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Ask to Join Boryia Tales, Heritage of the Bracia's Throne

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Clite of Dragonbow, Jul 13, 2020.

  1. Welcome in the world of Boryia, surrounded by magic, it's slowly is swallowed by war and darkness. Rulers manipulated from shadows will soon attack one another, untill no one survives...

    Bracia's King has died in age of 43 years and ruled for 20 years over his Country. Due to a pact that was made by four great noble families, King had a 4 heirs from each one of those noble families...
    Now, four children with equal rights for the throne exist and it is hard to say which one will receive it.. Will it be either by pacts, intrigues, diplomacy or military force to decide which one will become the King or Queen, it depends on their decision. Meanwhile, Other countries look in Bracia way and will try to gain something from the Kingdom without ruler.
    Characters to make are either one of the 4 heirs or their retrainers.
    Retrainers are subordinates that have trust of the Heir and are loyal to him/her. Each heir has 2 retrainers.

    Rpers can have 2 characters in rp, but they can have only one heir (so they either have maximum of characters 1 heir and 1 retrainer or 2 retrainers)

    1. Remember to follow pokecharms rules.
    2. You can have (for now) Max 2 characters, but you can't have more than 1 heir character.
    3. I can understand that you may have a lot of RL stuff to do, but try to be a bit active or tell why you can be active. We will understand ^^
    4. Violence will appear in rp, just don't overdo it.
    5. Also, Romance is allowed but keep it PEGI 16.
    6. If you read all the rules, just put 'Red Dancing Dragon' somewhere in your bio.
    7.Rpers gonna @ person that they involve in their post
    8. @IDKWhatUserNameToDo is helping me and is a co-host for this rp.

    Although all living beings have magical power or mana, only one preson out of 40 have enough mana to manifest and cast any kind of magic.

    Every country can make special weapons from the Elemental Crystals called Divine Equipment. In other words, people who can't use magic by themselfs, can use elemental forces by using Divine Equipment, however, it is extremly expensive (Due to a fact that Element Crystals are rare) and needs to match element of User's soul.
    In short, Sword with Fire element can't be used by a person with water element affiliation.
    But the same person can use Water Element Bow for example.

    There are 6 Elements:

    Crystals are believed that they were send by the Six Deities that created this world and person can use only a crystal of the Deity that gave this person their blessing. Also, Many Magicians also use Divine equipment as it easier to use elements and magic this way.
    There can be only one blessing.

    Shields- Regiments defending Bracia's borders
    Crown-King's Regiment
    Dragon-Dragonheart's Guards
    Tiger- Tigroran's Guards
    Diamond-Montiante's Guards
    Purple Heart-Puresoulia's Guards
    Heir-Leo Dragonheart @Clite of Dragonbow
    1. Taylor Ray (Later) @Night's Shadow
    2. Nis Inare (Later) @Clite of Dragonbow
    IMG_20200709_183302.jpg Heir- Empty
    1.Clay Coalmoore @RisingGarchomps
    IMG_20200709_183258.jpg Heir- Aloysius Pride-Stripeclaw Tigroran @RisingGarchomps
    1.Ocarina Ocelota Tigroran @Spoiled Bread
    1.1 Bronya @Spoiled Bread
    Heir- Palladia-Secretia "Tia" Amendöin Puresoulia
    1.Andreas Unvalor @Clite of Dragonbow
    2.Yowashi Ranbell @Sentorus67
    All maps has been made in the Azgaar map generator.

