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Ask to Join Captured by the Evil Team! (part 2: new RPers weclome)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Brecker, Dec 24, 2018.

  1. Otis saw the grunt go unconscious. “Oops,” was all she could say as a Pinsir aimed a X-Scissor on Spirit. She wasn’t able to dodge and got hit by the X-Scissor, and the move was Super Effective on her. Spirit shot an angered glare at the Pinsir, and summoned more leaves around her. She sent the Leaf Storm at the Pinsir, and then Otis saw a figure in the distance. She soon reconized it as one of the people who had attacked them earlier with his Dusknoir. “Hey! What are you doing here?” Otis called out to him.
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  2. Tyrantrum roared as the gleam made him go back. Azumi cried in pain as she grabbed her side. The pain was getting worse. She left Jodi and ran towards the burned chopper. "Crunch!" Azumi called out. Edward shook his head and rushed toward the Alakazam.
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  3. The Pinsir held its ground and endured the Leaf Storm, being a not-very-effective move.
    "Now, let's finish this: Close Combat!" the grunt shouted, and the Pinsir charged at Spirit with reckless animosity...

    "Use Protect!" the other grunt instructed her Alakazam; the pokemon was about to deflect Edward's crunch when Ray finally arrived on the scene, sending out Dusknoir.
    "Dusknoir, Imprison!" the ghost-type pokemon cast a strange seal on the Alakazam preventing it from using the move. Edward's Crunch collided with the pokemon full-force, knocking it out.

    "Don't worry - I'm here to help" he responded to Otis. He sent out his other pokemon: an innocuous looking Corsola
    "Corsola, use reflect on us and our allies to soften enemy attacks!"
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  4. Spirit fell down as she was pummeled by the Close Combat the Pinsir had given her. The Reflect a Corsola had summoned helped soften the blow. She then tackled the Pinsir, using Return on it. The move would be powerful, since Otis had such a strong bond with Spirit. Otis looked towards Ray, smiling a bit. “Thanks,” She said as Spirit was aiming blows at the Pinsir with her tail.
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  5. Azumi reached the burning helicopter. She looked back at Edward who was standing over his opponent roaring to the skies proclaiming his victory. She looked at the mess before her and looked around. She saw the pokeballs the gunts had held hostage. She picked them up and placed them in her pockets.
    The fire began to increase. She noticed more pokeballs on the ground. There were some great balls and an ultra ball. She picked up also some potions and full heals laying around. She begand to walk back, her pain increasing with each step. Edward went to his trainer, she kissed him on the nose and returned him to his pokeball.
    "I have something to do, you guys deal with the last grunt." She called out to Otis.
    Azumi walked slowly towards the destroyed dome.
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  6. "Did you hear something?" Tori asked, while a slight gasp came from Kaiser.

    "I think that was from the bathroom!" Serah cried, as she rushed to the bathroom with Tyler in her arms!

    The door was quickly opened, as Tyler gulped a split second later. A frog-like Pokémon lied face first on the floor, as Tyler gave out a light cry of concern towards the bubble frog Pokémon.

    "F- fro... F- Fro... Froakie," The little frog Pokémon faintly responded several seconds later.

    "U- umm... are you okay there?" Serah quietly asked the bubble frog Pokémon, as she slowly placed Tyler down on her right side. She slowly lifted the frog for a brief moment. A few feeble squirms, kicks and punches were soon given from the frog's response to the sudden grip on its chest!

    "Ow ow! Stop, stop it! I'm trying to see what's wrong! I guess it's probably better to put you down since you're quite burned out!" Serah cried, before she gently placed down the bubble frog Pokémon onto a clean, unfolded towel that Tyler quickly lied out on the mauve pink, vinyl tiles.

    "This frog Pokémon appears to be in bad shape. Its vitals are likely going to keep gradually decreasing with those burns, but I think there might be more to treat in those old bandages. I think it's better for us to treat him right now. I'll go over the operation when we're ready," Tyler quickly wrote, as he showed the clipboard to Serah the moment he was finished about a minute later.

