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Can YOU name all 50 states of the US?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Shiny Pyxis, Oct 31, 2013.

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  1. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    So after we saw a tumblr post of an Aussie trying to name the 50 states of the US, a few of us decided it would be fun to try it ourselves.

    Karu trying to name all 50 states (spoiler'd because it's a LONG log)

    [21:05] <%Rex> http://24.media.tumblr.com/5600829df2c14cb1fb12bde5e1c662f4/tumblr_mvdkh4QXi51qm7oolo1_1280.jpg
    [21:06] <Shiny> XD
    [21:07] <%Rex> Is THIS one Maryland?
    [21:07] <Shiny> XDD
    [21:07] <Shiny> at least they got Texas, Alaska, and Hawaii
    [21:07] <Shiny> oh and Washington
    [21:07] <MrRMA> Those are the popular ones.
    [21:07] <Shiny> oh and Florida aka yeah that thing
    [21:08] <Karu> xD
    [21:08] <%Rex> They got California after a few guesses.
    [21:08] <Shiny> trues
    [21:08] <%Rex> I love how everything in the South East is Virginia except for Florida and somehow Virginia itself.
    [21:08] <Shiny> that's just so perfect XD
    [21:09] * Karu is curious how one of those would end up if he tried it.
    [21:09] <Shiny> XD
    [21:09] <P_M> Try it and post it
    [21:09] <Shiny> "i found out last week that you guys had 2 washingtons so im gonna guess this is washington 2"
    [21:09] <P_M> No cheating now~
    [21:09] <Shiny> ^
    [21:09] <Karu> xD
    [21:09] <Rain> Someone defiled a pumpkin with a pony.
    [21:09] <Karu> What, I gotta do it?
    [21:09] <%Rex> Also their assertion that the US and Australia are "about the same size" is apparently off by a factor of 2 million square kilometers.
    [21:09] <Shiny> yes Karu-nii
    [21:09] <Shiny> :'D
    [21:10] <Karu> Well someone get me the image so I can't cheat, then xD
    [21:10] <MrRMA> You set yourself up for it, Karu. Now you gotta pay up!
    [21:10] <Shiny> one sec Karu-nii~
    [21:10] <%Rex> http://0.tqn.com/d/geography/1/0/9/H/usa3.jpg
    [21:10] <Karu> I will, I will.
    [21:10] <Karu> Danke!
    [21:10] <Karu> Oh I'm fucked...
    [21:10] <Shiny> wait that doesn't include two of them
    [21:10] <Shiny> http://www.freeusandworldmaps.com/images/USPrintable/USA52BlankBWPrint.jpg
    [21:11] * Shiny pats Karu XD
    [21:11] <%Rex> Also I've no room to talk because I've forgotten which ones which in several places.
    [21:11] <Shiny> I know which one's my state!
    [21:11] <Shiny> ♥
    [21:11] <MrRMA> You know, this just reminded me...I for one, geographically don't know shit about my own countries middle region...
    [21:11] <Karu> I know NOTHING
    [21:11] <Karu> Actually
    [21:11] <Karu> Wait
    [21:11] <Karu> Wait
    [21:11] <Karu> Alaska
    [21:11] <Shiny> I barely remember the east coast for some reason
    [21:11] <Shiny> ... HAHAHAHA
    [21:11] <%Rex> I know a lot of the borders.
    [21:11] * P_M can name them all >:)
    [21:11] <Shiny> I can NAME them~
    [21:12] <Shiny> but like identifying will take a while
    [21:12] <%Rex> But as we move towards the centers I forget which one is which.
    [21:12] <Shiny> I probably can identify them
    [21:12] <MrRMA> I have to know the East Coast, for, well, fairly obvious reasons.
    [21:12] <Shiny> I remember almost everything in the middle
    [21:12] <Shiny> I really don't remember east coast all that well
    [21:12] <P_M> I can identify them all too
    [21:12] <MrRMA> Just call the top part New England and you've got several down at once!
    [21:12] <%Rex> East coast is easily enough.
    [21:12] <Karu> Yeah for you
    [21:13] <Shiny> XD
    [21:13] <Shiny> oh I can do this
    [21:13] * %Rex tries this himself to see how hard he fails at remembering some of the interior states.
    [21:13] <Cloveria>

    [21:13] <+Porygon-Z> Title: Wakkos 50 State Capitols with Lyrics/Subtitles - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)
    [21:13] <Rain> Yayyy "Any Way You Want It"
    [21:13] <MrRMA> Speaking of which, I may just end up being afk in an hour or so if the Red Sox keep winning to the 9th inning.
    [21:14] <Karu> Myrtle Beach exists
    [21:14] <Karu> Yeah, that's...
    [21:14] <Karu> That's real.
    [21:15] * Dinova (43b0fda1@h-BD9BC120.hsd1.in.comcast.net) has joined #pokecharms
    [21:15] <Shiny> hai Di~
    [21:15] <Rain> Have The Dropkick Murphies performed?
    [21:15] <MrRMA> Hey, Dinova!
    [21:15] <Karu> Dropkick Murphies ♥
    [21:15] <Dinova> hi!
    [21:15] <@baratron> Performed where? I've seen them live.
    [21:15] <Dinova> have 45 free minutes
    [21:15] <@baratron> hi Dinova
    [21:15] <Karu> Hi, Di.
    [21:16] <Rain> They are supposed to be performing at the Red Sox game
    [21:16] <Dinova> hello all!
    [21:16] <MrRMA> Well, they're definitely gonna be playing soon if things keep going Boston's way.
    [21:16] <Rain> Yay
    [21:16] <Rain> I don't have TV so
    [21:16] * DragonianKing87 (47e3d799@h-3375E1E6.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) has joined #pokecharms
    [21:17] <Rain> The Dropkick Murphies come to Chico a lot, but I haven't had the chance to see them yet.
    [21:17] <Karu> Fuck, how long am I going to be looking at this? XD
    [21:17] <DragonianKing87> Hey guys!
