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Ask to Join Breath of the wild.. ( The Legend of Zelda role play )

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Berd, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Here is the sign up page: https://pokecharms.com/threads/brea...elda-role-play-sign-up-discussion-page.15731/

    Here are some rules.

    .You can encounter main characters such as Link, Zelda, and Aryll, But you cant go on the journey with them.
    .No romance, period.
    .Things like becoming Wolf Link is okay, but make sure it makes sense why.
    .You can't god mode or Mary Sue.

    And that's pretty much it. The only thing left is that this roleplay takes place in the forest, not a town or city.
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    Last edited: Feb 24, 2017
  2. Soren Woke Up In His Camp, he Was Hunting A Wolf That Had Been Terrorizing A Village, He Had Been Sent To Kill It, He held His Razor Sword As he Approached the Wolf's Hideout.
  3. Colby woke up to the sound of several screams, it was from the village that his younger sister lived in. He stood up, still being dozing off he quickly grabbed his sword and shield and started sprinting towards the village. He found a rusty bow on the ground as he was running and picked it up. When he finally got to the village, he saw a wolf trying to rip open the door of the house his sister lived in.
  4. As Soren Heard The Screams, he Had A Choice, Help Whoever Was Screaming, Or Kill The Wolf, He Went with The Former Option, It Could Be The Wolf, He Had Thought, As He Approached The Area He Saw The Wolf, he Saw the Sun, He Had An Idea, He Used His Mirror Shield, And Approached A Sun Beam, And Aimed his Shield At The Wolf.
  5. When He woke up, He Heard the Screams, Grabbed his Blade, Opened his Cabin Door's, and Ran Outside, and seen teh Wold Trying To see what was going on, as he Got to Village He Seen a Wolf Trying to rip off a Door, "En`garde!" He yelled, Getting in his Battle Position.
  6. December had been up since dawn, busy trying to refind the scent of the sick doe she had been chasing. Her ears flicked to the sounds of screaming, carried by the village on the edges of the forest. She chose to ignore them, after all, waltzing in as a wolf or random stranger would bring her more trouble anyhow.
  7. Soren Saw The Person Challenging the wolf, And Drew his Razor Sword, Unbeknown to the Wolf, He Lunged, And Slashed, Aiming For the Wolfs Head.
  8. Another wolf spotted Colby, he also spotted another hero challenging a wolf. Colby drew his hero's sword and the wolf jumped at him, but Colby was faster. He luncged at the wolf aswell, stabbing it in the brain. He quickly opened the door of his sister's house.
  9. After Slicing he Wolfs Head Off, Soren Placed A Bombchu, And it Headed For Another Wolf, however, He Got Surrounded, He Said
    "Are You Kidding Me?! Well," He Started "Let's Go!" He Held His Pendant, It Glowed With A Black Light, And As the Dust Disappeared, A Lion Appeared In Soren's Place, And Started To Slice Up The Wolves, He Turned Back into Soren, And Sighed "Too Easy."

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