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Ask to Join Camp New Moon ( Magic RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Jagson, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. Character bios and OOC discussion. https://pokecharms.com/threads/camp-new-moon.18905/
    Mathew Smith let out a breath. He sat with his legs crossed as his hands where in a triangle shape. Soon the new people will show up. He looked at the three buildings that made up the camp. The smallest one to the right was a big building that will house the apprentinces, a wider building that was where the food would be eaten and another building that he was given do to the land. He let out a breath as he closed his eyes. He breathed slowly as a ring of fire appeared around him.

    Yuri walked around the neighboring town. He had a back pack that had a sleeping bag and canteen. He has been hiking cross country for the past two days since he woke up in a field of dead sheep with blood dripping over his body. He had to learn how to control this thing. He took out his phone and tried to look up the directions for this camp.
  2. Somewhere in the woods, a fire was burning.
    Specifically, a wooden cottage. This was an old abandoned cottage that no one was living in. Well, no one was supposed to live in it anyways.
    Except for Kye.
    Kye didn't have a last name, because he didn't know who his parents were. He had been given his name by an old friend - a poor thief who stole just enough to survive - and raised by him. That man had drilled one statement into his head.
    "You've got unique powers, but that doesn't make you a freak. It makes you special."
    Kye had decided a while back that he wanted to figure out how these powers of his worked. Unfortunately, his test runs got his friend arrested and sent to jail. He hadn't given Kye up for arson. Why? Because he believed he could still do something with his powers. Something good.
    But how could he when he didn't even know how he worked?
    Kye sighed. He looked at the burning cottage in front of him. He still didn't know how to control his powers.
    But he did find something that might be able to help.
    Turning off the iPhone that his old friend had gotten for him two months before he was arrested, Kye smiled. He knew where he had to go now - a place with others like him.
    His bag held in his right hand, he clutched his coat tight as he walked away from the burning cottage.
  3. ArmedBlue

    ArmedBlue Previously Manu456Alola

    Manuel walked around the town, carrying his backpack on his shoulder. The town was supposedly near the camp he had heard of. When he first saw that video, he thought the man in it was crazy - clearly superpowers and stuff like that were just fiction. However, since the incident that happened at his house a week after that, he started to believe. He remebered that incident like it happened a minute ago.
    Cristals sprouting from the walls in his room, all the while his shaky hands had a purple glow. That definitely wasn't a dream.
    Taking a look at the coordinates in his iPhone once again, he kept walking. He wanted to figure out how his powers worked, to keep them under control. He just wanted to live a normal life, one where nobody would discriminate him - or anyone else - because they had powers of something. He hoped that he could even do something good with those powers.
  4. Yuri not paying attention to where he was walking bumped into Manuel. " Sorry mate." He said as he looked at the man. He shook his head as he looked at his small gps. ' that way.' He thought as he started walking east.
  5. Ruby's sighed, she was on a city bus that was going to get her all the way out to some town in the middle of nowhere where a camp supposedly was, the entire thing seemed sketchy but she figure she had nothing else to go to so she followed the directions and looked out the window, she wondered if any of the other people in the bus where in their way to the camp
  6. Yuri sniffed the air as a faint smell of smoke came into his nostrails. He walked towards where the smoke was coming from. The walk was in actuality a four mile hike. He entered what looked like a campsite and what looked like a man meditating in a moving ring of fire. He took a step forward as the fire circle turned into a star. ' Damn.' He thought.
    " Good to see someone finally showed up." The older man said as he opened his eyes. They had a soft green tint to the eyes.

    drip...drip....drip. was all Christina heard from her area in a prison cell. She looked down at her bloody hands. ' It was a mistake.' She thought. three months prior she accidently killed her entire homeroom class with only her blood. ' I didn't mean to do it.' She thought as she watched her blood move around methodically. ' How was I expose to know that would happen.'

    " You look like your in pain." A voice said. Christina looked over and saw a shadowy figure looking at her. She couldn't get a good look at the person. " Who are you?" She asked.

    "I'm the person who can get you out of here." The voice a man's voice Christina noticed. " Wouldn't you want to make these people pay. They sentenced you to prison for something you couldn't even control." He said.

    Christina nodded. The man stretched out his hand and Christina grabbed it with her left hand. "What's your name?" She asked.
    " You can call me Mordred." He said as he burned his mark into her left hand. He smiled as shadows wrapped around both him and Christina as they both disappeared from the prison cell.
  7. Kato slowly wandered her way into the camp itself. The earlier days before this were days she wanted to forget. Even thinking about them made her shiver. As the cyromancer walked through the camp itself, a group slowly started to become made at the center fire. Kato walked over to join the people. "This new moon, right?"
  8. "Yes." Matt said as he stood up. The fire disappeared. He looked at the girl and the boy that where here. "It's good to see some people got my message. " There's some food in the chow hall." He said pointing to the building behind him. " You both are going to need a lot of calories for what I'm going to teach you." He then smiled a little bit. " Anyways what are your names?"
  9. Kye had managed to grab a ride with a truck driver, hitchhiking in the back for the rest of the trip that was on a road. As he reached the area that the camp was supposed to be at, he knocked on the window to tell the driver he was getting off. The car pulled over to the side of the highway, and Kye disembarked. With a wave and thanks given, Kye walked into the woods as the driver drove off. He looked into the sky. Smoke. Smoke indicates a fire, and logically it's a small one due to the small amount of smoke. Kye decided to follow the trail of smoke, hoping the fire was a campfire from Camp New Moon.
  10. Ruby finally got off the bus and started off to where the camp supposedly was, she got there and saw a bunch of kids sitting around a fire, she went over to them "hey, this the place for the thing? With the stuff you know?" She asked smiling
  11. Mathew opened the palm of his hand as a perfectly round ball of fire appeared in it. " Does this awnser your question?" He asked as he moved his hand making the fire disrepair. " Now once again what are your names?" He asked.

    "I'm Yuri." Yuri said. " I've lost consciousness multiple times and ended up waking up in the forest. Usually with blood that isn't mine all over my body." He said as he looked at the others.
  12. Kye had been walking for most of the night now, but he thought he had found the fire. He got excited, trying to run towards it.
    This caused him to not see the tree branch on the ground in front of him. His foot caught, and Kye fell to the ground. He slammed down to the earth, groaning. He got up. Looking himself over, he saw exactly how dirty he was. Fortunately, he did have ice magic and fire magic! A water source was nearby, so Kye used it to create a small crystal of ice he held above himself. Using two rocks to create a spark, he caught the fire with his magic and held it under the crystal. He tried to increase it just a bit to melt the ice gradually to wash himself with precision... but he accidentally scorched the crystal, sending a huge blob of water across his chest.
    Well... at least I'm clean now.

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