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Private/Closed Camping Trip Sign Ups & Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by FroakiesFrubbles, Aug 13, 2018.

  1. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/camping-trip-roleplay.19763/


    It's summer, and you know what that means! Camping in the middle of no-where next to a cool creek? Heck yes! The Melrock National Forest Organization has set up a brand new campsite area in the heartlands of the Melrock Forest. The forest is located a few thousand feet above sea level, just below the Melrock moutains.

    The campsite has a cool stream, powered by the melting ice up in the mountains. The creek is just a small walk away from the main site. The main campsite is just a flat, cleared out land, where you can set up your own campsite.

    Bring only a few pokemon because there are an abundance of wild pokemon to befriend and catch. Patrat, Pidgey, Deerling, Rattata, and more are all available to befriend. Lots of people will come, so catch pokemon with them! It's fun for everyone!


    -Follow all Pokécharms Rules at all times
    -Keep gore to a minimum. Blood is okay, as long as it's not too much detail, or just too much.
    -Romance is allowed, and encouraged, but no action past passionately kissing.
    -Fakémon aren't allowed, sorry.
    *If you are unsure about a post not following the rules, ask me*


    - Main Campsite

    - Mountain Hiking Trail
    -The Creek
    Places will be described in detail as they are played out, and more will be added if needed.

    *Character Bios

    Level And/Or Moves:

    *Played Characters
    Nathan and Pancakes (Mischevious Croagunkle)
    *Npc Characters

    Sorry if this seems a bit rushed or just iffy, I'm kinda out of ideas...
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  2. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Name: Nathan Paul James
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Nathan's skin is fairly tan, but has a noticeable farmers tan from working on his family's farm. He has a smaller stature, and smaller head. Nathan's eyes are green, and his hair is brown. He usually just wears shorts and plain coloured t-shirts, if it gets cold, he will just wear longer clothes, and for shoes, he'll wear hiking boots.
    Personality: Fairly shy, but not introverted. He does have some social anxiety, but he is fairly confident, plus his pokemon, Pancakes, does a lot of the social work for him. He's pretty smart, and could be called nerdy. He does have a bit of a troubled history, struggling in school and such, but is generally a nice guy. However, don't even think about hurting pancakes, or you will face the wrath of... loud noise.
    Pokemon: Pancakes (Pichu)
    Other: He comes from the poke-equivalent of the English Country Side.

    Name: Pancakes
    Species: Pichu
    Gender: Male
    Level And/Or Moves: 6, Thunder Shock, Charm, Attract
    Other: Cute boi. Really curious and adventurous. Can be loud and unaware of himself sometimes. Also is known to use attract on females for just about no reason.

    Also will be gone tomorrow, so I might only be able to start the RP after I get back in the late afternoon, tomorrow.
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    Name: Clement Leclair
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Clement is very pale, and has light Brown hair that goes down to his neck, and around his ears. He's thin, with not too much muscle on him, and generally wears flannels, light colored T - Shirts, and trousers or shorts. He wears tennis shoes usually, rarely utilizing boots as he finds them very uncomfortable. He is about 5'6" when it comes to height, reasonably sized. He's not completely light, but not overweight, so around 119 pounds.
    Personality: Clement is charismatic and intelligent, however he is very un-athletic, and not physically strong by any stretch of the imagination. He's very extraverted and outgoing, as well, able to insert himself into most social situations with ease. However, Clement is a highly opinionated fellow, and this can occasionally get in the way of his better judgement. He can be sometimes condescending and arrogant, not knowing when to shut his mouth, feeling he is often the smartest in the room.
    Pokemon: Richter (Kadabra), Emily (Mankey)
    Other: Originally from Cyllage City, Kalos. Also a somewhat experienced battler, from many spar matches with his vast family.

    Name: Richter
    Species: Kadabra
    Gender: Male
    Level And/Or Moves: Level 21 (Moves: Psybeam, Kinesis, Teleport, Confusion)
    Other: Was Clement's first Pokemon, given to him as a young child when it was an Abra. (Explains the somewhat high level.)

    Name: Emily
    Species: Mankey
    Gender: Female
    Level And/Or Moves: Level 13 (Moves: Karate Chop, Low Kick, Fury Swipes, Focus Energy)

    (Also, I would like to share that I'm a pretty new role-player. If I am accepted into the RP, I would just ask for a little mercy and grace, lol.)
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  4. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Accepted, and yes, you can have some mercy. Just from that bio I could hardly tell you are new. Keep it up. (you are accepted by the way...)
  5. Thank you! I've taken plenty of writing workshops, so I kinda know what I'm doing there. ;)
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  6. Hmm, I suppose my little Slitoling could use a break in RPing, so it is time for me to use my first OC that I used on Pokécharms.

