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British Elections

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Doctor Oak, May 6, 2005.

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  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Response to Nem's news post:

    Because I cannot comment on it on the news for being too long:

    Conservatism is an evil much, much greater than Tony Blair could ever be. Conservatism stands for supporting the rich over the poor, it stands for putting old and dated and therefore useless morals ahead of any social progression - homosexuality, racism and homelessness all falling victim to it.

    And it of course is led by evil. Margret Thatcher. John Major. Michael Howard. Every one of them holds no regard for anyone but themselves and the people that pay to support them.

    Liberal politicians, such as Labour or the Lib-Dems fight for better health services, a better economy, a more united populace where sexuality, race or wealth does not count into how well you live. THAT should be the country we SHOULD be living in.

    If I could have voted, i'd have voted Labour. I can't have voted Labour of course as there is no Labour Party in Northern Ireland. All I have to choose from are the sectarian biggots of Sinn Fein, the DUP, the UUP and SDLP and i'm glad the British public that DID have a say kept the right man in power.

    The Iraq war was completely and utterly wrong - but it wasn't Tony Blair that came up with it, he was just the idiot for following Bush into it. Howard would have done it too. Chances are, even though they opposed it back then, the Lib-Dems if they by some miracle were in power - THEY would have done it too.

    Personally, I think the Lib-Dems and their greater level of honesty would make a much better liberal government. If they could actually come up with some strong and consistent policies.

    The Labour Party is the best thing for this country at this moment. The Conservatives would take us out of Europe, would cut us off from America and ruin our economy - most of which is fuelled by outside investment, by immigrants that live here legally doing jobs we don't want to and that has lived strong in a country with a stable and popular government - something the Conservatives have never been able to give us in a hundred years.

    They'd invoke racism, they'd push people from their jobs in further privitisation and they'd have had no strong youth backing. Why? Because Conservatism is an 'old fogey' party. It leads it's policies with old ideals that do not count or matter any more in a progressive world.

    They simply do not care about youth, we're just the 'louts on the streets' to them.

    There are MANY, many reasons why the Conservatives should not have gotten into power last night and probably should never get into power ever again after their last chance.

    What was important was that Tony Blair got a strong kicking for his disastrous war - but if anyone but Tony Blair was Prime Minister today we would ALL be screwed.

    Nothing can be possibly worse than conservatism and to live in a country ruled by another tyranical and dark Tory party would have been my greatest nightmare.
  2. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    I'm in no way saying that Conservatives should be in power, it seems that Lib Dem iss the best way to go.

    You don't even mention them the Lib Dems a great extent, and what they would do for us. The Lib Dems want us to have free higher education, whihc would have directed effected me and you, where as Labour is making us pay top up fees. However, they also admitted that there would be some tax increases, ratehr than lying about it. They said that once you earn over one hundred thousand a year, you would pay more tax on anything OVER that, to help fund higher education.

    My main point is that EVERYONE moans about Labour, including you, yet goes and votes for them again. Now, where is the logic in that?
  3. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Because for the simple reason that Labour CAN win and would provide a block against the Conservatives.

    We have not yet reached a time that the Lib-dems can realistically win. Last night was their best result for eighty years but under the First past the Post system they cannot win against the larger Conservative and Labour parties.

    That's why they want the PR system put in place instead - but if they were to actually get in power then they wouldn't want it afterall.

    That's a big problem for the Lib-dems.

    We're some time away from the Lib-dems taking over from Labour and last night they were NOT going to win - no matter how well they did.

    There's no point in voting for a party that's going to lose and then 'letting the Conservatives in by the back-door'. If Labour hadn't won last night, it wouldn't have been the Lib-dems in power - it would be the Conservatives and that would be terrible.
  4. British elections???Hmm...I know nothing about the British government. Most teen-aged Americans my age know nothing about the world around us except for what's going on with celebrities in our country. I don't even know about THEM...I don't even know the names of people running for president in AMERICA!! Ofcourse, the votings are a ways off...I'm a very dull-minded average Pokemon fanatic American...there are a lot of me around here... :p

    EDIT: Don't get the wrong idea...there are tons of politicians and super-nerds my age ofcourse, too. I was being way too harsh on myself...I apologize to myself, also..."Sorry, wad11656!!" It's just...I suppose not as many kids my age are as informed as English/British people...

  5. I didn't know England had elections. I thought it was a monarchy. Thanks for proving me wrong with your topic practically entitled, "Teh Purple One is Wrong About England. It Has Elections."
  6. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    A) How insular do you have to be to think that a nation with a Monarchy doesn't have a democratic electorate system? Not to mention one of the biggest nations in the world, whose elected Prime Minister has been in and out of America licking George Bush's ass for the past 8 years.

    B) This is ridiculous levels of Grave Digging, the topic's three fucking years old.

    Consider this a warning.
  7. I'm sorry, your adminlyness. I didn't realize how old this topic is. I haven't started learning about England's government in school yet, nor have I learned what insular means, but I'm guessing that it aint the best thing to be called.

    EDIT: Typo
  8. Lock'd to prevent further SPAM. I'm sure Alex will open this back up if has a need to...or a British Election comes...I wouldn't have the foggiest idea when the next one is...I'm much rather concerned about Canadian politics.
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