    [21:17] <Shiny> XD
    [21:17] <Dinova> hello drago
    [21:17] <Shiny> hello there DragonianKing87~
    [21:17] <MrRMA> I gotta catch them at some point. They're too awesome a band to miss out on.
    [21:17] * Shiny pats Karu-nii
    [21:17] <Shiny> good luck XD
    [21:17] <Rain> mmhmm, I'll probably be able to see them next time.
    [21:17] <Karu> Good luck?!
    [21:17] <Karu> I live in the UK! XD
    [21:18] * DragonianKing87 (47e3d799@h-3375E1E6.hsd1.wa.comcast.net) Quit (Imploded: Page closed)
    [21:18] <@baratron> They played at Download.
    [21:18] <P_M> Karu: I would hope Myrtle Beach exist. I /did/ attend college there after all :p
    [21:18] <Karu> xD
    [21:18] <Karu> Ok so
    [21:19] <Karu> I have 3 I know
    [21:19] <Karu> OR hope I know
    [21:19] <Shiny> XD
    [21:19] * leocasatle (bacbf677@6875C87.AB40422B.AB769252.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 125 seconds)
    [21:19] <MrRMA> Well, that's a good start.
    [21:19] <Shiny> which ones?
    [21:19] <%Rex> 3/48!
    [21:19] <P_M> But it's a city not a state so... XD
    [21:19] <%Rex> Since the map lacks Alaska and Hawaii.
    [21:19] <P_M> *3/50
    [21:19] <P_M> Oh
    [21:19] <Shiny> unless he's using the map I linked?
    [21:20] <MrRMA> Yeah...but those are almost a given
    [21:20] <Karu> I'm using the full
    [21:20] <%Rex> If it makes Karu's life any easier, we have two Norths, two Souths, and one West.
    [21:20] <Karu> ...
    [21:20] <Karu> Fuck
    [21:20] <MrRMA> I was born in one of those!
    [21:20] <Shiny> XDD
    [21:20] <Shiny> I was born in two of the easier states to remember~
    [21:21] <P_M> I'll give you another hint. Myrtle Beach is in one of the Souths
    [21:21] <Rain> I want to witness this Download Fest thing for myself, it sounds great.
    [21:21] <%Rex> We also have... four News I think?
    [21:21] <Shiny> I think so?
    [21:21] <MrRMA> Just don't count the region that has New in the name
    [21:22] <Shiny> XDDD
    [21:22] <MrRMA> Also, yes, I currently reside in one of the "New" states, ironically one of the oldest ones.
    [21:22] <Karu> FUCK XD
    [21:22] <Karu> I put it in the wrong place then
    [21:22] <Shiny> XDD
    [21:23] <MrRMA> Oh lord, where did you think we were?
    [21:23] <Karu> ...
    [21:23] <Shiny> also there are 8 states that start with M and 8 that start with N
    [21:23] <Shiny> :D
    [21:23] <Karu> XD
    [21:23] <Karu> ...
    [21:23] <Karu> ...
    [21:23] <Karu> .....
    [21:23] <Karu> Eastern? XD
    [21:23] <%Rex> We also have an island!
    [21:23] <%Rex> That's not Hawaii.
    [21:23] <MrRMA> Well, that's...kinda right...
    [21:23] <Karu> SHIT
    [21:23] <Shiny> HAHAHAHAHA
    [21:23] * P_M is on the east side
    [21:23] <MrRMA> And that's not even really an island at all
    [21:23] <%Rex> RMA
    [21:24] <%Rex> Shut up. You're spoiling it.
    [21:24] <Shiny> ^^^^^
    [21:24] <Shiny> XDDDD
    [21:24] <Karu> What island where? XD
    [21:24] <Karu> I don't see it
    [21:24] <Shiny> ;)
    [21:24] <%Rex> Lol.
    [21:24] <MrRMA> Oh god you horrible people...XD
    [21:24] <P_M> On the map Rex gave you or Shiny's map?
    [21:24] <%Rex> Not referring to Hawaii, PM.
    [21:25] <Karu> Rex
    [21:25] <Karu> 's
    [21:25] <Shiny> ♥
    [21:25] <Shiny> which ones do you have so far, then?
    [21:26] <MrRMA> Well this is some pause...Were you lying to us, Karu?
    [21:27] <Shiny> (he's cheating)
    [21:27] <Shiny> (I mean iluKaru-nii XD)
    [21:27] <MrRMA> (Hell, /I/ would)
    [21:28] <Karu> ...
    [21:28] <Karu> I was on the toilet, danke xD
    [21:28] <P_M> XD
    [21:28] <Shiny> XDDD
    [21:29] <%Rex> If it makes Karu feel any better, I've only named 16 so far.
    [21:29] <Shiny> slowww
    [21:29] <Shiny> ♥
    [21:29] <Karu> one sec
    [21:29] <Karu> I've named what, six? XD
    [21:29] <Karu> One of which is
    [21:29] <MrRMA> I'm not even bothering. I fear more embarrassment than I already expect.
    [21:29] <Karu> Spontaneous Bullshit Island
    [21:30] * Rain (1772044f@E4873C5D.D2D9D6D2.32C13BF6.IP) Quit (Imploded: Page closed)
    [21:30] <%Rex> Hah.
    [21:30] * Dinova (43b0fda1@h-BD9BC120.hsd1.in.comcast.net) Quit (Imploded: Page closed)
    [21:31] * Dinova (43b0fda1@h-BD9BC120.hsd1.in.comcast.net) has joined #pokecharms
    [21:31] <Shiny> welcome back Di XD
    [21:31] <@baratron> Is there a blank map that expands all the little New England states?
    [21:31] <Shiny> also XD
    [21:31] <@baratron> Because otherwise it's impossible, they're too small to see.
    [21:31] <Shiny> there probably is
    [21:31] <MrRMA> Yeah, really...
    [21:31] <Shiny> http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/namerica/usstates/outline/neoutline.gif
    [21:31] <Karu> try this link
    [21:31] <Shiny> well that's new england
    [21:31] <Karu> https://new.livestream.com/accounts/4266192/events/2510151?help=true
    [21:31] <+Porygon-Z> Title: Map Crap on Livestream (at
    [21:32] <Karu> Any luck?
