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Ask to Join Boken: An adventure RP (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Chunky Ramen, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    I haven't done one of these in a good while, forgive me if it's sloppy, and by all means ask if there's any confusion.
    Tansa is the world capital of adventuring, thus its name, which means Exploration. It is private land, however, only open to adventurers that have proof of worth, proof to gain the highest title. To get invited into the great walls of Tansa is a very difficult task, but those who do come out as Boken, the highest title of adventurer.
    It's a great time of year to begin the road to Boken. Will you traverse it? Right now, the biggest adventure out there is simply making it from wherever you come from. By the time you reach Tansa, you're sure to have been through a few adventures.
    -Pokecharms rules
    -Nothing past a kiss, if you even go there.
    -No OP-ness.
    -No 'Chosen One' or taking spotlight when there's a fight, unless it's been agreed on.


    Age: (Anywhere above the age of eleven.)

    Appearance: (At least eye color, skin color, hair color, clothes, and the kind of bag they carry around)

    Weapon of choice: (If you haven't noticed, this is a medieval times setting. Keep it in mind as you choose a weapon.)
    Weapon appearance+materials/length: (This might be a little confusing, if it is, sorry.)

    Means of travel?: (Nothing wrong with answering on foot, on horse, or something like that.)

    Backstory: (Why are they on the road to Boken?)
    Just ask if there's any confusion.
    I guess use this for reference? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm not your boss.
    Name: "Suchiru"

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Brown eyes, somewhat pale, with short black hair that's swept to the left. He tends to wear a grey collared shirt, and baggy cyan pants. He carries a leather satchel around.
    Weapon of choice: A one-hand sword.
    Weapon appearance+materials/length: Pretty average sword. double-edged blue steel blade, iron guard, and a leather hilt.

    Means of travel?: On foot, but will take a horse when he can find one.

    Backstory: He comes from a family of thieves. He's not especially poor, or very rich, but still wouldn't hesitate to... 'borrow'.... a few things... Of course, taking from one source, it eventually becomes empty and dry. He decided to try for something new, and packed his bags to set off.
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  2. Interesting... but a few questions.

    -whats the setting. i get that it will have a medieval background but is it fantasy or more of a harsh reality deal?
    -you mention in the rules no OP powers. but from the character sheet do powers even exist?
    -do you have an idea of what the story will be?
    - when it comes to having a "title" will/can our characters have a title or is this story about achieving those names?
    -Lastly. How are you doing today? I hope this Tuesday is going well for you.

    If answer this stuff I probably have a bio by the end of the day.
  3. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    -Oh, sorry, I meant to edit the word powers out.
    -It's leaning rightwards, so no fantasy stuff.
    -It went from a short story to a manga to this. I know what I'm doing pretty well.
    -They can have a title, they cannot start out as someone of residence within Tansa or of a high title. This is mostly how the people on the bottom got to the top.
    -It's been good, thanks for asking. I'm about to go blow last week's money at the gamestop across the street.
  4. made this later then I meant to.. sorry.

    Name: Rook

    Age: 16

    Appearance: bright greenish-blue eyes with matted dirt blond hair. He wears clothing style similar to vyshyvanka( a type of traditional Slavic uniform) that has many pockets and satchels underneath.

    Weapon of choice: he carries a sickle and chain around his waist, along with a slightly rusted dagger under his uniform
    Weapon appearance+materials/length: (This might be a little confusing, if it is, sorry.)

    Means of travel: while he prefers to ride by carriage. He mostly travels on foot.

