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Private/Closed Captured by the Evil Team 3: Rescue

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. @RenzFlintrock @Eliiiscool @Tudor21G @GQuasch

    It's been 3 months since the SSMR took over Sinnoh. Since then, other regions have closed traveling in between them, except for personal planes. Everyone has their eyes set on the now prison called SSMR region, formerly Sinnoh. Nobody has dare attack such place, since the strongest trainers around the world disappeared along with the take over. There is one person though, who actually gives a damn.

    Ron had been hunted by giggles and the sensation of being followed for days, until he found a special little Kirlia that belonged to his younger sister Azumi. She wasn't alone though, she appeared to have been traveling for a long time with a Typhlosion. After feeding and resting the Pokemon back to health, he began working on the "What do you want from me?". Thanks to Nana's not so good drawings and dance representations, Ron finally cracked the code, After three months. Ron didn't give a damn about the world that took his mother, but nobody, NOBODY, messes with his dear sisters. Even though Azumi hates him and they haven't spoke in about 7 years. Ron was determined to take down SSMR to save his sisters, but nobody would help. Not the elite four, the police, nobody. His last option, was his father. No, screw that. He could do it, but he would need help.

    I know where Renz is.

    The message was sent to Marigold, the closest relation Ron could find to Ty's original trainer. Nana had provided more info on the other trainers, but finding the information wasn't easy.

    Meet me at the Olivine airport

    Ron waited patiently at the airport. Looking out for the trainer he was waiting on. His plan was to see if she knew more about the others and if she would help him rescue his sisters and friends.

    Nana meanwhile shower Ty her new dance, it was based on an old video she found on the internet called Solja Boy.
  2. Marigold was relaxing in the lobby of the Pokécenter when her Pokédex pinged. She had been watching her Pokémon playing together as she sat, but now she dug her Pokédex out of her pocket to see who could be messaging her.

    I know where Renz is.

    Meet me at Olivine airport.

    Marigold was pretty freaked out. Although she was normally very confident, she had never gotten a message like this before. She needed advice, and maybe backup. She needed to talk to Rachel. She returned her Pokémon to their Pokéballs, stood up, and set out to find her friend.

    Once she found Rachel, she pulled out her phone again and showed her the texts she had received, and explained how she had received them. “What should I do? I have know idea what to do, I mean, I have no idea who it could be, and... I mean, if I go, would you mind coming with me?”


    Ty had been rather sad since his separation from Renz, but Ron has been nice enough to Nana and himself, so he was not quite miserable either. He sat, watching Nana dance and occasionally giving an approving nod.
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  3. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rachel walked down the streets of Johto, carrying a Togpi in her arms as a Lampent followed her as it had been for three months now. It came to her one day in November and flew into her arms, crying. For a second, Rachel was confused, until she realized it mistook her for Kathren, or Kathy as she called her. Now, Rachel would normally be mad, but this Pokemon was obviously in distress. She knew that Kathy would never abandon a Pokemon that loved her or that she loved, and this Pokemon obviously loved Kathy. So what gave? That was the question that was burning on Rachel's mind.
    When Mary ran up to her, she listened intently. "Um, I honestly don't know. Maybe he knows where Kathy is as well. Ask him that then we'll decide." While it was true her parents told her not to trust strangers, she had no other leads to where her sister was at.
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  4. “Uuhhrm... on it.”

    She stared at her Pokédex as she began to type a response. She worded her response more carefully than she normally would have, because she didn’t know if this was some kind of trap. Once she had finished typing the message, she pressed send and then showed the message to Rachel.

    Who are you, and why should I trust you? And also, a friend of mine wants to know, if your information is good, if you know where Kathren is as well.
  5. Meanwhile, in Hoenn...

