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Private/Closed Bunch of Stragglers (PMD RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Starry Phantump, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Disclaimer: this rp will be more violent then normal and Takes place in a mixture world of all the mystery dungeon games

    The world of Pokemon, a world covered in civilization, a world where guilds and rescue teams alike flourished in this new age, going about the day capturing criminals or saving others. A magnificent story.....Too bad it's not your story, yes the world is happy and beautiful but that's not the life you chose, you chose the life that made your world dark and moody, the life of an outlaw, a villain...

    You are a outlaw, you don't follow the rules that everyone else follows, you may be a kindhearted criminal who merely steals to keep themselves alive, or you may be a killer who's ended the lives of many for little to no reason. Either way, your a criminal.

    The main story of this rp is that your an outlaw, you can do whatever either alone or with others, you could even be an explorer.

    • Swearing is allowed.
    • While this a violent RP, please no heavy gore.
    • Romance is allowed but not excessive.
    • No autoing.
    • No overpowered character, you can't kill some really strong pokemon without breaking a sweat.
    • Say 10-Tons if you read the rules
    • Killing off another player character or your own requires permission from that player.
    • 2 characters at most.
    Link to the RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-bunch-of-stragglers.20530/


    Name: Fern
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Leafeon
    Appearence: Fern is a average sized leafeon of his age, however his leaf like parts are more
    yellow-green than normal and has several small black and red marks on him. He also has a bandage across his head, he has a light green left eye and a bright red right eye. The right side of his face is also faintly black.
    Personality: Fern himself is a kind boy, he tries to be polite and wants to do the right thing, however he has a curse, the right side of his face is an alternate personality, it has a a cryptic and hurtful mindset, and oftens becomes the dominant mind in ferns body sometimes even killing innocent pokemon. This makes Fern very nervous about making friends or being in public.
    Backstory: when Fern was 12 he was a happy kid who played out in the woods all the time, he ended up getting trapped in a thornbush, thorns cut and slashed him up, his right side of his face took the most damage. When he returned home he was bleeding all over, and his fur and face were covered in black cuts, this ended up causing his alter ego, he ended up killing both his parents with his claws...when he tried to go to a nearby guild for help he was treated as a wanted killer and was forced to go on the run....
    Other: The alter ego can talk with Fern in his head, and the alter ego is named Fear.

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  2. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    That sound interesting, im going to join soon...

    But if all the characters are outlaws who going to be in the good side?

    Also, how many characters can you have
  3. @Lightning-the-emolga most of the good characters could be NPCs, but if anyone would like to play a good character then I'll allow that for now.

    And you're allowed to have 2 characters max.
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  4. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Name: he known as 'the slippy changer' (some calling him 'slip' in short, but he hate when pokemons call him 'slip')

    Age: 15

    Gender: genderless

    Species: ditto

    Appearence: have no different then other dittos, but his face would change too when he transform.

    Personality: he is very tricky and he is taking risks, he like to steal and trick others info his traps, he still have feeling.
    When he not stealing he usually having fun by tricking pokemons that going in the forest, he is good at pretending.
    He planning to become the most wanted outlaw.

    Backstory: in the start he stole food and stuff to keep himself alive, he loved the fact that he can escape easily and start to steal even when he dont need anything, he just liked to steal and trick others, then escaping easily with disguises.

    Other: he can transform to anything he remembered, and the face would be like the victim be transformed into, he trained to contoll his transform so he can change quicker but it will take time for him to transform info a thing that his weight is more than 10 ton.
    He is one of the most wanted criminals, he trying to become the most wanted.

    (That character gonna bring troubles)
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  5. @Lightning-the-emolga I don't know of many Pokemon that are 10 to- ohhhhh I see what you did there Accepted

    And when you post or such could you proofread your post, I noticed a bunch of typos and punctuation mistakes in your bio and that could confuse someone during the rp., I understand that engluEn isn't your main lanvulan and that's okay, it flesdoe have to be perfect :)
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  6. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Sorry about my mistakes, i would do my best not to confuse others...
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  7. This seems like an interesting twist wonder if people will be solo or join together, because my character will surely need one.




    Appearence:vigil is a bit smaller than the average Gliscor. Part of his stinger is chipped off. His left eye has a bunch of holes in it leaving him blind in that eye. Tiny bits of his wings are torn. He has natural coloring. A small black band is around his right claw.

