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Open Camp half blood: The prophecy of life and death

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. Hello! Here is the character sheet:
    Child of which greek god or goddess (I suggest you go here for this: https://pokecharms.com/threads/camp-half-blood-the-prophecy-of-life-and-death-discussion.17090/ )
    Good at:
    Anything to add?:

    Rules of the RP:
    If you want to be a child of 'the big three' (Zeus, Poseidon or Hades) then ask me in a private conversation.
    Also, if you want to go on a quest, then ask me.
    Please do not act the best.
    Please, when you do your character sheet, do the rp on the same POST.

    My sheet:
    Name: Lisa
    Surname (in RP): Rond
    Child of: Demeter (goddess of the harvest and nature)
    Likes: The moon, planting and wheat.
    Dislikes: The sun, and people harming nature
    Strenghs: Controlling plants wnd walking across water with a plant bridge
    Weaknesses: Fire
    Good at: Archery and axe fighting.
    Anything to add?; No

    If you don't want to be a demigod, than just fill in this:

    @StellarWind Elsydeon gave me permission to do this rp, just to let you guys know.


    Lisa hated Goode high school. Why couldn't she be flying around the world? Little did she know about being a demigod...
    Matchaè, Lisa's best friend, ran really weird. He would always win in races, whilst Lisa always came last. Typical.
    Lisa's best subject was history. Lisa ha an arch-enemy: Harold... They would always fight, and Harold would always win. Except once: Harold and Lisa were fighting, as always, and Harold fell into a flower bed, Lisa became angry with him and the flowers wrapped around Harold until he would beg for mercy! Matchaè would just stare.
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  2. Name: Elisabeth, or Lis
    Surname: Fifer
    Child of: Hades
    Likes: Cats, cold weather, and punching things.
    Dislikes: Insects, sunlight, and hot foods.
    Strengths: Can manipulate bones, and can supposedly raise the dead.
    Weaknesses: Small spaces.
    Good at: Sword-fighting and flexibility.
    Anything to add?: Has a scar across the bridge of her nose.


    Lis was always considered unusual. She had scattered friends, but most people were too intimidated to talk to her. Lis didn't mind that, but it could get in the way of things more often than expected. There was her best friend though, Jared, who was constantly in crutches.

    Currently, as Lis headed for her first class, Jared followed behind slowly, looking timid as usual. He had been a bit jumpy lately, and Lis was unsure why. However, he would always end up telling her that he was fine, though Lis unbelieved that greatly.
  3. That same day of the fight, Matchae took Lisa far from school. She wasn't sure why. It was scary. After a few hours of walking/running, they could hear a smell that was unlike any other. Matchae exchanged looks with Lisa. He then kicked off his trousers and revealed... hooves?! It was happening so fast! He ran at the speed of light and barrel rolled on the ground. A giant ant popped out. It swiped Matchae and threw him. Only a fortune paper was left. It said: Bow, Sword, Spear and Dagger. Lisa was confused but she opened the sword one. A one-meter long sword appeared. She swung it at the ant, which turned into dust on contact. Oh gods. Matchae was mutetring something. He was talking in an agitated way.
    "Food... Camp...." Lisa did what she could. She pulled him and fainted on the way...

