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Open Camp Half-Blood: A Long Overdue Aftermath

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Fraseandchico, Jan 14, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys! Welcome To A Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Roleplay, This Is Set 7 Months After The War Against Gaia, So Many Characters Have Changed, Here Is A Few Rules
    1. I Recommend Reading The Books By Rick Riordan, Otherwise You Will Be Confused
    2. Do Not Be A child Of A Roman God( Unless You Decide To Use Jason Grace), Roman Goddess, a Titan, Artemis, Hera, Or a Giant.
    3. Canon Characters that are still alive can be used
    4. Jason Grace Has Finished His Quest To Give all The Greek/Roman Gods/Goddess at least a cabin or temple
    5. Please. Read. The. FREAKING. General. Roleplay rules.
    6. You cannot be a satyr or Centaur
    8. Rivalries are allowed, as long as there is A Reason, Like parents being rivals
    9. You Do Not need To(But I Recommend It) Fill In Rank, Especially If You're just in the middle

    Here's The List Of Characters(No Romans)
    Canon Characters:
    Percy Jackson
    Jason Grace
    Annabeth Chase
    Piper Mclean
    Leo Valdez(@Fraseandchico)
    Clarisse La Rue
    Nico De Angelico
    Thalia Grace
    Will Solace
    Luke Castellan(@SMRPG64)
    Drew Tanaka
    The Stoll Brothers

    Original Characters(No Romans)
    Saice Dion(son Of Hephaestus)
    Isaac Lavender(Son Of Hypnos)
    Daniel Grey(Son Of Hecate)
    Bell Kyah(Daughter of Aristaeus)
    Violet Villas(Daughter of Hades)
    Lylian "Lilly" Gardner(Daughter of Nike)
    Raven Wallis (Daughter of Aphrodite, Hunter Of Artemis.)
    Now, The Form. Or Mine To Be Exact.( 3 characters allowed for each person(2 OCs, 1 canon))

    Name: Saice Dion
    Age(Over 12): 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Always to himself, Doesn't have many friends except The rest of his cabin, And is very smart
    Gear: A Single Katana, and a copy of the magical tool belt Leo has.
    Appearance: black, Messy Hair, Fiery Red Eyes, peachy skin, Scar On His Upper Lip, Black Shoes, Dark red Chest and Leg Armour
    Child of: Hephaestus
    Special Talents: Pyrokenisis, Can Read Maps Easily, Speaks Persian, is Immune To Fire, Amazing Invention skills, ADHD, Dyslexia, superhuman strength, speed and Durability
    Rank in cabin( Head Counsellor, Second in command, Newbie): Second In Command(To Leo Valdez)
    Backstory: Raised In Scotland, Saice Never Knew His father, However, When He Was 6, Something strange happened, Gaia Appeared, And Tricked Him, His Mother, you see, died, and his adopted mother was a scientist, And Gaia made him think that his stepmom, who wasn't nice, to be honest, Was Putting her tests of vials of dangerous Liquids, which were filled with fire, In His food, she also said that if he didn't kill her, his mother would be gone forever, Gaia had just kidnaped her, He did as he was told, and Gaia killed Her Anyway, Saice Became an outcast, and eventually found Camp Half-Blood, Just as Leo Valdez returned, He Got Claimed, and worked his way up the ranks of the Hephaestus Cabin, due to his Pyrokenisis, and is now Leo's Second in Cabin.
    Crush: None

    My Canonical Character
    Name: Leo Valdez
    Age(Over 12): 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Leo is easy-going, mischievous, upbeat, energetic, funny, flirty and loves to tell jokes constantly, even if they aren't particularly funny. He is usually a troublemaker, Leo is genuinely very intelligent and honest, and cares about his friends and family. He sometimes doesn't think before reacting and he enjoys pulling pranks on people, especially those who he doesn't like. Despite his jokey attitude, Leo is emotionally scarred from the death of his mother and is crushed by guilt as he indirectly caused her death. He hides a hurt and angry demeanour with humour. Leo has been shown to have a serious side, which happens when he is angered by someone or when the situation calls for it. He is also seen building small bits of machinery and equipment and is very skilled and serious about his work.
    Gear: Magical Toolbelt, Hammers
    Appearance: Apparently Cute
    Child of: Hephaestus
    Special Talents: ADHD, Dyslexia, Morse Code, Trilingual, Superhuman strength, speed and durability, Cooking, Fighting skills, Machinery Skills, Pyrokenisis.
    Rank In Cabin: Head Counsellor
    Backstory: When he was eight, he accidentally set fire to his mother Esperanza's machine shop while facing off against Gaia, which resulted in Esperanza's death. Leo's remaining family blamed him for killing his only parent and left him a foster child and runaway, He Later Fell For A Girl named Calypso, and came back to camp half blood to stop Gaia, He Has Now Returned, And Takes Great Interest In Training Saice.
    Crush: Calypso( His Girlfriend)