    Personality:He looks out for others as long as they find him as his friend. He is very gullible and leads him to do things that he usually wouldn’t. He tends find himself being on the lower ends of everything, due to him having a non violent personality, but that can change quickly in certain circumstances.

    Backstory:He was raised with many sisters and brothers. He was praised by his parents often and watched over his brothers and sisters. When his parents said they would award a razor claw to their best behaved child. When vigil was awarded it, his siblings all were tired of him getting all the fame and attention and decided to get revenge, though he was shy and feels bad that the others don’t get attention, but can’t muster the courage to tell them. When he evolved into a Gliscor, his siblings waited for him to go to sleep then stabbed him in the left eye multiple times and ripped his wings by slashing at it. One even bit off a part of his stinger. He was then thrown out to live on his own as a thief and try’s to find a group or someone that will take care or accept him.

    Other:He grabbed a band that his parents gave him just before he was thrown out, and is usually the only thing that keeps him happy in tough times. Due to his wings being ripped, it’s hard for him to fly and allows others to hear when he flaps his wings. If he steals something very valuable or means a lot to someone, he often returns it in guilt as he was forced into being a thief.

    I feel bad for vigil because I’m setting him up to be the punching bag, though is going to have a lot of empathy in him, which could lead back to the punching bag again. *sigh*
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  8. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Your character sound interesting, try not to make your character befriend 'the slippy changer', it will only bring troubles
  9. Love the nickname and lets hope not.
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  11. Seeing that profile picture and you doing a evil laugh is giving me mixed signals. Also a question when will the thread be going up for the role play.
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  12. I'll probably make the RP when the next person joins
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  13. Also I had completely forgotten my pfp was victini XD
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  14. I'm might as well join also!

    Name: Slippy
    Age: 8
    Species: Snivy
    Appearance: Slippy is a small Snivy with a bandage wrapped around his arm. He wears a red scarf like a bandanna around his neck. His is pretty thin also, due to lack of food.
    Personality: Slippy is shy, and hates confrontation. He steals food to survive, and travels mostly by himself. He is a very kind Snivy though, and would do anything for a friend.
    Backstory: Slippy was hatched all alone, in an abandoned factory. He fed off scraps of old supplies, until he ran out. He then was forced to venture out into the world, almost instantly getting in a fight, which led to getting a broken arm.
    Other: Slippy doesn't know it, but he was left in a factory to give out starter Pokemon. Is was blown up in an explosion, and Slippy was the lucky one that survived. There was about 10 tons of food though, so it lasted him 3 years.