    "I guess we better get started then. Get your gloves first bud," Serah stated, as Tyler rolled his eyes for a brief moment.

    Tyler carefully wore on the small pair of infant-friendly, snow white, cloth fiber gloves with the assistance of his trainer. He took swift notice of the sky blue, latex gloves that his trainer wore on seconds later. The door was closed shut, as Tori thought, "I guess I'll just wait here and watch some television with the other two then. Hopefully that boat will be finished soon."

    "Okay, at least this pair is a bit better than the last one. It looks like we'll have to get his vitals back up to a better spot. Then, we'll start treating and disinfecting all the affected areas. Do what we can see first, then remove the bandages and treat those if needed. I believe my device that I would always use for other Pokémon can also work as that sounding thing if I'm correct, just in case I guess. I'll try to do what I can, since having tiny hands with three fingers is making it hard enough for me to neatly write in such a short time," Tyler penned in his lengthy response within a brief moment. The entire page appeared to be filled to the brim with text upon closer inspection. The page was quickly taken off from the clipboard's front side. The paper was moved to the backside, where a new page awaited any sort of color to be jotted upon.

    "I think that green stuff inside that pointy thing I hate is the one that like helps you get better in case if you're about to well... yeah that. I'd carefully do it in the frog's right arm since it looks like it might have passed out already," Tyler drafted, as Serah quickly took out a small, sterile syringe fully filled with a dormant, green liquid.

    "Just don't like get that thing anywhere near me!" Tyler thought, as the baby Pokémon suddenly recoiled from the sight of the needle! The small, metallic shaft twinkled off a light glimmer of fluorescent light across the room.

    "If you're still up, just try to relax. I'll try to get this done as quickly as possible with lil' Tyler," Serah calmly stated to the bubble frog Pokémon once the safety cap was removed. The syringe slowly approached towards its final destination.
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  7. "Man,these grunts are such a pain in the back....."Michael thought."Now,you wanna get in on the fun?"He asked his pokemon. They really,really wanted to fight so Michael said:"Blaziken,use Fire Blitz on the Pinsir!Sneasel,you use Double Team and then hang on to Blaziken,and them use Metal Claw on Pinsir too!"Blaziken jumped into the air,with 10 Sneasel hanging on to her,on different sides.She used Flare Blitz,while rotating and they used Metal Claw,which combined into a flaming metal drill,which was a critical hit."Not a good day for Pinsir!"Michael thought.He then saw Azumi go with some pokeballs towards the dome."*gasps*Called it!I knew we were gonna catch it!"He said."Hey,wait for me!!"Michael called out to her.
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  8. Azumi ignored Michael and walked back to the dome. She walked over the rumble looking for any sings of the statue Pokemon. She walked over the run down roof and what was left of the walls.
    While climbing around the scrumble, her foot slept and she fell to the floor. Azumi cried out in pain, she sat up and began to breathe hard. Suddenly, the rumble before her began to move and out emerged the Golurk.
    He stood in front of Azumi, looking down to her. She cleared her voice and said to the giant "Hey big guy. I'm sorry we disturbed you. There is a Pokemon that you were probably guarding right" Azumi struggled to her feet and looked up at the guardian. "You see some bad people are after it. I think we can help, but I'm going to need you for that." She took the one ultra ball from her coat and pointed at the Golurk, "If you want to return back here after all of this is over. I will bring you back, I promise." Azumi held back a tear from the pain emerging from her ribs.
    The Golurk let out a small roar and knelt on one knee, facing Azumi. She smiled and gently threw the pokeball. There was no struggle and the Golurk was captured. Azumi went down to pick up the ultraball. She placed it in her hands and laid down, the pain was too much. "Thank you." She smiled at the ultra ball in her hands.
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  9. "OMG!THAT WAS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Michael yelled at Azumi."Oooh,can you give me this?"Michael pointed to a Great Ball that Azumi was holding."Okay, thanks!"He said as he took it from her hands.He ran over to Sneasel, which was just relaxing from the attack."Hey,guess what I have!"Michael told her."Sneas?"She asked him."That's right,I'm gonna catch you!""Sneas!"she said exited."Go Great Ball!"He yelled as he gently tapped the Great Ball to Sneasel's head.It didn't took even ten seconds before the Great Ball sparkled."Yes,finally I caught Sneasel!Now come out!"He yelled with joy."Sneas!"She said as she hugged him."Awww,you're the best!"He said as he hugged her back.
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  10. Azumi came back on her feet. She made her way back to Otis. She handed her the potions and healing items she had found along with the remaining great balls. "Here, you might need these." She also reached in her coat and took out a Pokeball with Otis name and trainer ID. "I'm sorry they only brought one of our pokemon. The rest must be at their hideout." Azumi handed the pokeball to Otis, then Jodi and finally Michael.
    She walked over to one of the grunts and told him "I need you to take us back to your hideout and return our remaining Pokemon." She then turned to Ray, "I really appreciate your help. I do apologize for before."
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  11. "No, I'm the one who attacked you out of the blue - I'm the one who should be apologizing" Ray responded to Azumi. "I thought you were working Tempest at first, but I see now that the situation is more complicated..."