    Age: ( If heir, age around 15-18 )
    Heir or Retainer:
    Noble Family(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia):
    Backstory: (Optional)

    My Bios:
    Name: Leonard (Leo) Dragonheart
    Nickname: Scarlet Prince
    Gender: Male
    Age: ( If heir, age around 15-18 ) 16
    Sexuality: Straight
    Heir or Retainer: Heir
    Noble Family(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia): Dragonheart
    Appearance: Leo is tall, quite slim yet muscular young man, he has light blue eyes and.. Well, Scarlet, dark red hair. He has scar that goes down through his cheek under his left eye. He usually wears light blue Brania's Noble clothes. When in the battle, he wears the armor that he received as a gift from his Grandfather. received_270795633983054.jpeg
    (Picture made in a Gacha Club)
    Personality: Despite his rather young age, Leo presents himself in a rather calm, mature and serious manner, always focusing on the task at hand and preferring not to have that focus derailed. It would seem that Leo is somewhat sly and secretive, rarely revealing who his contacts are and refusing to indulge his own private motives. However, He is also friendly and nice towards people and tries to avoid any fights with other Heirs if possible. But still... He wants to be a king that will change this country.
    Element: Chaos
    Backstory: Leo never was let to leave Dragonheart's Fortress. Closed and alone, he wasn't allowed to make any friends and he spend day after day learning about this country, diplomacy, economy, military as well as he learn about a Intrigues and Swordsmanship. Leo didn't really want to be a ruler, but it wasn't for him to decide... His mother died when he was 6 and all of his other siblings died at his age of 7, leaving only him for a 'heir' position. Head of the family assigned two retrainers to Leo, to have an eye on him and his action. That's how Leo get his first friends... Now, he will leave Fortress for a first time and go to a capital.. For his King's funeral.
    Other: Leo's emblem has Red Dancing Dragon.

    Name: Nis Inare
    Nickname: Far Traveler
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Straight
    Heir or Retrainer: Retrainer
    Noble Family (Dragonheart, Tigroran, Montiante, Puresoulia): Yet to decide (However, he will later join to Dragonheart)
    Appearance: Nis is 5'9 tall and weights 158 lbs. he has pale skin, slightly pointed ears, snow-white hair with black tips and violet eyes. he wears shirt made from white wool and leather trousers, becouse He likes to touch ground with his feets. He doesn't wear any shoes. He is slender, yet muscular.
    Personality: Childish and sweet for most of the people. He often calls himself a pacifist and that he dislike fighting. However, he is ready to fight if someone's in danger. Don't get deceive by his soft nature and the fact that he act childish most of the time, he isn't weak, like.. At all.
    Element: Fire
    Backstory: Nis arrived to Bracia as he says 'From the other side of the Ocean'. Although he didn't know the languege at first, he learned it fast and the information that he is a strong magician spread around the kingdom. Families tried to get him as a retrainer, but one of them was just faster...
    Other: He fought many monster, including Singing Nagas, Crying Cyclops and Red Dancing Dragons.

    Rp will start in the Kingdom's Capital, Colmontia. In the palace, where people gathered for King's Funeral. ^^

    Some random and not random tags for people that might or might not be interested, but I would really like to rp with: @JayBird Joe @EmoKitty21 @TheGrimmRemix027 @EeviumZ @ThePlayfulFox @Night's Shadow @Spoiled Bread @kyuukestu
    Ummm... Theres a lot... Maybe I should just @everyone :halo:
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  2. Here's my character ^^

    Name: Lucinda (Lucy) Montiante
    Nickname: The Melting Mountain
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Gay
    Heir or Retainer: Heir
    Noble Family(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia): Montiante

    Appearance:Lucinda has an average height, with a lean and quite athletic build overall. She has long platinum blonde hair that usually has some braids braided on and tan skin. She has piercing icy blue eyes, hawk nose and has sharp facial features. She usually wears typical the light, airy, stylish noble clothing that's mainly colored light blue or silver, though she prefers to wear comfortable clothes over formal (even if she's forced to wear them). She wears a necklace made of gold that has the family emblem on it, which is a blue diamond/crystal, which she has around her neck at almost all times

    Personality: Lucinda is someone who you could "a free spirit". She doesn't really care what others think of her and knows what she wants when she wants. This also makes her seem selfish at times, as she sometimes forgets to take others in consideration. She is quite confident in herself, playful, friendly and good with handling a bow and a spear. She's often called irresponsible and childish for seemingly ignoring her training and education to become the future heir of the throne.