    Fleur stood in the kitchen, cooking up a nice stew for dinner. She was happy with the life she lived, nice house in a nice location, a wonderful family, and delicious food on the table. Mossdeep was such a wonderful location, especially since it's where her and Natalie first met. She brought the pot to the table, and served everyone up a nice meal with some bread. Her two kids, Sunny and Briar, were ever happy to see it, to them, Fleur's cooking was the best. She took her seat, and began eating. The stew was a little bland, she kept that in mind for the next time she cooked it up. Nonetheless, her family was happy with what was transpiring, a lovely day for everyone. A knock on the door came along during the meal, and Natalie got up to open it quickly. When opened, there stood a Gliscor, who was physically fatigued as he looked at Natalie. He shook his head and slowly turned around, when Nat spoke up.

    "Fleur, honey, do you know who's Gliscor this is? If not, we should feed it... it looks awfully ill."

    The first word put a spring in his step, as he turned back around and glided in. Fleur looked shocked as they stood in front of her, happy to see her.

    "Umm... sure, dear. Come take a seat. So... why are you here? Where did you come from?"

    Fang looked around the room for a bit, looking for any means of sending out the plea for help. Then he saw it, the only one who child understand: Spunk. She was standing in the corner with her own bowl of stew, and was startled by Fang's approach. They quickly gave her his plea, but she simply turned her head to the side. She did this until Fang started crying, then, with a cold look on her face, dropped her arms. She waddled over to Fleur and did a little game of charades to try and send the message. Fleur made a little confused grunt, until Spunk just started acting super grumpy and edgy.

    "There's... something wrong with Gabriel? I mean... he was rude a while back, but... alright, I'll check it out. Give me a bit to get ready."

    Fleur got up and grabbed a few things from her room she would find useful. Once prepared, she returned to the dining room and returned Spunk, much to her dismay. She hugged and kissed her family, then gave a small wave as she left the house. Fang then picked her up as they started flying through the air. Of course, Fleur was panicked by this, and struggled to get out until they landed in Slateport. She breathed heavily, looking to them.

    "WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?! You said he's in danger, and you up and kidnap me?! Where is he?!"
  6. Ron rolled his eyes as he read the message. "Really? I'm doing them a favor here." He sighed and began to type.

    I'm not really sure who Kathern is, I have a Typhlosion named Ty with me, who is registered under Renz, you know him I believe. He is my only connection to some important people who apperantly need help. Therefore, I can't waste my time convincing you. I'm living in 20 minutes. It's up to you if you wanna follow this lead.

    Nana now began to pet Ty. She always liked it when Azumi did it, so maybe Ty would too.
  7. Marigold looked at her Pokédex again as soon as the next notification came through. She read through it quickly to herself and then again out loud for Rachel to hear.

    “They said, ‘I’m not really sure who Kathren is, I have a Typhlosion names Ty with me, who is registered under Renz, you know him I believe. He is my only connection to some important people who apparently need help. Therefore, I can’t waste my time convincing you. I’m leaving in 20 minutes. Up to you if you want to follow this lead.’ Renz is my cousin, and he went out of contact about three months ago...”

    She looked more thoughtful than usual as she tried to decide whether or not they should go. She began to think that she should go, even if Rachel wouldn’t go with her. She felt it was her duty to find out what happened to her cousin, and if this mysterious person really did know, she should go. And anyway, she had her Pokémon to help her if she needed them.
  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Candle was listening to the whole thing, and when she heard Ty's name, she grew very excited. The Lampent spun around Rachel excitedly as she twirled.

    Over the three months, Rachel learned some of the Lampent's body language. It seemed to spin or twirl when it was happy. To do both at once, well Rachel guessed it ment that something made her extremely happy. She narrowed her eyes. "Hey, Lampent, do you know Ty?" The Lampent nodded. So Kathy's Pokemon knew one of Renz's Pokemon. She sighed. "Then I'm coming. Lampent knows Ty. He has Ty. This is our best shot of finding my sister and your cousin. We cannot let this opportunity go to waste."
  9. “Okay, let’s go.”