    [21:32] <Tailon> what's happening
    [21:33] <MrRMA> Just some glorious geography
    [21:33] <Shiny> messing with Karu-nii XD
    [21:33] <Tailon> oh ok
    [21:33] * Tailon clicks cookies
    [21:33] <Karu> Does the link work or not? XD
    [21:33] <Shiny> pfffft oh my gosh
    [21:33] <Shiny> it does
    [21:33] <Shiny> XD
    [21:34] <Karu> There, now I can see both xD
    [21:34] <P_M> Sorry Karu, but I'm not making a livestream account to view it XD
    [21:34] <Karu> Ah sorry, if I knew of an alternative xD
    [21:35] <Shiny> I just used facebook to log in |D
    [21:35] <Shiny> hahahahaha omg mutated genitals seriously XD
    [21:35] <P_M> Which one is that? XD
    [21:35] * %Rex would be spelling most of these states wrong if it weren't for spellcheck. >>
    [21:37] <Karu> Fuck xD
    [21:37] <Karu> Erm
    [21:37] <Karu> Erm
    [21:37] <Karu> Dakota exists?
    [21:37] <Karu> Yes.
    [21:37] <Shiny> kinda
    [21:37] <%Rex> Not telling.
    [21:37] <Shiny> ;D
    [21:37] <%Rex> SSH
    [21:37] <Karu> North & South
    [21:37] <Shiny> oops
    [21:37] <Shiny> but you don't know which ones >:D
    [21:37] <Karu> oregon is a thing
    [21:39] <Shiny> ;)
    [21:39] <Karu> Weird, I got pinged.
    [21:39] <Karu> Where the fuck from?
    [21:41] <Karu> Fuck xD
    [21:41] <Karu> Erm
    [21:41] <Karu> There is a west something
    [21:41] <Karu> West Virginia?
    [21:41] * Jay_the_wolf (4c5a2bd7@h-D40CEF80.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #pokecharms
    [21:42] <Jay_the_wolf> herrow guys
    [21:42] <@baratron> Hi Jay_the_wolf
    [21:42] <Karu> Name states or die, newbie xD
    [21:42] <MrRMA> Don't pin this on others, Karu!
    [21:42] <Shiny> Karu no
    [21:42] <Karu> Fuuuuuuck
    [21:42] <Shiny> no cheating
    [21:42] <Shiny> :p
    [21:42] <Karu> Well I suppose it's what I get for expanding the livestream window.
    [21:43] <%Rex> Karu is going to hate me when he sees the island state. =p
    [21:43] <MrRMA> If he doesn't hate you already XD
    [21:43] <Shiny> he probably does
    [21:43] <Shiny> XD
    [21:44] <Jay_the_wolf> XD
    [21:45] <%Rex> Shit! I got 46 and I can't remember the other four. XD
    [21:45] <P_M> Where are they generally located Rex?
    [21:45] <MrRMA> Are there roughly in the same place?
    [21:45] <MrRMA> *they
    [21:45] <Shiny> Tono doesn't know them in alphabetical order?
    [21:46] <%Rex> I'm missing two in the north west, one in north center, and one more that I THINK I have in north center but I'm not sure.
    [21:46] <Shiny> hmm
    [21:46] <%Rex> Oh wait, I'm also missing one in the south east.
    [21:46] <Shiny> show me, Tono?
    [21:46] <Karu> FUCK YOU REX XD
    [21:47] <Shiny> screenshot or something
    [21:47] <MrRMA> The west and center are where I mostly get mixed up myself
    [21:47] <Shiny> and query
    [21:47] <Shiny> I can do this all suckerssss >:D
    [21:47] <Karu> Could just post this right here xD
    [21:47] <MrRMA> Well that's 'cause you're you...
    [21:47] <Shiny> ♥
    [21:48] <MrRMA> If /I/ had magic on my side, I'd probably know them all too!
    [21:48] <Shiny> damaged pan
    [21:48] <Shiny> yes
    [21:48] * Shiny claps
    [21:48] <Karu> Shut up xD
    [21:49] <%Rex> Shiny I'll show you what I have, but don't tell me what I'm missing.
    [21:49] <%Rex> Just a second.
    [21:49] * Jay_the_wolf (4c5a2bd7@h-D40CEF80.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Imploded: Page closed)
    [21:49] <Shiny> I won't
    [21:49] <Shiny> just curious
    [21:49] <%Rex> Though if I have some in wrong areas feel free to point them out.
    [21:50] * Jay_the_wolf (4c5a2bd7@h-D40CEF80.socal.res.rr.com) has joined #pokecharms
    [21:51] <Karu> This music is no help at all
    [21:51] <Karu> Calm nerves.
    [21:51] <%Rex> Okay.
    [21:51] <%Rex> I've gotten 56 out of 50.
    [21:51] <%Rex> 46&
    [21:51] <%Rex> Fuck.
    [21:51] * %Rex stabs his keyboard.
    [21:51] <Shiny> XD
    [21:51] <MrRMA> Good job, Rex! All 56!
    [21:52] <Shiny> XDDD
    [21:52] <P_M> So you got all of the territories too. Impressive XD
    [21:52] <%Rex> I'll put the four I missed in red and put the image up for Karu to compare when he's finished.
    [21:52] <Karu> Thank you.
    [21:53] <Shiny> XD
    [21:53] * Shiny pats Tono
    [21:53] <Karu> Yep, just gonna put that up there....
    [21:53] <Shiny> did you just
    [21:53] <Shiny> omg
    [21:53] <Shiny> XDDD
    [21:54] <Shiny> my friend's watching this in call with me right now just saying
    [21:54] <Shiny> no pressure, Karu-nii ♥
    [21:54] <MrRMA> Wow, everyone wants in on this.
    [21:55] <Karu> xD
    [21:55] <P_M> I'm placing bets with the Evil Space Monkeys >:)
    [21:55] <Karu> WHo is it watching me?