    Element: Fire (Blue)

    Backstory: During her early childhood she was forced into the "grooming process" by her family to become the future heir of the throne. She had study economics, proper royal etiquette, military, magic, combat (in handling a bow and a spear) and more. She pretends to be bored, ignorant or just plain bad at the subject to try and get away from it, but even if Lucy doesn't admit it she has gotten at least moderately decent in most of what she's been taught in. As a result of her childhood basically being taken away from her Lucy still has the playful spunk of a child and always trying to escape her duties in a way or another. More will be revealed in rp

    Other: Red dancing Dragon
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  3. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Name: Taylor Ray
    Nickname: Tay, Taytay (much to her indignation), Raging Demon
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Heir or Retainer: Retainer
    NobleFamily(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia): Undecided (though later will support Dragonheart)
    Appearance: Golden-blonde, tall, thin, flawless complexion. Large, innocent-looking blue-green eyes with gold flecks. Typically wears a loose, long-sleeved shirt with torn jean shorts. No makeup, hair loose and down. Wears several different daggers on a belt at her waist, along with a length of rope she uses to tie herself to tree branches so she doesn't fall off while sleeping. When wearing shoes, typically wears sandals of some type. Has a wild side that often comes out randomly.
    Personality: Brash and self-confident. Doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. Good at manipulating people for her own ends while not easily manipulated herself. Trusts few people other than herself, but tends to overestimate her own power. Can be ruthless, due to her previously being a freelance assassin before moving to another place to escape her past.
    Element: Chaos
    Backstory: [See roleplay Adventures of the Silver Archmage: The Quackosaurian Invasion]
    Other: Red dancing dragon
  4. Hi, it's me again, I recognized your retainer character, I will definitely have at least a Retainer.

    Name: Logan Theodore Maverick
    Nickname: Wandering Dragon Archmage
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Heir or Retainer: Retainer
    Noble Family(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia): Currently Freelance
    Appearance: Silver hair, blue eyes on a slim frame of 5'11", wearing silver robes with a blue Dragon on it, he has a large dragon shaped mark going from his stomach to his left eye, the Mark's head looks as if it was trying to eat his left eye. He also has two Rapiers to help.master his Specialization.
    Personality: Logan is a serious man, not one to take lightly, he is also stern and slightly aloof to most people at first.
    Element: Air (Lightning specialization)
    Backstory: [See Mages of the Eastern Corridor RP for early archmage days].
    Other: He had summoned a Red Dancing Dragon by accident.

