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Ask to Join Canvalus: The World of Magical Arts (Discussion/Sign-ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Gamefreak1996, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Canvalus, a planet nestled in a seperate solar system from our own. Here, the humanoid Magi, the inhabitants of the planet, live in ways very much like earth, except for one tiny detail: Everyone can use some form of magic. As the sun shines down upon the planet, providing warmth and light, it also emits a mystical energy called "essence", which is absorbed through the skin and used to feul this magic. Be it controlling an element, conjuring a tool, or summoning assistance, each of the Magi have their own unique magic, or as they call it, a Talent.

    However, as of late, strange things have begun to occur, and Canvalus may very soon face a threat unlike it had ever seen before!

    Now, before you create your character, allow me to inform you of the rules for this RP, to be later judged by @YourLittleSylvia.

    1) Please abide by Pokecharms' rules for General Roleplay so as to avoid being penalized by the mods. I hate seeing that happen.

    2) This is something that bears repeating, even if it's been repeated over a hundred times. No godmodding is permitted.

    3) Romance and rating are to be determined by @YourLittleSylvia. This rule will be updated when clarified.

    4) Have fun!

    Character Sheets:
    Hobby (optional):
    Family/Pets (optional):

    Current Cast:
    Name: Sylvia Reviar
    Age: 15
    Talent(s): Paint and Peace
    Appearance: Light pink hair, beige apron with rainbow paint splattered all over, blue eyes, beige bandanna, somewhat darker pink dress, magenta shoes.
    Hobby (optional): Painting, drawing, singing, dancing (though not that great :p ), playing flute, roleplaying, playing video games, daydreaming, sleeping, brainstorming, helping other people, and studying whenever necessary for the purpose of art and writing.
    Family/Pets (optional): An older brother named Jack, a younger sister named Lucy, a father (divorced and living far, far away), and a mother, as well as their pet box turtle named Tiny.
    Personality: Eccentric, lovable, excitable, and overall happy. While she gets down pretty easily, is very innocent, sometimes too much so, and is oblivious to many things, she still does her best in everything she does. As a pacifist, she believes in using magic to defend oneself without hurting anyone else in the process. She also can tend to be out of it when lacking sleep or focus and often zones out when daydreaming.
    Weaknesses: A little ditzy, clumsy, and detached from the rest of the world; sometimes it's hard to get her attention when you really need to. However, she would do anything for her friends, so long as she doesn't hurt anyone. Not hurting anyone can be considered a weakness by her foes.
    Strengths: She is as kind as she can possibly be; she goes out of her way to help anyone in need and defends with all of her power. She's grateful that her ability doesn't let her hurt anyone even if she wanted to, because that simply proves how strong she is without needing to harm anyone in the process. Power isn't everything.
    Other: Sylvia suffers from depression secretly, because her father was abusive in her childhood (not so abusive that the police were called, mind you; there was only one severe instance of abuse and it never happened again, especially since he left. But verbal abuse toward children is still nothing to scoff at). She doesn't want anyone to know that, though, so whenever anyone mentions her father, she either ignores them, pretends she's zoned out, or finds a way to change the subject. She also tends to be either very predictable or unpredictable, never in the middle. She's far more intelligent than many people give her credit for. Despite acting like a child or spacing out all the time, she's a lot more observant or keen than one may think. Of course, her intentions are always good, and she wears her heart on her sleeve most of the time, but it's still hard to tell what Sylvia may be thinking at any one given time.
    -Name: Jacques Montierre

    -Age: 15

    -Talent(s): Threads magic (creation/manipulation of various kinds of threads and strings, and can create new ones out of various materials, as well as manipulate the threads' properties to some extent).

    -Appearance: ( https://pokecharms.com/works/jacques-montierre-rp-character.48740/ ) Jacques often dresses rather simply, with a plain white, long-sleeved shirt (which he wove together himself using his magic) and dark jeans and sneakers. He always wears his signature cap as well. His hair is silver, his eyes a bright green, and his skin a fair tone.