    GOOD LUCK! ask to join
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  2. Name: Isaac Lavender
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Isaac is rather quiet, but has a sort of calming presence. He himself is so calm it feels he is almost not completely with the situation. This tends to limit his range of emotion, however he could be extremely dangerous if really angered. This is rather hard to achieve, but if you cause trouble near the Hypnos cabin or interrupt anything he is doing he will be rather angry and use his powers maliciously.
    Gear: He carries on him a small sack of herbs, that can be used like a smoke bomb. However, it contains a powerful sleeping agent. His weapon of choice is a rather short silver dagger, that has ornate carvings and is a cruel weapon for who he is.
    Appearance: He has short, almost white hair, and eyes that seem to be some weird shade, making them almost purple. Rather skinny, short compared to others. He has quite pale skin and wears a light purple shirt with loose brown trousers. He does keep armour, being a silver chainmail-like suit that is designed to absorb projectiles and blasts. The armour is surprisingly light.
    Child of: Hypnos
    Special talents: Just being near him makes one feel calm. However, being near him for extended periods of time can make this worse, resulting in drowsiness and eventual sleep. Those effected by this sometimes also have hallucinations of themselves atop a hill, in a lavender field, the plants swaying in the wind. It is unknown whether he also experiences these hallucinations himself. His role as the camp mediator has taught him ways to defuse most situations and arguments, even without his powers. This has also given him an uncanny knack of knowing when NOT to act.
    Rank in Cabin: (Second in command to Clovis, has a wider role as Camp Mediator, meaning he solves arguments and debates.)
    Backstory: Raised in a small country village in England by his mother, Isaac was always worried about by others. Seemed to distant. After being taken to seek mental help, his mother was stopped by some mysterious people, who took him to Camp Half-Blood. He now serves as Camp Mediator there due to his useful powers.
    Crush: None
  3. Name: Daniel Grey
    Age(Over 12): 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Incredible intelect. He is kind and polite. He loves making jokes when the time is right abd is sometimes sarcastic
    Gear: A steel sword that is embedded with electricity. Spell book, for decoration
    Appearance: Black hair and Blue Eyes. He wears a blue hoodie with a black gym shorts
    Child of: Hecate
    Special Talents: ADHD, Intelligence, quick reflexes, sword skills, Magic of various sources.Speaks Japenese and Dragon
    Rank in cabin: Head
    Backstory: Has lived in several places around the world. Mainly, Salt Lake City, Utah. He was always obssessed with Magic. Daniel always knew it was somewhere out there. At th age of 11, He started to show talents in magic. He has been on several missions each more challenging then the last.
    Crush: None
  4. oh yeah, we need 2 more people before I start the rp.
  5. Name: Koen Apollo Simpson
    Age(Over 12): 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Koen is honest and easy going, and nice, and also a coward, and pacifist
    Gear: he always has medical suplies
    Appearance: Ginger hair green eyes pale skin straight hair that is in a ponytail small nose, and small lips wears a plane brown shirt with some blue jeans and black nikies
    Child of: Apollo
    Special Talents:healing himself, and others but it drains his energy, he is also naturally a good archer, and he can speak german, he is naturally good doctor
    Rank in cabin( Head Counsellor, Second in command, Newbie): newbie
    Backstory: Koen grew up in germany, as koen grew older he noticed every time he touched his wounds he would heal he asked his mother why, but she would never tell him, when he was 12 he moved to america, and on his 15th birthday she told him everything so Koen went to camp half blood to learn to how to control his abilities
    Crush: None
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  6. Name: Bell Kyah
    Age(Over 12): 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Stubborn and Determined, she wants to show that everyone can be a hero, no matter who your were descended from
    Gear: A golden suit of armour covered in what appear to by Honeycombs.
    Appearance: Reletively tall and light skinned, Long Golden hair which seem to flow like honey, wears mostly casual clothes, but owns a dress which, like her hair, seems to flow like honey.
    Child of: Aristaeus (God of Beekeeping and Cheesemaking)
    Special Talents: Good at Beekeeping (duh) a great hunter/food gatherer when In the wild. Can control bees
    Rank in cabin( Head Counsellor, Second in command, Newbie):
    Backstory: Bell was sent to Camp Half Blood when she around 13 years old. She suffered quite a bit of ridicule at first, being the daughter of the God of, among other things, Beekeeping and Cheese. Of course that was before she discovered that she could control bees (evil laugh)
    Crush: None
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  7. YES now we can begin the rp whenever frase accepts you
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  9. sense koen is a newbie did he arrive yesterday or today
  10. Ok. To Be honest, I don't care, You lot can post now.
  11. I'd like to be Luke but uh... how would that exactly work?
  13. Alrighty then, would this Luke be good again or still controlled by Kronos?
  14. Kronos is Dead, So Luke Is Good Again.
    You Still need a form for Luke.
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  15. Ah~~~ I missed so much good roleplays in Pokecharms so this is my best chance~ (I missed a darn RWBY RP and a Fire Emblem Fates RP..what is wrong with me..)