    Marigold pulled Robin’s Pokéball back off her belt and released the Fletchling. With that she began walking towards the airport. She paused for a moment, because she didn’t know her way around town very well, but she did remember seeing it a few days ago as they passed by. As they went she pulled out her Pokédex and sent one more message:

    On our way

    Once they got there, she began looking around for their mysterious contact. Robin was perched on her shoulder, and with a word from Marigold she took off and looked around for a Typhlosion. Of course, Mary didn’t actually know if ‘Ty’ would be there or not, but it was worth a shot if it helped them find their contact faster.


    Ty was enjoying the petting he received from Nana. In return, he changed his body heat to a pleasant warmth. The flames on his shoulders were turned off, just in case.
  10. Ron locked at the clock suspended over the central pillar of the airport. "5 minutes left." He looked around until he saw Marigold. He looked at the pictures he had gotten. "That looks like her. Hey Ty, let's go, that might be her."

    Nana looked up and teleported on Ron's arms with a joyful cry. "What? Aw come on. It ruins my style to carry and adorable Pokemon like you." Ron began walking with Nana in his arms. "Seriously, how bad did Azumi spoil you? You don't battle, all you do is dance."

    He waited for Ty, he knew the Typhlosion could keep up, but he felt bad rushing a Pokemon that was missing a leg. He walked slowly until he was close to the two girls. "Yo, Marigold? My name is Ron, Ron Towers. I'm the one who contacted you." He looked at Ty. "You recognize her?"
  11. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rachel caught up to Mary as Candle flew over to Ty spun around him. Rachel smiled at Lampent. "Aw, isn't that cute." She looked at Ron. "Um, I'm Kathren's sister. She also disappeared three months ago. I'm kinda here to find her as well. You see, apparently that Lampent, who belongs to my sister, knew Ty. At least, she has a positive reaction to his name." For once, she didn't ask about her outfit, which that day was a knee-high light pink skirt with white flowers embroidered on the hem with a matching top and some white flats, leggings, and sweater. Soul, her Togepi still was cradled in her arms.
  12. Robin spotted the Typhlosion as it approached them along with the man and the Kirlia. She flew back down to perch on Marigold’s shoulder, and pointed at the approaching figures. Marigold stiffened, feeling unusually nervous, and stood silently as the man introduced himself. She took a deep breath and then introduced herself as well.

    “Yes, I’m Marigold. So, you say you know where my cousin is?”

    Ty had perked up when Ron asked him if he recognized Marigold. He really didn’t, as he had never met her in person, he had only seen her in one or two old pictures. However, he was distracted upon seeing Candle. He was overjoyed to meet his old friend, and actually looked happier than he had in months. He batted playfully at the ghost type in greeting.
  13. Ron nodded. "Yeah." He placed his hands behind his head. "Sinnoh." He bit his lip as he looked at the two girls. "Ty seems to recognize the Lampert, so I'm guessing your sis is with that Renz. Doesn't help me at all though." He sighed and placed his hands in his pockets. Getting help from two teenagers? He didn't really have a choice. "Listen, I'm breaking into Sinnoh to look for my sisters, who had connection with Renz and Kathern. You two are welcome to join. But it's dangerous. I mean they disappeared your cousin and sister. Think about it... For like 20 minutes. I'm taking off, exit 47." He handed them a card with a Tower on it. "Show this and they will let you in." He looked at Ty. "Hey man, you got family here, I suggest you stick with them meanwhile." He petted the Typhlosion and began to walk away. Nana looked over his shoulder at Ty, with a sad look as she waved goodbye.
  14. "Alright, mister, you're going to explain yourself right now! I have a family that I love, and I want to be back with them as soon as possible! So hurry up already!"