    I just got a Snivy from someone in GTS trade, so, I wrote a book about a Snivy named Slippy on my tablet, so that's where his inspiration came from.
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  15. Name: Belladonna, codename "Deadly Nightshade"
    Age: Around 17-18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Murkrow
    Appearence: A regular Murkrow, except she has one missing talon on her right foot. She has deep purple eyes, and wears an indigo Belladonna flower on her head. She has a purple cloak too, which she wears when in disguise.
    Personality: Belladonna is very feisty, quick-witted and independent, not wanting much to do with others. However, she will warm up to anyone she feels a kindred spirit with. A solitary creature, Bella is selfish and will only help others if for her own personal gain. She has a fascination with shiny things, being a Murkrow, and will steal any such thing she comes across without a second thought. She is good at disguising herself as a general shopper, and can give her real name, as the guilds only know her as Deadly Nightshade. She is also enigmatic and dislikes to disclose info about herself. However, despite her solitary nature, she dreams of romance, and reads old storybooks about love to quell her lonely heart. The Murkrow is also slightly bitter when seeing happy couples because of this, and despises travelling to Treasure Town to sell her good since she can't stand seeing people in love.
    Backstory: Bella herself does not know much about her past, as she can't remember a lot of it. She doesn't know who or where her family is, and tends to get upset when seeing families together because of this. Her earliest memory is waking up beside a lake with a throbbing pain in her right foot, only to discover that one of her talons had been ripped out. After that, she took to stealing 'shinies' and selling them to make profit, and lives in a small treehouse that is secluded in a place called Sweet Gem Forest. She tends to stalk and rob anyone who walks past her house.
    Other: 10 tons
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  16. Name: Ashera (Sher)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Species: Mightyena (Shiny)
    Appearance: With a slender build, Ashera is taller than most Mightyenas. Her coat is slick, almost silky and rich golden in color. Brown layers of long, smooth hair flow from above her eyes to down her back. The female's long coats often cover her sharp, blood stained claws and long legs. Thick eyelashes lines a pair of shiny blue eyes which match her bright blue nose. and the female's, almost seductive, smile is rigged with rows of sharp fangs. Ashera has a gold ring pierced through her right ear, and matching bracelets collected on her left paw.
    Personality: Ashera has never been known to be ruthless, she doesn't torture or tease her prey. But, Sher finds a sort of value in taking one's life- and sometimes she does it just to remind herself that she still is capable of doing so. She is a quiet female, with a natural leader-like disposition; though riddled in mystery, the female's backstory is known by most anyone who knows of her. Ashera tries not to linger in the past, but she strays far from looking into the future. She lives her life day by day, and hates when it is interrupted by petty things. Sher has a soft spot for child, especially those without a home- in fact, there isn't a single orphan on the list of hundreds who she has killed. Never the less, Sher is the selfish type; she looks after herself and that is all, never even blinking at a needy stranger or someone in trouble.
    Backstory: As a cub, Sher had no place to go. Whether her parents upped and left her, or something happened to them; not even she knows. But, as a gullible young poochyena, she was quick to find a place to stay at the feet of a small gang. This gang was overall pretty fun for the young female, they had her do little jobs like stealing, and she always got so much praise. It felt like a family that Ashera never had, upon evolving, though, something changed. Her tasks in the organization grew to be more daunting, and she began to figure out how wrong all of it was, still she couldn't leave the only family she had. One night, unknowingly, the pokemon had been sent out to murder someone. When Sher refused, a superior officer in her gang killed the pokemon anyways and then turned against Ashera. What truly broke the Mightyena was when she returned back to her 'family' and they all turned their backs on her, commenting on her uselessness and disloyalty. It drove the female just about insane, then a random night she was stabbed by that same higher officer. Did killing truly mean loyalty, was it her true purpose? By the end of the night, everyone was dead. She doesn't remember how, but Ashera killed her whole family with her fangs and claws. Since then, she had been a loner; and the once lonely pup had turned into a serial mercenary for money, and sometimes killer for fun.

    Name: Teddy
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Species: Minccino
    Appearance: Teddy is small even for a Minccino, even for just being a child. His body seems almost two small for his large, fluffy head. His tail and tuffs of fur are even fluffier than they should be and his ears, much larger. The boy's body is a light grey coloring, with white tips on his ears and tail. Teddy's two large eyes sparkle with emotion and his tiny, delicate face always gives away what the boy is thinking. The young pokemon wears a bright pink cape, like cloth around his neck, which sports a hood that he puts on while 'working'.
    Personality: Teddy, still just a child, can be naive and gullible at times. He still yearns for a warming hug and the overvalued praise that all children want. He tends to be easy to trap, for that reason; but his quick feet always get him out of those situations. Teddy is surprisingly witty, his senses and reflexes are incredible as well; this has given the small Minccino a sort of pride and confidence that formed over time. He now takes pride in others inability to capture him, and has developed a cocky facade when doing his criminal activities. Still, every night, when Teddy is alone; he is overwhelmed with grief and absolutely hates the cold nights he spends by himself. With his cute exterior, some say it would be easy for the kid to find a new family, but Teddy spoiled that option long ago. Now he only wishes that he could find someone just as lonely as he, perhaps talk about their problems, and then tell each other they've got one another's backs.
    Backstory: Teddy knew the good life. Indeed he felt love, never went a day without eating, was adored by everyone he met; It was hard to dislike the small pokemon. He grew up in a wealthy family, the only child of well known pokemon rescue rangers. It was on a sudden, normal day that Teddy had been swiped from his home and brought far from his family; where he was held for ransom. Up until that moment, Teddy had never felt fear; he had never known discomfort like being tied to a chair and hearing the distant cry of his parents while they were ambushed by his captors. It was at that moment, that Teddy's life changed. The rope around his body was thin enough to break through, though it hurt his delicate body. He had never been exposed to danger, but instinct told him to run, and the small child ran as fast as his little legs could carry him. He ran right out of the cave, right past his bloodied parent's bodies, right through his town; and kept running until his small paws were bleeding. Since then, Teddy has been a runner; he steals to survive and always gets away. The young pokemon is notorious for not getting caught, and he uses his tails to cover and hints of foot prints or other clues. Sometimes Teddy is hired to steal things, but otherwise he never teams up or settles. Teddy only knows safety from being on the run.

