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Private/Closed Case Files: Vanishing Trainers

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tribunal Power, Dec 14, 2016.


    Estival Avenue
    Lumiose City​
    1820 Hours​

    Being a stranger in a foreign land would never be easy, and Hunter knew it. It was something he supposed he would have to get used to, if he meant to be an effective investigator for the International Police. It was his job to be the stranger, the outlander, the one who makes the local police feel like the big guns have arrived; he supposed it would get easier with time. The days of being those local police, always aware that there are bigger forces than you, were still too recent. The forces didn't get any bigger than the International Police-- the thought was rather sobering.

    His afternoon was spent aboard a comfortable travel liner, inbound from his previous rec cycle in Johto. It was good to go home, see some old friends, hug mom, and get sloshed at the casino. He even had a battle with his old department buddies; it was good to know he still had the touch, and it helped to keep his Pokemon in shape. His time on the liner gave him ample opportunity to review the case file to which he had been assigned-- or it would have, if there had been any notes.

    That isn't to say the previous investigations by the local blues were shoddy; it didn't appear that way at all. But the case file he'd received contained only two pages of reports, a few photographs, and a whole lot of the word "UNKNOWN" all over it. It was rather daunting, actually, how little information there was in the case. The only concrete facts available were the bios of the trainers that vanished, the only link between them being the sudden and complete nature of their disappearance, and the fact that each of them was a promising trainer in his or her region.

    The sixth trainer, and the first in Kalos, had vanished from Lumiose City less than twenty-four hours ago. He had intended to meet with two of his cohorts at the Pokemon Center on Estival Avenue to prepare for a confrontation with the local gym leader, Clemont. When the trainer never showed, his friends became concerned and contacted police. Tracing back the trainer's steps turned up something of a suspected crime scene, and the LCPD had kept the scene secure awaiting the arrival of the International Police.

    He figured he'd start with the Pokemon Center; the two witnesses, two young men, both trainers, had agreed to meet him there.

    On the way, he pondered what kind of crime scene could be present for something like a disappearance. Perhaps there were signs of some sort of struggle, something to indicate foul play. That would admittedly be more than any of the other disappearances, so he supposed it could be a break, but even then it wasn't much.

    For Hunter, detective work had always been easy. You follow the lead until it takes a dump, then you follow the next lead. But on this case, each lead felt like a stretch and there was hardly any evidence to claw at. Hunter could appreciate the challenge, but it also carried some weight on his reputation, which made him anxious.

    He knew he was going to need help on this one.

    The doors to the Pokemon Center slid open before him, and he stepped inside. The center lobby was somewhat busy, with an assortment of people sitting at the tables and on the benches in the waiting area, and a steady line of others at the reception desk. The steady hum of the Pokemon revitalizer sounded comforting to his trainer instincts. To his left, he saw two individuals matching the witness description stand, and approached. There were a few uniform policemen there, too; they probably escorted the witnesses. It was good to have some uni help.

    Hunter put on his best, most personable and comforting smile as he approached the witnesses.
  2. Blake hasn't lived in Kalos for long and already he was a witness for another disappearance. He used to live in Unova, but then one day both his parents disappeared. His parents were both cops, and they were investigating for a disappearance, when they disappeared themselves. He then moved to Kalos to try to find something to do with his life. Now he was in the Pokemon Center after being a witness for a disappearance. He was waiting with the other witness when Hunter Parks walked in. Blake didn't know exactly what was going on, but he knew on thing. He wanted to help.
  3. Raymond stood next to Blake tapping his foot while he waited for the detective to show up. It had been almost a full day since their friend disappeared. For being one of the two witnesses, Raymond felt forced to discuss what happened with this investigatior they were supposed to be meeting.

    What annoyed Raymond is that he had just gotten a master's degree in criminal justice only a few weeks ago. However, he still wasn't able to investigate this situation to his full ability yet. Maybe after he spoke with the detective he would able to get to work on figuring out what happened to his friend.

