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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Linkachu, Sep 29, 2011.

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  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I've just arrived at work so I can't write too much right now, but I was listening to a radio report this morning (CBC's "The Current") about bullying and how it should receive stricter punishments. And I utterly agree.

    Recently, Lady Gaga spoke out about this same topic and stated Bullying is a hate crime and must become illegal. Haters gonna hate, but I find this amazing.

    Whether it's debating Gaga's stance, discussing bullying in general, personal tales of being bullied, etc., let's discuss this.
  2. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Really bullying is my eyes (because I've been effected by it quite a lot), comes down to if you aren't cool or super good looking or don't fit in you get bullied.

    I always have been bullied for not fitting in, my love and interest in anime and manga and the video games I enjoy has always screwed me over but at the same time I wouldn't drop what I love just for the sake of fitting in because that's stupid. Trouble is now it can be harder to escape from it as bulling online has slowly gotten worse (on a whole not just for myself), so people struggle to escape it.

    Really I agree that it needs stricter punishments but at the same time I can see that ending up where what happens depends on that persons views on bullying. Such as some people on forums for example are stricter then others as some can see some things said as 'banter' or people trying to have a joke while others can see how it'd be really hurtful and a lot of the time it does come down to what people view as bullying when it comes to words and not people being hit.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    You may not like Lady Gaga. You many not like how she looks, you may not like her music, ect. And, frankly, you don't have to.

    But you have to admire someone like her who is using her massive influence to promote such a beneficial change. To be honest, I like her music and her general weirdness, but what attracts me most to her is the fact that she (at least seems to me) is a genuinely good person who wants to do some good in the world. She wants to promote change that will help people. In that respect, even if I didn't like her music, I would still be sorely tempted to buy it just to support her. I support anyone who wants to spread a message of love.

    So, yes, I hope this sees some movement. Countless have tried in the past but who knows - someone with enough influence like Gaga just may be able to pull it off.

    Look at what Shakira did with education in Brazil and stuff, and Shakira's not even as big as Gaga. It's just amazing what one single person can accomplish, what one person is capable of with something they're so dedicated to.
  4. I absolutely agree. Bullying is tolerated too much, and figures of authority must be given more power and encouraged to stop bullying. I was affected by bullying when I was in Primary School and would have changed schools had the bully not changed schools themselves.
    If bullying is creating student turnover and affecting grades, then it should be the job of the school to sort it out. If they don't stop the bully and don't discipline them, then they won't have an incentive to stop.
  5. I can agree with stricter punishment. People can be terrible, terrible things sometimes :/ The one problem I see is where one draws the line- it's indeed a very personal thing. Hell, the way my friends and I rip on each other may be considered bullying to outsiders- but in reality, it's all in good fun and no one's really insulted or hurt by it.

    There's also the fact that small amounts of bullying may be a necessary part of growing up- one needs to learn how to deal with an adversary without crumbling under the pressure of being disliked. However, excessive verbal attack or any form of physical violence is where the act is pushed too far, outside the realm of normal childhood growth. Therefore, I'd be more comfortable in saying that PHYSICAL bullying should be illegal, and that only in severe, prolonged cases would psychological or online be taken into law.

    Personally, high school was not a fun place for me. I was president of the anime club in a small, rich private school. So while I wasn't physically harmed, I was constantly psychologically pushed down. Hell, it's part of the reason I don't trust people today. It's a problem I'm still dealing with years after I've graduated. This doesn't mean that I would be any better off if the schools actually punished these people for "saying mean things to me everyday". In fact, I'd feel like a weakling who couldn't defend myself if they did. Not to mention that it might just get worse.

    Problems like this are tough, because there's no real answer either way. It's terrible that they even exist, really. It'd be nice if we could all just get along.
  6. About damn time they did something about it, except they were many years late on it. And I do agree with Sem, you may not like her too much, but Lady Gaga is doing the right thing. And it better be taken seriously too, not just ignored like some "suggestion".

    Seriously, where the crap were these people when I was being bullied? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they're finally doing something about it, but still, it makes me angry that they waited SO long before finally doing something about it. I was tormented for 6 years by the same group of people just because I dared to say something they disagreed with, such as the time I disagreed with them punching my friend. Seriously, they bullied me so much, I once considered suicide! Now, imagine other kids out there dealing with this, they might be considering the same thing. Please, let this become law, and not just something to brush off.
  7. I am the bullied of the whole grade...I was bullied since 2nd grade beacuse of my fame of playing pokemon (and being otaku in general), so I was marked for the rest of my life.I am bullied every day because I never go to "parties"(parties meaning getting drugged, smoking, drinking and stuff). Also because I never fight, have girlfriend, and also because I am not atheist(it sounds really weird huh?(also my school is Christian Catholic and private)). like near 80% of my grade (being less than 90 people) smoke,drink and all that being around 13 to 15 years old, the have condomns in their wallets, they also destroy private school property.

    Recently, like to the ends of last year, two boys started a fight, there was bloodinside the clasroom and the stairs and other places, last week we also found a trail of blood.