    (10 tons, because I was too lazy to think of how to fit it in cleverly XD)
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  17. My apologies, I've been at a track meet this whole weekend so i couldn't check charms, Im looking at the bios now
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  18. Okay @Barefoot_Kittens @Lillipup07 both accepted @tokyomustard haven't seen you in a while good to see you again, accepted.

    I'll start the RP soon
    Now that we have enough people

    And also I don't plan on everyone being in one big group, but your free to do what you want to do, I'm just saying that not everyone has to be together.
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  19. ahh, thanks! nice to see you too! i remember you, but where did we rp together?
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  21. Hey there, I hope you don't mind if I join in, I wanted to use these chars of mine.

    Name: Adam

    : 14

    : Male

    : Kirlia

    : Shiny, his 'hair' and 'skirt' are both shorter and he wears a brown, lightly tattered cloak.

    : He is very laid back, loves gambling and will always talk back to anyone regardless of the consequences. He is also a cunning thief who like to outsmart his opponents or help him escape in case a theft goes wrong. However, he is kindhearted as well as he tends to give some of his 'earnings' to poor Pokemon that need it more than him and he cares about the lives of anyone he sees as his comrades.

    : Not much is known about who his family used to be, given how he was taken in by a once notorious Blaziken thief who raised Adam as his own, teaching him how to survive in this seemingly unforgiving world and those who would wish to harm him. One day, Adam's mentor left suspiciously and never came back, the only thing he left behind was a little note which only said. 'Now you're ready.' Now Adam roams the world for riches to steal and ways to get even stronger.

    : "I've got 10 tons of gold and I ain't sharing."

    Name: Monica

    : 14

    : Female

    : Gothorita

    : Her physical appearance is no different from your everyday Gothorita. She wears two straps that form an X on her chest as well as a belt with a few little bags to hold stuff.

    : Monica is somewhat happy go lucky and almost views everything as a game. She is very supportive when it comes to helping Adam who she secretly harbors feelings for. When it comes to treasure, she will do whatever she can to steal it but is aware of the limits of how much she should steal or what she should steal.

    : Monica was rejected by her parents and had to either beg or steal to survive, she mainly focused on the latter as her Psychic abilities yielded better results... even if it made her hated by people. One day she attempted to pickpocket a hooded figure who was none other than Adam who caught her in the act, instead of hating or punishing her like everyone else, Adam taught her how to do it right and stole together ever since.

    : She loves finding 'Extra sparkly' crystals.
  22. @Red Gallade accepted, are Adam and Monica patners since they reference each other in their bios?
    And isn't gothorita the 1st evolution of gothita, I can't remember :/
  23. Yes and Gothorita's the second evolution just as Kirlia is. (Sry if it sounds confusing)
  24. All right, just making sure
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  25. i've added something to bella's bio, if anyone cares lol
  26. I didn't see much when I saw your bio (myabe because I'm lazy sometimes lol) but what was changed, if you don't mind me asking?
  27. just added a couple of things to her personality to make her a little less flat (and show she has a lovesick heart of gold!)
  28. Then she's not gonna like Monica... or Adam...
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  30. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Yeah, i will fix that mistake... Most of the characters usually see wear a scarf
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  31. R E D A L E R T
  32. I just realized Fern is basically the Pokemon version of venom.....
  33. Also, Adam and Monica are supposed to be well skilled. Adam was raised and trained by a seasoned thief who earned a small reputation whilst Adam trained Monica a few times since they met.
  34. I just read your bio; If that isn't a Venom rip off, I dunno what is. Hopefully it'll be manageable.
  35. Don't worry, I didn't say it was a bad thing hehe
  36. I'll make my first post on the RP tomorrow, it's really late for me.
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  37. I have a family reunion kinda thing so I won't be able to post for the rest of the day probably
  38. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Is it too late to join????
  39. .... Already, so far behind XD. I'm having my characters start in the city, they aren't really the types to be creeping around the woods.
  40. @XBD nope, actually if you joined I might close joining due to the amount of characters we have

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