    [21:55] <Karu> apparently 3 people
    [21:55] <Shiny> me, my friend
    [21:55] <Shiny> someone else I guess
    [21:56] <Karu> Erm
    [21:56] <Karu> Ignore my fb
    [21:57] <%Rex> Ah, I mixed up one of the states with another, as well.
    [21:57] * Shiny pats
    [21:57] <Karu> Well let's face it, you've won this competition xD
    [21:58] <MrRMA> Wouldn't that make for a very different Birth in Blood...XD
    [21:58] <Karu> xD
    [21:58] <P_M> Post and we shall see
    [21:58] <Karu> Well, if you could see this XD
    [21:58] <P_M> Hopefully you at least did better than the Ausie
    [21:58] <Karu> Oh I doubt it
    [21:58] <Karu> I don't think Neo Washington is real
    [21:59] <Shiny> XD
    [21:59] <Shiny> he's doing better than the Ausie, yes
    [21:59] <Karu> Wait
    [21:59] <Karu> Maybe
    [21:59] <Karu> Fuck
    [21:59] <Shiny> ... minus mutilated genitalia
    [21:59] <Karu> I can't spell
    [21:59] * Shiny runs
    [21:59] <Karu> Mass
    [21:59] <Karu> Massa
    [21:59] <Karu> FUCK
    [21:59] <Shiny> XD
    [22:00] <Karu> It has a c, e and a u in it xD
    [22:00] <P_M> XD
    [22:00] * Shiny claps
    [22:00] <MrRMA> Yep...not in that order, but, yep!
    [22:00] <Karu> probably an h
    [22:00] <Karu> masse...
    [22:00] <Karu> Fuck.
    [22:00] <%Rex> Lol.
    [22:00] <Shiny> good luck :p
    [22:01] <MrRMA> Speaking of...oh wait, don't wanna ruin this...that M place. Gotta go for a second. Sox still winning. Be back in a moment.
    [22:01] <Shiny> see ya XD
    [22:01] <Shiny> XDDDD
    [22:01] <%Rex> Whenever Karu is ready to give up I'll have the map.
    [22:01] * MrRMA (84b1ec6a@h-509A963B.unh.edu) Quit (Imploded: Sports and <censored>!)
    [22:01] <Karu> Fuck you xD
    [22:01] <Shiny> Tono-nii helping Karu-nii
    [22:01] <Shiny> cute XD
    [22:02] <Karu> Aw yeah, this is the music
    [22:02] <Shiny> XD
    [22:02] <Jay_the_wolf> :3
    [22:03] * %Rex would also like to see Karu's map before he posts his!
    [22:03] <Karu> AHA!
    [22:04] <Karu> Please open a thread xD
    [22:04] <Karu> Also
    [22:04] <Karu> Kentucky
    [22:04] <Karu> That's a word
    [22:04] <Shiny> is it
    [22:04] <Shiny> it's totally a word
    [22:04] <Karu> Yes because spell check didn't error it xD
    [22:04] <Shiny> but is it a state? :p
    [22:04] <Karu> o_o
    [22:04] <Jay_the_wolf> :O
    [22:08] <Shiny> what does that say o-o
    [22:08] <%Rex> !ping
    [22:08] <+Porygon-Z> pong
    [22:09] <Karu> ....
    [22:09] <Karu> ...
    [22:09] <Shiny> deformed
    [22:09] <Karu> Deformed Ent
    [22:09] <Shiny> something
    [22:09] <Shiny> ahh
    [22:09] * Karu will stop colouring in now
    [22:09] <Shiny> Karu-nii isn't it late? :p
    [22:10] <Karu> Shush, I have an America to fail at xD
    [22:10] <Karu> Actually, it is.
    [22:11] <P_M> See, this is why we rebelled. There were only thirteen back then and you still couldn't name them all XD
    [22:11] <Shiny> and then facebook
    [22:11] <Karu> Shhh
    [22:11] <Karu> Just ignore me showing emotions
    [22:12] <%Rex> I was a bit more serious in my naming than Karu. =p
    [22:12] <Shiny> so I saw XD
    [22:12] <Karu> I apologise xD
    [22:12] <Karu> I just
    [22:12] <Karu> Have no idea
    [22:13] <Karu> And my imagination
    [22:13] <Shiny> it's kinda cute
    [22:13] <Shiny> |D
    [22:13] <Karu> It shows me things
    [22:13] <Karu> What is?
    [22:13] <Shiny> Amalie~
    [22:14] <Karu> Oh @//@
    [22:14] <Karu> Thank you.
    [22:14] * Karu just.
    [22:14] <Karu> Erm.
    [22:14] <Karu> Well!
    [22:14] <Karu> ...
    [22:14] <Shiny> ♥
    [22:14] <Karu> Shush x//D
    [22:14] <Shiny> cute <333
    [22:14] <Karu> Mapping.. >//<
    [22:14] <Jay_the_wolf> ...
    [22:15] <%Rex> ...
    [22:15] <%Rex> Yup, that's totally where Las Vegas is.
    [22:15] <Shiny> XD
    [22:15] <Karu> I-!! XD
    [22:15] <Jay_the_wolf> XD
    [22:15] <Karu> ...
    [22:15] <Karu> I'm going to go with New Orleans isn't a state
    [22:16] <Shiny> XD
    [22:16] <Karu> Maybe ?
    [22:16] <%Rex> You tell me!
    [22:16] <Shiny> ^
    [22:16] <Karu> Just tending to Amalie a sec >//>
    [22:17] <P_M> Oh wow. You have been at this for an hour now XD
    [22:17] <Karu> xD
    [22:17] <Karu> Oh
    [22:17] <Shiny> omg he has been XD
    [22:17] <%Rex> Hah.
    [22:17] <Jay_the_wolf> i have to leave bye
    [22:17] <Shiny> baiyo~
    [22:17] <P_M> Night Jay
    [22:18] <Karu> ....
    [22:18] <Karu> ...
    [22:18] <Karu> EIGHT start with M?!
    [22:18] <Karu> FUCK
    [22:18] <Karu> Erm
    [22:18] <Shiny> yes
    [22:18] <Shiny> and 8 start with N
    [22:19] <Shiny> (including the 4 "new" states)
    [22:19] <%Rex> Yup.
