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Private/Closed Brad v. Neil (A ORAS PRP Battle)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by pac_halo, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. (OoC: This is between me and @CreeperNinjaGamer. BiC.)

    Neil walked up a flight of marble stairs, curiously wondering what this 'Battle Maison' was all about. He heard things about it, of course. He heard of excellent trainers at the Battle Resort, but he had yet to meet them. All he had come across was a rather weak ground-type user and an ex-Magma grunt living with an ex-Aqua grunt.

    When Neil had completed his climb, he saw two female receptionists that were seperated by a doorway into a room with an arena and classical music playing. Neil walked past the receptionists and into the doorway, where he was met with two more female receptionists. Neil walked up to one of them.

    "Excuse me, but is this the Battle Maison?" Neil asked rather loudly.

    "Yessir, this be the Battle Maison!" the receptionist replied in a heavy Southern accent. "Would you like to take the challenge?"

    Neil replied with a short nod.

    The receptionist began to ask questions- 'What Pokemon are you using' and 'What type of battle will you be doing'.

    "I'll be using these six Pokemon," said Neil as he showed her his team of six. "I'll be competing in single battles, I suppose."

    The receptionist took the Pokeballs one by one as she used a handheld machine to check each one.

    "Alrighty then, you're all set to go!" the receptionist said. "Enjoy your time here in the Battle Maison!"

    Neil cheered in his head as he walked into the arena, waiting for his first opponent.
  2. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Brad strolled casually up a long flight of marble stairs, interested. As a Battle Maison regular, he of course was intrigued when he heard of a new challenger.
    News traveled rather fast around Battle Maison regulars, especially Brad. He just had to come when he got the news that someone wanted a battle.
    Now, Brad sauntered into the room, scanning the arena for his opponent. He detected him rather easily, thanks in part to the rather small Battle Maison arena. He pushed a hand through his long brown hair as he spoke to the other Trainer.
    "Hi. A newbie, I suppose?"
  3. Niel turned and noticed another trainer speaking to him.

    "Hi. A newbie, I suppose?" he asked.

    "To the Battle Maison? Yeah," Niel replied. "Are you my first opponent?"

    Niel looked down on to his body, searching frantically for his Pokeballs. He opened his unzipped leather jacket and he grabbed a black pokeball with two yellow stripes. He held onto it as he awaited an answer from the other trainer.
  4. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    "To the Battle Maison? Yeah. Are you my first opponent?" the trainer asked. Searching himself in what seemed to be confusion, he reached into his leather jacket and pulled out an Ultra Ball, identifiable by the yellow color with two black stripes.

    "Yes, I am," Brad replied, pulling out the red-and-white ball containing his Banette. "Are you ready?"
  5. Neil responded with a short nod, and before he went to his side of the arena, he gave a thumbs up to the receptionist to let her know the battle is starting.

    Neil threw the Ultra Ball in his hand on to the ground, and a Swellow, armed with midnight blue wings, was released. The Swellow seemed quite brash and confident. She stretched her wings out and flapped them a few times. She turned around and nodded to her trainer.

    "Alright then," Niel exclaimed. "Let's go!"
  6. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    The challenger nodded in response to Brad's question, symbolizing yes. His foe tossed the Ultra Ball, revealing a Swellow. It flapped its navy blue wings, turning to its trainer.

    "Alright then," his opponent said, "Let's do this!"

    "As you wish!" Brad replied throwing the Pokeball which burst open in midair, Banette bursting out. The gray-and-yellow doll Pokemon screeched.


    "You have the honor!" Brad called to his foe.
  7. "Alrighty then, Swellow," Neil said. "Let's start off with a Steel Wing!"

    The Swellow flapped it's majestic navy blue wings as he began to soar in the air, observing the battlefield below. Once she was around thirty feet in the air, Swellow adopted a position with her wings tucked neatly against her body as she dove at the opponent. When she was twenty feet from the ground, her wings began to shine like a brilliant steel ingot as she continued her high speed dive. At the last moment, right before she was two feet away from the Banette, she opened up her appendages that shone of clean steel. She closed her eyes and hoped that her wings could make contact with the Banette.

    As all this was happening, Neil stood with his legs slightly bent and his fists clenched as he saw his Swellow make spectacular dive.
  8. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    The Swellow flew at Banette, metallizing its wings to steel. It closed its eyes, obviously hoping to find a target.

    "Banette!" Brad ordered. "Dodge and use Will-O-Wisp!"

    Banette jumped back a few feet, narrowly avoiding the Swellow's metal wing. She opened her mouth, and breathed a small stream of fire at Swellow. Brad hoped this challenger knew what was coming.
  9. As the Banette counterattacked with Will-O-Wisp, Neil was desperately of what he could do to combat it- If Swellow got burned, she would be out for the count. No way she would be able to sustain such a drop in her attack.