    -Hobby (optional): Tailoring (for both boys and girls), literature, playing a lyre harp, writing stories, martial arts, long "strolls" around town (most of the time he just winds up swinging around spider man style).

    -Family/Pets (optional): Both his parents Montgomery Montierre XIII and Morgana Montierre, his older brother Vincent Montierre, and a large barn owl who often acts as a courier or scout, Wyzen.

    -Personality: Easy to approach, mentally composed, witty, flamboyant, and stout-hearted. Jacques takes even the smallest of tasks and events in strides, and somehow always looks cool doing it. He shows a great deal of caring and loyalty to those closest to him. He can be a little cynical at times, and a bit stubborn, but no matter what, he'll always be there for his friends. He also has a slight air of menace that shows particularly when agitated.

    -Weaknesses: He can be rather stubborn under circumstances where his friends are putting themselves into risky situations, and even he can lose his temper. He also has a bad habit of overtaxing himself when things get serious. In terms of magic, creating, reinforcing and maintaining threads from his magic essence all have costs, and while he can make new threads out of surrounding materials, maintaining them takes a bit of a toll on him as well if kept up for too long. Even he has limits. Also, enough tension can snap his threads, even when reinforced.

    -Strengths: Jacques's threads are versatile in terms of uses and allow him to handle many situations and threats at a distance. He also has a nice sleight of hand and is creative enough to take advantage of what his magic's capable of. He also has a self-created martial art involving primarily kicks, and has practiced using this in conjunction with his magic to become a capable fighter.

    -Other: Jacques comes from a long line of aristocrats, and as such would have had plenty of money...if he chose to stay with his family. Truth is, they leave a bad taste in his mouth, and he felt that the life of an aristocrat wasn't for him anyways. So he went off to live on his own in a small apartment. He dreams of one day running his own clothing and accessory business someday, and already has a website up where you can order clothing customized to your liking. It's his method of income now that his parents have cut him off.
    Name: Joanne Jonah
    Age: 16
    Talent(s): She can store and release life energy.
    Appearance: Black hair tied in a poney tail. She wears a blue jacket over a withe blouse, wears a black skirt, black shoes with red stripes on the sides and black knee socks.
    Hobby (optional): Looking after people, gaming, eating
    Family/Pets (optional): Has a mother and father, only child,
    Personality: Carefree and kindhearted, loyal to those she trust. Has a scary side when people make her angry.
    Weaknesses: Somewhat oblivious, sometimes too trusting using her talent too much can tire her out and releasing more life energy than she has stored will hurt her.
    Strengths: Her magic allows a variety of uses such as healing and creating life, she would do the most she can to help anyone in need
    Other: Doesn't have a remarkable family and had a average childhood


    Link to the RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/canvalus-the-world-of-magical-arts.19622/
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  2. Name: Joanne Jonah
    Age: 16
    Talent(s): She can store and release life energy.
    Appearance: Black hair tied in a poney tail. She wears a blue jacket over a withe blouse, wears a black skirt, black shoes with red stripes on the sides and black knee socks.
    Hobby (optional): Looking after people, gaming, eating
    Family/Pets (optional): Has a mother and father, only child,
    Personality: Carefree and kindhearted, loyal to those she trust. Has a scary side when people make her angry.
    Weaknesses: Somewhat oblivious, sometimes too trusting using her talent too much can tire her out and releasing more life energy than she has stored will hurt her.
    Strengths: Her magic allows a variety of uses such as healing and creating life, she would do the most she can to help anyone in need
    Other: Doesn't have a remarkable family and had a average childhood
  3. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Name: Gean Jiriono
    Age: 15
    Talent(s): Plasma: can superheat the air around him and release it.
    Appearance: highlighter green hair, African American with Azure Eyes. Wears a purple headband and a teal bandana on his neck. Other than that, his attire is a green tank top and black shorts
    Hobby (optional): inventing things, powering things with his powers.
    Family/Pets (optional): parents recently got remarried, lives with his father, mother, older sister, younger sister, and baby cousin.
    Personality: strong and silent, rarely says a word, but is apparently able to send subtle messages through glares
    Weaknesses: communication due to the fact that as I've said, he has yet to say anything to anyone, he knows how to speak, but silence is his preferred way of life. Due to a lack of communication, it is very difficult to work in a group with others who don't know him well enough to understand his glares.
    Strengths: Most of his time is spent in his computer lab, which is where his antisocial tendencies stem from. So for what he lacks in communication and social skills, he makes up for in technological know-how, and enginuity.
    Other: if allowed, please ship him with whoever you like.
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  4. any ideas how I can get in the RP?
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  5. There's a crowd forming. Your characters can blend in by meshing with the vague crowd around Sylvia and Jacques's current situation.
  6. This sounds rather interesting, and I'm very proud of the character I came up with.