    [22:19] <Karu> o_o
    [22:19] <Karu> ...
    [22:19] <P_M> And the two North states
    [22:19] * Jay_the_wolf (4c5a2bd7@h-D40CEF80.socal.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 126 seconds)
    [22:19] <Shiny> oh yes
    [22:19] <%Rex> MICHAEL BAYSPLOSION
    [22:20] <Shiny> can't forget the two north states
    [22:20] <Karu> Nope
    [22:20] <Karu> North is er
    [22:20] <Karu> Covered xD
    [22:20] <Shiny> yes
    [22:20] <Shiny> of course
    [22:20] <Shiny> ... Florida
    [22:20] <Karu> SHUT UP XD
    [22:20] <Shiny> that is all
    [22:21] <%Rex> So where's Miami, Karu?
    [22:21] <Shiny> TONO
    [22:21] <P_M> XD
    [22:21] -> -Rex- STOP TROLLING XDDDD
    [22:21] <Karu> Fuck if I know xD
    [22:21] <Karu> Ok
    [22:21] <Karu> States
    [22:21] <Karu> They exist
    [22:21] <Shiny> yes perfect
    [22:22] <Shiny> of course
    [22:22] <Shiny> THAT'S where it is
    [22:22] <P_M> Yup
    [22:22] <%Rex> Masterfully done.
    [22:22] * Shiny throws hands up in the air
    [22:22] <Karu> SHUSH XD
    [22:22] <%Rex> MIAMA
    [22:22] <%Rex> MIAMI*
    [22:22] <%Rex> YES
    [22:22] <Shiny> XD
    [22:25] <Shiny> that is indeed a state
    [22:25] <Shiny> stove
    [22:25] <Karu> Tip of my tongue...
    [22:25] <Karu> ...
    [22:25] <Karu> XD
    [22:25] <%Rex> Glove.
    [22:25] <%Rex> Yup.
    [22:25] <%Rex> Seems legit.
    [22:25] <Karu> nobody has anything to say about gloves neighbours to the south?
    [22:25] <@baratron> Gloves?
    [22:25] <@baratron> Hehehe
    [22:25] <Shiny> oh it says Glove?
    [22:25] <@baratron> I should have a go at this.
    [22:26] <%Rex> I will say this, the President is from the glorious state of Left.
    [22:26] <Shiny> this quality is so bad on my end XD
    [22:26] <Karu> Doesn't even help me xD
    [22:26] <%Rex> Good. =p
    [22:26] <Shiny> I've lived in right before :'D
    [22:26] <Karu> Quality should better now
    [22:26] <Karu> xD
    [22:26] * %Rex is the the right of right!
    [22:27] <%Rex> Doesn't Pheo live in Right?
    [22:27] <Shiny> oh I think he does
    [22:27] <Pheonix> wait what?
    [22:27] <Shiny> I know a few others who lived in Right as well
    [22:27] <Shiny> Rexland
    [22:27] * Shiny applauds
    [22:27] <%Rex> PFFT
    [22:27] <Pheonix> wtf have I been not paying attention to? XD
    [22:28] <%Rex> Karu is naming the states of the union, Pheo.
    [22:28] <Shiny> he has names at least
    [22:28] <Karu> It
    [22:28] <Karu> Is going well xD
    [22:28] <Karu> Link Pheo in
    [22:28] <Pheonix> the ozzie one that was linked earlier?
    [22:28] <Shiny> http://new.livestream.com/accounts/4266192/events/2510151?help=true
    [22:28] <Shiny> this link?
    [22:28] <+Porygon-Z> Title: Map Crap on Livestream (at new.livestream.com)
    [22:28] <Karu> Yup
    [22:28] <Pheonix> oh gods no, I'm being batman right now
    [22:28] <Shiny> XD
    [22:29] <Pheonix> if you have a choice, YOU ALWAYS CHOSE BATMAN ><
    [22:29] <Shiny> AHAHAHAHA
    [22:29] <%Rex> Karu doesn't remember the Alamo?
    [22:29] <Shiny> GGGGGG
    [22:29] <Karu> Nope.
    [22:29] <Karu> I just have names
    [22:29] <Karu> I did fail geography xD
    [22:30] * Shiny pats
    [22:30] <Karu> Oh buggery
    [22:30] <Karu> one sec
    [22:30] <Karu> Ok
    [22:30] <Karu> Mapping
    [22:30] <Shiny> ♥
    [22:30] <Shiny> <33
    [22:30] <%Rex> You're doing very well!
    [22:31] <Shiny> of course he is
    [22:31] <Karu> xD
    [22:31] <Shiny> he's my brother what did you expect
    [22:31] <Karu> I'm doing well with Amalie.
    [22:31] <Karu> Not so much the map
    [22:31] <Shiny> ♥
    [22:31] <Karu> Ok
    [22:31] <Karu> Need more names
    [22:32] <Karu> VIRGINIA
    [22:32] <P_M> Bakemonogatari
    [22:32] <Shiny> ^
    [22:32] <Shiny> you're missing a few M's and New's
    [22:32] <%Rex> And a south.
    [22:32] <%Rex> And a north.
    [22:33] <Karu> There.
    [22:33] <Shiny> and west!
    [22:33] <Karu> WestWorld is West!
    [22:33] <Shiny> north westworld yes
    [22:33] <Shiny> and south new washington
    [22:33] * Shiny claps
    [22:33] <%Rex> Neo Washington*
    [22:34] <Shiny> oh I can't read
    [22:34] <Shiny> XD
    [22:34] <%Rex> Only a few more to go Karu!
    [22:34] <Shiny> yeah!
    [22:34] <Karu> Oh fuck, I already have Virginia xD
    [22:34] <Karu> Erm
    [22:34] <Shiny> XDDD
    [22:34] <%Rex> Where's Dorothy from, Karu?
    [22:34] <@baratron> I can see a dragon flying around Solitude.
    [22:34] <@baratron> I bet it's up to ME to deal with it.