    Name: Wendy Star
    Nickname: Berserker of the Eastern Felt
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Sexuality: Straight
    Heir or Retainer: Retainer
    Noble Family(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia): Currently Freelance
    Appearance: Red Hair, blue eyes on a voluptuous 5'10" frame, commonly wears scale mail. She has Greatsword Called Anduril, Cry of the Talon, which allows her to channel her element into her weapon attacks.
    Personality: Wendy has a cold disposition towards most people, due to her mercenary past, but opens up as time passes.
    Element: Earth
    Backstory: She was born to a pair of fighters from a small village, became a mercenary when she was 13 to support her brother after her parents attempted to seal Alain Silversteel.
    Other: Red Dancing Dragon
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  5. @Cmeriwether
    Wendy is accepted, to accept Logan I would want from you to check Elements spoiler, if that's not a problem for you. (Just an Element name you posted is a problem for me)
    Both of your characters are accepted ^^
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  6. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Name: Clay Coalmoore
    Nickname: The Mountain 'Giant' (Ironic name intended to poke fun)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Sexuality: Straight
    Heir or Retrainer: Retrainer
    Noble Family (Dragonheart, Tigroran, Montiante, Puresoulia): Montiante
    Appearance: Dwarven build.
    He considers himself tall for a dwarf,
    yet he is actually fairly short, within the lower end of the 5 foot range. His back appears tall though and is looming, appearing to bend around, hunched. He is fairly strong but looks weak in the dress he has given himself, dirty and sometimes leather minimal armour staggered around, giving the appearance that he has been dealt some money in life but not enough to support him. Black dirty boots, a large metal belt, gloves, often warn, a small dagger and a blunt sword, a large bloody axe. His face is worn and dirty with blood stained. He is hairy around his face with brown hair. He looks much younger than he actually is. He has a large brown beard and blue eyes.
    Personality: Tough, caring and deeply respectful towards the Heir he serves, Lucy, but apart from that, he's very disrespectful and blunt towards everyone else, those who aren't of high birth. Deep down, he hates the system that is in place but he feels the only way he is going to do well in life is suck up to it.
    Element: Earth
    Backstory: The Coalmoores were a large extended family based around the mountains and Belfa, powerful hundreds of years ago. They aligned with the King for many years until something happened, an event so foul, no Coalmoore would ever speak of it. All that is known is that the King of that time called upon the Coalmoore representative to his court and by the end of the leisurely meeting, the family were completely disgraced from court. Their power, wealth and land that they controlled was striped from them, taken by the King's forces, given to other families, such as the Montaintes and the event was erased from the history books. This enraged the Coalmoores as they fought for their freedom and land. They eventually failed. Clay recalls that his grandfather fought alongside rebels during a short lived rebellion many years ago which failed. As a punishment, the Coalmoores were enslaved and sent into the mines underneath the mountains from which they used to control to give the kingdom something back. Clay's father was a miner who worked extremely hard to earn a living for his family. He struggled and first, but worked his way up and was promoted to becoming a head chief and bought a small plot for his family on top of the mountain. However, disaster struck again for the unfortunate family, as the miners he was working with rebelled and the company failed to do business in these conditions as the miners did not want to work and fought against most of the others. Clay's father was not one of the rebels and defended the Kingdom against them and lost their land and much of their money. The miner's rebellion was squashed. Surprised by the revelation that Clay's father would help and defend them, the Kingdom, supported by the Montiante's previous representative, championed for the one off reward for Clay's father to become a retrainer and visit the Montiantes. However, tragedy struck again. On his way to their seat of power in Belfa, Clay's father suddenly collapsed. He later died that day of a heart attack. His compensation had not been paid out by the Kingdom and had failed to see the day where he would be attending to someone in court again. The Kingdom gave one last glimmer of hope to the Coalmoores: that they prove themselves through the only surviving lineage: Clay. Clay was despised when he was young for being naughty but he soon started to behave himself. He was also born differently to most. He was born with a rare genetic birth defect which stopped physical growth when he was young, explaining his height and gave him his most defining feature: a hunchback. Clay was bullied terribly because of this and he is often made a laughing stock of, but he's learnt to be tough and hold his head up high knowing that he is the only hope for this fossilised family.
    Other: Red Dancing Dragon.
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  8. Oh! This looks interesting. I'd like to know a little more about the 4 noble families though. Do they have any specialties or traits?
  9. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    I'm curious. There are a number of references by one or two posters here to backstories in the RPs 'Mages of the Eastern Corridor' and 'Adventures of the Silver Archmage: The Quackosaurian Invasion'.

    I'm presuming they are prequels to this RP and are connected? Am I right about that? Is there anything big that happens in those RPs that we might need to know for our characters in this one, say, big events?
  10. They're two RPs that I ran, Clite was in both, and Some of our characters had origins there, only major event was a battle that would of ended in scattering of some forces, and they could possibly end up in the area.
  11. Yeah, characters are references from other rps, but... Let's say my rp is on completely another continent and probably the only thing in common is that the thing happends in the same/similar universe. So events from previous two aren't really connected with this one. (Maybe only those characters relations may be connected from previous rp, but either that this, those rps aren't connected)
  12. Yeah, of course ^^

    Dragonhearts are the oldest family, Legends says that many years ago they were riding dragons, but its hard to say if this is only a legends or not. Right now, they are probably the smallest from all families and they are famous from the fact that all great generals and commanders came from this family.

