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Can someone plz draw me these fakemon trainers?

Discussion in 'Requests' started by wafffly4reazonz, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. I am really bad at drawing and me and my friend are making a fakemon. Can someone draw these early-seen NPCs with these concepts plz?
    Prof. Spruce- white male- blonde hair- brown eyes-skinny-glasses w/black rims-white lab coat- busy and stressed
    Max- optimistic male child- tanish skin-brown hair- Green eyes-Green t-shirt w/star- jeans
    Quinn- edgy x50-red hair-edgy female child(same size as max)- palest skin color possible(still has to look like skin)red eyes-black sweater-gray sweat pants-did I mention edge
    Emma confused female child(same size as Quinn and max)- tan skin- purple hair- green eyes- pink tank top- blue cargo shorts
  2. I could do it, but are you alright with them being sprites?
  3. Do you still need these to be drawn? Cuz I could do them now, I got nothin else to do.

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