    Fang sighed, he had heard stories of Fleur, but had never met her himself. Bad to see that these stories held true. He picked her up again and started flying again, this time, across the ocean. Of course, Fleur wasn't the fondest of this situation. Only hints that this was happening were very faint "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD" noises coming from the sky. It took a very, very long time, which could explain why it was a total of 3 months to go back and forth from regions. Though, the trip from Hoenn to Sinnoh is 2 months one-way, so... as they neared Johto, Fang spotted an airport. It was about time they put their feet on the ground permanently, so Fang just swooped on down through a door. Fleur got dropped on the ground face-first, but cried in joy now that she could walk freely again.
  15. Marigold’s eyes widened. ‘They’re in Sinnoh? Oh, that’s so helpful...’ She was concerned. Sinnoh was a very bad place to be right now, and those who got in almost never got out. The region was in total lockdown, and completely controlled by the SSMR. Going into the Sinnoh region right now was likely more dangerous than anything she had even considered doing in her life, and that was saying something. She paused in her pondering when she saw Ty playing with Candle. It wasn’t until then that she noticed he was missing his left back leg. She felt a throb of pity for him, which intensified as she remembered that he must be missing his trainer, and that his trainer was her cousin. She was torn: she knew that it would be humongously dangerous to go, but at the same time she felt she couldn’t help but assist in finding her cousin, her friend’s sister, and reunite their Pokémon with them. And get Ron’s sisters back as well, she supposed. She turned to her friend.

    “What do you think, Rachel? I mean... it’s dangerous, but... I kinda feel like we should try. I...”
  16. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rachel wasn't thinking about the danger, or the risk. No, she was thinking about her sister. She narrowed her eyes in determination. "We go. We should at least try to help them. My sister is stuck there, and your cousin." She looked down and gave a sad smile. "Kathy would do the same for me if she ever knew about me being captured." She sighed as she looked at Mary and nodded in confirmation.
  17. “Yeah, you’re right. Let’s go! Robin, return for now okay?”

    She returned the Fletchling to its Pokéball, and then looked at Ty. She stepped forward, squated down, and stretched out her hand for the Typhlosion to smell. The fire type did sniff, and then snuggled his head into her hand. She sighed, petted him for a moment, and then stood up.

    “C’mon. We’re going to go find Renz. And Kathren, too.”


    They had found the exit Ron had told them he was going to, showed the Tower Card like he had said, and found Ron. Marigold, who was used to jogging, felt uncomfortably slow as she tried to keep a pace where the Typhlosion would be comfortable and at the same time wasn’t too slow. She spotted Ron and headed towards him.

    “We’ve decided... we’ll come.”
  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rachel followed Mary, of course. Like she would abandon her friend. When they made it to the gate, Rachel reached down to Ty. She was unsure how he would react. However, she loved Pokemon. She loved them so much that it could rival Kathy's. She just hoped the Typlosion wouldn't see her as a threat or something. Soul giggled as she was brought closer to the Typlosion.
  19. Ty sniffed at the girl who looked so much like his old friend, Kathren. He knew it wasn’t her, the smell was different, but she still reminded him of her. He looked up at her, wondering what she was thinking. He also noticed the giggling Togepi and gave his version of a smile to the small fairy type. He knew Kathren didn’t have one of those... but Candle was there, and he had known her as long as Renz or Kathren. The Typholsion gave a slight grunt as he settled himself to wait. He had been doing a lot of waiting in the last couple of months, it seemed.
  20. Fang overheard the conversation between Mary and Rachel, and was ecstatic to hear there was a way to Sinnoh. He began gliding off, and Fleur caught this, springing up and running after them. Fang zoomed through exit 47, leaving Fleur in the dust, but she stood at the exit. Fang flew past Mary and Rachel, landing a bit behind Ron.

    "Aw man... how am I gonna get to him now? There's a guard there... and I'm not just going to break the law..."
  21. Ron looked back. "What the?" He noticed Fang. Nana cheered as she sensed the grumpy man's aura on Fang. "You know him?" Ron looked down at Nana and then at the entrance of the tunnel leading outside. "That must be trainer." He looked at the girls. "You two wait here, I appreciate you coming along."

    He made his way to Fleur. "Hey, do you happen to know any of these names? Renz Kathern, Maker, Azumi, Eli, Michael, Jodi or Gaeboo?"
  22. Fleur was surprised by the man who had approached her. Once he asked the question, she raised an eyebrow.

