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DPPt/HGSS can some rate my pokemon platinum team

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Arcues owner, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. This is my team in Pokemon platinum I don't know what items to give them so could some help me with that but this my team

    thunder punch
    earth quake

    sunny day
    leaf blade
    solar beam

    volt tackle
    rain dance
    quick attack
    iron tail

    ice beam
    helping hand
    baton pass

    aqua jet

    wing attack

    that is my team for competitive battling
  2. Could you please give off the natures of each pokemon?
  3. sure the nature of my tyhphlosion is brave,for leafeon sassy,for pikachu hasty, for glaceon quiet, for floatzel rash, and for staraptor it's timid
  4. I would Reccomend teaching Floatzel an Ice type attack. thats all I can think of now.
  5. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    First of all, only Pikachu has a good Nature - all the other natures are terrible, and if you wish to succeed competitively, you'll need to re-breed the vast majority of your team. To see which Natures will benefit you most, this table here should do the job:



    - Typhlosion will want mostly Special Attacks since his Base Sp.Attack is higher than his Base Attack. However, his Special movepool is, well, terrible, so that isn't really much of an option for the most part. Fire Blast is preferred over Flamethrower for the extra power it provides, and the Reversal/Endure combo works wonders for filling in the gaps in Typhlosion's moveset. The fourth move is essentially filler since Typhlosion has so few options...anyone caught recommending another Fire-type attack in the fourth slot will be fed to a Locust Berserker.

    - Leafeon should focus on Attack and Defense, and to some extent, Speed. Leaf Blade is the best attack for Leafeon to carry, packing good power and running off the superior offensive stat. Swords Dance will be of more use than Sunny Day will to help in that area, and Aerial Ace and X-Scissor can provide (some) coverage. Quick Attack can work to bypass Leafeon's average Speed stat, although the somewhat lacking power can be a bit suspect.

    - Pikachu NEEDS Light Ball for the hold item - I'm sure that speaks for itself. Thunderbolt is the main STAB of choice, and Substitute is usually necessary to avoid being murdered - Pikachu gets OHKO'd by literally everything. Focus Punch + Substitute works very well to allow Pikachu to damage most threats, and Grass Knot/Surf is optimal for taking out Ground-types - Grass Knot actually works best here since it also fells Swampert, which Surf may not be able to OHKO.

    - Glaceon with a Choice Scarf is the biggest menace to Dragon-types ever. Ice Beam for STAB obviously, since you can't set up Hail with the Scarf on. Unfortunately Glaceon lacks any real moves to help with coverage - Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Water Pulse and Hidden Power Electric/Fighting/Fire are really the only other options. Luckily for Glaceon, that Ice Beam hurts severely enough to grant Glaceon some good use and potency.

    - Floatzel doesn't really need Aqua Jet since its Speed is extremely high already. Waterfall's flinch chance shines greatly here, and Ice Fang and Brick Break work brilliantly for coverage. Pursuit is great for taking out anything that would try to switch out from Floatzel - physical attacks are the order of the day here with Floatzel's higher Attack stat.

    - Finally, Staraptor. STAB Brave Bird and STAB Return combined with Close Combat's coverage are Staraptor's claims to fame, and the final attack is filler - Quick Attack and U-Turn will do nicely for fillers.

    Also, you need to post the items you intend to use for your Pokemon.
  6. What was the Rain Dance for anyway? It really didn't make much sense at all, especially if you're going to use Sunny Day, Solarbeam, and Fire-type moves.

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