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Ask to Join BrackenClan's Legacy: Warriors RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by dooto, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the roleplay! If you mean to join, head on over to the discussion chat, where future plots and cats are welcomed.

    Let's get back in character.

    The stout and starry apprentice turned, to face the stars and sky he roamed, since- he shook his head, the events had already unfolded, and he spied the Clans from the starry skies that cloaked the sky at night. He began to pad through StarClan's forest, feeling the winds of the skies themselves against his fur, tickling his scruff and paws. The scent of the hunting of the spirits; the scent of the clear, pure waters. There, he spotted a she-cat, about his own age, and relished in his own smile.
    Do they know?
    The she-cat didn't have to speak for the young apprentice to know what she was going to say. He nodded, but he did decide to speak, opening his jaws, and it seemed as though the skies and stars themselves slipped out.
    "It's caused much despair, Thornpaw. Though, the ashes have settled before their own 'paws." the she-cat's muzzle seemed to express a smile. The prophecy is quite grave, but seeing distress just makes you laugh, hm? once again, the tom felt no need to listen to Thornpaw's voice to hear her words. He just sat by her, time passing as they seemed to talk on.

    Drip. Drip. Drip. The rain had slithered onwards, past the leaves, through the creases and folds of leaves; passing by their stems and lighter lines, marked firmly, and finally slipping onto the fur of the cats, onto the blades of grass, onto the rocks, making them slippery, the rain had dotted itself everywhere. Crowstar slipped out of his den, his sleek fur matted with rain, though, the jet-black locks of his pelt seemed to fit in perfectly with the Clan, seeming even smoother after soaked. His silhouette simply seemed to float past the elder's den- Scarredfur was snoring lightly, and the sun had barely risen. Still, the rain had been a call of misfortune, and the fresh-kill was meeting its end, as well as the markers that had been set up recently...
    Nevermind that, the Clan was distraught, for all reasons, for the rain that would often cower over them, and the words that haunted them. A patrol would temporarily distract them; and unlike the elders, the warriors and apprentices- they should be up by now, and soon, the kits would be playing with their kin, hopping on stray tails and chasing butterflies. Making his way past the damp, soaked grass, and the log, which had not seemed to show signs of wear; unlike the elders hiding within, Crowstar quickly pounced atop Highrock, glaring down at the Clan; at the caves, at the other cats.
    "Ashpaw, Lynxsong, Ebonyheart, and Larkfur: morning patrol, though, feel free to catch some prey." Ashpaw stirred from his position, lightly nestled by the fresh-kill pile, watching the rain slide down, and nodded, waiting by the edge of the camp's border.

    Rainy day. That didn't mean a bad day.
  2. Pantherlily's ears shot back at the sound of her leader's voice, her bright yellow gaze looked up the direction of the call. With paws crossed and head draping over the small, furry limbs, she stretched her body before standing. Pantherlily watched the raindrops quietly hit the ground beneath her smokey black paws, yet when the trickled down her thin coat she still shivered as if she didn't expect it. The clan was tense least to say, word of the prophecy had spread to other clans- warriors were tired due to stress, but the clan seemed to deal with it well. Pantherlily didn't doubt Crowstar's ability to handle the situation, however worry still clouded her gaze and mar all her expressions.
    The slender she-cat padded towards the apprentice den, it had been about a moon since her apprentice had joined her side. She had grown quite fond of the young tom, despite his depressing past he was a generally happy cat who adjusted to life well from his kit-hood. She nudged her way into the small den, only poking her head through and licking her lips. "Heronpaw?" the she-cat offered as she searched for him, "Let's get to training!" she called before baking up and waiting for the tom.

    As he stretched, Fallenkit pushed his smaller sister out of the nest. When the small she-cat looked up with tired eyes, deep brown gaze scanning the reason she was on the hard floor, she made out Fallenkit''s figure with his legs still rigid and his body taking up the whole nest. "Hey!" she squeaked before prodding at him with her fluffy white paw, her brother giggled and pushed her away. "Wake up." the smaller of the kits whispered and walked around her brothers ear to nibble and pull at it.
    After another moment of tugging and persistent wake up calls, Rosekit managed to wake up her lighter coated litter mate. Both the young cats stretched, being the oldest kits still in the nursery- they felt that getting up early was a responsibility of theirs- even though all they did was play.

