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Bounty Hunted [PoChaNoWriMo]

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ked, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. Ked


    I hope I get to finish! I don't really write alot, so I have alot of rough spots. Some words will be misspelled and I will probaly have some bad grammar in some spots. I also tend to make alot of small typos. The cahpters might all be short, if you consider this short. I'll try my best to make them longer if needed. Enjoy~


    As I walked through the empty hallways of the museum, I noticed something small scurry across the floor.

    Hmm, what could that be? I thought to myself.

    Let me give you a brief introduction of me. My name is Eliza. I am a criminal wanted by everyone across the universe. I usually wear a white t-shirt, baggy blue jeans, and sneakers. I am about four foot nine, and I weigh eighty-nine pounds. I look like a normal human, except for my long slender tail, which is usually hidden by my pants.

    I listened carefully, to see if I could hear the thing anymore. Once I got within one foot of the wall, I saw a tiny jagged crack. I kneeled down I looked at the crack. It's sharp, jagged edges were etched into a strange pattern, a pattern I had seen before...

    "Hey kid!" a low voice yelled to me, "What are you up to?!"

    I jumped up and quickly whipped my body around. I saw a large man dressed in a navy blue uniform staring at me. He had rippling muscles, an iron crowbar, a rifle, and I flashlight, its beam right on me!

    "I-I," I sputtered, my voice high with panic, "I didn't do anything!"

    Of course, that was a lie. Everyone in their right mind knows that I'm the number one criminal in the universe. Of course I'm doing something bad! Now, of course this dumbo didn't know that. After all, I come from another planet, another world, another dimension. But, to my advantage, he didn't know that. He just thought I was some random human from off the street.

    "I don't want no funny business," the man shouted as he reached for his gun, "Do sometin' stupid and you'll get a blow to 'da head!"

    I smirked. This man had no idea who or what he was dealing with. Sure, he had dealt with puny humans, but never had he dealt with the universe's most terrible, mean, stong, fastest, smartest, and whatever else there is do out-beat criminal in the universe. In my land, my name is Bounty Hunted.

    "I don't think you'll want to do that," I said happily, "You'll never be able to defeat me. For I am Bounty Hunted."

    "Bounty who?!" the man replied surprised, "Ain't no one able to escape from me!"

    I reached into the pocket of my baggy blue jeans and pulled out a microscopic bomb. I could see it, but to everyone else it just a mere piece of dust. However, one blow packed more power than the most powerful nuclear bomb made in thouands of years! I know this may sound hard to believe, let's just say, you'll never want to find out.

    Gently, I tossed the bomb in front of the man's feet. If I threw it any harder it would blow in midair, now we don't want that do we? The man just looked at the ground and rolled his metallic eyes. No one here was real anymore. Nah, human labor costs to much now; instead clones and humanoid robots get all the jobs. Cheap to build, easy to maintain, no pay needed, so why have a human work for you? Even the most prestigious of factories use robots. Remember, the prissier a place is, the more and better roboats they have.

    "What was 'dat for?!" he shouted annoyed, "Like a tiny piece of dust an stop me!"


    As I watched the museum blow up from my hovercraft, I smiled with pleasure. I just destroyed the best museum in the world, why wouldn't I be happy? Of course, I took the strange figure from the wall first. That would be the key to the puzzle. Too bad you don't have it, you're missing out on so much. Then again, if you did have it then how would I be the best? Aside from that, I was also able to snatch some acient relics from the museum. Some even date back to the year of three-thousand fifty!

    I turned my hovercraft around and flew up into the slowly dieing atmosphere and into the busy, polluted depths of space. You can't go one foot without being stopped by traffic, stores, or anything! I switched over to light-speed and swiftly flew to my planet. I landed in my front yard and walked onto my front stoop.

    I stepped inside and shut the door behind me. I raced up the stairs into my room. I scurried around as I pulled on my favorite pajamas, the red and black plaid ones with a special hole for my tail and a bright orange tank top.

    I hopped into bed and drifeted off into a deep sleep, dreaming about my first successful mission.

    I walked to a large white building. It had columns all along the front and huge tapestries hanging from every balcony. I pulled out a bomb and gently tossed it inside the door. I flew away on my hovercraft and pressed a button on my control panel. The bomb went off with a crash and sent white columns flying through the air! Deep red blood and other body parts were scattered as a city on planet Neptune was blown up. My smile was full of pride as I flew away...