    "Swellow, quick!" Niel said with urgency. "Use Tailwind!"

    The Swellow turned and back away from the Banette, nearly getting scorched by the red-hot flame. The Swellow landed onto the ground and began to flap her wings harder and harder. A dusty wind formed, blowing the fiery embers away.

    "Nice work, Swellow!" Niel said proudly. "Now, don''t let 'em hit you! Double Team!"

    The Swellow flew up and hovered ten feet in the air, breathing heavily. She then began to fly swiftly around the Banette, gaining so much speed, several copies of her formed.
  10. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Brad grumbled. He wasn't expecting the Tailwind/Double Team tactic, but this didn't mean Banette was out. However, if his opponent was aware of his counter-strategy, it would be rendered useless.

    Brad muttered to Banette, "Use Dark Pulse to find the real one. Then follow up with another Will-O-Wisp."

    Banette's body began to glow black, and a black orb began to expand around it.
  11. Swellow was hit with the Dark Pulse attack. Her body crash landed into the floor and dark energy began to spark around her body. Swellow struggled to get back up- This kind of damage would be hard to rise for. Eventually, the Swellow got back on her feet, but she had a bruise that shattered the colorful navy blue of her wings.

    I guess I'm gonna have to fly low and slow, Swellow thought to herself.

    "Swellow, you alright?" Niel said.

    The Swellow turned to her trainer and nodded less confidently than before.

    Niel reached into his jacket and recieved the same Ultra Ball that once held Swellow. He rose it in the air and reclaimed the Swellow. Niel reached again into his jacket and he got another Pokeball- This time, it was a red and blue Great Ball. He threw it to the ground and a green ninja Pokemon was released.

    "Sceptile, stand your ground," Niel said. "And be ready to dodge."
  12. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Sceptile stood in front of Brad's foe, obviously following the orders it had recieved. Brad considered switching Banette, but he knew this was her fight.

    "Banette! Use Will-O-Wisp once again!"

    Banette spewed red flames at Sceptile for the second time.
  13. The Sceptile responded with lightning quick reflexes. He moved at such a speed he was only noticeable from transparent afterimages. After the Banette finished spewing the embers, the Sceptile returned to his original position. He had his arms crossed and a serious, deathly stare.

    "Good work, Sceptile," Niel said.

    Neil and Sceptile had been working on his Detect attack ever since Sceptile had been a Grovyle. Niel was proud that it had finally been mastered.

    "Now Sceptile," Niel commanded. "Dragon Claw!"

    The Sceptile's claws began to elongate until they were an inch longer than they were originally. They began to burn a brilliant purple hue as the Sceptile charged at the Banette with the same deathly glare.
  14. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    The Sceptile struck Banette with its claws, throwing her back a good seven feet. Banette lay in a heap, knocked out.

    "Sorry Banette," Brad apologized. "It's time!"

    He pulled out a black-and-yellow Pokeball, an Ultra Ball. Confident, Brad pitched it into the air.

    "Tropius, your turn!"
  15. "Sceptile, don't even give it chance to attack!" Neil said. "Dragon Claw, again!"

    The Sceptile nodded, and it's claws elongated and they shone a dark violet. The Sceptile charged the Tropius with tenacity.

    He's got a trick up his sleeve. No way he's just going to let me attack again.

    "Sceptile! Don't!" Neil commanded.

    Sceptile, now only a few feet in front of the Tropius, stopped suddenly, and retreated very quickly. He looked back at his trainer and wore a questioning glare.

    "Just... wait for him to attack. You know what to do if he does," Neil said.
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  16. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    (OOC:] Aren't I Brad and you're Neil? You said Brad last post.

    [BIC:]Brad was confused. He wasn't expecting the Sceptile to stop. However, Neil had just given him his chance.

    "Tropius, use Leaf Storm to blind it! Then use Air Slash!"

    The Fruit Pokemon nodded. Its eyes glowed a dark green, and leaves began to swirl around it. "Let's see you get out of this one, lizard," Brad muttered confidently.
  17. (OoC: ) I have no idea what you're talking about. :p

    Sceptile squinted his eyes to see through the dense cyclone of leaves. He used one arm to cover his eyes as he made his way forward, trying to escape the harsh gale.

    "Sceptile, jump back! Don't let 'em get you!" Niel said worriedly.

    Niel's commands were inaudible to Sceptile, as the blowing wind of leaves made it almost impossible for the Pokemon to communicate. Niel raised Sceptile's Pokeball and tried to reclaim him. Again, Niel was unable to do as he wanted. The maelstrom prevented the Pokeball's red beams of light to come into contact with Sceptile.

    However, the green ninja kept his cool. He could find a way out of this. He always did.

    Sceptile stood, with squinted eyes, awaiting his opponent's next move.

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