    "Gae... boo? Is that what Gabriel is calling himself now? If so, then yes, that Gliscor took me here... all the way from my home in Mossdeep... I need to call Nat, I've been away for a month..."

    She dialed up her number on her Pokenav, waiting for any kind of response. She really did miss them already, why wouldn't she? She was basically abducted to save some guy she hasn't seen for a decade.
  23. "Great, well we are going to try and save him from Sinnoh. You're welcome to join us, I'm guessing that's why the Pokemon went to get you." He handed her the card. "We're leaving in 20 minutes. My jet is outside." He made his way back to Marigold and Rachel. "Follow me."

    He led the group to the outside, where there was a white jet with the towers logo. Ron began to walk up the stairs. "I hope you don't mind flying, we got some other stops to make before we head to Sinnoh." Nana looked over his shoulder and waved at the others. She loved having a group again.
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  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rachel scratched the Typlosion with a smile, saying, "You seem like a sweetheart. Do you like my outfit?" It was then she was interrupted by Ron. She gave a small glare due to his interruption, but followed anyway. She was unsure if she had a problem with flying due to the fact she never flew before. She had always taken the ferry and a car to travel. Both Sinnoh and Kanto were very close to Johto, being neighboring regions.
  25. Ty enjoyed the scratches. They reminded him of Kathren, in a way. He got to his feet when he saw it was time to board the plane and hobbled forward, looking back at Marigold expectantly. He then made his way tediously up the stairs, dragging himself along with difficulty. Marigold went towards the stairs as well. She had flown in a plane before, and to her the rush of takeoff and landing was exciting, even if the altitude gain did make her ears pop uncomfortably. Once Ty was at the top of the stairs, she followed, pausing at the top for an instant. Once she stepped inside, there was no turning back. She took a deep breath, steadied herself, and entered the plane.
  26. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Lily brought in a soaking and shivering flareon "Why do insist on sitting on our porch so much" she sighed, this flareon had been sitting on the front stoop for multiple days, even coming back after the authority took it away "Mom! I brought that persistent flareon in!" a call could be heard from the other room "Was that thing out there last night?" Lily looked at the pokemon "Yes" Lily's mother walked in the room "Well, put it in front of the fire and give it some food and water, I don't thinks it been eating or drinking well recently" Lily nodded and obeyed her mother instructions. Lily mother walked in the room, Lily asking her a question "Where do you thin it came from?" "Probably just was wandering around and thought this was a good house to try and stay at, must be very persistent"
    Three months ago
    Plasma had been running away from the evil men, Eli had told her what to do. She had managed to grab her pokeball on the way out of the forest, sprinting in the direction of the closest shore to the Kalos region, multiple people trying to catch her on the way. After a few days of travel, she made it to the shore, where she waited for a ship to come by, stowing away as it sailed off. After a long time of travel, she was caught, as she had been taking a bit of food on survive, they threw her off,(Cruel sailers) She was lucky close enough to shore to somehow swim and make it, dragging the pokeball with her as she plopped down on the sand, just sleeping there for the night.

    She woke up to a pokeball hitting her head, she shot up and looked around, seeing a young girl trying to catch her. Grabbing her own pokeball, she ran off, rested enough to start the journey home, though that was not the last attempt to be caught on the way. She raced across the region, after many days coming to louminiose, ending a little over two and a half month journey, sitting on the porch of the place she remembered since she had been born from the mind of Razor.

    She had been ignored for the first few days by the family, after a few days (Pokemon? Animal?) control had been called on her, they had brought her in, she had left her pokeball in a bush by the stoop, so they did not get that, putting her in a cage when a pokeball did not work, when the van had been opened, she bolted out, the bars wide enough for the smart pokemon to miniplate the latch, sitting down on the porch, sleeping through slushy sleet that night, shivering, cold all night. The next morning, to her delight, Eli's sister finally brought her in.
  27. Ron waited for everyone to be sited. Then he sat down at the back on his own. Nana insisted on showing the girls ALL of her dance moves. Which was better for Ron, he needed a break. Once the plane was settled in the air, Ron got up and walked to the others. "Nana, give us a minute." He pointed at Ty. "He needs to be petted." Nana gasped and rushed to Ty's rescue, petting him gently and singing to him.