    Name: Violet Villas (Seriously, I gotta stop using this OC..)
    Age (Over 12): 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quiet, tomboyish, and (used to be) playful. She opens up more as you get to know her. She is unsocial and doesn't talk easily.
    Gear: A bow and quiver, and a sharp dagger usually.
    Appearance; long brown hair, pale skin, aqua eyes, A black jacket, a white blouse, and blue sneakers. She keeps a pair of glasses tucked in her faded pants.
    Child of: (This might seem too OP, for me at least, so eh) Hades
    Special Talents: Shadow-traveling, most like her siblings, managing to raise the dead for a certain amount of time, and she is currently studying shadow-controlling, which is a act of using shadows to bind someone, grab someone; etc. She is fairly fast, and her accuracy is good.
    Backstory: When Violet was younger, her mother got shot on her way to court. With a last effort to not go to the foster homes, she scoured her home until she found her mother's diary, revealing Camp Half-Blood and who her real father was. She got chased by the police by stealing a jetski and a gallon of gas, and almost killed by a harpy when she almost hit a satyr with her dagger. She found her bow and quiver laying beside a tree in the forest when she was training, and claimed it as her own. Being unsocial, she has no friends, and is disliked by most people.
    (This must be pretty late, xP)
  16. if your talking about my RWBY RP, its still open if you want to join
  17. No, its alright. I was a bit miffed that RWBY got popular here and I was too busy writing stories and such.
    Oh, and I'm not sure of you know already, or if its intended or something, but its spelled "faunus".
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  18. Okay, Accepted.
    Also I Own The Fire Emblem Fates RP! You Could Still Join, If You Want.
  19. Wait... So this is our faults?
  20. On a more serious note, how am I going to introduce Luke into the story
  21. Dunno, What's Annoying Is that only Percy and Annabeth Will See Him in A Good light.
  22. That could be good, if either of those two could logic him back into the camp, that could me a major plot point

    Luke could still feel shunned, like an outsider, all the guilt and rejection seeping into him. It would be an obstacle for him to overcome, a trust needing to be regained. And even better, why did he betray Olympus in the first place?

    He felt he wasn't loved...