    I smiled in my sleep once the dream was over. After all, that was the greatest feat ever accomplished! Just to think, that was the first thing I ever did...
  2. Ked


    Chapter One

    A robot from somewhere outside played a recording of a rooster's call. The realistic sound echoed through the large city and nearby countryside. Suddenly, the call stopped as quickly as it had started and everything was quiet, making an eerie silence. A flock of copper birds flew overhead through the man-made clouds. The air was dark grey, as it always was fromm all of the pollution in the slowly dieing atmosphere.

    I yawned and slowly sat up in bed, rubbing my eyes. I felt around with my feet, looking for my white, rabbit-shaped slippers. I slid them onto my feet once I managed to dig them out from under my bed. I hopped up and walked into the stainless stell bathroom.

    The cold metal floor made clinking noises as I walked on it. I flipped on to light switch and used my tan hands to shield my eyes from the bright reflections. Slowly, I stumbled over to the sink. Quickly, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and brushed my hair. Next, I pulled a clean pair of clothes out of my drawer and pulled them over my head. Finally I fumbled through my cosmetic case, looking for my make-up.

    I carefully held the tiny black brush up to my eye and applied a thick layer of lavender eye shadow. Next, I picked up my eye-liner and put on some of that. While stuffing everything back into the green pouched, I kicked my dirty pajamas into the beige hamper.

    "Why must I always be so busy?" I said outloud, "I wonder if anyone else is this busy."

    I sighed a long sigh as I buckled the straps of my chocalate colored sandals, I know sandals aren't the best shoes for winter, but whatever. I stood up and puffed out another sigh. I was bored. No bonty hunters had come to look for me in weeks! What could've been going on?


    The harsh winter weather bit my nose as I trudged through the deep snow on my way to the city. A cold breze swept loose bits of snow into hulking snowdrifts eaned up against tall skyscrapers.

    Several dark shadows moved qickly over the city, only to circle around it again.

    Bounty Hunters! I thought to myself, Finally! Some exciement!

    I dashed into the nearest allyway and waited. A human-like shadow crepped into the narrow ally. My heart started to race as I could start hearing heavy breathing and tudding footsteps.

    "Eliza?" a voice called, "Are you in here?"

    By the voice, I could tell that the person in here was my best friend, Onalla.

    I stepped out fom behind the dark green dumpster I was hiding bhind and sighed in relief when I saw Onalla standing at the end of the ally. I raced towards her, and then stpped once I got to her.

    She was wearing a lgiht grey t-shirt, dark blue jeans with rips at both knees, dark, blood colored snekers, and had a forest green sweatshirt tied around her waist. Her deep brown eyes were locked on me as she sighed.

    "Thank god it's you!" she cried in relief, "I thought you were captured by those bounty hunters flying around!"

    "Come back to my house with me," I said, "I haven't seen you in forever!"


    Onalla and I sat down at my cherry wood kitchen table. It's an antique, you know. Made back in two thousand ten! It's the oldest known antique in the universe! Tpday it had a red and white checker-board table cloth on it.

    "I heard you blew up that museum!" Onalla cried in disbelief, "Is it true?!"

    I smiled. I never knew that word spread so quickly around here! It was only yesterday, after all!

    "Yes," I replied happily, "That was me."

    Onalla shot back in her chair. I could tell that she was shcoked at my amazing feat. Embarrassed, she pulled her chair back under the table. She put her elbow on the table and held out her palm, where she then put her head. Her dirty blonde hair hung right above the old table.

    More circular shadows flew over the house. I knew they were bounty hunters, searching for me. I made my eyes follow the swift shadows around my front yard. Then, all of the shadows sudednly stopped and hovered right in front of my house! I held my breath, waiting for them to go away. Instead, they just hovered there. Eventually after a few minutes, tehy flew away and headed towards the city.

    "That was close!" Onalla shouted, breaking the silence, "What do you think they stopped for?"

    I ignored her and stared a the last shadow. It was still hovering there, and making strange buzzing noises.

    "X-ray!" I shouted under breath as I launched from the tble, "We've been found!"

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