    The grunt who Azumi questioned let out a few painful coughs before answering:
    "Ha! I don't know if you've noticed, but that beast of yours has reduced our vehicle to scrap metal!" He motioned towards the burning helicopter. "But even if we COULD take you there... You really think you can just infiltrate our base that easily? Now that you've established yourselves as our enemies, it won't be as hospitable there as it was when you first woke up. In fact, it's only a matter of time before you're hunted down..." He rose shakily to his feet and recalled his fainted Pinsir, which Otis and Micheal had thoroughly defeated. "As for us... I think we'll head to Lumiose City" the grunt chuckled maliciously as he and the others began limping off. "Pay it a visit sometime; it's quite different than how you remember it..."
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  12. Azumi shot a glare at the grunts. "There's no point in keeping them." She sat down to rest from the pain on her side. She took out a pokeball that had her name and ID. "Welcome back Lucho." She smiled at it. The pokeball had her hawlucha. She looked around to make sure everyone was okay and then turned to Ray again. "Listen, we need to head into the city. Could we ask you the favor of giving us a ride?"
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  13. Otis grabbed the Pokeball that Azumi handed to her, and she smiled. She quickly threw it in the air, and a bright red light came from the spinning ball. A Tranquill appeared, and Otis ran over and hugged it tightly. “I’ve missed you so much!” Otis cried as some tears came out of her eyes. Her Tranquill smiled, and hugged her back. “Welcome back to the team, Joey!” She pet Joey on the head, and her Tranquill then saw Spirit. “Tranquilllll?” He chirped in a confused tone at Spirit, and the young Serperior replied with a “Serppppperior!”
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  14. "Yes!"Michael yelled.He threw the ball high up in the air and said"Diggersby,rise and shine!"Out of the Poke Ball came out a giant white rabbit-looking pokemon. When he landed,the ground crumbled a little.It was Michael's shiny Diggersby. It was really big,just as tall as his Blaziken. "Diggersby!!!!!!!!!!!!*talking really fast*OMGOMGOMGYou'refinallyherewithmeOMGOMGOMGOMGImissedyousooooooooooooooomuch!!!!!!"He screamed as he jumped into his arms(better said ears)with tears in his eyes."*gasps*Oh.My.God.You have to meet someone!"He said as he ran over to his other pokemon."Look,look,Combusken evolved into a Blaziken!You're not the tallest anymore!Man,I can't believe you're just as tall as Blaziken!Anyway,we've got a new comrade!"He said while pointing to Sneasel."Diggersby,meet Sneasel!Sneasel,meet Diggersby!".Sneasel wanted just to say hi,but Diggersby hugged her really hard."Digger!""Sneas!"...Michael was smiling,but then he frowned"Now,The only one left is Pyroar..."Everyone went quiet until"Let's rescue him!"He said confident,while his pokemon cheered.
    "Oh!If you don't want Diggersby sitting on your face,you're gonna get us were we want!"He told the grunt with a smile."And boy,he's heavy!I should know 'cause he accidentally fell on me...."
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  15. Ray smiled as everyone was reunited with their pokemon.
    "I see..." he thought. "So it was some kind of ransom situation..."