    Name: His name is Charles Tangi.
    Age: He is roughly about 16 Years old.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Charles stands at a moderate height of 5'4" and weighs in at 128 pounds. He has short hair dyed in a shade of light blue. He has brown eyes, fair skin tone and a modest build. He has on an orange Kasaya that serves the purpose of a one piece garment. There is a picture of a silhouete resembling a small dragon Pokémon with a compound bow launching a salvo of arrows on the front side in the center area. He wears brown, leathery sandals and carries around a tan leather shoulder bag that stores various items for basic and personal purposes.
    Personality: Charles tends to have a calm, humble outlook. He attempts to pave a new way towards solutions instead ofsitting around like a cowering newborn in times of crisis. He usually does his devotions and other means of prayers in private and often before bedtime, since he does not want any sort of negative attention directed towards him or his Pokémon.
    Pokémon: He has a Bagon.
    Other: He decided to come along the camping trip in hopes of finding some spirits and being able to communicate with them.

    Name: He has no name, as he is simply referred to as his the name of his Pokémon species.
    Species: He is a Bagon.
    Gender: Male
    Level And/Or Moves: Roughly about 13 if a number were to measure his level of power. He usually only uses Ember, Dragon Breath and Twister in the field of combat, as he does not have as much experience in battling. (Though he always somewhat knew how to use Twister since birth.)
    Other: The ridges on his head are in a shading of pale white. He carries around a small compound bow and a quiver that holds some toy arrows. He is also quite the picky Pokémon.
  7. I updated my characters appearance to include his height.
  8. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    You're in! So much detail as always
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  9. When will the thread be initiated? Also, will it be Ask to Join, or private once enough characters have been provided?
  10. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    I stated before that I'm gone for most of the day from like the morning to the late afternoon (uk time), so most likely until then. For the other question, the RP will most likely remain Ask To Join until it would become burdensome to introduce a character, or we are too deep into the story.
  11. Ah, okay. Sorry for not noticing that post.
  12. Hmm, I suppose it might be a good time for me to start brewing up my first post after noticing that the time is near.

    *a baby Lapras sits down playing Tetris and getting a Mini T-Spin Sincle*
  13. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Oh yeah, I'm back now. Might maybe wait for someone else to join but if it takes a while, then I'll start it. I'm also too busy watching the Pokemon Anime, :p
  14. Yeah, I say we have atleast 1 or 2 more people before we start. But I'm looking forwards to this RP big time!
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  15. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    It'll be around mid summer, like July-ish in a fairly temperate region (northern hemisphere.) Just a bit colder, and more windy. And yes, we will only need a few more people, but I think I'll post the RP tomorrow. (But I still managed to write the whole thing all ready, just waiting to start.)
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  16. -TRAINERS-
    Appearance:Reki is an averge height boy,with black short hair and blue eyes,he wears white shirt with pokeball picture on the chest.He also wears yelow pants and black and blue shoes

    Personality:Reki enjoys jokes and pokemon battles.He is realy serius when he battles.
    Pokemon:Has a pensear
    Other:He came to camping because he heard there is alot of trainers in this camping place,and he heard it is very relaxing.

    Species: Pansear
    Level And/Or Moves: Firey is about to get to lv 7,he cnows scratch,leer and play nice but in battle he mostly uses scratch
    (this is mine first rp so dont judge me)
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  17. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    I could kind of tell, no offense. I think you need to fix your bio up a bit to show us that you can RP well. One thing to do is unbold the detail text. Anything that comes after a ':' should not be bold, and you can go and fix spelling mistakes, and whatnot. You could also add more detail. This is the first time I've said this to someone in a discussion thread, but I think it matters. You can't just really be let off the hook because it's your first RP...

    Anyways, RP is up guys: https://pokecharms.com/threads/camping-trip-roleplay.19763/#post-651055
  18. Thanks for advice ,ill listen to it and fix mine bio
  19. I think we're gonna need some more participants soon...
  20. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Yeah, we have @Kiraru , he just hasn't posted yet, but other than that, we do need some participants.
  21. Sorry for making somewhat long posts, I hope they aren't a hassle to read. :?
  22. Oh, I’m currently working on a long post since I just woke up.

    I also might maybe have a Pokémon character soon since this might be a perfect time to introduce them after what happened from the last RP they were in.
  23. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Oh cool, sorry xD. I'm still in the Uk, and it's like quarter to six in the afternoon. Who's that Pokemon?
  24. Oh, I see... it’s almost 10 AM for me right now.

    *??? seems to be glad that he doesn’t have a runny nose like his species normally does*
  25. For me it's basically 1PM, haha.
  26. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Cubchoo? My only guess. Also I have hay fever a lot, so I can also guess myself too xD.