    Tigroran's are the second oldest family and they are currently the biggest family. They are famous from the fact that they have a giant library with Kingdom knowledge and it is said that their cavalry have Tigers as their mounts.

    Montiante are the richest family, many great stewards and diplomats came from this family.

    The youngest Family is Puresoulia, They are known for the fact that people they are really loved by simple people. They also are famous for being a really good diplomats.

    Well, that would be everything about the families. If you have any more questions, ask away ^^

    (Sorry for double post)
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  13. I added a bit of backstory to my character so that RisingGarchomps and others who might want to be a retainer for Lucy, so that you can get a better picture of what she's like
  14. Alrighto! Then I guess I'm going with Puresoulia.

    By the way, there was an edit to the rules a while back. Double Posts are allowed in the discussion thread but not the role play thread.
  15. Really? Thanks for telling me ^^
    Also, I didn't mention it earlier, but heirs aren't in fact blood related.
  16. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    I don't have the time right now, but I'd like to reserve a slot for a Tigroran Heir please.
    I will bear this in mind when I write their backstory.
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  17. Alright, gonna reserve it for you then ^^
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  18. Name: Palladia-Secretia "Tia" Amendöin Puresoulia
    Nickname: Duchess of Violet Woods
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Heir or Retainer: Heir

    Noble Family(Dragonheart, Tigroran, Montiante, Puresoulia): Puresoulia
    Appearance: Tia stands at an average height, slightly accentuated by heels. From head-to-toe, she always highlights her appearances with hues of purple reflective of her family's Purple Hearted emblem. Her hair carries three deep purple streaks, always prominently displayed regardless of the style of her hair. She wears a four-piece set of jewelry each embedded with a purple gem-stone heart: a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a signet-ring. She dresses semi-formally, only swapping out to fully formal clothing for official or important events, and light, leather-armor for battle, with a holster around her waist that holds her weapon of choice, a whip, and her botanical concoctions.

    Personality: Tia, in line with her house, is a savvy diplomat, keen of sight, and always reading the air of a room. She tends to move in either one of two ways: one, to strengthen her family or position and, two, to satisfy her own cravings for fun and entertainment. The flip-flop between the two can make her actions appear erratic and unpredictable. Tia is less sheltered than one would expect as she's done her fair share of traveling with her family's caravans and as an observer on diplomatic voyages.

    Element: Earth (Plant Specialization)

    Backstory: Born to the newest of the noble families, Tia had been raised in a nouveau-riche manner. She was taught at home until the age of 12 by the best teacher's her family could manage, and then spent her 13th year traveling around her family's lands and becoming more familiar with their domain. Upon her 14th birthday, she's was assigned to join the Puresoulia's diplomatic fleet and has thus been away from Bracia until she was hastily recalled by news of the King's death. She is somewhat unfamiliar with the kingdom's circumstances due to her absence but has working experience with diplomacy and a broad knowledge base. She's spent the last few weeks since her return trying to reaccustom herself with Bracia's politics. She has moderate experience in combat from repelling bandits and pirates during her journey.

    Other: Tia's personal carriage is engraved with the effigy of a Red Dancing Dragon, however, the dragon and carriage are purple, due to being made of violet-wood.
  19. One more to the pool of really cool Characters! :halo:
    Accepted @kyuukestu :)
  20. Also, I am starting to think to make bigger rooster of characters to add one more character to a rooster and possibility (Yet no need) for 3 retrainers. Two are the minimum.
    What do you guys think?
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  21. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Sounds good. Depending on what it is, I might reconsider my noble heir character.
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  22. Simply that instead of having 2 retrainers, heirs can have 3 retrainers and that you can have one character more than maximum amount of 2.
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  23. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Ah, okay.
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  24. I'll put a retainer in if we need more characters, but I'll try to stick to just my heir if I can.
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  25. I don't force you to make more characters ^^
    Just if we will be able to gather Heirs with at least 2 retrainers, then rp will start and just more retrainers may join the rp, if someone wants, no worries.

