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Ask to Join Buccaneers! (Pirate ROLEPLAY)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Blotch'd, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    ~* https://pokecharms.com/threads/buccaneers-pirate-roleplay.20446/#post-709351 *~
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    "Yo Ho Ho, And a bottle of ail!"
    The words of his father rang through his ears. A stereotype, but still funny. Beluga had been around the sea long enough to know that it was cruel and unforgiving. "Quit slackin'!" Beluga had yelled at the members of his crew. He hadn't been happy by the fact he spotted a few other pirates sailing around the sea. He wanted their treasure. But he mostly wanted help finding his OWN treasure.
    "The great treasure is avast the sea. Many lads and lassies have went to Davey Jones' Locker in search for it. Now young lad, remember the phrase 'No Quarter Given', and live it. Never let yer' guard down, or ye be plundered by a salty sea dog."
    His father had reminded him every night before he went off to the sea.
    "Ye need to work harder! Your Grog won't be on ye table if ye don't work!"
  2. The situation was a mess.
    Anahita Turani had just committed her second major steal this week, and it was coming back to bite her in the ass.
    The young woman had sailed off the coast a little over an hour ago, yet they were still following her. She turned back to study them with a disdainful eye. Although they were still a way’s behind her, they were picking up speed at a rate her crummy ship couldn’t compete with. Swearing softly, she looked around around for any sign of cover; her answer? A looming pirate ship in the distance. Developing a plan, she quickly decided she’d hide in the cover of the ship. The law following her may not fear her, but a group of pirates... That she knew would work.
    Now, Nita knew how pirates were, first-hand. The slimy, tricky bastards would do anything to advance themselves, although she couldn’t say she was any less selfish. It was a man-eat-man world, and fighting this realm as a woman was no easy task. There was simply no room for trust.
    However, pirates were easy to bribe. Surely she had enough loot on her ship to pay them off for her little stunt and be on her way. So, with no other choice in mind, the woman steered her ship in the direction of theirs. It was almost pitiful how small hers was compared to theirs.

    The item attempting to be retrieved hung loosely against her olive skin, on her chest. A stunning gold pendant, with a brilliant sapphire burning ocean eyes in the middle. It was quite possibly her second best steal.
    And she didn’t plan on giving it up.
  3. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    He had looked back, thinking they heard something else in the water. "Shiver me-" He had been surprised. A tiny-ish ship was advancing toward them. He squinted at the sunlight, seeing something else quickly advancing behind it. The beluga that had been following him for a while looked up at him. Beluga looked down and nodded at the sea critter. "Do it." He said. The Beluga nodded back and jet through the water. Soon enough, the Beluga had been bashing its head into the tiny boat, hopping to make a hole.

    "All hands on deck! And lighten the load! We need to get away from the other ships!" he yelled at his crew. He looked at the ship, and yelled. "Show ye' Colors, Matey!" he yelled at the ship.
  4. With the sheer force of the Beluga drilling into the side of her ship, Nita groaned loudly. Throwing her head back in annoyance, the woman jumped over the rail overlooking the ship, climbing up the main mast with ease until she made it to the crow’s nest. Waving her arms so they could see her, she drew her lip back at the sight. A small cluster of men on the ship had stopped to stare in astonishment. A woman on the sea. Shocking.
    “Hey!! Hey!” She shouted, leaning over. “Listen, just let the boats pass and I’ll repay you!”
    The woman fished around in her pockets to grab a fistful of coins, jewelry, and other valuables. However, what she didn’t realize was that the gold pendant around her neck would catch their attention way before the loot she offered, and they would definitely prefer the necklace.
    “Now can you please tell your goddamn fish to knock it off?! This boat’s all I’ve got!”
  5. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Hm. Fine. Just because it will hurt my beluga's head." He whispered. "Know it off!" He yelled. The Beluga stopped, and looked at the woman. They swam away, and slowed when they reached the boat. "Hm. On one hand, treasure. On the other..." he decided with himself what he wanted. Necklace or fistful of treasure. "And take that back! Cause your the fish here! Your being chased by a ship! I'm not the one who messed up so fucking hard!" He laughed. He couldn't see the other people so well, but as the boat inched closer, he saw more. "Eh'! Whats a lassie doin' out on the sea?" he asked. "Don't you lassies stay home and work for the market?"
  6. Feeling her face flare in a combination of embarrassment and fury, Nita took a shaky breath. God, why did she even bother... but she had to keep her temper. If she pissed him off, there was no way he’d help her. Still, the young woman hated backing down, and wasn’t too good at phrasing things right....
    “C’mon..” she hissed to herself, feeling herself tense as she casted a steely glare at the ground. “If you’d grow a pair and help me out, I’d gladly tell you!” She snapped, scrunching her nose in distaste.
  7. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Oh. Yes ma'am!" He mocked. He turned, and grabbed the wheel. Turning the ship, he quickly advanced. "So are you suppose to hop on or what?" he asked. The beluga below linked the boats, so the other didn't float off. "Hurry up." He pointed. "I think they're gettin' closer." he said. They glared the woman and smiled. "Bossy one. Your a pirate? You look awfully tricky. If I find out you stole from me, I swear to god, I will sink your boat and take you WITH it!" he threatened, taking out his sword. His crew did the rest.
    "As long as your okay with this condition, aboard. And..." he started. "Sorry fer' gettin' ya worked up. I'm a pirate, but real men can apologize."
  8. Seizing her opportunity, Nita immediately leapt from her ship, swinging her leg over and landing on his.
    Straightening up, the woman regained her posture, dusting off her vest and tucking back her hair before even bothering to glance at him.
    “I wouldn’t say bossy. I would say annoyingly persistent. As for if I’m a pirate, I’d leave that at debatable.”
    She watched with a bored look at his threat, glancing at his sword with am impressed eye. Taking out her own little dagger, she compared them for a moment. “Ah, you win. I guess size does matter.” She commented drily, a glint of mischief in her hazel eyes. Scratching at the long scar on her face, she arched her brow at his apology.
    “Mm. And a true lady knows how to accept them. Luckily for you, I am not that.”
    She looked around his ship, grinning with an air of admiration to her. “Nice ship.. I assume you’re in charge here, since you’re the only one making the shots as far as I’ve seen. You gotta name?”
  9. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Hm." He said. He told another crew mate to steer the ship. He kept his sword in hand. "Your not knowing my real name. Out here, I'm Beluga Whale. Call Me Beluga." he said. "Yours?" he asked. The creature below didn't trust the girl for a moment, and glared her down from below. The ship had started to move, bringing the tiny ship along. The ship eventually moved faster, and had been losing the ship behind them.