    Ron looked at the two girls. "So, thanks to social media I found a connection to Eli. His sister who lives in Lumious city." He chuckled. "I can't really go there, so could I ask you two to go get assistance? Meanwhile, I have a connection to Michael, I'll look into that meanwhile." He looked at Fleur. "You're welcome to come with me or the girls. Though I can't guarantee people will help, we have to try and increase our numbers."
  28. It kept giving Fleur the dial tone when she tried to call Natalie, and she grew concerned by this. She turned back to Ron, thinking for a second.

    "Well, I've always wanted to go to Kalos... it's where Natalie was born and raised... I like the sound of knowing where I'm going more anyways."

    Fleur walked up beside Mary and Rachel, still waiting on that dial tone to end. She grew more worried every time it made that noise.

    "So, we're going to Kalos then? Oops, sorry, I'm Fleur, that Gliscor brought me here... it seems that the Kirlia knows them too."
  29. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rachel nodded. "I guess so. I mean, I never went to Kalos before. I heard that it's very pretty." She sighed. "Though we are going there not for sightseeing, but to save our friends and family." Rachel patted Soul's head as a small frown crept onto her face. She couldn't believe that she forgot about saving her sister, even for a brief second.
  30. Marigold looked out the window. She felt that the trip wouldn’t have been pleasant if it weren’t for the thoughts that filled her mind, of her cousin, and of the region controlled by the dangerous SSMR, and of the rest of her family. What if something happened to her? She resolved to send her mom a message as soon as they landed in Lumiose City. It would be her first time in the Kalos region, and that thought was enough to take her mind off the situation for a few minutes. Eventually her mind wandered back to the situation at hand. She looked at the man who had recruited them.

    “Ron, you said that Renz was in Sinnoh... but do you have any more specific information? As far as I know, Sinnoh is pretty big, and the whole place is under the control of SSMR, and it doesn’t sound like a good idea to try to search the whole region.”
  31. Ron scratched his head head and laughed. "Yeah, I know it's not the greatest plan ever, but we do have a secret weapon." He pointed at Nana, who was still petting and singing to Ty. "I'm guessing if she was able to find me, because of my connection with my sister's and recognize all of you, she should be able to sort of guide us to where the others are. I know the whole plan depends on her..." He looked at Nana again, who was now talking rapidly to Ty, saying who knows what. "But that's the best shot we got." He got up and disappeared in the back and then returned with briefcase. He set it down and opened it. There were various PokeGears, all black. "You're all gonna need these. Sinnoh has no communication, so dexes will be useless. These can communicate among each other, so they won't catch our signal. Go ahead and take one." The belt signal went on. "Looks like we are arriving." He picked up Nana and went to his sit.
  32. Flour looked at the PokeGears, but took a different vibe from it. Did that mean what she thought it did? She picked one up and put it in her purse, looking back to him.

    "Wait... so no cross-region calls? I... I don't really like the sound of that at all. I promised my family that I would call them at least once a week... I don't want to break my little muffin's hearts..."

    She buckled in, not like she could go back to Hoenn anytime soon. She continued trying to call Natalie, now she was even more worried, what if she couldn't talk to her for over a year? She wouldn't be able to take it, she NEEDED to know her family was okay.
  33. Ron thought about what Fleur said. "I'll have one sent to your address, how about that?" He sighed. "I can only imagine how bad it must feel not to be able to communicate with them. It's the least I can do in return for helping us." He looked out the window. He hadn't been back in Kalos for a long time. He wondered if his home had changed a lot, if his father still remembered him and if his room was still there. He sighed, of course his father remebered him, he was using his jet. "Alright everyone, I'll come pick you all up tomorrow. Meet at the airport at noon. Use the cards I gave you to access the jet. Good luck. The information on the person is on your PokeGears." He laid back against the sit. He then got up and left. Alejandro's ranch was nearby, he figured he could get to it from here.