    Name: Exonerata, or "Exon" for short. (It's actually an alias, but he's used it for so long, he's forgotten his true name.
    Age: 14
    Talent(s): Pocket Dimension Creation and Manipulation (More about his talent will be explained in the roleplay.)
    Appearance: Overall, Exon appears so incredibly average, it's almost abnormal. His height is average, his build is average, and his hair is an unimpressive dull shade of brown. His choice of clothing don't help this, as he always wears a generic white t-shirt, with black sweatpants. It almost seems like he's trying not to be noticed. There are, however, two things about Exon that make him stand out from the crowd. First of all, the irises of his eyes are pitch black, with no color at all. Secondly, Exon never shows any emotion. He does have feelings, he simply doesn't express them at all.
    Family/Pets: Exon lives completely alone, with no friends or family to speak of.
    Personality: Having known almost no one throughout his life, Exon has no social skills to speak of, but it doesn't bother him. Exon is a very carefree person. He does whatever he feels like, whenever he wants to. He doesn't go to school, and he certainly doesn't have a job, so he usually just wanders about, looking for something interesting.
    Weaknesses: As I said, Exon has no social skills. If he ever meets someone, they're usually unable to start a real conversation with him because of it. He's also usually completely oblivious to what's going on. Since he never speaks to anyone, he's never given any information. As a result, whenever anything happens, all he can really do is wonder what's going on.
    Strengths: Exon has become something of an enigma to the citizens of Xandrite City. He's even rather well known for it, as he's explored most of the city, and it's rare to meet someone who hasn't at least seen him. It's common knowledge that Exon is homeless, and jobless, yet, he's able to survive as well as any other citizen. He isn't malnourished, or even underweight, and he's somehow even able to keep his appearance decent. No one in the city knows for sure what his talent is, but many have specialized that he's able to survive without any nourishment at all. Exon, of course, doesn't care what the people think of him, as long as they don't disturb him.
    Other: Before Exon was born, his parents attempted an abortion. Miraculously though, Exon was born completely unscathed. Predictably, Exon was put up for adoption, but he wasn't happy in the orphanage, so he left. Now, Exon is living in the streets, homeless, and jobless. He could get an apartment and a job if he wanted to, but he simply doesn't see the point. He's perfectly content without a home, so he will stay that way.
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  7. I would like to join
    I'll make my bio now
  8. Name: Gaia Eclipse
    Appearance: Gaia is pretty short standing at 5'4 with an average build and short spiky green hair, he has lime eyes and a sharp fanged smile and sharp eyes, he sports a cyan hoodie and blue jeans, he also wears dark green sneakers
    Talent: Ivykinesis- the ability to create and manipulate plants and flaura
    Hobby: reading, fighting and training with his magic
    Family/pets: orphaned, his family was killed when he was little, he earns money by doing jobs and fufilling small quests
    Personality: Gaia has a somewhat cool guy like attitude, he often gets into trouble and mischeif, while he normally acts chill and smug he can get soft and more compassionate when a friend of his gets emotional or a situation takes a specific turn. But in a battle he is often overconfident and stubborn, not listening to plans and diving right into a fight.
    Weaknesses: his greatest weakness is his vulnerability to fire, if surrounded by fire his magic would be useless. He is very stubborn and impatiant which can ruin a plan
    Strength: his magic gains strength in the rain or in forest like environments, it is hard to deceive him.
    Other: he often reads about plants In order to expand his magical capabilities, such as learning about Venus fly traps, and being able to summon giant fly traps using magic. Let me know if I need to change something.
  9. would like to join, hope this character is alright.