    He responded to Azumi's enquiry:
    "I don't know if you've seen Lumiose lately, but it's something of a fortress... It'd be suicide to try and go there!" He paused for a moment to consider the situation. "I mean, that doesn't mean I won't do it... But maybe we should stop in Coumarine City first? We can heal our pokemon and recuperate before charging straight into the belly of the beast... "
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  16. “I hope that boat takes us far from this place. I would like to stay with you two if I can. I honestly feel a little lonely right now,” Satai said to Tori in telepathy, as he continued to watch the news on the television.

    “I just hope the boat will be ready soon. I’ll be happy to have you come along with us if you wish,” Tori responded, as Satai’s core twinkled a dim, red light towards the girl. Kaiser rolled his eyes for a brief moment, as he fidgeted with the pins on his uniform soon after.

    “I guess we didn’t need the sleepy stuff,” Tyler wrote on his clipboard once the syringe was empty a few seconds later.

    “Yeah, but we still might need to get this done as fast as possible,” Serah replied, before she took out two small bottles of a small, medicinal, light green paste. She placed the used, empty syringe back in the bag once the safety cap was back on.

    “Okay, just remember to treat those empty and pointy things as used and not cleaned yet. I think we’ll have to use the small jar of that other green stuff to help the burns heal and cool since pouring water on the frog would likely put it in shock,” Tyler penned, as he watched his trainer applying the paste on the burned areas once the jar was quickly opened.

    “Use the orange bottle if you can, since I can’t really like get past those babyproof things and all that other nonsense,” Tyler added the moment he hastily wrote on his clipboard soon after. The baby Pokémon watched his trainer close the jar. The tiny container was deposited back into the bag. A moderately sized, orange, spray-type bottle was carefully gripped. The medicine was liberally sprayed onto the paste, as the two started to promote better healing and cooling of the heat soon after in utmost unison.
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  17. "B-Belly of the beast?"Michael said as his stomach started to rumble."Ughhh,I wish I was a Slurpuff so I would be able to seek food. Ughhhh..."Michael started to shake a little.He fell to the ground."Hey Ray,would you happen to have some berries?"He started to shake again."Hey,D-Diggersby,can ya please carry me??""Digger!"He said while picking him up."O-Oh,Otis,before you say anything...this happens all the time when I haven't eaten breakfast..."
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  18. Azumi struggled to her feet and directed herself to Ray. "That would be great. Thank you. I'm Azumi by the way. " She stretched her hand out to the stranger.
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  19. "Oh yeah,introductions..."Michael said."I'm Michael and these are...well,you can kinda see who they are...""Blaze!""Sneas!""Digger!"His pokemon greeted him.
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  20. "Oh, that's right - I'm Ray!" He shook Azumi's outstretched hand and introduced himself to Micheal and Otis as well. "Sorry Micheal, but I don't have any food with me... So let's head to Coumarine City and get some." Ray walked over to his dune buggy and invited everyone else onboard.

    * * *

    In 30 mintues or so the group arrived at Coumarine to find that security was much stricter than usual in response to Tempest's invasion of the neighbouring city, Lumiose. Coumarine's gates were locked and patrolled by several police officers, and convincing them to let a group of sand-covered, sleep-deprived, battered-up people in a dune buggy into the city was no small feat; but the group managed to fabricate a believable explanation for their condition (they could not reveal their involvement with Tempest - for it would be incriminating, as unwilling as it was) and they were admitted into the city.