    Yeah timezones are a suck. Where I actually live it would be 10 aswell.
    I can pinpoint your location kiraru!
  27. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    A Summer Camp? Why not!
    Name: Allen
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Allen Wear's a Blue shirt that say's 'Snorlax' on it. The Shirt also has a Drawing of a Snorlax on it. A Jacket is Tied around his Waist while he Wear's Blue jean's. He is Seen with Sandal's on his feet most of the time.
    Personality: Allen Is a Chill Person who like's to tell joke's. He spend's Most of his Time Looking for wild Pokemon
    Pokemon: Cubchoo

    Name: Sniffle's
    Specie's: Cubchoo
    Gender: Female
    Level/Moves: 6, Tackle, Powder Snow, Hail (Tm Move)
    Other: Tend's to sleep
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  28. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Not really a summer camp but a summer camp

    Cool we need more RP'ers anyways, so welcome in!
  29. @Ghostly Jazz Hand's Just a friendly reminder to read our previous posts so that you can know where we are, what we're doing, and how to insert yourself into the RP!
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  30. Well, finally posted, and I might maybe make the Pokémon’s bio later when there’s been some information revealed or now if requested. (Though beware that there is quite a bit behind him.)
  31. Name: Zak
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Pale with lots of freckles. He is a medium height and skinny. Zak's eyes are blue, and his hair is a lighter blue with a brown back. He usually wears black jeans and black coloured t-shirts, and a fluffy blue adventure best he got from the Poni Canyon Exploration Committee. For shoes, he'll wear long blue hiking boots.
    Personality: Very much an extrovert. He makes friends easily, and is fairly confident, plus his pokemon. He's pretty smart, and he was called nerdy at school, but he kind of liked being smart and being called that. He does have a bit of a troubled history, struggling in school and such, but is generally a nice guy.
    Pokemon: Noibat and Hakamo-o
    Other: He comes from the poke-equivalent of the Western London.

    Name: Hakamo-o
    Species: Hakamo-o
    Gender: Male
    Level: 35
    Moves: Sky Uppercut, Dragon Rage, Dragon Claw, Bide
    Other: It's my main Pokemon

    Boombox (Shiny)
    Species: Noibat
    Gender: Male
    Level: 30
    Moves: Air Slash, Dragon Rage, Supersonic, Super Fang
    Other: It's shiny
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  32. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    I'm currently in west london lol.

    You're in!
  33. Hope you're having a fun time getting ChEeKy NaNdOs WiTh ThE lAdS
  34. Ooh nice, just chilling in my home in the pacific and filling some university related stuff.
  35. Yes! Thank you! typing my first comment now.
    (Timezone: AEST/Australia)
    Also @Kiraru , how did you get the little green bars for your parties in your spoilers?
  36. Oh, the bars were from a loading bar site that I got them from when looking up a text bar or something along the lines of that. (Along with using the coloring tool here of course.)

    I suppose I might maybe get into more detail witb the other Pokémon character I mentioned earlier.
  37. Name: Lina
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Her complexion is pale, her cheeks are blushed with a small amount of freckles. She is skinny and of medium height. She have long dark brown hair, with a fringe to the left. Her left eye is in chocolate colour, and her right eye is dark blue. She usually wears a white, slightly too big long-sleeved sweater, a dark burgundy, knee skirt, black knees and black and white sneakers. You can usually see a grey bag on her shoulder.
    Personality: After her parents had disappeared without a trace, she was taken care of by her grandmother. She is very shy and trusts very few people. She is sensitive and clumsy, but she will always help when someone needs help. She loves to read and listen to music, she hides her talent in secret from everyone. This talent is singing.
    Pokemon: Cupcake and Slytherin

    Name: Cupcake
    Species: Sylveon
    Gender: Female
    Level: Lv. 25
    Moves: Draining Kiss, Fairy Wind, Disarming Voice and Swift.
    Other: It's my first and main pokemon (Evolved from Eevee I had from my Grandma)

    Name: Slytherin
    Species: Servine
    Gender: Male
    Level: Lv. 24
    Moves: Mega Drain, Leaf Tornado, Leech Seed and Wrap.
    Other: Adventurous
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  38. Well, it took like 4 bios, but we finally have a female character!!111

    Also, @CarrotCookie, you will most likely be accepted due to the quality of your bio; however the thread creator is in London currently, and may not be able to get back to you till' tomorrow.
  39. also romance is encouraged in this rp. just letting you know. Also Boombox and Hakamo-o recently entered the cave and the third Pokemon will be an enemy one. I'm thinking of a cave dwelling pokemon, like Druddigon. I'm thinking of catching it.
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