    As he took a sip of his coffee, Raymond looked forward to see an older man in a black trench coat walk up to them. 'This guy has to be the detective.' Raymond thought to himself as he looked at the man.
  4. Stan was walking to the spot of the disappearance. He was getting ready for any possibility. Stan being in many big cases before was getting ready to be the leader. He walked down the street and walked under the yellow police tape. "So what position am I in?" Stan asked his chief. "Oh we hired a detective, you don't really need you that much." The Chief said said. Stan was very surprised, and angry for not being asked to help. "Well I can just hold up the crime scene." Stan said. "And maybe find out who did this." The chief nodded his head. Stan sat down in a nearby chair waiting for something to happen.
  5. "Hello there," Hunter said, extending his hand to the two young men. "I'm Detective Parks, with the International Police. You two must be my two witnesses. I appreciate you meeting me here." He motioned toward the seat, offering it to them as though he were hosting a dinner party rather than a stranger at a Pokemon Center. "Please, have a seat, be comfortable. Run me through the events as you remember them, step by step, before your friend Carmen went missing-- one at a time, if you wouldn't mind. Any detail you remember might be helpful."

    Hunter took a seat alongside them, pulling up a screen on his Pokegear that allowed him to take notes, he prepared his stylus to scribble down shorthand and mark details that he thought might be relevant to the investigation. Witnesses often didn't understand the significance of minor elements in their story, things which may seem unrelated but in truth prove invaluable to the investigator; it was always prudent to keep a record of the minutia, so that he could go back later and put it all together.
  6. "Well," Blake replied. "It all happened last night. I didn't actually know Carman before this. I was waling to try to clear my mind, when I saw them walk out of a building and into an alley. I thought it was suspicious so I decided to follow them. But when I walked into the alley they started running. I ran to try to keep up with them but I couldn't. Eventually, I completely lost them. It's not much, but it's all I know. But what really confuses me is that was the same way my parents disappeared. I used to live in Unova, but one night I was walking with my parents, when they just started running. That was the last time I ever saw them."
  7. Raymond took a seat as Blake told his side of the story. 'So alley and at night.' Raymond thought to himself taking some mental notes.

    After Blake was done, Raymond started to say his part of the story. "Nice to meet you Detective Parks. I've heard many great things about you from some of my professors and colleagues." Raymond said as he made eye contact with Hunter. "Anyways, onto my part in this. First, let me tell you a little about Carmen and who he was as a person." he stated.

    "Carmen had been a roommate of mine for about a year. He was very egotistical and claimed how his goals of becoming this so-called best trainer in the world was more important than anything else. A few weeks ago, after we all graduated... yes, I said "we" as in a group of us decided we'll meet up in Lumiose to hang out as well as watch Carmen take on the gym. Well yesterday, before he disappeared, Carmen got into a fight with some of the others and stormed off claiming that we shouldn't doubt his capability of being an elite trainer. And that was yesterday afternoon, the last time we saw him." Raymond stated as he took a few more sips of his coffee to clear his throat.
  8. Hunter watched Blake as he spoke. His face gave away his earnest, and Hunter got the feeling he believed the disappearance was connected to whatever happened to his parents. "I see," he said, scribbling down a few notes. "Did they speak at all, or were they quiet? Were they running with urgency-- sprinting?"

    Then it was Raymond's turn. The young man greeted him, and Hunter nodded obligingly; he couldn't help but wonder who these professors were that knew his name, as he never got the impression that he was well-known outside the law enforcement community. Maybe they used to be coppers? He made a note to ask later. Raymond talked about who Carmen was as a person, and Hunter took particular note; personality traits often came in handy later when trying to piece together a subject's relationships and connections. The fight required special note, and he jotted down some key points on the matter.

    "Thank you, both of you," he said, tapping his stylus to the screen of his Pokegear idly. "If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to take a look at the scene-- this alley you mentioned. The local police have been kind enough to preserve it for me. I'd like the two of you to accompany me, in case anything comes up that you might be able to provide insight on."

    Presuming the two agreed, Hunter would thank the policemen that stood there with them and turn to depart the Pokemon Center.

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