26. The Fletchling tilted its head "Fletchling..?" confused he shook his head and chirped up to the trainer.
  27. Sapphire sat down in front of her like a dog and he watched marina circle him he get himself comfortable and lied down
  28. Wallace lay still in the small opening of a cave, He watched as the burnt, missing, or crooked fields of grass being swayed by the wind. It would be beautiful, if it wasnt real. Wallace thought to himself for a few more minutes, he skittered towards the cave entrance, something new appeared on the horizon though. A round metal structure seemed to be settled near a sandy area, not much water around it, though. "And so the world was devoid of the used-to-be abundances of pokemon.." He said, somewhat as if he was singing. "What is that though?..." He stopped hesitating, and climbed out of the cave, and felt the strong wind blow against the antennae on his head as he was exposed to the elements. He quickly scampered across the field, but the building didnt seem to get any closer.
  29. Erik arose from his sleeping place in the trees. He jumped out and looked around saying, "Sceptile, we are not in Alola anymore."
  30. "What the heck? Was this pokemon owned or something?" She asked herself, pausing to frown at Sapphire like he was a freak of nature. For all she knew, he probably was.

    Damian struggled through the wall of people in his way. Every so often he could see a grassy arm or spine from the Chesnaught's shell, but he wasn't gaining too fast. The boy doubled his efforts to push through and eventually caught up to the grass/fighting type.
  31. Erik called, "Go Charizard and use Fly to go to Melemele Island!" Erik jumped onto Charizard and flew to his house on Melemele Island from Ula'ula Island. The flight took a few minutes so Erik called out Raichu. Erik told Raichu about what he had seen. Raichu looked frightened. Raichu then looked and saw Melemele. Erik called Raichu back, and after landing he called Charizard back. He looked around and saw all the destruction. He saw his house melted and even then he saw a skeleton, the skeleton of his mom. He yelled, "Nooooo!" as a bright surge of purple Aura exerted itself from Erik, making the destruction worse. He called Charizard out and told him to fly him to Ula'ula to look for survivors.
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  32. Wallace soon reached the metal building, he circled around until he finally found something that looked like a door. What if someone opened it and saw me? He hesitated, and then scratched on the door, wondering if anyone would respond. He backed up for a moment, and looked at how weirdly the structure was built, compared to everything else.
  33. The Chesnaught's head turned towards the door, having heard slight scratching noises. He grabbed Damian and pulled him over, motioning to him to open it. Only then did the human understand and opened the door. Damian caught a glimpse of a Wimpod marvelling at the structure and swiftly shut it again, sorry that he had disturbed the fearful creature. What do you want to show me now, Carius? He wondered at the Chesnaught's motives, and it seemed to know what his thoughts were, since it commenced to bring him somewhere else.
  34. Sapphire walked to marina and rubbed his head to her chest he smiled "um-breon" he said to her which meant "you look nice"
  35. "This thing had to have a trainer once." Marina tried to rationalize the Umbreon's behavior while pushing him backwards. "Yeah. He had a rare pokemon collector as his trainer, but now his trainer's dead. That's got to be it, or at least close." She sighed and looked around at the dirty shelves of the store. "Tell you what, Umbreon. You watch my back while I get us some food, okay?" She offered a deal to the unusual creature.
  36. Sapphire nodded at marina and smiled playfully he watched the door for anything and got ready to defend marina at all costs. He then looked at her and realised he said he had a trainer he shook his head as if to say no "I didn't" he said smiling
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  37. Maia didn't hear a response, and lost the source of the voice. Absol seemed lost too, looking up at her apologetically. She bowed her head in a silent prayer for the distressed soul, hoping that whoever it was wasn't dead. There was nothing she could do though; she wasn't a native or very familiar with this area, and she couldn't spend her energy looking for someone or something that might not be there. She looked around and cursed. In her haste, she hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings, and now wasn't sure where she was.

    Getting an idea, she let two of her trusted Pokémon out of their Pokéballs: Froslass and Skarmory. She could admit that the former was an odd decision and looked fairly unhappy at being called upon, but Manectric's illness was getting worse, and Maia didn't want to risk his life. Mienshao had been temperamental lately, so she wasn't sure how well the Fighting-type could be trusted. "Could you two split up and look for familiar ground?" She asked. Skarmory cawed in agreement and took to the sky, slowed down slightly by the heat, and Froslass left with some hesitation.
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  38. (Sorry didn't get a Alert)
    Alya stood up and she groaned " HELLO!" she cried looking around as she pouted and she walked slowly thru the grass and she frowned " Ow it burns" she said and she looked at her arm. She let out her Ninetales and she laid on his back and she groaned and she whimpered getting off him and she sighed " Hello i'm over here" she said crying out. Alya walked slowly thru the heat, she hated it.
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  39. A bush russeled, a spout of water shot from another pokémon "Brrroon",He walked over the now soaked bush and found the Ninetales and his trainer.
  40. Skarmory heard the call and flew in that direction, spotting a couple of shapes on the ground. He screeched and circled above them a few times before landing in front of them, kicking up dust and ash.

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