    Name: Jimor Kintora
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    1. Copycat - Allows him to copy other powers from other magic users to use for himself, including items, and creatures(can only copy one power, item, or creature at a time.)
    2. Copycat Enchantment - Allows him to use his copycat magic to enchant whatever he copy's onto an item.
    Appearance: He has short black hair that reaches to his ears, red eyes, tan-ish white skin, and wears a tux style clothing with a black jacket that has a red checkered pattern on the inside, and black and white checkered pattern pants, along with black sneakers, and sometimes wears a black top hat.(He looks more like a magician)
    Hobby (optional): Tend to play his own card like game, mostly by himself.
    Family/Pets (optional):
    Personality: kind, caring, helpful, a bit mysterious, always seems to hide some kind of secret, always smiling, seems to be very smart in magic and science, and seems to never take things seriously.
    Weaknesses: Those who know his secrets, those close to him, and his family. Also the enchanted items have a cool down, after being used they must recharge before being used again, usually depends on the type of magic enchanted, powerful magic would take longer than weaker magic, weaker magics usually take a week, while powerful magic takes about half a year to a full year.
    Strengths: When he starts taking things more seriously his magic becomes stronger.
    Other: He loves to mix magic and science together to see what different outcomes he comes up with.
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  10. Name: Macellarius Church
    Age: 17
    Talent(s): Bibliokinesis (The ability to manipulate literary devices)
    Appearance: Macellarius stands at 5'8, slender with a moderate frame. His face is oblong in shape, long and narrowed into a decently defined jaw, with dull hazel-coloured eyes and a mole kissing the warm beige skin beneath his right, likewise to his father and brother. His hair, platinum blonde in colour and parted from the middle of his scalp, sweeps upwards to either side of his head, whereas half of the back of his head is neatly trimmed down into a close shave. He dresses both smartly and flamboyantly, often accompanied by a hot pink scarf in accordance to his unzipped brown leather jacket, black-and-white stripped shirt tucked into his pale blue jeans (which are, in turn, held up by a black belt), and a pair of brown hunting boots. Resting on the bridge of his nose are a fetching pair of square-framed glasses.
    Family/Pets: Morgenstern Church (Father), Evangeline Church (Mother, deceased), Lucror Church (Brother), Nikolai Dijikstra (Boyfriend)
    Personality: Despite all of his idiosyncrasies and his inability to confide in others or convey even his simplest emotions, Macellarius cares deeply for the safety and wellbeing of those around him. He's good-humoured and nearly always brimming with energy and enthusiasm, rarely able to keep his entire body still for very long before needing to adjust his position. He copes with serious matters through jokes, as he is uncomfortable with intimacy and, especially, with receiving empathy for his own personal problems. He is sometimes difficult to manage, as he can be cutting and acerbic when he's been put into a dreadful mood and holds grudges longer than might be considered healthy. He is stubborn and despises figures of authourity, as he firmly believes that they have not earned his respect.
    Weaknesses: His temper may cause him to act irrationally and his stubbornness could potentially make it very complicated to work with/befriend him. He is not particularly physically adept, and so strenuous physical activity may pose a problem for him.
    Strengths: He is extraordinarily creative and intelligent, allowing him to make critical decisions at a moment's notice.
    Other: Macellarius' mother, a wonderful woman who was as tender and gentle as she was beautiful, passed away while he and his brother were still young. His father, who had been deeply in love with her, fell into a depression, although he attempted to raise his sons at the expense of his own health. As his health, mental and physical alike, deteriorated, he became unable to care for his sons, as they only reminded him of the wife he no longer had. They were sent off to separate houses to be raised and looked after by different families. Macellarius despises his father for not being strong enough to care of his children himself and blames him for nearly all of the shortcomings in his life.

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