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Brick's fan art

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Brick, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. My name is Brick and I am an ever learning new artist.
    I DO take requests. :]
    You may use my drawlings for entertainment....
    (Not art portfolios or any other srs bizzniss like that!)
    Only if my name is at the bottom & you don't edit it out!
    (Or it's a Pokemon you made yourself! ^^)

    I am going to update this for requests & new drawlings from now on!

    Here is my deviantart. :]
    Add me if you have one!

    Next project : Attempting Terrgoose o.o
    Requested drawlings
    [go here!]

    POH!KEMON requested I draw Autigoose!
    At first I tried drawling it exactly like he did...
    I did not like how it turned out personally.
    So I also did a drawling in my style.
    Although he looks very different.


    Full credit for the actual Pokemon ideas and designs goes to
    POH!KEMON & If you are not satisfied with it, I am willing to re-do him in a different style [cause I remembered you wanted it done like the original artist, only when it was too late]. So that's my fault. XD


    Virachan wanted me to draw her Grocelot!
    So I have tried my best & here it is!!!


    All credit goes to Kini :]
  2. I think they're great, especially the squirtle and heracross ones.
    Also, you haven't copied them from pokemon artwork, which is awesome. ;D
    Hope you add more, as this could become a great thread!
  3. Thank you so much! :]

    I dunno, cause I copied the Squirtle from the original Blue game manual. Unfortunatly I'm not too good at drawling Pokemon without a reference... I usually look off a card. XD

    I can post some more if you want though!
  4. I love the Squirtle very much. It reminds me of Sugimori's original art of Squirtle, especially the shading
  5. It's what I used as a reference actually. :] Thanks! Yea, the tail outline and shading does look a bit splotchy. XD

    I have tons, but I'm only gonna post my favorites. Once again, most of my stuff is on my DA if your really interested. :]

    Shinx! This was copied off a card, you might have noticed, either way, I like how it turned out very much!


    Random stuff!


    My own creations...not the greatest, but hey, I created it on my own at least! :]

    These are all Dragon-Ghost type.







    Feel free to comment/critique!
  7. These rock! I assume the one with Bayleef and Quilava is one you did without a reference? Because it looks great for one without. (Thats what I took from your "on your own" description.
  8. Have to say, I loooooooooove that Shinx you have there. So cute :D

    * LoN follows Brick on DA.
  9. Haha, no I looked on the Pokedex for Quilava & Bayleef, the one's on my own are the made up ones.

    & Thanks, I like my Shinx too XD
    I added you on DA as well :]
  10. That Shinx is amazing, as is the Metafina evolutionary line. What types are they?
  11. My fake ones are all Ghost-Dragon type! Glad you like them really, I was worried they were a little too strange lol
  12. Your shinx drawing looks so much like the card, sooo adorable! And your Quilava actually looks like Sugamori's!

    And your three ghost/dragon, Metafina and Megalina look really good, but Melina looks like it could use a little more detail in my eyes.
  13. Ahahah, Brick, Kudos for The Quilava. You captured the shading of the original artwork well. I like everything else, too. Hope to see more of this work!
  14. Ahhhh! Thank you all so much for such great feedback! I really do appreciate it! :3 For that I will reward you with more drawlings!! Got some all ready to post, just gotta find the time, tomorrow, I know I have time! :]

    I can start taking requests if anyone wants me to! If not, I will just keep doing my own stuff!
  15. :D Yay requests! Could you maybe do one of my fakemon, specifically Grocelot? I'd appreciate it ^ ^ And also, do it in the usual (Ken Sugimori) style :D
  16. I need to see how you do one of my "Fakemon" (pokemon design), Autigoose, ni the Ken Sugamori style. Feel free to do Terrgoose as well. ;)
  17. Hey, sorry to but in, but I really like some of the art ~

    First off,
    SHINX IS AMAZING! You really created the shading and the surroundings beautifully ... I love it.
  18. YAY REQUESTS!! I will do these. :]
    Just found out about em, gimmie a lil time!
    So I just found out the site was back up!
    Let me show you what I have been up to while it was down!!





    Once again, I really do appreciate all the lovely feedback! Of all sorts! ^u^
  19. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    *Wanders in here for the first time*

    Wow, you have some nice artwork here! I love the Shinx picture, the background and the colouring are stunning. Jigglypuff looks so cute, I really do like how you shade. Altaria is so pretty, especially against that colourful background - you've really captured a good cloud-like feel in her picture.

    I shall visit here more often, methinks ^^
  20. That Ninetales is epic! As is the Shinx and Giratina.

    Way to go! ^^
  21. Eeeep, thanks! ^u^
  22. K guys! My requests are uploaded! I have drawn Autigoose & Grocelot! Updated on original post! Just thought I should update this, so you guys will know. :]
  23. Thanks! Love the 2nd Autigoose drawing (why didn't I think of that), and the Ninetales and Growlihte is a WIN! ;)
  24. Haha aw yay :3
  25. Briliant Jigglypuff and Altaria.
    Great colourful background on Altaria's picture.
  26. The pokemon that you draw are incretable!!
  27. I think I can quote you, Brick, as 'The Master of Pencil Crayons'. Your shading with them... is just amazing. After finding out you take requests, it would be nice if you could copy the image of This card for me: http://www.pokemontradingpost.com/images/Crystal/14_Blastoise.jpg Thanks for spending your time on this hellova awesome thread!
  28. Ahhh Blastoise was my tool of ownage back in the day. :3 I would be happy to. Might take longer than most cause I want it to be epic. :]

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