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Card Games in Pokeballs

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Brendan Savem, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Motorcycles not included

    So, a lot of us here are into the video games, but who are also interested in the trading card game as well? I remember being part of the craze back when Red/Blue first came out, even though I had no idea what I was doing. After a few years though, I passed my small collection on and moved on. I didn't think I'd pick up the cards again, until I gave it a try again borrowing a friend's deck. Ended up getting hooked and going on a mad shopping spree.

    Photo on 13-03-2015 at 19.39.jpg
    I think my wallet is dead >>

    Anyway, what are your experiences with with the trading card game? What are your favourite cards and why?
  2. I've played the cards more than the videogames in the past few years. Things I've learned....

    - There's no better way of ruining friendship than thrashing a friend at pokemon cards
    - It's a really expensive hobby
    - D20s are the best form of damage counters, however cats will steal them, making D20 buying a regular occurrence
    - If you're a pokémon short in a deck that runs double colourless, then Mewtwo EX is always a good choice
    - Fairy decks can be absolute monsters
    - Never gift a friend a seemingly useless card, it will always bite you in the ass later
    - Same as above but with really good cards that you have a few of (tool scrappers, double colourless etc)
    - It's far too easy to stay up til 4am playing pokémon cards.
    - Yveltal EX is one of the most devastating cards and one that completely changed the game
    - Winning a game by coin flip never feels like a real victory
    - Personally, any deck that can, I WILL run 4x Double Colourless
    - There will be too many games that are determined by whomever wins the coin toss.
    - VS seeker and Lysandre's trump card work in tandem to make your deck infinite. Ensure you have at least 1 of each per deck, and if you do run more than 1 lysandre's trump card you must run battle compressor
    - If you have battle compressor the first task is to discard lysandre's trump card.
    - Anything that turns your opponent's energy against them is a useful thing e.g. powerful storm, energy crush

    Favourite cards

    - Suicune (safeguard)
    - Virizion EX
    - Team Plasma Absol
    - Deoxys EX
    - Vivillon
    - Primal Clash Spinda.
    - Primal Clash Beedrill
    - Keldeo EX
    - Aromatisse
    - Furious Fists Sylveon
    - M Gardevoir Ex
    - Vs Seeker
    - Lysandre's trump card
    - Scoop Up Cyclone
    - Rock Guard
    - Korrina
    - Muscle Band
    - Fresh Water Set
    - Shrine of Memories

    Just to name a few off the top of my head. Currently I have 6 different decks on the go and i've got 3 more under reconstruction... Not that I spend too much time thinking about pokémon cards or anything...

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