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Ask to Join Camp Huntsman

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Stormursa, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. (Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/camp-huntsman-a-rwby-roleplay.17866/#post-535313)

    Tay slammed an axe downward. Sweat was collecting on her forehead and her muscles were starting to tire. She looked to pile of wood that she had already collected and shrugged. She slammed her axe into the log she had been using as a stand and jogged to the front of the camp. As she jogged Tay passed other counsilers and campers that had already arrived. Once she reached the camp's entrance she leaned on the sign post, waiting for the new campers.
  2. Josh stood up from his seat, and put the polish back into his pocket. He swung his guitar around his shoulder, and looked around. Nobody of interest seemed to be near him, so he wandered around for a bit and put in his headphones. After a while he found a lake, which seemed to have no other visitors. He looked around to confirm his suspicion and pulled out his cigarettes and a lighter. Inspired by this scenario, he pulled out his guitar and practiced Deep Purple's Highway Star. He lay down on the dock, and looked out into the sun. "This is it...Yeah...I'm sure...This is where i'm gonna...Awaken." Josh uttered, smiling into the light as he pictured himself on a stage with millions shocked at his performance.
  3. "Finally here~! I've been waiting for this~!"

    Aliza cheered to herself with excitement as, at long last, she arrived at Camp Huntsman. She had been anxiously awaiting the day when she would step foot here since she learned that it existed. After fixing her ponytails for what felt like the millionth time that day, the little ball of fire started towards the camp's entrance itself rather than being awkward and standing away from it. "This'll be where... I figure myself out!" Aliza told herself aloud in a yell-whisper, putting a little more bounce in her step as she advanced towards the entrance. "I'm gonna be a great huntress, Momma... just you wait~!"
  4. Tay yawned and stretched. The counsiler reached her arms to the sky and felt her shoulder pop. She sighed happily and dropped them to her side before pulling out her scroll to see who her campers were again. She spotted one on her way towards the entrance, "Aliza"?
  5. Almost immediately, Aliza froze in place. Someone had said her name, someone she didn't personally know. Was she already that popular, that famous?! That can't be, she's not a super-cool Huntress yet! It took a few moments for common sense to kick back in, but when it did, Aliza realized that this was a camp counselor with an attendance sheet of sorts on their scroll. Her excitement and confusion both were replaced with a sense of confidence, which reflected in her new triumphant posture. "The name's Aliza Angstrom," she said with a grin and a thumbs up, "and I'm here to be the greatest Huntress I can be~!"
  6. "Well then it's an honor to meet you. I'm Tay and I'll be the councilor assigned to your cabin," the older woman smiled and checked off Aliza's name from her form. She shrunk it back down and pointed to the main path, "head straight down that way. You'll see a cabin painted blue with a white roof. That's ours. If the others haven't snuck last me and your the first one here that means you get first bunk choice."
  7. Halt walked under the camp sign. Hunter. Never would have thought that I would go by that. He looked around, and saw a few people. Taking out a card, his vision shaped around. He saw angles everywhere. The math and everything became part of his vision. It was like looking through VR goggles, while seeing all the information. Smiling, he put back the card and all went to normal.
  8. "I got to wait her and check the others in my list," Tay hummed and looked at her attendance. She spotted another one of her campers and whistled, "halt? Over here bud"!
  9. Halt heard the call, and walked over. "Don't call me 'bud' ever." He said when he was close enough to enter conversation. "What do you want?" He knew it was a counselor, or how did she know his name.
  10. "Well bud," Tay's lips turned up in playful smirk. She crossed her arms and leaned back onto the wooden post. She tucked some hair behind her ear, "I'm your councilor. I called you over to tell you where are cabin was. Head down the path, blue cabin with a white roof. You two should be getting first choice of bunk".
  11. "Is that your power? Being deaf?" Halt asked, turning away to the cabin. "I thought I said not to call me bub?" He called back, entering the cabin. He tossed his stuff on time he lower left bunk, and sat down.
  12. Aliza watched the encounter with the new person go... not so smoothly... so she decided to wait for a second or two before getting to her cabin. She looked at all of the beds and chose one on the top, favoring the height it provides over being so low to the ground. With a content smile, she tossed her stuff onto her bed and did a little bit of flexing as a joke. "I can't wait to get started here~!" Aliza stated with a fist held high in the air as she started walking out of the cabin to go greet some people - that is, if she could.
  13. After a while Josh walked back to the main grounds, and walked around trying to find his cabin. He found a woman who he thought looked like a counselor leaning against a sign post and walked up to her. “Hey, do you know where I can check what cabin I’m in? I’ve been looking around for some help for a while.” He asked, twirling a piece of his hair
  14. (Double post?)
    "I can help. What's your name," lyric straightened her back and looked down at her scroll to type in the name. She looked at her attendance quickly before looking up at Josh. She tucked her scroll away again and pointed down the path, "actually you are in my cabin. Blue with a white roof. Just head down that way and choose your bunk".
  15. (Sorry, bit of a glitch on my end)
    “Alright then! Thanks, miss!” Josh started walking toward the cabin, and found that he wasn’t the first one to get there, not even close. He put his bags down next to a bottom bunk and laid down. He played with the bottom three strings, and got a few sparks of electricity. “Fine then, let’s see how this works.” Josh smirked as the lights in the room went off for a second, and came back on. He was fully charged, and felt the electricity run through his body. “Haha, this is gonna be fun.” He said to himself, his hair on end.
  16. Halt looked up from his stuff he was putting up. "Do you mind? Lights are essential to some people." He rolled his eyes at the guitar. Music wasn't something he was interesting. Halt swung a piece of string and opened a drawer. He hit the side of his bag, and all his clothes flew across the cabin and landed inside the drawer in perfect order.
  17. Josh watched as Halt unfolded his contraption. “Hey, did you really just do that? That was pretty cool!” Josh stood up, and got out the book he had been reading recently. “My names Josh, what’s yours?” He asked the cabinmate
  18. Halt shrugged off the compliment. "It was nothing special. The names Halt, and I never miss." To prove his point, he threw a card, and it struck i between one of the boards.
  19. Josh flipped to the page he left off on, and started reading. “Well, if that’s nothing to you, you’re probably something special. It’s nice to meet you, Halt.” He said with a friendly grin.

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