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XY/ORAS Breeders needed! (If you breed Starmie/Breloom......)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by GooeyGoodra, Aug 27, 2016.


Do you think either of those pokemon would be inadequate for competitive battling?

  1. No, I think they would be great.

  2. Yeah, ditch the Breloom

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  3. Yeah, ditch the Starmie.

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  4. Yeah, they both stink

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  5. I honestly don't care

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  1. So, I am undergoing MAJOR team constructions atm. Replacing 1/3 of my team! After much, MUCH thought (as in 1-2 hours staring at Smogon, comparing stats) I have decided these two pokemon to be Breloom and Starmie! BUT..... I am the most unlucky pokemon trainer in the world. I found a shiny abra once who teleported away. Anyway, I need help finding two pokemon: BRELOOM and STARMIE. But theres a catch. These two pokemon will be for COMPETITIVE BATTLING, and any old one just won't due. So, I've enlisted help of traders and breeders...... like you! Here are the pokemon I need:

    1. Either a Quick Feet Shroomish, or a Technician Breloom. Has to be Jolly.

    2. An Analytic Starmie or Staryu. Must be Timid.

    I do not care about gender, level, movepool, Ivs, or evs. Anyways, I am offering good pokemon in return (by good I mean some spitbacks I have.)

    You can choose between: Gible, Jolly HA. Chimchar, Jolly HA. Eevee, Modest HA. Sableye, Calm HA. Chespin, Impish HA. These pokemon have, like, 2iv minimum, 5iv maximum. Differentiation on gender. Just reply saying A: What pokemon you have to trade, B: What pokemon you want in return. Thank you guys so much, this will drasticlly help my Comp. OU Team. (P.S: Only UU pokemon on my OU team is Goodra. Jut try getting a Moonblast/Draco Meteor past it.)

    Ive tried both Smogon and Nugget Bridge, and gotten nothing. Please help me Pokecharms, you're my only hope!
    -GooeyGoodra #JoinTheGoodraArmy
  2. Hello I may Help you i been playing all through out the gba games to omega Ruby so i can help you breed,But one thing,if you want competitive you need reall good ivs so i can breed you a 4-6ivs starmie and make it a very good competitive Starmie.But all i want in return is the Chimchar, i dont care if it dosent have good ivs i can just breed it to.Or i can get you a shiny competitive Starmie for infername and chespin

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