    "Alright, I say we head to the pokemon centre" said Ray. "I think we could all do with some rest. And some showers..."
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  21. "And FOOD!!!!!!"Michael screamed."The last one there's a Tempest grunt!"He ran off to the right,than to the left,then came back and asked:"Were's the PokeCentre?"
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  22. Azumi looked far into the horizon as her mind wondered with the ongoing situation. She needed to get her Pokemon back, but in her condition she wasn't going to last long in a battle against the evil team. She sighed at said out loud, "I think we should request help from the local authorities. They have a lot more man power then we do."
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  23. "Yeah.we'll be like:"Hey Officer Jenny,we wanted your help,'cause an evil organization is after us!Oh,did we mention that we agreed to help them?""Michael said sarcastically."What would be really handy is more persons.Oh,but we left Anwar,Kaida and Sam all by themselves in the wastelands!Oh,and who said that we should get them?ME!!!Ugh,what we need now,is: some rest,our Pokemon all healed up,and potentially a cover story,so that Tempest won't kill our Pokemon."
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  24. Azumi thought about what Michael said. He was right in some parts. Azumi sighed and looked to the rest of the party, "We do need to heal up. I guess we could stay at my house, it's not far from here and you guys could phone your family. I live at the mansion just on the edge of Azure Bay." She pointed towards the north, "We have more then enough supplies to help us out and I've known the servents since I was a child, so we can trust word won't spred of or problem with those grunts. So what do you guys think?"
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  25. “Serah, you gotta come see this! There’s like some big stuff going on right now!” Tori cried out, as Tyler and his trainer continued to quickly and carefully work on the urgent treatment of the Froakie.

    “I’d love to, but I mean I’m kinda a little busy patching up a little frog right now! Just tell me everything after we’re done,” Serah replied, before she started to bandage up the mended areas.

    “Hello everyone! This is Clara Anderson reporting live for today in Kalos Present! Right now, what you are witnessing is a heated fight between what appears to look like some sort of little blue crocodile Pokémon in a suit against several Pinsir! Police have been called to the scene a minute ago, as trainers are advised to steer clear of the twelfth route until further notice!” The reporter loudly stated.

    “Toto!” The crocodile Pokémon cried out on the television screen, as its body radiated a scarlet red aura! It quickly cupped its left hand into a fist, as it struck the charging Pinsir with all its power it had!