    [22:34] <Karu> Skyrim
    [22:34] <Shiny> we need a log of this after Karu posts his final results
    [22:34] <Shiny> XD
    [22:35] <P_M> Oz
    [22:35] <%Rex> Yup, and she dropped one of those fuck off castles on the wicked wizard of the North Westworld, didn't she!
    [22:35] <Shiny> XDDD
    [22:35] <Karu> XD
    [22:35] <Karu> Hell yeah
    [22:36] <P_M> I hope you guys have all of it. Mine cuts off about where Cloveria posted the Wakko song :<
    [22:36] <Shiny> I have logs
    [22:36] <P_M> Bitchin! (:<
    [22:36] <Karu> I will print off and keep this map
    [22:37] <Shiny> I have logs since 12 noon XD
    [22:37] <Shiny> you should be proud of yourself, Karu
    [22:37] <Shiny> you named more states than the Ausie :'D
    [22:37] <@baratron> ROTFL
    [22:37] <Karu> xD
    [22:37] <P_M> Did you even go to school today Shiny? D:
    [22:37] <Shiny> yes of course
    [22:37] <Shiny> I just stay online
    [22:37] <Shiny> XD
    [22:38] <P_M> You bloody damn addict XD
    [22:38] <Shiny> XD
    [22:38] <Shiny> I do this all the time :p
    [22:38] <Shiny> leave myself in chat for extended periods of time when I'm actually asleep/in class/whatever
    [22:38] <Karu> Ok, more states xD
    [22:39] <Shiny> Charms
    [22:39] <Shiny> obviously
    [22:39] <Karu> Got Cyrodiil, Skyrim and Elseweyr done.
    [22:39] <%Rex> The area around Michael Bay, Miami Hotline, Kentucky, and Mutilated Genitalia is well known for its Tornados, huh Karu?
    [22:39] <Karu> Charms is in the Uk, silly.
    [22:39] <Karu> xD
    [22:39] <Shiny> of course, silly me
    [22:39] <Shiny> |D
    [22:39] <Karu> I'm am so sorry Rex but that provides me with nothing but laughter
    [22:39] <Shiny> XDDD
    [22:39] <Shiny> Mutilated Genitalia is well known for Tornados XD
    [22:39] <%Rex> Kind of the point. =p
    [22:40] <P_M> XD
    [22:40] <Karu> Ok, names.
    [22:40] <Karu> Names.
    [22:40] <Shiny> you're missing about 10 states
    [22:40] <Karu> I ran out of names almost xD
    [22:40] <Shiny> well you still have to name 10 of them I guess
    [22:40] <%Rex> !ping
    [22:40] <+Porygon-Z> pong
    [22:40] <Karu> !ping
    [22:40] <+Porygon-Z> pong
    [22:41] * Aritheanie (luminarear@D1A9470A.6D8E9C15.521D7ABD.IP) has joined #pokecharms
    [22:41] <%Rex> My stream broke.
    [22:41] <Karu> It did?
    [22:41] <Shiny> mine still works
    [22:41] <P_M> !8 ball. Tell Karu a state name
    [22:41] <Karu> xD
    [22:41] <Shiny> !8ball tell Karu a state name
    [22:41] <+Porygon-Z> Shiny: NO.
    [22:41] <Karu> XD
    [22:41] <Shiny> XDDDDD
    [22:41] <Shiny> hai Ari~
    [22:41] <Aritheanie> hi
    [22:42] <%Rex> Porygon-Z won't have any of that shit.
    [22:42] <Shiny> oh my stream broke too
    [22:42] <Shiny> :<
    [22:42] <Karu> https://new.livestream.com/accounts/4266192/events/2510151
    [22:42] <+Porygon-Z> Title: Map Crap on Livestream (at new.livestream.com)
    [22:42] <Karu> Tell me when one of you is back on
    [22:42] <%Rex> Okay, I'm up again.
    [22:43] <Shiny> I am too
    [22:43] <Karu> Cool
    [22:43] <Karu> Right
    [22:43] <Karu> State names xD
    [22:43] <Karu> Gotta think hard
    [22:43] <%Rex> Tallahassee
    [22:43] <Shiny> ...
    [22:43] * P_M snickers
    [22:44] <Karu> Oh
    [22:44] <Shiny> darn it Tono
    [22:44] <%Rex> One of the states is a former SSR.
    [22:45] <%Rex> Yup.
    [22:45] <%Rex> You got it,
    [22:45] <Shiny> XDDD
    [22:45] <Shiny> oh what about Canada that's a state right
    [22:45] * Shiny is shot
    [22:46] <%Rex> No, Canada's our headgear.
    [22:46] <%Rex> SOUTH REXLAND
    [22:46] <Shiny> XDDD
    [22:46] <Shiny> Rex keeps getting shoutouts omg
    [22:47] <Karu> I am so sorry xD
    [22:47] <Shiny> EFF YOU
    [22:47] <Shiny> DONE
    [22:47] <%Rex> Oh look, Shiny's boyfriend!
    [22:47] <Shiny> NOT TALKING TO YOU
    [22:47] <Shiny> EVER
    [22:47] <Shiny> why am I next to Magikarp
    [22:47] <%Rex> Aw, they're together forever now.
    [22:47] <P_M> XD
    [22:47] <Shiny> so
    [22:47] <Shiny> done
    [22:47] * Pheonix (Pheonix@h-875253F2.try.wideopenwest.com) Quit (Imploded: ChatZilla [Firefox 24.0/20130910160258])
    [22:48] <Shiny> aaand there goes Pheo :<
    [22:48] <P_M> He had enough too apparently XD
    [22:48] <Karu> just a little left
    [22:48] <Shiny> I guess XD
    [22:48] <Shiny> you're missing tiny states in the northeast
    [22:48] <Tailon> rabble rabble
    [22:49] <@baratron> That's why I wanted a map that expands on those.
    [22:49] <Cloveria> rabble rabble rabble
    [22:49] <Karu> Get me one then xD
    [22:49] <Karu> Please, someone
    [22:49] <%Rex> Karu, one of our other states is named after an English county.
    [22:50] <Shiny> oh it is?
