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call of the legendary

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Liza Cryski, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Call of the legendary:journal of Liza Crisky

    The dream team

    -Prime arrival-

    it was that day, my mom and me decide to travel and to move to sinnoh.. my cousin Surge looked at me sadly we cant play together again for a long time... Mommy want to know what is my curse and someone said that in Sinnoh we could have a hint... I was reading about mythology of sinnoh region and I saw my cousin running toward me with a pokeball we play a lot with his pikachu it's a very strong one but this time he give the pokeball to me smiling ''This will keep us together forever Liza it's yours now!'' mine a pokeball.. oh wait it's not empty... and this purple color ''it is a master ball Liza daddy catch it for you! Because you like purple!'' yes purple wa smy favorite color and this ball was really beautiful like no one I trow it into the air and a pichu get out right in front of me ''it's mine?'' I said not sure of it I never had a pokemon before... well I am quite young too I Have 5 years old... I should name it ''it's my first and so I will call him Pri...me! Yes that's it Prime! Now we are friend!!'' Surge looked happy and prime came in my arm then mommy call my name.. ah I need to go... now I know a lot of adventure wait for me and with Prime at my side I would never be alone anymore so it's with a calm mind that I move to sinnoh region with my mother.

    -Pokemon kidnapping-

    there is 5 years since I moved, my pichu is really strong now and we love each other a lot he is my only friend... I never was really good to make friend... because I loose one of my eyes due to my illness... I hate being like me I am not a monster... one day I was listening to the beauty contest at the tv... there was a buneary who always win. I use to keep my hair short because it was more practical with the work of berry picker in the forest I helped mother when I wasn't going to school after dad death I needed to help more at home we have 4 pokemon! Prime who is mine and my mother have 3 pokemon! One emolga a gift from her friend in unova one pachirisu and one ledian for helping out they were very good picker not very strong but they were our animal and we loved them a lot. So emolga and prime were watching tv with me then I heard someone screaming, mother was in the forest so it could not be her I get out with emolga and prime... my town was invade by strange people who said that they would take all the pokemon for them alone...I looked and I saw Gardenia the gym leader of eterna city helping and saving some pokemon of my town... so I decide to help to! ''PRIME!! COME WITH ME EMOLGA YOU TOO!'' I have seen a small amount of baby pokemon so I run toward them with professor who tried to protect them too he look at me '' your pokemon can attack?'' I smile for saying yes then he trust me to crush the one who was with a tiny water pokemon 'emolga use volt swicth now!'' my mother pokemon became a electric ball runnig and hurting the bad guy who switch toward me laughing hard 'WHAT A KID YOU KIDDING ME!?'' I became angry '' yes a kid and I am gonne take this back! If you please!'' he continue laughing then get a pokeball out ''beat me and I will give you this but you cant use your emolga'' ''fine it's not mine!'' he seemed a bit surprise when I said that he wasn't expecting what was going to happen''well then zubat you better win!!' a zubat get out his ball... I could sens it the feeling of that poor unloved pokemon while mine was the most loved pichu on all this earth... ''prime give him some lovy dovey act! Use nuzzle!!!'' my pichu jump and went giving an electric kiss to zubat but it doesn't make it faint ''zubat use leech life!'' my pichu take damage more than I imagine... ',prime finish it! Use shock wave! '' the ground became electrified the air too then the zubat faint'' I win rules are rules give it back! '' the pokemon have small time to get off his arm and come inside mine then Gardenia came in front of me'' what a courageous girl you are hurry get home with that piplup, emolga and pichu everything is in control.'' so I obey and I get home with the pokemon I just save and half hour later mother was back... professor Rowan and Gardenia where in the home... Gardnia chrym was a little bit hurt so I needed to help to heal and I had the good berry with me to do so...''Liza sweet heart who is this?'' I looked back at my mother''the girli Gardenia the gym leader of Eterna and this is pokemon Rowan'' Gardenia stood up and explain everything to my mother wich was very proud of me the Rowan stand explaining my mother he wanted me to help to complete the pokedex''she is young but strong and I will give her a pokemon.. the little one she saved the piplup I know she can go far and really help me'' I look at my mom hoping a positive answer... after a long discussion with mom she finally said yes! I will start a pokemon journey prime was so happy I looked at piplup'' Piplup will you be my friend! I will call you Azum is it right?'' Azum jump of happiness.. I hated pokeball so my two friend are now walking by my side for now and a long time to come I feel it! Oh before going I pu a ribbon blue and yellow in the back of prime head and one butterfly ribbon on the neck of Azum for recognize them as mine.

    -first win and the bubble of success-

    I was on the first patch on the first road with my two little friend by my side I was talking to them and myself... it's frightening this time it was not for picking berry but for becoming the very best of all time... it was a mission mother and professor Rowan gave me I know this part pretty well so I know I would not get lost I know the kind of pokemon I could find.. I was looking for one of them... Gardenia give me a hint of the first pokemon I should catch... pokemon master need to go higher in the sky.. a fly type... and I know which one it has to be a Starly they were elegant and powerful attack pokemon I needed one! I walk toward a three and found that bird I was looking for ',okay Azum I will test you we have battle many time bidoof use tackle pichu use nuzzle not too much just a bit '' my pokemon obey me and weakest that one starly which I caught right after I used pokeball only once no need for more after all I want them to become my friend not my animals '' I will name you Zarchofky!'' Zarchofky came on my shoulder now my journey can really begin now I can be a trainer I took a step near a cavern after a lot of battle with children.. standing out of nowhere near the cavern I heard the sound of a hurt pokemon I check out and saw a small lynx who was hurt so I hurry up in the cavern get it without being battling with pokemon I never had in mind to make pokemon faint so I avoid wild battle for that... I finally arrive in Oreburgh city I rush in the pokemon center for make that little one alright once it was on foot she wouldn't not leave me... a shinx soo I took her with me and named her Tabatha... so with those 4 pokemon I can take on the gym leader who was off in the Oreburgh mine and that I need to tell her I wanna challenger her... how sweet! So I went... the mine was full of rock type pokemon weak against Azum! That was easy to found the gym leader she said that she will stand for at her gym yay! I looked at my four fellow and went to the gym but before a little break at the pokemon center would not hurt anyone after I go to the gym.. against rock type Azum will be my joker so I went to Roark.. ah uh oups finally it was a boy.. with girly attrait it makes my laugh... 3 pokemon to beat the two first I beat them with Zarchofky the big one was cranidos who faint my zarchofky in one turn SO I look at tabata and rpime I couldnt make them battle.. ''Azum my lovely Azum I count on you!'' Azum go on the battle stage... I make him endure some attack then when tackle wasnt enough I use the new moove... 'AZUM BUBBLE BEAM!'' he used it with success yes a critical hit! But the cranidos endure it... he used charge on me.. thanks god Azum is quick enough for not being too much damage by it then I order it to finish him so He just use bubble and we win I was so happy when Roark gave me the coal bage and the capsule rock smash it will be quite usefull'' you are quite a courgeous one I hope your dream will get you fly higher and higher in your new journey'' I juste smile back before getting out the gym I look at my new badge... and someone else was looking. I will know soon engouh who is watching me for now I just enjoy and Azum start glowing what... he EVOLVED!! my azum is now a prinplup we enlace all of the fifth friend together enjoying the bubble of sucess

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