    . . .

    Ron arrived at the ranch. He knew bringing news about Michael might alter the family. But he needed to try. He walked up the house and knocked. Nana stood next to him holding his hand.
  34. Once they landed at the airport, Marigold took out the PokeGear she had received and found the information they would need. She felt slightly nervous, going to find people she had never met before to ask them to go to the Sinnoh region and look for a group of people who needed help, and included someone named Eli. It was kind of crazy. However, she led the way and eventually they arrived at the address given them. She stepped up onto the porch and knocked on the door, and then took a step back. She could see Lumiouse’s famous Prism Tower from where she stood, and wished they could have visited it while they were here.
  35. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Lily stood up, leaving Plasma to eat “I’ll get it!” She walked over to the door, opening it to see Marigold “Hello? What can I help you with?” She asked, slightly confused
  36. Fleur smiled, she was happy that he could understand her struggle. She wrote down her address and gave it to Ron, she couldn't wait to get back to Natalie. She looked at the information she needed to know, and (kinda) memorized all she could. Upon landing, she followed Marigold as much as she could, but of course wanted to get some photos to share with her family. Fleur really was amazed, she had been in Kalos before, but never in a big city like Lumiose. When Lily walked outside, she poked up from behind Mary and waved.

    "Hiya, we're looking for a little one named Lily. Is that you, you little cutie?"
  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Rachel grabbed one of the PokeGear and frowned, disliking the color. Why couldn't it be a nice shade of pink? She sighed as she waited for the plane to land. When it did, she followed Mary to the house where the sister of this 'Eli' character lived at. She decided to let the others do the talking, smiling warmly at her. As always, Soul was cradled in her arms and the Lampent hovered close by.
  38. “Uh, yeah, we were sent to talk to you. I understand you know somebody named Eli?”

    She felt awkward. She really didn’t know how best to phrase what she had to say. Her story seemed absurd even to her, and she would never believe this total stranger would understand. I mean, when does one ever get a text from a total stranger saying that he has information on people’s missing relatives?

    She adjusted her bag nervously as she stood there on the porch. She felt that more explanation was necessary, but how to explain it was her problem. She glanced down at Ty, who was looking at the girl who had answered the door. She knew she had to try.

    “Look, my name is Marigold, and my cousin went missing. From what I understand, this Eli was traveling with him, as well as my friend’s sister and this person’s... uh, actually I didn’t catch her part, my bad. What I’m trying to say is, we made contact with someone who can help us find them, but we need more people if we’re going to try breaking into Sinnoh to rescue them.”

    Shoot. Probably coulda said that differently... shoot, shoot, shoot.
  39. IN KALOS

    As someone knocked on the door, the people living there slowly got up. After 1 minute, the door opened and it revealed... an elderly couple, also known as Michael's grandparents. Michael's grandma looked Ron up and down and then said.
    "Oh, hello, dear! You must be one of Alejandro's friends!" Then, his grandpa spoke.
    "I'm sorry, but he's not currently here. He's in Sinnoh with his parents and little brother."


    In a house in Jubilife City, in an armchair, with Jodi's Trumbeak sleeping on the map, with rings under his eyes... was Alejandro. The only thing that he did all day was petting Trumbeak. The news that Tangela and Trumbeak brought shattered him and his parents. And they knew if they even tried to rescue them, it would only get words.
    Jodi's family knows too, and so do all of Michael and Jodi's friends. There was nothing they could do, the SSMR was too strong. The only hope they had was a group made by the old one's relatives that wanted to save them to come to Alejandro and ask him to join them. And if that thing was ever going to happen, which was unlikely, than he wouldn't think twice about joining.
  40. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    She looked at them “Yeah, I’m Lily” She listened to them, her face one of disbelief “Sinnoh, the region taken over by the SSMR?”

    Plasma, opon hearing the word ‘Eli’ bolted towards the door, taking barely a quarter of a second to look around before jumping towards Ty, excitedly nuzzling him.

    “And is this your Flareon?”

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