    “Woah! We better pull this chopper up a little higher! This fight is starting to become a bit too heated right now!” The reporter cried the moment she noticed a brilliant spark of colorful light form from the powerful punch!
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  26. "Mansion?Dear Arceus,I bet that you could buy the whole Tempest organization!"Michael said surprised."Yeah,we could do that.And it's good that we're going to your house,'cause if we would be going to mine,we would get lost,'cause I have literally no sense of orientation.Anyway,let's go y'all.To Azumi's mansion,starring our honorable guide,Azumi ."
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  27. Azumi looked over at Jodi, "You could stay there until your family arrives." She tossed a pokeball in the air and a hawlucha came out. He squacked at the air and flexed his muscles. "Looking good Lucho. Please guide Ray to our home." Lucho looked at Ray and the rest with disgust and then sprung forward, looking back to make sure he is being followed. "Sorry he dislikes strangers. Please follow him."
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  28. "Huh,never seen a Hawlucha before..."Michael said."*gasps*Umm,Azumi?Would your house happen to have one of those thingies that allows you to videochat with someone,and also transferring Pokemon?I forgot what it's called....But I really,really,really,really need it."Michael tried to do his best Baby Doll Eyes look to convince Azumi."I swear it's for a good reason!!"
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  29. Azumi looked back at Michael. She smiled and answered "We do. Each room has a video phone. But for the transfer..." She looked up while she thought of the answer, "Our head of security has one. We can ask him."
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  30. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Michael yelled like a crazy person."Wait,head security?What if he thinks I'm a threat?Or that I'm crazy?Which I am probably..But what if he doesn't let me?I should stop worrying so much 'cause it's not a big deal!"He yelled really dramatically."Wait,you're just gonna let me do that even if you don't know why?"
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  31. "A-a mansion?" Ray said in bewilderment. "Sure, lead the way!"
    The prospect of recuperating at such a lavish location had Ray very excited; after spending weeks as vagrant, it seemed too good to be true. He eagerly followed Lucho and Azumi.
    "If you have a way to transfer pokemon, that'd be great!" He laughed at Micheal's outburst. "I'd say I'm pretty suspicious-looking too... But hopefully we can both get clearance!" he joked.
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  32. "I can only hope..."Michael said nervous."Ugh,Blaziken can jump really high into the air...can you tell me what your mansion looks like and I'll see you guys there...Or maybe I'll just faint..."He said as he dramatically fainted into Diggersby's ears."Hey Diggersby,it's shine time."He said with a smirk."Digger!"Diggersby said exited.With his ears he launched Michael high up in the air.He started to spin,making the show that they were doing look more graceful.He landed right into Diggersby ears and did the dip thing that happens at the end of a tango dance."Hehehe...just like our first contest..."
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  33. Azumi sighed and looked at Michael, "I don't think that the head of security that works for ME, will have any problems letting you use the machine in MY house."
    She looked ahead and sighed.
    "Just be patient until we all get there, we can't have random strangers arriving in jumping blazikens without notice." Lucho made a turn which led to the Bay, far off on top of a hill there were four tall walls with one big entrance. Azumi pointed at it, "That's it over there."
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  34. "My god,are you sure you're not Arceus' daughter?"Michael said surprised."You know,Blaziken,Diggersby,return!We wouldn't want to look like threats."He put his Pokeballs in his pocket and turned to Sneasel"Well,it's just you and me...and everybody else..."Then he gasped."Would you happen to have a Razor Claw that you don't use and it's just randomly lying in your house?"
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  35. “Totodile Toto!” The crocodile Pokémon squealed the moment it was suddenly hit by a retaliatory slash by the rushing Pinsir’s pair of pincers!

    The Totodile was quickly sent falling to the ground, as it took a large gasp. A small, red puddle formed on the ground near the relative area of the crocodile’s crown. A loud series of deep breaths were taken, as the Totodile gripped onto a nearby stick and threw it straight at the Pinsir’s body! The stick bounced straight off, as a tear fell from the Totodile’s eye.

    “Ugh! Dammit! Not there man! Like this is more than just a little slap here!” The Totodile thought, as a series of footsteps rushed in near the crocodile’s location!

    “Alright, you know what to do... take them bug Pokémon out! Or at least calm them I guess!” A male officer shouted, before he released a Manectric towards the end of his hesitant words. Three more Pokémon were soon released upon the other officer’s commands! The officer’s Pokémon charged at the Pinsir and began to assault them with an assortment of moves at their disposal!