    Below, the beluga had been listening. It had a plan. If anything odd happened, they'd untie the boats, and she'd be stuck.
  10. “Beluga,” she tested, scrunching her nose in distaste. There was something about that she just didn’t like. It slid off the tongue weird.

    “Understandable,” she murmured, nodding. “I go by Renegade.”
    She crossed over to the edge of the ship, watching as The Widow sailed along with them. At this viewpoint, she could see the beluga’s disdainful glare. Turning to human Beluga, she chuckled. “Something tells me your fish doesn’t like me too much,” she noted drily, fully aware of the obvious.
  11. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Oh, he doesn't act like this. Unless..." he stopped himself, and glared at 'Renegade'. "Hm." He shrugged. "And they're not a fish. They're a Beluga Whale, for your info." he said. Noticing the odd look. "There is something wrong with my name to you?" He asked. His hat was blown off by the breeze, revealing his large forehead. He had a alarmed look on his face, and quickly grabbed it off the deck. He put it back on. "You saw nothing." he said, glaring at her. "Your not gonna speak a word of it, correct?"
  12. “He doesn’t act like this unless he doesn’t trust someone? Unless there’s a criminal on board?”
    Nita put a finger to her chin, pursing her lip in thought, before her eyes lit up. She feigned a gasp, mockingly, looking at Beluga with wide eyes.
    “Is this the first time he’s seen a woman?” She whispered, her face screwing up in laughter as she chuckled, shaking her head at herself. She hummed sarcastically at his fun fact, looking up at the sky. On the contrary, the woman’s knowledge of marine creatures was surprisingly extensive. She glanced at him curiously as he whipped his hat back into place on his head.
    “Don’t worry, tough guy. I literally couldn’t care less about your abnormally large forehead,” she mused, rolling her eyes faintly. What the hell was that all about? And they said women were confusing...
    Peering into the distance, she scoped out the area, only to find that she could see no ships following them. Smirking in pride, she turned to Beluga.
    “Well, you’ve done your job. Many thanks to you, weird sir, but I best be on my way.”
    Fishing into her pocket once more, she pulled out the bag of coins and loot, extending her arm to him. “And the payment I promised.”
  13. Blotch'd

    Blotch'd Previously Ghostly Jazz Hand's

    "Ah, Yes." He had said, apparently paying in attention to the necklace. When in truth, it had caught his eye. He hid it well though, making it look like they looked her in the eye. He took the small fistful of payment, and shoved it into his own pocket. Beluga had a very serious look on his face. "Ah. Women aren't my strong suit. Thank YOU for pointing it out." he said sarcastically. "I leave ya' Lassie with what my father had left me."

    "Remember, bad times are just times that are bad."

    "Ah! Why are you on the sea anyway?"
  14. Nita shrugged, her pendant swinging invitingly, the sapphire catching the sun and glistening. It almost seemed like she was teasing him with it. Shaking her head, the woman turned away from him.
    “Eh, long story. A bit of this, a bit of that... you know how it goes. But I’m pretty obviously on the run now, so I really should get going.” she mused softly, despite their backup plan to untie the boats and keep her on the ship. Swinging her legs over the rail, she sat there for a moment, prepared to leap off, but turned back to him. “Nice meeting you!”
  15. Leon sighed as he looked back from the wheel he steered at. "Alright, I think that's the last one." He said as he looked at what appeared to be a ship that slowly sank into the ocean below alongside a few destroyed rowing boats scattered around it. "At least we can continue on our search for the treasure." A bulky crew mate said in a hoarse voice. "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, dear. Every other bounty hunter group that follows us only increases the price on our heads, we're going through an endless cycle that can only end one way." A female crew mate said with slight worry.

    "We've come out strong for the last two years, what makes you think today's the day the Nomads die?" Leon asked in a stern tone. "I-I didn't mean anything bad... I-" The crew mate said with a clear look of fear. "Look... I understand your worry, but remember, we're Nomads!" Leon said as his crew cheered. "Treasure hunters!" Leon added as the crew cheered once more. "Legends in the making!" Leon shouted as his crew cheered loudly. "Now let's find that treasure and get rich!" He shouted in a motivational manner as he got out his sword and pointed it forward, his crew all cheered and drew their weapons in response. "Nomads! Nomads!" They chanted.

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