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Open Capelle's School for Higher Education

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by IBELIEVEYOUDO, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    I am so sad there is no one responding...
  2. Me too... Maybe I'll respond, unless I'm the last one.
  3. *Aquaman lets off some steam in a literal manner, while growling towards the mirror*

    I'd wish I could... but then I'd be bunnying Believe's character if I did! *spurt spurt spurt*
  4. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

    Nope, I am sooooo waiting for people to come back
  5. I'm gonna post, just you wait.
  6. *Aquaman tries to wake Believe up by spraying her with a light amount of water from his spout and yelling at her*

    Unless if Believe gets up then I can't really do much other than trying to wake her up in anyway possible! *spurt* *drip drip*
  7. It's a bit of a problem Believe isn't here.
    Besides, she hasn't been on in two weeks!
    I'm a fan of Homestuck.
  8. *Aquaman shouts at Believe and uses WtrBomb on her*

    Without her, there's nothing I can do! And I can't really do much other than wait or trying to use my battle chips and stuff while hoping she'll get up...
  9. Frick, my music goes perfectly with what you're saying.
    It's kind of... sad.
    And it also goes with you saying "Without her, there's nothing I can do!"
    I hope she comes back...
  10. Name: william
    Species: charmander
    House: House Strike, as they want to become more skilled at relating and working with others.
    Personality (Optional): william is friendly and patient, with an inherent desire to succeed and help others along the way.
    History (Optional): i was a test subject
    Extra (Optional): williams hobbies are science
  11. Name: Charcoal
    Species: Fennekin (shiny)
    Gender/Pronouns: Female
    House: House Purity, as Charcoal wants to embrace her individuality
    Personality: Charcoal is shy around new people, but once you get to know her she is quite a feisty fashionista Fennekin!
    History: As a young child, Charcoal enjoyed watching performances near her volcano home, even though she was teased by her siblings.
    Extra: Even though Charcoal enjoys performing she also likes magic and has tried making a potion out of Cheri, Oran, and Lappa berries.
  12. Heyyy... so I see @IBELIEVEYOUDO has not come online for.. 3 weeks?! Still, sorry for not replying for such a long time, had entry exams for uni, so I could just drop by 5 mins to check on news and stuff like that... Anyway, tell me if anyone wants to continue this or something
  13. *Joel sits on his booster seat while trying to pick up a mallet*

    If I want to continue with you all... I'd need Believe first since I don't want her screaming at me for accidentally controlling her Meganium...
  14. Welp, I posted. Glare is, uh... what is she doing? Oh yeah, trying to avoid an arguement.
  15. Just checking if everyone is alive and stuff.
  16. ClockWork Breezy

    ClockWork Breezy Formerly VaporeonPlayz

  17. I might consider joining this if it comes to life.
  18. Hmm... if I am going to come back since the RP Creator might be equivalent to being in a coma at this point, then I suppose I might need to let Joel sneak out of his situation.
  19. I am alive and stuff
  20. I am alive but I'm not as active on Pokecharms anymore >~<
  21. Man, I just now went back and read through these threads again, and lemmie just say, it's the biggest shame of all shames that this RP fizzled out.
  22. Yeah sadly the creator disappeared
  23. Can't believe after so long, the most recent response is only 2 weeks old. I was convinced this would've died out after the host went M.I.A. Guess a lot of people aren't ready to give up on this story yet.
  24. Yeah. It was really good, and I’d love to pick up this RP again as well...
    Wish @IBELIEVEYOUDO would come back here. I don’t know what happened..

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