    I'm afraid they also take knives and spiky things to school, and they can really hurt someone, I was really hurt in 6th grade when they pushed me down the stairs. I am really unstable at school, but not to the point of commiting suicide.
  8. Hmmm... Bullying... Frankly... It's wrong... I'm rarely the victim of it though... People just don't mess with me. I'm a tough guy, and I don't stand for bullying. No one bullies me because they know that if they try it, they'll be missing a tooth later. (I may be a nice guy, but it doesn't mean I won't defend myself and those who I care about). But I agree with what Lady Gaga is doing. And I'm with organizations like The Boys and Girls Club, ASPIRA, The YMCA, and the Foundation for a Better Life, because their messages are genuine, and the steps there taking to the betterment of this generation are productive. It's going somewhere... I feel that these anti-bullying things flying around everywhere actually are making a difference in my community... And its a good place to start. I think that a law prohibiting bullying would be a good thing.
  9. I believe Lady Gaga is sending out the right message but if it was to become a crime I think it would be hard to monitor and convict people and people see bullying in different ways e.g. name calling some see it as harmless banter some see it as bullying. Another thing about conviction I think people will only be fined for this sort of stuff because that what happened with the riots over here in the summer most people only got fined because it was too widespread to put people behind bars as many prisons are overcrowded as they are.

    But in terms of my personal experiences of bullying I've never been bullied even though I was seen as quiet, weak, unattractive (compared to the others) and into pokemon, anime and me just being generally wierd. I think it might of been because I was rather intelligent so I could easily confuse the less intelligent bullies and most of the intelligent people at my school were the most popular at school so I guess I was kinda abusing my popularity :/ But people seemed to be scared of me which is because I just death glared at anyone/anything so it looked like I might snap an go on a rampage at any given moment :|
  10. Really and for truly, I was picked one and bullied a lot in my past for what I loved. Playing online games, liking pokemon, and even because I chose a robotics club over sports; people would always make fun of me for being a 'geek' as they called me. For me, it was pretty rough. I never liked being picked on, and actually disliked it a lot. But unlike most people, I usually ignored it(as I do today). That or I come up with random things about what I like and confuse my bully(but usually they'd punch me for it or something).

    Though I still get bullied today...it's now more like teasing. Since High School, liking Pokemon, watching anime's, and even playing WoW, SKyrim, ect. has earned me being laughed at by my peers. Do I care what they think now? No. I hated bullying, and really never think that bullying is right for any solution. Lady Gaga has the right idea for this, but things have become more physical than verbal now and days. All in all, bullying is pityfull.
  11. Recently I was bullied for telling something to the teacher >=O some guy threatend me and a friend (he also said stuff) but we also said that XD and his parents were called (he's a mean guy really) And he did not talked to us anymore. I hate being bullied, I think bullies have envy to intelligent people ¬¬ but they will get bullied or have any punishment in the future I'm sure about that. But well life continues :3
  12. For the most part, I haven't been subject to bullying, except for a bit in middle school. (I am a junior in high school now)

    However, although I agree bullying is getting out of hand and deserves swift reaction... I think outlawing it would just overload the jails.

    In addition to that, I believe all schools should experience the legendary Challenge Day at least once, if not start their own program to support it.

    Remember though... Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot dive out hate. Only love can do that.

  13. As a victim of bullying, I'm naturally going to agree that the punishments should be stricter. I mean, people have killed themselves and gotten killed because of it, and isn't that murder, in some cases of the word? There's also the psychological, mental, and physical harassment that goes with it.
    That's pretty much the jest of it. The reasons have dramatically increased, if not have been the same and we're just now looking at it. There's the topic of sexuality, which is very touchy, and religion, which is about as touchy. Simply, bullying boils down to those who dislike outsiders, those not like them.
    I think its because they're afraid. Not of a single person, but of the majority of them, like they're going to take over, or convert them, or what-the-heck-ever goes on in their minds.
    Anyway. I adore Lady Gaga. She does a lot for charities and such (like her condom outfit and lipstick for AIDS) and I would love to see this acted upon and have bullying put to rest. We can't destroy it completely, so it should at least be very at bay.
  14. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Be nice if we did take over. From what I see the people who get bullied are the nicer people (this may not be the same for all cases and I won't say it is, but from what I see it is). Even at college I've seen a few people bullied for joining the anime the club, which is really stupid. I joined and got a bit of name calling etc but they've backed off because I've been through it before and have become very good at not listening to people. xD But I know a few people who got it worse quit. It's not fair they should miss out on something really cool and fun through other people not agreeing. Doing media/journalism doesn't help, we're the geeks. >.>

    But yeah, forgetting the mini rant. I think stricter rules do need put in place, even more so after everything I've seen happen in the past month or so and heard from friends it's insane. :/
  15. You want to know what's funny? I've been bullied without even realizing it, I can be that oblivious. It was only after telling my parents did they tell me I was being bullied. Well, from the bullying I did catch, I didn't like it, but I am a better person for it. However, if I went to a larger high school, there would have been a greater chance of worse bullying and even physical altercations. I have to agree with Sine, as a bit may help toughen one up, too much is very harmful.
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