    “I can’t really get up... and I’ll probably get hit by those big Pokémon if I stay here! I’ll just have to pull through I guess! Augh!” The Totodile added in his mind, before he quickly wriggled on his back in the direction towards the nearby city of Coumarine.
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  36. "Woah..." said Ray as Azumi pointed out her home. "Now that's a mansion if I've ever seen one!"
    He saw Micheal recalling his pokemon in an attempt to look more presentable; Ray tried to follow suit by straightening out his worn-out clothes and rearranging his long, unruly hair - but he soon gave up after concluding that, in his current state, it would be impossible for him to look anything other than homeless.
    "Well, hopefully they'll still let me in..." he sighed to himself.
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  37. The Totodile gave a few more squirming movements with the decreasing bits of energy it had. The crocodile Pokémon gave a short squeal from the intense pain centered around its head. A small, scarlet red trail followed along the Totodile upon closer inspection to any wandering eyes. The Totodile took in another series of noticeably loud breaths, before it took out a small, light gray, prism-shaped radio from the inner pocket of its suit. The moderately sized antenna was extended as quickly as possible. The tiny switch on the device's left side was flicked onto the on position. A small, loud wave of static kicked in, as the Totodile screamed in the language comprehensible by other potential nearby Pokémon, "I- I- I really... need h- he- help! N- n- now! On may... be ro- rou... te... o- or r- road... on the... w- wa- way... t- to... o- oc... ean... a- ar... ea... T- tu... rn... ing... b- bl- bl... ack! I- I- I... ex... ex... pl... ain... a- af- af... t- t- ter..."

    The switch was flicked back to the off position, while the antenna was retracted back soon after. The radio was clutched onto the Totodile's left hand. The spinning world started to become darker by the second. Everything became blurrier with each moment that passed. Trees started to become nothing more than just a brown, rectangular blob; while the tops were nothing more than a patch of shamrock green, imperfect circles that could be drawn by a first grader. The nearby environment started to resemble a television screen that had no signal whatsoever. The brightness gradually lowered, as the Totodile curled in the best shaped ball it could.
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  38. Azumi sat up so the guards of the front gate could see her. They opened the doors into a big garden with different flowers and Pokemon shaped bushes. As they passed by the guards Azumi said to one of them "Call Poncho and tell Fred to meet us at the front, I have visitors. Thank you." The guard nodded in response and closed the doors behind them.
    "Listen guys, my dad is a great guy. Just don't mind his hugs." Azumi said as they arrived to the front entrance and she got off. The main door to the mansion was made of dark wood with silver handles. The rest of the house was of some white marble looking material. The door was opened and an older looking man with a small black mustache and gray hair was standing there. "Guys this is Fred, he has been my Butler since I was born."
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  39. "I- I think I might like... well... I don't know what to do! I can't even see right anymore!" The Totodile thought, as it took several weaker breaths soon after.

    "H- h- he... he... lp! L- li... li... ke... If... an- an... any... o- o- o- one... i- is... o- out... t- th- TH... ERE!" The Totodile slowly screeched out in Pokémon speech at the top of its enfeebled lungs! The crocodile Pokémon continued to stay curled in a ball, as it started to pant the moment its vision was like a bugged monitor.

    "God... or whatever you are called; the thing that we all keep hearing that says that you made the entire world. I know that I have might screwed up a lot before. I know that it might be a bit wrong to wear that rainbow R thing on my suit, along with these small boots and the gloves... but I mean, the guys back there still had bills to pay ya know? Please just like don't make me go away right now! I'll like honestly try to be a better man, or I guess a croc now if that's what they're called! Just like don't make this happen now please!" The Totodile deeply contemplated in its thoughts, as several tears fell from its eyes.

    "Okay, almost done treating you there little froggy bud. Just gotta take off these old bandages real quick and check if there's anything else to treat," Serah softly stated the moment she bandaged up the burned areas.

    "Just be careful with those sharp things. I almost got a bad boo thing with those," Tyler wrote on his clipboard, as he gave off a slight yawn in front of his trainer.

    "Anything else you want to watch there umm... Satai?" Tori asked the extraterrestrial Pokémon.

    "I am okay, I have not seen these kinds of whatever they are called," Satai responded in telepathy. He took swift notice of the Neourk that dozed off on the bed around several minutes ago.
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  40. "H-hugs?" Ray asked nervously. He briefly introduced himself to Azumi's butler and continued to follow the group through the mansion. As they progressed Ray was continually amazed by the aristocratic level of wealth on display at every turn.
    "Imagine growing up here..." he thought to himself.
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