    Patchkit lay by himself, in a nest by the furthest corner where he was curled into a night ball with his tail brushing against his liver colored nose. His siblings knew better than to disturb him, he never was much fun anyways.
  3. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Lynxsong padded through the territory. The young she liked her leader, but was too shy to confess. Guess I will need to save those feelings for later... She thought, curling up on a rock and sleeping, before hearing her leaders words. She yawned, tried.
    "Is is okay if i skip?" She mewed

    Whisperedsongs sat, licking her tail. She had had a very close bond with her sister, but she killed her. Guilt rushed through her like a fire. I will see my mother again...my mother...and hers...

    A kit bounded out the nursery. He was pale brown with leopard spots all over and green eyes. His name was Leopardkit. "Come on, Tiny! We will be late!" He mewed to a wiry brown tom
    Tiny was small, scruffy, blind and mute. He stepped out of the nursery cautiously.
    "What do you mean, your unsure!? Come on!" Yelled Leopard kit
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  4. Ebonyheart's abrasive tongue paused in its journey across the silky fur of his paw as he heard his name from the mouth of his Clan leader. He had been deep in thought, so it took him a moment to gather himself once more. He weaved through the foliage of the warrior's den, crinkling his nose slightly in distaste as cold raindrops soaked into his fur. It wasn't ideal, but a patrol was bound to be a good distraction even on the gloomiest of days.

    He greeted one of his fellow warriors, Pantherlily, as he passed, and had to suppress a chuckle. The She-cat was standing near the entrance to the apprentice's den, presumably waiting for her silver-furred apprentice. He knew the young one could be a bit of a challenge when it came to focus, but he truly loved his training and put his best effort into it. Ebonyheart was glad that Pantherlily had been assigned as Heronpaw's mentor; she was experienced and patient, perfect for someone like his son.

    He paused near the fresh-kill pile, considering picking up a quick breakfast, but his tail twitched in concern at the state. The kits would be awake soon; in fact, he could hear the high giggles and the rustling of nests already. He elected to leave the pile be and followed the dark shape of Ashpaw to the edge of camp. They'd come back with more, and it would be fine.
    Heronpaw stirred to his name being called. He wasn't exactly asleep, but with the amount of effort he was putting into anything, he might as well have been. The apprentice had rolled over onto his back, and the light from the early dawn could just barely be seen filtering through the tunnel that was the den's entrance. The young cat rolled to his feet. He was generally a late riser, so the quiet of the den wasn't much of a surprise. He stretched and exited the burrow to find his mentor waiting. The warrior looked like she might've been awake for awhile, neat fur marred only with raindrops, while he was still fairly disheveled with the remnants of sleep.

    "Good morning," he greeted with a little too much cheer for one with bits of moss stuck in his fur.
  5. @Jayfeather x Featherfur I'm stealing your method of bolding the name, I like it XD)

    tipped her head at the apprentice's appearance, only barely tolerable because she knew the bits of moss would fall off during training. "Did you sleep well?" she asked before scoffing, "because at the point the kits are waking up before you." she chuckled in a scolding yet playful manner. "I was thinking we should start towards Sanded Meadows first, get in some combat training." the she-cat walked with her head held high and she looked down at the young tom. Admittedly, he was clumsy- it wasn't a huge problem, but Pantherlily hoped she'd be able to train it out of him.

    Fallenkit made out the figure of two other kits in the nursery, they were younger than him and his sister but still kinda fun. At times it frustrated him that Tinykit had trouble communicating with him, but Rosekit often scolded him for judging the small kit's disabilities. Before he could say anything, he looked to see his tabby litter mate already bounding towards the other pair calling their names with a smile.

