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Breath of the wild.. ( The Legend of Zelda role play ) Sign-up/discussion page

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Berd, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Here's the rp: https://pokecharms.com/threads/breath-of-the-wild-the-legend-of-zelda-role-play.15730/

    Okay! Here's how to introduce your character first.

    Inventory: ( Items such as a sword, shield, fishing rod, that kind of stuff )
    Special Forms:

    That's all.

    Here's some rules about your character:
    You cant be a main character like Aryll, Link, Zelda, those people.
    If you have a speacial form like Wolf Link, make sure it makes sense why.
    Your inventory cant have the wind waker in it, ocorania of time, that stuff

    Here is my info.

    Name: Colby
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Wears a blue T-Shirt, Has long blonde hair like toon link. Wears Faded brown pants
    Inventory: Hero's sword, fishing rod, Steel Shield
    Special Forms. His horse turns into a giant bird, he turns into a Small Wolf that is a perfect fit for the bird. This happens because when he was born the first two animals he ever saw were a giant like bird and a baby wolf.

    Alright, be sure all of it makes sense!
  2. Name:Nito
    Appearance:a Grey-ish Jacket, Blue Eyes, Black hair, Black Jeans,
    Inventory: ( Items such as a sword, shield, fishing rod, that kind of stuff )Godess's Blade(Unless you want me to have the knights blade.),Lantern, More in the future
    Special Forms:Transforming Into Either a bunny or a Small Dragon, Because He was Infused WIth a little of Both When he was Born.
  3. Name: December
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Light brown hair, often appears to be wind tussled, lots of cork-screw curl and wave, has natural golden seeming tips to her hair, and also has a slight golden sheen. Tan skin, most notable of marks are a scar on her right cheek and a scar in the center of her upper lip and forehead. Her upper arms are always dotted with pale scars and scabs, and she has a gnarly 7 inch scar on her right thigh on the outside, one across her right hip, and various scars around her ankle as if it had been stabbed and slashed at. One eye is green and the other is brown. Like a true Hylian, she has pointed ears, and they are pierced with simple blue stone rings. Wears a blue-grey leather tunic with barely any sleeves, dark brown leather pants, and black boots that reach just below her knees. Strands of her hair have been beaded, feathered, and braided.
    Inventory: Two small daggers, a lamp, and slingshot with a pouch full of pellets. She also carries two jars with various things stored in them at various times.
    Person/Knight: Just a lonely girl who's lived in the forest most of her life. Sometimes she trades herbs and things she has hunted for Rupees, though she rarely needs to.
    Special Forms: Turns into a thin wolf. Her eye's stay the same mostly, the brown eye becomes amber and they lose their pupils. Her entire front half, including her front legs, is a dark blue until her shoulders, before the fur fades abruptly into white which covers the other half of her. She is incredibly fluffy around the neck, with slightly larger and pointed ears than a usual wolf, tail is usually held in the air. She was actually born a wolf, her mother was very close to the sacred grove where the master sword was, and the power from the sword tainted December. She doesn't actually know what the master sword is, or what the sacred grove is, but she does have a certain attraction towards the grove/sword/light in general. As such, she has a natural immunity-ish to darker magic, more like she is more resistant to it. She has more immunity in her wolf form if anything else.

  4. Both accepted.
  5. Name: Soren Mien
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Silver, Messy hair, green Tunic, grey boots, White jeans, Pointy Ears, purple Eyes, Peachy Skin, Brown Fingerless Gloves. Black Pendant.
    Inventory: ( Items such as a sword, shield, fishing rod, that kind of stuff ): Razor Sword, Bombchus, Mirror Shield.
    Person/Knight: A Person, Kinda A Bounty Hunter
    Special Forms: turning Into Any Animal, Only In Combat, Through His Pendant, Which Rightfully Belongs To Him, As It Was Passed Down Through His Family, He Was Given It At Birth, Just before His Parents Died, He Roams The World, And Uses His Birthright To Claim Bounties To help Feed Him.
  6. Accepted.
  7. the RP is the first thing you see when you open the rp, Just Scroll UP and You should see it, its in the first Sentence.
  8. Link is Not in this.
  9. @*that* guy
    Link is unavailable as a roleplay able character, nor can you go on an adventure with him.
  10. Oh *face palm* I'm stupid XD
  11. Are hook shots allowed?
  12. I think so cuz I'm sure someone has them
  13. @*that* guy,

    All items are available except for the windwaker, the majora mask, stuff like that.
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  14. Yey, i Can Use the Beyblade Thing xD
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  15. I guess? I don't even know what it is so..
  16. I have one questions. Is allowed if a character is from other race? I mean... Could I have a character that is a Goron, a Zora, a Rito...?
  17. You can, as long as it's not prince Sidon, lady miphon, those people.
  18. Name: Kalam
    Age: 24
    Appearance: A regular Rito with light-blue feathers. The feathers on his head are combed as a crest, tilted forward, and with a white tip. His eyes are green and are surrounded by white feathers, and his beak is similar to the ones that falcons have. All of his body shows light-blue feathers with the exception of the ones on his chest and belly, and the ones that are in the extreme of his wings, that are white. His legs are exactly like any other of his race, black. He wears a leather armour: a piece of it covers his shoulders and part of his chest and belly and another one, very similar to shorts, leaving his legs exposed. He also carries a bag with him.
    Inventory: A book that he uses a diary, a Lizal Spear (that he got during one of his adventures), a bow and a shield that are ornamented with Rito decorations, and some wooden arrows. He also carries some rupees and food with him.
    Person/Knight: More like an Ori explorer. He left his village just to discover the rest of Hyrule.
    Special Forms: Kalam has no special forms.
  19. Sorry. Well, don't worry. Like I've been waiting for... 2 days...
  20. Yup, I wrote the bio of my character two days ago... On Friday
  21. Name:Orez
    Apparence:Black tunic,Black hair,Black sneakers,Red eyes,Some Black parts on the body but Just can see when he is withouth his tunic
    Inventory:Bow,Shield,Din fire, a Special Sword Just the Twili hero can have (Is kinda Twili master Sword but need the Twili Goddess blessing to be BADASS)
    Person/Knight:Is like 90% Hylian and 10% Twili but he don't know
    Special Forms:Can turn a shadow because of his Twili Part
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  22. Name: Tristan
    Age: 17
    Appearance: A Hylian with dark brown hair and green eyes. He wears a black shirt with green details and white pants.
    Inventory: A regular iron sword and a Mirror Shield he found while exploring. His green backpack is filled with apples and other fruits he takes with him in his adventures.
    Person/Knight: An explorer, looking for cool stuff here and there.
    Special Forms: None.
  23. I'm...........Aceppted?

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