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Ask to Join Captain N: The Code Warrior

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. [RP Discussion/Sign-Ups]
    [RPers: @Mystic Zander, @Eeveechu151, @Ratbag the Coward, @Stargrounds, @Rohan Kishibe, @Jagson]

    It's 2019, and Nintendo's making a big move. Through the release of their newest attachment for the Switch, a revolutionary headset called "NinTheGame". The headset is able to place one inside of a video game, allowing them to play the game through mental commands alone. It's revolutionized several games - Smash Ultimate, Pokken Tournament, Sonic Mania Plus... even single-player games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey are getting incredible use out of the attachment.
    It was only a matter of time before they revealed what the attachment was really for.
    Seemingly out of nowhere came Nintendo Universe, an incredible game allowing players to hop into the worlds of their favorite games. Spending a day on the Cloud Sea just outside Fonsett Village became a reality, taking down Guardians became massive team sports and Hyrule and Fire Emblem Warriors became gigantic wars.
    Some players, however, got the chance to take it a step beyond. Lucky players gained the opportunity to take on the form of one of their favorite characters, as long as the character shared some aspect with them - similar height, gender and morals were the main required qualities. These weren't just the forms of the characters, however - the players got the opportunity to become the characters, mentality and all.
    As expected, when villains started appearing, things got pretty frantic among this elite group.
    Now an elite faction of this group fights under the guidance of the mysterious Master Hand, battling against the evil of Dr. Wily, Ganondorf and Doctor Eggman.
    However, perhaps these heroes alone aren't enough to win. They need someone the villains don't know what to expect from. They need a Captain... a Captain N.

    Ryan Light sighed, trudging back through the front door. He waved to his parents, giving a smile, before heading up to his room. He dumped his backpack, filled with books, on the table. As he did, he noticed a blinking light in his bag. His phone? Ryan took out the phone and looked at what was causing it to light up so much.
    ROB - now
    Emergency mission - D's making a move - get online for briefing

    ROB never texted Ryan directly. He knew how urgent this was. He went over to his door and locked it before walking over to the TV. He opened one of the doors in the table underneath to remove the unique headset and yanked the Switch out of its charging dock. He lied down on the bed, putting on the headset. Ryan, having done it enough times now to have the sequence memorized, slipped the Switch into the headset and relaxed his mind.
    NinTheGame booted up.

    A lot of people went to explore the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Alrest is a wide, expansive world with incredible detail that people started appreciating much more upon the release of NinTheGame.
    However, what people didn't know is that there's a recreation of Torigoth made in a pseudo-3D style, with the same layout but pixelated everything else...
    ROB looked towards the Spawn Portal set up within the recreation of Torigoth, known in the game files as Torigoth-0. Specifically, the base was set up within Tora's House. As he watched, pixels came together to form a 3D model. First the feet, then the hands and waist, then the arms and chest, and finally the head. Mega Man opened his eyes, back in the saddle. "What's the situation?" he asked, sharing memories with Ryan.
    "Aran was on a solo mission at one of the Coding Facilities when she located DWN-012 Quick Man. Dr. Wily has been at the facility recently, presumably creating some new form of AI that has to be defeated. Aran attempted to investigate further, but was detected and attacked by the Wily Robot Masters. Falcon is already on his way to pick her up, but I fear they'll be overpowered sooner than later. Wily has sent out at the very least the second line of Robot Masters."
    "Where are they?" Mega Man asked, opening his teleportation menu.
    "Kakariko Village, Hyrule-4. The server is closed for maintenance for the next half hour, and has been closed for an hour." ROB replied.
    "Teleporting now." Mega Man replied, inputting the coordinates. He vanished in a blue, skyward light.
    Now alone in the lab, ROB turned towards the cabinet by the kitchen. He turned his head down, sighing sadly, before turning away.
    Within the capsule lay a bright red vest and NES Zapper, vestments belonging to the teammate the heroes needed if they wanted to win the virtual war...
  2. Samus was still trying to attack the Wily Robot Masters— or at the very least, run from them. She felt a bit overwhelmed, as she was hit by Quick Man’s Quick Boomerang. She fired back with her Arm Cannon at what she thought was Quick Man, but was Wood Man instead, and it was already a disaster. Thankfully, she knew Captain Falcon was going to rescue her from this chaos, but all she could do until he came was fend the robots off until then.
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Captain Falcon wizzed as fast as he could in the Blue Falcon across Hyrule. He found the location he was headed to easily: a tiny yet scenic village. The Blue Falcon was extrememly fast and so the Captain didn't need to worry about getting there quickly. Seeing the facility, Captain Falcon took the reckless decision to crash into it. Doing so created a large crater and debris went flying everywhere. Falcon saw Samus, surrounded by Dr Wily's robots, as well as the robot masters, including Wood Man and Quick Man. Captain Falcon launched himself into the air using the trajectory of the force created by the speeding Blue Falcon. He looked below to see the Blue Falcon running over many robots. Falcon zoomed downwards and yelled "FALCON..." at the top of his breath. He fell downwards and angled towards Wood Man and finally released the energy from one of his fists shouting "PUNCH!!!" all within a period of a few seconds. A huge red falcon appeared at his fist and sent Wood Man flying as he said the last word and punched the robot master out of the way. He looked back at Samus to make sure she was okay.
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