    Patchkit pinned his ears back against his skull, he simply couldn't sleep with the noise around the nursery. With a dramatic groan, the small kit dragged himself out of the nest to find a peaceful spot.
  6. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Tinykit flinched at his name being called. He turned to see Rosekit. He smiled.
    "Hello Rosekit!" Yelped Leopardkit, stepping back into the nursery.
  7. Winterpaw had found herself dazing, letting her mind wander off in a way that was pleasantly dull. Her was flicking nonchalantly as the sun settled into her grey-white fur. Eventually, of course, her daydreaming came to an end, and she snapped upright with a vaguely wild look in her eyes.
    Oh, mouse dung.
    After a brief moment of asking around, it became apparent to the lithe she-cat that Ebonyheart had gone on a patrol. Which was unfortunate for her, in her opinion, because she missed it. She curled her lip to herself, scuffing the ground with her paw.
    There was nothing to do as an apprentice.
    In fact, the exuberant little feline was almost entirely positive that she was going to die of boredom.

    Lightstep, as he usually did, took his morning on calmly, padding over to the nursery and fondly watching the kits squeal at each other. A faint grin made it's way to the tom's face, his black ears pressing against his head as a gentle chuckle rolled off his tongue. He remembered his kithood, full of... well, whining. It was a joyful memory nonetheless. He gazed for a moment more before perking up, decidedly urging himself to go socialize with someone other than a measly (but adorable!) kit. He noticed Lynxsong, curled on a flat stone, a yawn gaping her jaws open. He trotted nearer.
    "Morning, Lynxsong," he greeted her, a faint smile on his muzzle. "Still tired?"
  8. Ebonyheart finally reached the spot where Ashpaw waited. The tom felt a little guilty for leaving Winterpaw behind, but the apprentice had been working so hard lately that he figured she could use a break, especially with the stress that hung over the clan like the rain that soaked their pelts. He shook his head. "Good morning, Ashpaw," he said to the apprentice. "Did you sleep well?"
    Heronpaw took the teasing in stride with a grin, and padded after his mentor with mud squishing under his paws. "Sanded Meadows?" He repeated, tail swishing in thought. "That sounds good. We haven't done combat training in awhile." Not to mention, the sand wouldn't soak up the rain like the fine soil throughout much of the territory.
  9. Rosekit smiled at Leopardkit and nodded a greeting towards Tinykit as well, she was followed by Fallenkit who grinned and bounced around. "Do you guys wanna play moss-ball?" he asked leaving little room for discussion before running off.

    Patchkit narrowed his eyes on the others kits who seemed to gather for whatever reason, he rolled his blue gaze before curling into a ball behind the nursery, a hidden spot that was perfect for him.

    Pantherlily nodded her head at the apprentice's statement, which was quite true. Her piercing yellow gaze scanned the area as she ducked under several branches and continued to march along. She placed a gentle paw on the sanded terrain before deciding the cold, graining texture would have to do. She spun in a circle, watching each of her paw prints form an imprint before disappearing. After waiting only a couple of seconds for her the young tom to step foot onto the training ground, she ducked her body low against the ground and charged at him- aiming, head first, for his side.
  10. Heronpaw grunted in surprise and pain as the hit connected with his ribs and stomach, and the young tom flew back a few tail-lengths into the sandy earth. Her lay dazed for only a moment before he quickly scrambled to his feet and got back into a fighting position with his paws spread shoulder-length apart. He searched his mind for any move to retaliate with. He decided to make a charge of his own, though his aim was a bit lower, for his mentor's legs instead.
  11. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Lynxsong yawned, “Yes, I stayed up nearly all night last patrol, and then was nagged by a bunch of kits.” She sat up, stretched, then licked the top of his head affectionately.
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  12. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

  13. Deadstep lifted his head from his best, eyes already narrowed. The old cat's bones braced under his weight as he stood, stump leg curled close to his body. He limped out of the den and sniffed out some prey.
  14. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Whisperedsongs sat on a rock, hazily, fearful. Her sister could of only been in a coma and still be alive. Out for revenge. She left her in a hollow tree after all, she didn’t bury her. Her sister is coming back. Even if it meant a war. Wolf had a big gang of rouges called ‘WolfClan’ If she had a deputy, it would be Pinecone. And he was not a cat to be messed with. They are coming...
  15. Finley Moon

    Finley Moon Previously Finley Wolf

    Can I join this Warrior’s RP? My character is Rivermoon. She is a silvery- blue tabby she-cat that is adventurous and fierce.

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