    [22:50] <Shiny> also if you just want New England http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/namerica/usstates/outline/neoutline.gif
    [22:50] <Karu> We have a few of those.
    [22:50] <Karu> Danke
    [22:50] <P_M> A county Gremlins like to sing about
    [22:51] * Karu has never seen Gremlins.
    [22:52] <%Rex> http://systemcat.deviantart.com/art/Shiftry-Teaching-Nuzleaf-and-Seedot-410567938 What the fuuuuuuck
    [22:52] <+Porygon-Z> Title: Shiftry Teaching Nuzleaf and Seedot by systemcat on deviantART (at systemcat.deviantart.com)
    [22:52] <Shiny> x marks the spot
    [22:52] * Cloveria (4a8449b7@h-D0ACCFD4.dhcp.insightbb.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 123 seconds)
    [22:52] <%Rex> ShinyXMagikarp.
    [22:52] <Shiny> SHUSH
    [22:52] <Shiny> NO
    [22:52] * Shiny laser-fans Tono
    [22:53] * You were kicked by Rex (*deflects*)
    [22:53] * Attempting to rejoin channel #pokecharms
    [22:53] * Rejoined channel #pokecharms
    [22:53] * Topic is 'Pokecharms.com - Happy Pumpkabooeen! | Official Chat Rules: http://chr.ms/chatrules - Required reading for every user in the chatroom. | X/Y spoilers now allowed. Discussion of late game and STORY spoilers for Pokémon XY or Dual Destinies to #spoilercharms!'
    [22:53] * Set by Teapot on Wed Oct 30 07:23:06
    [22:53] <Shiny> not fair
    [22:53] * Shiny sobs
    [22:54] <Karu> Map saved.
    [22:54] <%Rex> Karu's done?
    [22:54] <Karu> Have the other one to do xd
    [22:54] <Shiny> XD
    [22:54] <Karu> But first, in no particular order
    [22:54] <%Rex> Ah,
    [22:54] <Shiny> oh the new england one?
    [22:54] <%Rex> The north east.
    [22:55] <Karu> Ah fuck typing that
    [22:55] <Karu> Will upload
    [22:55] <Shiny> XD
    [22:56] <Shiny> want me to post a log?
    [22:56] <Shiny> :p
    [22:56] <Karu> Then link it up
    [22:56] <Karu> Oh yeah, Spontaneous Bullshit Island.
    [22:56] <Shiny> pfffft
    [22:56] <Shiny> XD
    [22:56] <@baratron> If you guys *are* going to post a log to this, it needs to be in spoiler tags.
    [22:56] <@baratron> Because it's too fucking long.
    [22:56] <Shiny> I will
    [22:56] <Shiny> it'll definitely be in spoilers XD
    [22:57] <%Rex> Karu is going to hate me when he sees the "island" state.
    [22:57] <Shiny> XD
    [22:57] <Karu> We'lls ee
    [22:57] <Karu> OK
    [22:57] <%Rex> Just six left!
    [22:57] <%Rex> We believe in you.
    [22:57] <Shiny> Tono, you live in the US and you still can't name all 50 :'D
    [22:57] <Shiny> ♥
    [22:58] <%Rex> You have no room to talk.
    [22:58] <Shiny> excuse me I named all of them
    [22:58] <%Rex> Bullshit you did. =p
    [22:58] <Shiny> I has proofs ♥
    [22:58] <%Rex> You got confused when I linked you.
    [22:59] <@baratron> Guys?
    [22:59] <@baratron> http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/testmaps/usstates.gif
    [22:59] <@baratron> I'm going to use this one.
    [22:59] <@baratron> Since it's easier.
    [22:59] <Shiny> because I missed one state
    [22:59] <%Rex> Two*
    [22:59] -> -Rex- I didn't see you hadn't labeled Wisconsin
    [23:00] <Shiny> XD
    [23:00] <%Rex> To my five.
    [23:00] <P_M> It's Halloween in America at last! :'D
    [23:00] <Shiny> five?
    [23:00] <Shiny> I only see 4 unnamed!
    [23:00] <P_M> Happy Halloween friends!
    [23:00] <Shiny> oh and one wrong
    [23:00] <Karu> I..
    [23:00] * Tailon (cfd580fb@5DEDFDB3.1F4FD38.AD709CB5.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 126 seconds)
    [23:00] <Karu> ...XD
    [23:00] <Karu> ...
    [23:01] <Karu> I didn't miss any names!
    [23:01] <Shiny> I didn't take an actual look at it, Karu, just which ones you hadn't labeled!
    [23:01] <Karu> Fuck, Oregon is a thing.
    [23:01] <%Rex> Where is it?
    [23:01] <Shiny> XD
    [23:01] <%Rex> Yup!
    [23:01] <@baratron> Hey hey, no spoilers :p
    [23:02] <@baratron> I'm doing this one.
    [23:02] <Karu> Yeah, spoilers xD
    [23:02] <Shiny> XD
    [23:02] <Shiny> oopsss
    [23:02] <%Rex> Pfft.
    [23:02] <Karu> One left
    [23:02] <@baratron> It's alright, I already knew that Oregon was a thing.
    [23:03] <Karu> Make sure to include restigious state South RexLand
    [23:03] <Karu> +p
    [23:03] <Shiny> baguetto? XD
    [23:04] <%Rex> Karu still hasn't remembered the Alamo.
    [23:04] <Shiny> Rex stop XD
    [23:04] <Karu> Yep
    [23:04] <Karu> Done.
    [23:05] <%Rex> Karu is ready for the real map?
    [23:05] <Karu> I will never be ready xD
    [23:05] <Karu> Just let me wander around America with my map
    [23:05] <Karu> I can visit amazing Neo Washington
    [23:05] <Shiny> XD
    [23:06] <Karu> South NeoWashington, of course
    [23:06] <P_M> Post an image of yours first so I can laugh
    [23:06] <%Rex> Oh, yes.
    [23:06] <Shiny> XD
    [23:06] <%Rex> Karu needs to post his map!
    [23:06] <Karu> Is the log up?
    [23:06] <Shiny> not yet
    [23:06] <%Rex> Then I shall post mine.