    (-Honest Mind-:
    Okay, in truth I get an interesting character idea that I honestly wanted to try, but didn't wanted to add him if people didn't wanted more characters to be a thing in rp. So its kinda on me being selfish :'|:angel:)
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  26. Lmao, that's fine.

    Before the RP starts I want to learn as much about the world as possible. Do you have anything more to add about the world?

    Anything about the other Kingdoms, or...anything about the deceased King?
  27. Yeah, I can share all my knowledge with you ^^
    Gonna tell you about King himself for now and our neighbors.

    So, the previous King, Kazimir II the Wise was a really good king that manage to grant a golden age to his kingdom during his rule. During the first years of his reign, he has manage to defeat some Barbarians that has been invading his teritories. He managed to protect Kingdom from the Numekosian Empire's invasions. He invited to his court great artists and writers to spread knowledge and culture to the kingdom. Sadly, becouse of the fact that his wife, the Queen Anastasia couldn't have children, the King couldn't have a true heir. Then he got an idea about the Families Heir system that brought us to this situation now.. He died early, after 20 years of reign due to unknown illnes. Let him rest in peace [*]
    Of course he did also many bad things, as taking away others riches, but he did that to help his kingdom to continue its growth.

    Let's begin talking about other countries from our neighbors. Currently, Bracia's Neighbors are two protectorats. Countries that are under direct control of the Numekosian Emperor. Due to our relations, he often invaded Bracia, as it is a really rich country. Bracia has an ally, Kingdom Of Bolezia. But Bolezians currently also have a problems with their borders being attacked and due to the fact that their king is away to gather troops for his own little campain.

    Mann... That's a lot of typing, my fingers hurts XD
    Also, I think that I gonna go to bed and pass out soon, friends.
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  28. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    What would be the most exotic jungle-savannah like area in the entire region? I’m trying to develop a backstory for my noble heir but I want him to have been conceived in a foreign or distant land, maybe like some sort of holiday destination for the family.
  29. When you look at the Boryia Map, Garchomp-kun
    There are two Tzardoms that are litteraly next to each other... Then on the East from those Tzardoms are 3 countries that you can say are the most Exotic Jungle-Savannah regions.
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  30. Well, if all of you are okay with this then...

    Name: Andreas Unvalor
    Nickname: The Strongest under Boryia's Sky, Andre (Only his Master is allowed to call him that)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19 (reached not so long ago)
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Heir or Retainer: Retainer
    Noble Family(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia): Puresoulia
    Appearance: Andreas is a really muscular, 6 feets tall young man with multiple battle scars on his body. He has an icy blue, a bit messy hair that he always need to make his hairstyle more formal when he is supposed to accompany Puresoulia's heir. He has purple irises in his eyes. As he most of a time wear leather trousers and boots as armor in battle to be capable of 'Moving freely' when he is about to accompany in meeting or something. Puresoulia's Family heads force him to wear more formal, white or blue robes with Purple heart emblem on them.
    Personality: Andreas is a fearless, bold, determined and battle loving young man. He has spend most of his time annihilating any opposition on his path. Although he looks like a barbaric murderer, he is a nice person, trying his best for people that he cares about.
    His dream was as simple as his mind, to be the strongest in the world, but now, when he joined Puresoulia Family, his dream changed.
    Element: Air
    Backstory: From the moment Andreas became aware of his surroundings he left his tribe of Islanders in the south to depart on his journey to become the strongest. Andreas proceeded to travel around the vast continent of Boryia, challenging anything and anyone stronger than him. Annihilating those who would dare stand in his way his strength eventually overcame all opposition. When he reached 17 years old, he has been taken kinda against his will to a great Colloseum in the Kiutori Empire. He was found there by one of Puresoulia's diplomats in the Empire and was taken under they care. At first, he didn't like the idea of serving Noble family and wondered how to escape. However, it was about to be changed as he was about soon to meet heir that he was assigned to be retrainer of...

