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Bulba's Requests!

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Bulba the Curious, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Hello! I do requests!

    FYI: This thread uses CB. You don't know what CB is? View the Spoiler below.
    CB is short for 'Charms Bucks. Unless you are a member of :) Emojin :), you start out with 1,000 'Charms Bucks. 'Charms Bucks are an idea completely made up by me, and are only used here.

    Okay, now for the juicy stuff!

    First, we have things you can request:

    Splices (Not guaranteed to be as good)

    I know, it's a puny list.
    All requests must be formatted as follows:

    Pokemon: This is/are the pokemon you want me to use, or a specific pokemon sprite.
    Type of Request: This is what you want me to do with the pokemon.
    Specifics: This is what color you want for recolorations, which pokemon will be the base in fusions, etc.
    Details: This is anything else extra you want me to do!

    Each request will cost 10 CB.

    Also, each person may only have one request at a time. This does not apply to posts made before this change.

    Also, I will post my requests, and if you do them, you will get paid 10 CB.
    I currently have no requests

    Happy 'Charmsing!
    #1 Bulba the Curious, Apr 3, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    @Bulba the Curious your link to your conversation doesn't work because I'm not actually a part of the conversation. Why not copy/paste the explanation here? ^^;
  3. *Facepalms* I'll just take it out. There's not much info there anyways...
  4. Plus, CB is something Bulba created for team :) Emojin! :). And hello, all! I am the president of team
    :) Emojin! :)! I created and run this club! Emojin!
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  5. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I'd love to request~
    Pokemon: Rapidash
    Type of Request: Recolor, Splice, whatever you think is best.
    Specifics: A simple Recolor should do the trick! I'd like a Rapidash, with its manes with a bit of an Azure tint, although you can go all out with the blue. Instead of the body being the color it is, you could switch it to white or whatever fits your boat.
    Detail- didn't I already include it in the Specifics? Oh well, if I had to include anything extra, I guess I'd love an hourglass near the tail. (You could consider it the place where those ponies have their cutie mark). And that's about it, so I hope you have fun with this request~!
  6. Ooh, a hard one already! @AzureEdge I have just one question. What color is Azure, exactly?
  7. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Azures a type of blue,Something like this,although you can switch ranges with the blue.

    Attached Files:

  8. People, ignore this unless you're part of the Easter Egg challenge.
    {Easter Egg 5} Good work! Next up: The king of Pokecharms, not a kettle, but Tea-
  9. @Eeveechu151 I couldn't find the first one, and I figure I never will, so I just took a peek and will not take heed to its advice at all.
  10. Okay. If you really want the first one, I will post it to members of Emojin!
  11. Okay, I found it. Now I'm back to this one again!
  12. Then I would like to make a request.
    Pokémon: Eevee or any of its evolutions. (you can choose for me).
    Type of Request: Recolor or Splice/Fusion (also you can choose for me on this one).
    Specifics: Depends on if you choose to recolor or fusion. Recolors are some pretty pastels and the base of fusions will be Eevee or its evolutions.
    Details: N/A

    If this is too hard, I understand.
    #14 AbbieEeveelutions, Apr 7, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2015
  13. Well, the hardest thing about it, @AbbieEeveelutions , is that you were unspecific. I know I'm going to do the splice, but I'm not sure exactly what to fuse. Oh, there's an idea! No need to reply!
  14. Oh, and another thing @AzureEdge . I'm not sure how to do the hourglass, so, unless I get help fast, that's not going to be in the "final" copy.
  15. Yes. You will be second on my list, @GamingGrovyle64 who is still, for some unknown reason, an umbreon.
  16. Dont ask >.>>=O Still dont know how Im an umbreon
  17. But now you're a riolu...

    anyways...waht's your request?
  18. Can You Make A Picture Of A Shiny Riolu Called Special Riolu And A Shiny Mega Lucario Called Superiolu?
  19. Could you format your request correctly?
  20. A Shiny Riolu and Shiny Mega Lucario!
  21. Read the first post on the forum! I will not accept your request unless you format it correctly!
  22. How do i get in :)Emojin:)?
  23. ...having more than eleven members is a LONG-TIME plan, okay?
  24. Oh, and if you want to talk about Emojin, do it somewhere else, I don't want to be plagued with alerts.
  25. Can you draw me as a Shiny Pikachu? The tail is a half heart because I am a girl.
    (Pls do not think I am bossing you around) Here I will show a picture image.jpg
  26. Could you read the first post to see how I want the requests formatted? It makes it easier to sort them out.
  27. Rio1ink

    Rio1ink Formerly Derpy Lucario

    Is recolorations, and splices the only thing I can request?...
  28. If you request something different, I'll try it out as a test, and if you don't like the results, you don't have to pay! :)
  29. Rio1ink

    Rio1ink Formerly Derpy Lucario

    Ok, 2 Requests coming your way!:...
    Pokémon: Mega Charizard Y(Or normal Charizard)...
    Type of Request: Recoloration...
    Specifics: A simple recolor, just change the skin color to Azure, and make the inside wings, and belly, color black...
    Details: Maybe, make it look, kinda like an Ice(Or Water), and Dark type...
    ... And also, could you please redraw this guy(In your style)?:... [​IMG]
    ... Thanks In Advanced! :D!...
    #34 Rio1ink, Apr 20, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2015
  30. Hey, um, @AzureEdge and @AbbieEeveelutions , I kinda need you to pay. No biggy! Just state that you have paid 10 CB to me and that will be that!
  31. Here, 10 CB. *gives 10 CB to Bulba*
  32. Thomas Runner

    Thomas Runner Formerly Wolf Spirit

    If i am not allowed, ignore the second request, but if i can make new requests, thank you~

    Pokemon: Rapidash
    Type of Request: Recolor
    Specifics: May i get a pair of wings, just to make it an "Alicorn"
    Details: can the fire be turned into regular hair, and lay down, not up in flames, and may the fire be cyan as well

    Pokemon: Both Shaymin Forms
    Type of Request: Splice
    Specifics: I don't want any green, where there is green, i would like cyan
    Details: can you take off the gracidia flower
  33. Okay, new rule, everybody! I will still accept all of yours, Thomas, it may just take a while!

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