    [23:06] <Shiny> I'll post the log when both images are up :3
    [23:06] <Shiny> (aka GIVE ME TIME TO COPY THIS)
    [23:06] <P_M> The log should include-- yup^
    [23:08] <Karu> http://postimg.org/image/sk1l82ky7/
    [23:08] <+Porygon-Z> Title: View image: USA52 Blank BWPrint (at postimg.org)
    [23:08] <Karu> http://postimg.org/image/da1q0vpfz/
    [23:08] <+Porygon-Z> Title: View image: neoutline (at postimg.org)
    [23:08] <%Rex> http://oi41.tinypic.com/2gtnkaw.jpg
    [23:09] <Dinova> ROFLMAO
    [23:09] <Karu> Ah well xD
    [23:09] <Karu> Mine is
    [23:09] <Karu> just as accurate
    [23:09] <Karu> Hwo the fuck did I get Dakota there?
    [23:10] <%Rex> So you know, Miami is a city in southern Florida. The area is known as the Miami Bay area.
    [23:10] <%Rex> So when you put down Florida for Tennessee, I asked where Miami was.

    End results:
    Karu - http://postimg.org/image/sk1l82ky7/
    Karu's New England - http://postimg.org/image/da1q0vpfz/
    Rex - (accurate) http://oi41.tinypic.com/2gtnkaw.jpg (red are ones he forgot/got wrong)
  2. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    Here's mine.

    I got 33 right.
    Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, Alaska.
    I got 8 off by one state
    New Mexico, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana.
    And the remaining 9 I had no idea about. Mostly the square ones in the middle.
    Hilariously I had no idea where Colorado is and I've even been there! >=O
    I don't honestly think that's bad for someone who isn't American and has never formally studied the geography of the United States. I probably did better than I would with a map of the United Kingdom and counties, though to be fair that's because they keep changing. I know where major towns and cities are a lot better than I know where our administrative divisions are!

    If you want to use the same base as mine, it's here.
  3. Here's a game for this. You don't have to remember the placement, but you have to know the names, and how to spell them. Oh, and it's timed; you have 5 minutes. Try if you wish, and good luck!


    As I'm American, I got all of them, in the time of 2:06.
  4. I think the remembrance of places was harder than the names, as I pretty much got those down straight away
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I accept this challenge:

    1. England
    2. Wales
    3. Scotland
    4. Ireland
    5. France
    6. Germany
    7. Norway
    8. Sweden
    9. Finland
    10. Holland
    11. Belgium
    12. Spain
    13. Italy
    14. Switzerland
    15. Romania
    16. Poland
    17. Albania
    18. Czech Republic
    19. Greece
    20. Turkey
    21. Cyprus
    22. Russia
    23. Canada
    24. Australia
    25. Brazil
    26. The Moon
    27. Mars
    28. Jupiter
    29. Venus
    30. The Sun
    31. Hyrule
    32. Westeros
    33. Azeroth
    34. SR-388
    35. The Mushroom Kingdom
    36. Outland
    37. Aperture Science Laboratories
    38. Phobos
    39. Deimos
    40. The Burning Hells
    41. Kanto
    42. Johto
    43. Hoenn
    44. Orre
    45. Sinnoh
    46. Unova
    47. Kalos
    48. Phaaze
    49. Santa Destroy
    50. Namek
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    (Not bothering with this. About the only states I can place are Texas and Florida, and while I sporadically remember names, I have no clues which block of the Unidentified States of America is which. XD)
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  7. Here's mine. Yay for non-Americans!

    Named so far:
    Alabama, Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin

    You forgot:Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Massachusetts, Arizona, Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, Colorado, Louisiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Iowa, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico, West Virginia, Nebraska, Montana, Delaware, Vermont, Wyoming
  8. Oh god... I knew them with my geographic's class but now...

    I know Washington and Alaska and... Huuuuuu Floride. Hawaii ? It does count ? :D
  9. I want to try. (I'm American, does that count as cheating? XD)
    1. Washington
    3. California
    4. Idaho
    5. Nevada
    6. Arizona
    7. New Mexico
    8. Texas
    9. Oklahoma
    10. Kansas
    11.South Dakota
    12.North Dakota
    14. Wisconsin
    15. Michigan (Go Blue!)
    16. Illinois
    17. Indiana
    19. Kentucky
    20. West Virginia
    21. Virginia
    23. Alabama
    24. Arkansas
    25. Louisiana
    26. Mississippi
    27. Florida
    28. New Jersey
    29. Maryland
    30. Pennsylvania
    31. New York
    32. Connecticut
    33. Vermont
    34. Rhode Island
    35. Utah
    36. Colorado
    39. New Hampshire
    40. Montana
    41. Iowa
    42. Wyoming
    43. Tennessee
    44. North Carolina
    45. South Carolina
    46. Missouri
    47. Massachusetts
    48. Alaska
    49. Hawaii
    50. Minnesota
  10. I..... Have no clue.. -.-
  11. Not sure how everyone is doing this, no one is providing a link to where this quiz is only to results.
    Though it is probably better that I do not because since I am American and was made something of an expert by my high school junior year US History Class it might be considered a cheap shot.
    The class had a weekly and monthly ritual of state capital quizzes; five every Friday and all 50 once a month. At first I had struggled but then my bestie gave me a recording of 'Wakko's America' from The Animaniacs. Memorized that sucker and never got a single one wrong again.
    #12 Shady, Jan 11, 2014
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2014
  12. Ummm.. I can name a couple : Washington, New York, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Alaska, Texas, New Mexico, Hawaii, Wyoming, Utah.... Can't remember 'em all!:'| And I was living in Maryland!! Can't believe I forgot them all.. >_<
    Oh, wait, North and South Dakota! yaaay 13!
  13. Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina, North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvanian Rhode island South Carolina South Dakota Texas Tennessee Utah Virginia West Virginia Washington Vermont Montana Wyoming 48 so far um what did i forget oh Missouri and Wisconsin there and placing them is even easier for me!
    #14 Draco Gengar, Dec 17, 2014
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