    For more of his backstory check out this written work, where is a story of him being in the coloseum. https://pokecharms.com/works/boryia-stories-the-strongest-under-the-boryias-sky.57398/

    Other: Of course, on his journey he slayed a legendary, Gargantuan Red Dancing Dragon!

    Also, a reminder, if any of you have any questions, I will be really happy to answer them. ^^

    If you have some time then it would be nice for me and wouldn't harm you to check the first Boryia Story ^w^:halo:
    But I don't force, if you don't want to :)

    Also @Clite of Dragonbow accepted! :angel:
  31. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    You accepted yourself... very big brain XD
  32. What?
    My bio needs to be checked as everyone elses XD
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  33. I just edited Lucy a bit. Just some minor stuff like her last name (because somehow I forgot that I could just use the noble family name lol) and I added the family emblem thing too
  34. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Name: Aloysius Pride-Stripeclaw Tigroran
    Nickname: The lone Tiger, the Fallen one, Big 'Al', Lion-catcher, or just 'Al'.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 (one week away from 19. If it's okay with you, i'd like to bump his age up a bit by a couple of years).
    Sexuality: Straight
    Heir or Retainer: Heir
    Noble Family(Dragonheart,Tigroran,Montiante, Puresoulia): Tigroran
    Appearance: Alburn hair with blonde and brown stripes. It looks like his hair will change colour any minute. The hair is also so long that he had to tie it around like a lion's mane. He's grown a beard which attaches itself to this. He has red eyes, complemented by red orange and black armour but he often just wears a suit. His look is very similar to that of Lysandre from Pokémon X and Y. He has also got a mount and a large bow on his back.
    Personality: The best of his personality is seen when he is romantic. Otherwise, he can be cruel, cunning, stealthy and highly diplomatic most of the time. He's quite edgy.
    Element: Main Element: CHAOS (But this may change) Other elements in the family: fire, air and order.
    Backstory: The Tigrorans were known for having a large extended family and was only made bigger when Catherine 'Katrina' and Leopold Tigroran got married and had children. They soon looked to their heirs. Al was surrounded by brothers and sisters when he was younger and each one was known for doing different things. The girls tended to be more knowledge through the libraries they controlled and some subtle sport like archery, whereas the men were deeply into harder sport like hunting, duelling, diplomacy and preparing for warfare. Al cared for a long time for his youngest sibling, his sister Kitty and helped her mature before cutting off interest. Al was also one of two twins born at the same time. His sister, named Katrina-Aloysia, perished at a young age leaving him as the sole heir. The explanation was that she died of a rare exotic disease that the father, Leopold had contracted during a business trip to the far east. It was always shrouded in mystery but the thing that caused Catherine and the others to start doubting Leopold was an incident that occurred a long time before this. Al would witness fights between his parents. He'd come to find out that he had an older brother, named Kruegar, who was noble and definitely the favourite to become the heir. However, it's said he went missing on a diplomatic mission or that he died too of a strange disease. Al came to realise the truth during a holiday with Leopold in the far east. The east was always a place the family would go to, as they enjoyed the weather and vast jungles and nature there. Apparently, Al was able to piece together that his parents were abusive towards each other and the kids at young ages and its possible Leopold killed Kruegar and so he blames his family for this. What's more, Al believes he and Aloysia were actually secret love children of Leopold and a strange mysterious woman, probably a prostitute, from one of these tropical holiday destinations they used to go to: either Agranstunia, the Republic of Cemi or Codurum, heck it could even be in one of the islands south. Al managed to distance himself from the family gradually after this. He accepted that Leopold had probably killed Kruegar after Kruegar later discovered that Aloysia and Al were not legitimate children, about the story of the witch and how the family was built on lies. Further evidence exists of other love children of the family, who are now in less high up roles, such as retrainers.

