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Private/Closed BTU Sign-Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Orion778, Feb 26, 2018.


How should the result of battles between players be decided?

  1. Pokémon Showdown

  2. Role play

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  1. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    He needs a trash can
  2. Why would he need that?

    And you don’t wanna be Alan’s buddy this time around??
  3. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Lol he’s a lazy strange alcoholic this time around. I don’t mind with him being friends with Alan tbh
  4. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Why would he need that?

    For like 10 minutes straight he was drinking and then ate some fries and stuff... I don’t think that’s healthy. Then he went around the school
  5. I see what you mean now. I was confused.
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  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Nah old mike almost never drinks. Too much of a friendly guy to bother with that stuff, and he’s from a nice neighborhood. As for battles well, I feel like it’s mostly his pokemon since new mike cares for them a lot
  7. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    In the party old mike was so easily drunk but new mike is way more sober
  8. Night peeps!!
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  9. Feel free to finish your runs. I will be introducing single battles class and Professor Beech before I go Into work in 9 hours. But first. Sleep @.@
  10. Sorry I haven't been on at all, I'be had a huge day and I'll try and Get back in later
  11. Sorry for the accidental attachment, my phone had a heart attack. Please ignore that post. (If anyone saw it before it was deleted by me.) I’ll be redoing this post as soon as possible.

    I apologize for any inconvience this has caused for anyone.
  12. ah,thats it
    Almost gave me a heart attack
  13. I'm just gonna wait for the next day, I'm really sorry my life's kinda a mess
  14. I’ll be shifting over to the Squirtle’s POV since I’m waiting for you know to post before I can resume the batrle with them.
  15. Holy cow. I’m sorry everybody!!! I Stopped getting notifications after like 5:00.
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  16. Is there anyone online who isn't already rping with someone? Or am I lonely
  17. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Me I guess


    So what all did I miss, four pages of discussion has to result to something pretty substantial.
  19. Is anyone in the rp online?
  20. Yes but I'm waiting for an explanation of what happened lol
  21. Well many of them are battling class
  22. Oh the the Axew friend is online!
  23. *gulp* A- Axew Axew... (Might be going to class soon...)
  24. You didn’t miss much just classes that you really didn’t need to be present for.
  25. I was tripping balls all day yesterday so not much happened anyways
  26. PHEW

    So what class are we in now?
  27. Single battles class just ended. Which was the last class for the day. So it’s like 2-3 in the afternoon.
  28. Which is the next class?
  29. Regional Studies. On the 2nd day. You all have a few hours to do whatever you want on campus before you retire for the evening.
  30. ahh okay,so does anyone wanna interact with Inna
  31. Alan’s go a date in town. But most people haven’t left the Ruby Arena if you just try and talk to one of your classmates
  32. ah okay,but I need to go to school now
  33. I might interact with you know who soon, and I’ll either shift into the Squirtle’s POV or perhaps make something interesting in the RP since I was thinking about having a little troublemaker or something... (And this is a Pokémon just so the RP Creator knows.)

    *??? could be seen hacking into a radio tower with his tablet as he isn’t exactly the greatest with physical hacking*
  34. Thanks Orion, I'll get to RPing~! :up:
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  35. Sorry for long absence. Anyone mind giving me the current context?
  36. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    ima not have my character fight you lol

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