    She only woke up to find herself drinking something tasty. Fainted.
    Matchae was at the foot of Lisa's bed. He was smiling. Lisa didn't know why. The sword was back to the fortune paper.
    "Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!" Matchae said to Lisa. Clopping came from the left. She turned and saw a white stallion. But his upper half was human...
    "Yes, welcome, Lisa. I am Chiron, the activities director here," he said proudly. "You look much better. Come, we must get you to the first lesson."
    She was led over to an arena where kids had bows in their hands. A boy with brown hair welcomed Lisa. He introduced himself as the leader of the Hecate cabin. He passed her a bow.
    "Now try and hit the target in the mid--" He was cut short by Lisa shooting an arrow and it hit straight in the middle. Everyone was stunned. Next was the bow and arrow tournament. Each person went up against each other. The boy of the Hecate cabin thrashed his opponent. Lisa was next. She was against a girl from the Hephaestus cabin. The girl introduced herself as Haley. She was good at the bow and arrow. Lisa was impaled a few times. Lisa shot Haley, who stumbled backwards. Another. Lisa won that round. After a lot of battles, it was the Semi-finals. Lisa went against a boy called Ryan. They were both pretty good at the bow. Ryan was speedy. He dodged every arrow. But Lisa tricked him. She shot one arrow on the right of him. He quickly jumped there, not knowing it was going to where he jumped. Lisa won again. It was down to the final two. Lisa versus the boy in Hecate cabin. Lisa couldn't even get one arrow into him. Lisa finally fainted...
  4. The rest of the day was a blur. Lis didn't remember much, besides Jared and her sneaking away to a very faraway place, a glimpse of a monstrous bull, and then waking up abruptly. A sharp pain was in her head as she tasted a heavenly flavor dancing in her tongue. Looking around, she realized she was in a cabin of some sort, and was lying in a sort of cot. She slid off, rubbing her forehead and stumbling outside.

    Immediately, she was greeted with the sights of many kids, most in orange shirts, doing target practice and sword fighting. Lis ran a hand through her sliver hair, confused. “Um...” she mumbled to herself, standing in the middle of the grounds. Everything went quiet for a moment as eyes turned towards her. Defensively, she glanced around. People seemed to be staring above her, so she hesitantly looked up, and was shocked at what she saw. A dark and indecipherable shape hung above her head. Somebody murmured ‘Hades’, which made Lis start to panic a bit.
  5. Lisa looked up. She whispered to Chiron, "What is that?" Chiron shook his head. That girl underneath the thing looked innocent. Lisa went back to her lessons. She hoped that the girl would come with her. Lisa wanted a friend. Suddenly, a white wheat appeared on top of Lisa's head. Everyone stopped and looked.
    "Child of Demeter." Someone said in the crowd. Some girls came through and hauled Lisa off excitedly. They pulled her into a cabin that was full of plants and things for harvest. She was thrown onto a bed, which turned all the way around and into an underground room. It was all polished and had weapons. Someone came through into the room. A boy with blonde hair and green eyes stood where the bed was. Lisa was immediately attracted.
    "My name is Robert. What's yours?" Robert asked.
    "Uhh.. Deme--- no that's my mother's name. It's Lisa." Why did Robert just come into the room?
    "Well looks like we're underground-roommates. This is also my room." He said.
  6. Name: Shane
    Surname: Lyon
    Child of which Greek god or goddess: Artemis
    Likes: Nature and being alone.
    Dislikes: Crowds and backstabbers.
    Strengths: Can turn invisible.
    Weaknesses: Cant turn anything else invisible, only his weapon, clothes and himself.
    Good at: Knows martial arts ,is good with a dagger/short sword and a bow.
    Anything to add?: Has a necklace this important to him.


    Shane was practicing with his sword when he noticed a innocent girl with a dark, indecipherable shape hang above her head, everyone was staring at her. "Hades" Shane whispered. "No it couldn't be, why would he be here. Unless that's his child." Shane thought. He put down his sword and approached the girl "Hey! my names Shane, want to practice with me?"
  7. Lisa nodded. She went out of the room and went to the next lesson. Axe fighting. All the axes were heavy. Lisa tried to hold the lightest one. The Hephaestus cabin was in the arena. They were pretty good with an axe. Going up to a boy, she said: "anyone wanna challenge me?" The boy shot his hand up. He swung his axe and defeated Lisa straight away. Not her style. Hammer fighting? No. Sword fighting? Surprisingly good. She beat most people in the tournament.

    After lunch, was Capture the flag. It was Athena (cabin), Demeter (cabin, all of these are cabins) and Hephaestus as a team. The other teams: Aphrodite, Hades, Artemis, Apollo and Ares. Everyone chose weapons.

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