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DPPt/HGSS BTK's Trade Topic

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by BloodTrustKill, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Updated 7-10-07

    Pokemon Wanted
    • Giratina, NOT shiny.
    • Scizor (or scyther holding metal coat)
    • Dusknoir
    • Arceus (can be hacked. i dont care)
    • Spiritbomb
    • FEAR Rattata
    • Kabuto/Kabutops
    • Larvitar/Evos

    Items Wanted
    • Thick Club
    • Leftovers

    Pokemon I Have to Trade
    • Shiny Charizard (Non-Legit; lv100)
    • Rhyperior
    • Rayquaza
    • Aerodactyl
    • Lucario
    • Gibble
    • Torterra
    • Infernape
    • 3 Piplup
    • Nidoking and Queen
    • Dragonair
    • Arbok
    • Lapras
    • Porygon
    • Articuno

    Items I Have to Trade
    • Oval Stone
    • Soothe Bell
    • Choice Specs
    • Shell Bell
    • Amulet Coin
    • Full Incense
    • Dusk Stone
    • Pearl
    • Large Pearl
    • Magnet
    • Shiny Stone
    • Nugget
    • Dubious Disk (Pending)
    • Lagging Tail
    • Stardust
    • Light Clay
    • Sticky Barb
    • Fire Stone
    • Rock Incense
  2. i got a charmander for you, however i cant give you my ditto because i use it for breeding purposes, but if i can get another one i would be more than happy to trade it for any of the johto starters.
  3. K well as of now, I dont have any Johto starters. Anything else you want for the charmander?
  4. i have a ditto ;D
  5. Ok, what do you want for it?
  6. Dang.. I have a female magby and a male magmar. >:(
  7. acw


    i have a ditto i will give you for free
  8. Really? Thanks a ton :)
  9. A well tak the magmar :-\
  10. i have a kabuto for a nidoking or nidoqueen
  11. uh i have legit spiritomb.... but its gonna be costly cuz they hard to get (reaeeeealy hard)
  12. King- Ok, deal. Let me know when you're available to trade. So, for Nidoqueen. K?
    Hikaru- You hack you idiot. Did you forget that? Im not going to have anything you dont. XD
  13. ok...i can most likely be on today but my usb might not be working
  14. I can do this:
    My Scizor for your Rhyperior.
    My Kabutops for your Gibble.

    Let me know.
  15. Scizor for ryperior, yeah.
    but i traded my gibble.
  16. Lucario instead of Gibble, or got anyone else that I may like?
  17. how about a Cresselia, but make the kabutops lv 60 or up.

    (cause i know you can. :p)
  18. Deal.
    I'll PM you about the trade later.
  19. ok. im not doing anything today so anytime works for me. ;)
  20. Its a male. I dont know the difference between Japanese, and non-Japanese pkm though.
  21. Oh.. sorry. Well would you like anything else?
  22. Updated with list of Items I can trade.
  23. its a last resort pokemon. it know endevor and quick attack. it holds a focus sash and it has to be lvl 1. when sent out it will use endevor. of course the other pokeon goes first but luckly focus sash prevents it from dieing. after endevor is used the toher pokemon will have 1 health as do you. so then you use quick attack to go first and finish it off.
  24. ok. the jirachi trade sounds good..

    for the other 3, how about dratini for the larvitar.. and.. i dont know. spiritbomb and giratina are really rare and i dont have anything necessarily that match them.
  25. Alright umm... Articuno? Poliwhirl? Scyther, Porygon, Magneton, Tangela, Electabuzz, Banette, Vaporeon, Arbok?

    I also have a shiny Aipom if you're interested.
  26. ok, but just as a warning, the shiny aipom is named ??.??.??.??.?. i got it in a trade.. so..
  27. ok, i can do the kabuto for nidoqueen trade right now if ur ready
  28. Ill be getting a kabutops from someone else (shadox) so i dont need kabuto. do you have anything else on my list?
  29. i can get a larvitar if you have a dawn stone
  30. yeah, i have a dawn stone. can you trade now?
  31. yea, ill be on in a few seconds
  32. ok. i need to add you still. the dawn stone will be attatched to a bidoof. XD
  33. I'll trade you a level 77 Tyranitar(Male) and level 10 Spiritomb(Female) holding leftovers for a Nidoking and shiny Charizard.
  34. Ok thats a deal Reia.

    So what all are you and me trading again?
  35. ok.

    jirachi for nidoking
    tyranitar for shiny charizard
    spiritbomb for shiny aipom
    and giratina for vaporeon.
  36. ok.. well whenever you're available, hit me up with a pm. i can trade right now if you're ready
  37. this thing needs a bump in the rump.


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