    Moving on to his own history, As children, Aloysia was always into archery and more subtle and graceful things like dancing, whereas Al was always into sword fighting and brutal warfare, though he came to be taught how to be diplomatic and soon enjoyed diplomacy. When Aloysia suddenly vanished and the explanation was given that she had just died, Al was in disbelief. He gradually managed to piece the clues together and whilst its most likely Kruegar is dead, he still hunts for him. Immediately after the two of them vanished, he started to take up interests they were interested in, not necessarily the more 'girly' things, but things like archery (hence his longbow), animal taming, cat riding, duelling, masonry.

    As part of his journey in trying to work out what happened with the Tigroran family, he journey to a part of Bracia infested with bandits. There, he teamed up with the underground Black Fury movement, bandits, brigands, mercenaries etc. They were a large group of rebels who repeatedly attacked the various families, including Tigroran outside of Caspe. With great loyalty to them, Al was instantly promoted to second in command behind assassin Felix Strongpaw. Strongpaw was well known in the area and had many Tigroran soldiers defected into his service. He told Al his tales and revealed he was in fact an older illegitimate brother who would have been the heir to the Tigroran line in another life. Al was there because he was told by a group of bandits from the Black Fury who ambushed him on the way their leader knew about the love child affairs. Al theorised Felix may actually be Kruegar, he seemed so familiar to him. He continued to serve in raids alongside Black Fury, as a young warrior, until one day Leopold Tigroran and a small army attack the guild's stronghold, extremely angry he had not seen him in a while. He had been looking for him, as he was an extremely protective father and had tried to stop Al from leaving but failed to do so. This time he would force him harder to stay. His army defeated the Black Fury forces forcing Felix and the last of his men to flee the country. It is said by Leopold that they were being funded by Bracia's enemies to discredit them and enforce a rebellion in Caspe and that Felix was a pretender and that he lied. Al refused to believe this. He was dragged on his bloody knees by his father back to their house and kept there for a month. He was told that if he were to act in defiance and against the Tigroran's vicious loyalty to the Kingdom again, he would lose his head, kin or no kin.

    Other: Red Dancing Dragon
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  35. I have my doubts about your character @RisingGarchomps
    Those 4 elements on one character...
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  36. @Clite of Dragonbow I forgot their weapons they would've had when they arrived in the country.
  37. Well, I hadn't add my as it isn't necessary, but I wouldn't mind if you post them, so go ahead ^^
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  38. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    The truth is, I’m not sure which ONE to pick. I didn’t realise we could only have one represented. I’m not sure what would represent my character best but I’m sure he wouldn’t choose one element or any if I’m honest. Fire represents the redness of tigers. Air represent Al’s sister who taught him how to fire arrows into the sky. Order represents what the Tigrorans are about with their strict discipline. I said ‘little bit of chaos’ to imply there’s more to Al, unfair to say that’s one whole element. I wrote it to show how he descended into chaos when he joined that bandit gang.

    If given the choice he would not want anything to do with these specialised ‘crystal weapons’. I get that you’re trying to foreshadow what weapon our character would want but I feel as if it’s too early for us to decide or be forced into. We still have little to none characters with water as their element.
  39. Sorry, but I don't think its as simple as choosing.
    First its not up to Crystal, but up to character of what their element is, and later they can use crystals of this element and Elements character can use are usually decided by the fact that it is said that one of the six deities give a certain character a blessing.
    (Look spoiler Magic and Elements)

    But I understand that you wouldn't realize and that it is really hard so... You can leave this empty for now, I will accept and you may add it later. Is that okay with you?
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