    This rejection could build up in him until he begins to feel the pull of evil once again, but this time he would try to fight it
  23. Oh look at that the rp is alive.
  24. Yes, thank me for returning it to life.
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  25. Is it too late to join? If not, Here is my character
    Name: Lylian "Lilly" Gardner
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: For most of her life, she spent her time in a tiny house so she is quite shy and terrible at social skills and queues. She is SUPER senstive about pretty much anything but she hides a bit of a sassy side that is more confident and bold. She isn't angered easily unless you somehow hurt animals, one of her favorite things in life.
    Gear: Her gear is quite limited, only being a celestial bronze shield for protection and a small dagger she hardly uses She personally doesn't enjoy fighting but she keeps the dagger just in case.
    Appearance: Lilly has long, wavy pale blonde almost white hair. She wears it loose beside a small braid on her right side. She has pale blue eyes that almost seem light grey than blue. Her outfit is simple being a navy blue short sleeved dress with black tennis shoes. She wears black leggings under her dress. She also almost always has her purse pale white purse on her that contains her inhaler for her severe asthma.
    Child of:Nike, Goddess of Victory
    Rank in Cabin: Due to her soft nature and that she has no strong desire to win things, She ranks very low in her cabin. She is pretty much the outsider of her own cabin but she doesn't mind. She does get a bit lonely, but she finds most of them rude and arrogant.
    Special Talents:Like her mother who has large wings, if she concentrates hard, Lillie can summon wings on her back in times of emergency. This gives a limited power of flight. She can only summon them though if she is fully concentrated on what she is doing. Other that flight, Lilly has the power to summon a powerful shield that is pretty tough, given to her by her mother also in case of emergencies. But she doesn't have to concentrate as hard to summon the shield. Another thing is when angry, her strenght increases dramtically, and her concentration also increases.
    Backstory: Lilly was raised by her overprotective father and her abusive step-mother. Her step mother never physically hurt Lilly, but she verbally assaulted her pretty much everyday of her life. Her father never really let her go out much unless she was wit him, which was hardly never considering he worked in the army. So Lily was left with her step-mother in a tiny house most of her life. Eventually tired of the abuse by her mother and the over protection by her father, she broke down. She hardly spoke and was starving. Her father came home and noticed his daughter and he told her the truth that she was a demigod and was the daughter of the Victory Goddess. She was always curious who her mother was but she never expected a Greek goddess. Her father told her of a camp her mother had mention she could go to and told her she could go if she wanted. She accepted the offer and went to the camp that would change her life forever.
    Crush: None
  26. GREEN LANTERN or red latern Guy Gardner has been both i think.
  27. Is there still room in this RP?
  28. Name: Mark Skya
    Age(Over 12): 13
    Gender: Male
    Personality: For being the son of the deity of the night,Mark is positive,but really shy.Although he is positive,he lays towards the shadows where no one can see him.But,he has potential to be an amazing fighter because of his powers and talents.
    Gear: Mark uses a sword that is similar to a broadsword,but it larger.It's usually concealed into necklace that is said to be ancient.He also carries around a bottle.The bottle he carries holds his hellhound his mother gave him.When he's in trouble,he'll open the bottle and the hellhound will help him.
    Appearance: Mark stands at a short height of 4'11.He has fair skin and short,blonde hair.His eyes are a light blue and give a little sparkle.He wears a normal hoodie with a Camp Half-Blood shirt usually under it.He also wears normal jeans and his ancient necklace.The bottle is stored in his back pocket.
    Child of: Nyx(Goddess of the Night)
    Special Talents: Mark has the ability to turn everything pitch dark or blind people.He only blinds people to get out of a situation and usually lasts five minutes.He also has incredible agility.But,he has an ability like shadow travel,but he evaporates into darkness and appears where he wants.
    Rank in cabin( Head Counsellor, Second in command, Newbie): Mark ranks middle in his cabin because he is the youngest in his cabin,but there aren't a lot of children of Nyx.
    Backstory: Mark grew up near in New York,but not far from Jersey.He would always hide from his dad and didn't back until dawn.He would just lay there all night,looking at the sky.He felt as him and the night were friends.But one morning,when Mark came back,he discovered his house was surrounded by police.He ran in,ignoring police to find his father dead.He felt devastated and ran away.But,he was discovered.Not by police,though...He was discovered by Dolos,the god of trickery.He told Mark that he could to a place where no bad things would happen.But,when they got to a secret alley,Dolos was going to kill Mark.But then,Nyx claimed Mark and Dolos took him to Camp Half-Blood at the age of seven.
    Crush: None
  29. Accepted, Actually Convenient Timing, Lol.
  30. I'm just waiting for someone to post something because I want this RP to go for a while.
  31. Name: Raven Wallis
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very loyal, loves all animals, except spiders, competitive, some what of a loner. Has ADHD.
    Gear: A dagger made of celestial bronze, and a magical bow that never runs out of arrows. A iron breastplate.
    Appearance: Pixie cut black hair with blue highlights, pale skin, a scar on her left leg that goes from the back of her knee down. About 5'7
    Child of: Aphrodite, is a hunter of Artemis.
    Special Talents: Has amazing accuracy with all weapons, has charmspeak, has great reflexes, and is strong.
    Rank in cabin: ( Head Counsellor, Second in command, Newbie) Second in command to Piper Mclean, and Tahlia Grace.
    Backstory: She went to camp half blood when she was 11, she wanted to do more for the God's so she became a hunter when she was 12.

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