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Buggy Alerts

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Retro Master, Mar 22, 2019.

  1. Well this is gonna pretty difficult to explain but for the past few days, the alerts for both the forums and convos have been pretty buggy for me as well as a few others I’ve spoken too. I think the main problem has been fixed. The one where it sent us back into the timeline where stuff that already happened on the site didn’t happen. Like missing posts and likes. Yeah, it was weird but that seems to be fixed now.

    However there is still one problem remaining. When I click on the flag to see the alerts, the last one is still the same one from a few days ago. When I click on ‘show all’, I can see all the alerts though. So it’s just the recent alerts section which is frozen. The live notifications are fine but when the red dot with the number appears over the flag or mail and you click on it, it still shows the last alert from a few days ago. It’s the same with convos to as I have to go to ‘show all’ to see what actually got updated.

    Anyways, this is probably already being worked on but I just want to make sure. I miss those alerts XD

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