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Boo's Sprites ~ Taking Requests

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Boo810, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Well, I've seen loads of people doing these, so I thought I might give it a try. :p Here are some I've made so far.

    [​IMG] I call it Terrawing (lame). Made mostly of scratch with added parts from Flygon, Aerodactyl and Lugia.
    [​IMG] Luminekiss, obviousley made of Lumineon and Togekiss.
    [​IMG] Palkalga, Palkia & Dialga.
    [​IMG] Diakia, Dialga & Palkia. I proffer this one to Palkalga.
    [​IMG] Shaditt, made with a bit of scratch and parts from Bayleef, Murkrow, Charmeleon and some colour from Hoppip.

    I'm also taking requests. I can do Substitutes, plushies and splices, and I should be able to do angelic and demonic Pokemon, too. :p Fill the form if you want a sprite, please. ^^

    Type: (eg. substitute, plushie, ect.)
    Pokemon: (for splices up to 6 at a time plz)
    Any Specifications:

    I'll take up to 10 requests at a time and only 1 allowed from a person at a time, please! :3

    Note: I will most likely update regularly with my own sprites and I should have requests done within a day of the request, unless I'm busy or just lazy. ;D
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