    Backstory: Rook comes from a family of ruthless merchants. those who would trade away their own souls if it meant a few more coins. his family was doing well until a sleuth of debt collectors arrived and reaped everything his family-owned. Rook is on the path to becoming Boken. For he is told of the fame and fortune they can get.
  5. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    @Sentorus67 it's fine. And he's accepted, I like it!
  6. Ooh- starting an RP, I see? This looks like a lot of fun! I'll get onto typing my bios right away (Can I have two characters?). I just have one question. In order to get to this land of Tansa adventures must have 'proof of worth'? Do they have to qualify in some way, or have previous experience adventuring? If so- exactly how experienced must they be? I know that's a complicated question, but there's a difference between a kid who often adventures form home for fun and a fully trained assassin.
  7. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    (Sorry I didn't see that earlier.)
    -Think of the 'worth' as scars showing proof of a battle, it just kind of happens. Of course, this RP is showing 'worth' by throwing everyone into a great line of people trying to find their way into into Tansa, naturally, if word of a big quest gets out, it'll be a race to get there. The requirement in general is a souvenir/token from each adventure. Hopefully that's simple enough.
    -Two characters is just fine.
    -No experience required, but I don't want a person with adventuring skill over nine-thousand.
  8. Name: Elva Merobi
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Elva's skin is fair and pink, rather feminine in looks with the occasional freckle to add liveliness to the pale coverage. Her body is long and slender, wrapped in a long dress most of the time. Her face is elegant and mature, with a long nose and thin lips- she was a pretty expression including her dark eyelashes and bright blue eyes. Blonde hair falls past Elva's shoulders, just an inch of two below her chin. Her hair is silky and delicate, smooth despite the rarity of it being brushed.
    Weapon of choice: A scimitar Long Sword and dual scimitar daggers.
    Weapon appearance+materials/length: A scimitar is a sword with a particular curve in it's shape. Elva's daggers match her sword, gifted to her by the same black-smith who worked for her family. The metal is thin and silver, it's iron is smooth to the touch and undeniably sharp on one end. Her sword is long enough to reach it's victim while she is on horse back, while the daggers are no longer than 6 inches each. The hilts are thicker and shaped to be easy to hold, wrapped in fine, salmon pink silk and slightly stained from use.
    Means of travel?: Henry is Elva's horse. Henry was given to Elva when she was very little, he is currently 15 and goes just about everywhere that she goes. He is strawberry roan with thick red hair and deep brown eyes. Henry sports a cheap leather saddle and reins that are brown- when traveling somewhere inaccessible by horses Elva will go by foot.
    Backstory: Elva grew up in a particularly close community. It was a small but wealthy town, everyone knew each other and it was basically one big family. Since she was a little girl, Elva had been picking up her parents slack in the community. They were adventurers. Elva's mother and father both liked to disappear for long periods of time and then come back with all sorts of treasurers and stories, it never really bothered the girl. It wasn't until the day that her parents didn't return that Elva grew up so quickly. Around the age of 10, her parents went out and were never heard from again. Most of her town didn't like to mention it- they all sort of just pitched in on raising her form then on. But something told Elva that her parents were not gone for good. Maybe they were lost, or still adventuring- but she wouldn't accept the fact that they were dead. Elva trained for years to follow in her parents footsteps, and when she heard about the road of the broken she knew it was a perfect opportunity to show her skills. And if her parents were anywhere, she had a feeling that they were in Tansa.

    Age: 13
    Appearance: Kenji's skin is tan due to, what some may say was too much, sun exposure. Freckles dot his cheeks and limbs, spreading across his shoulders and dusting his back and chest slightly. His built is small and youthful, him being skinny but otherwise healthy. He has a round face, bright with childish joy and button-like features. His large, wide eyes are honey-brown with soft yellow strands running through them. His face is expressive,e thick eyebrows often moving around and shadowing his gaze. Kenji's hair is dark brown and rugged, chopped off sloppily about his ears. His hair is slightly wavy, and he does his best to push it back so it stays out of his face.
    Weapon of choice: A blunt baton
    Weapon appearance+materials/length: Kenji's baton in short and thick, clearly homemade and rugged. Though many of these weapons would sport spikes or peices of metal for the purpose of impaling, Kenji decided to skip that gory detail. His baton is blunt, curved at the end to make a spherical cap. The weapon is carved from a single chunk of wood, a birch-wood sort of coloring. The baton is a shade of off white with tan and brown speckles, it's crude and unfinished and often gives the boy splinters.
    Means of travel?: Kenji is familiar with travel by foot, he's never really traveled any other way- his poor background never gave him the chance to own a horse or ride a carriage.
    Backstory: Kenji's mom died giving birth to him- which never really seemed to affect the boy. And, perhaps, he would've turned out normal if his father wasn't such a piece of living garbage. Kenji's family owned a farm before he was born, but when his mother passed away her husband was crippled with grief. He lost everything, all he did was sit in the house all day and stare at the place where his lost love one once sat and laid. Not even a month after his birth, Kenji's father gave him away to an orphanage. There, he was adopted by a young couple who couldn't have their own kids. At the age of 5 Kenji's father approached him- the man, who was now homeless and unstable asked young Kenji to come back to him. As any 5 year old would, Kenji yelled stranger danger and raced back to his home- but apparently his father wouldn't take no for an answer. Kenji's parents were murdered in the night- his blood-soaked father stood over their corpses. "It was a killer Kenji. I'm sorry. I tried to save them." Kenji still thinks about his father's words, he still believes them. Since then, Kenji had lived with his father and done all the despicable tasks his father set him to in attempts to get money- the thing that drove Kenji most was the revenge he wanted for that killer and his parents death. Kenji was sent to Tansa by his father, who was only thinking of the riches that would be gained.
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  9. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

  10. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

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  11. I've never heard of Boken before, and whenever I try to look it up google thinks I'm saying "Broken". But it's some sort of medieval adventure sort of thing, right? So I'll sign up!

    Name: Rion Strauss
    Age: 26
    Appearance: Rion does not look very well put together. He stands at about 6 feet tall, and has long, scruffy brown hair. His clothes are practically rags, and his face is unshaven and dirty. He always seems to have the smell of alcohol on him. Despite this, under his ragged clothes Rion is quite muscular. He has blue eyes. Rion has a belt on which he keeps a few flasks of alcohol, and wears a ragged cloak. Carries a small backpack.
    Weapon of choice: Bo Staff/Walking staff, his fists.
    Weapon appearance+materials/length: Rion's staff is a pretty normal looking staff, made out of a dark, tough wood that is extremely difficult to damage or break. It's length is a little shorter then Rion's height. As for his fists, Rion usually keeps them wrapped in bandages.
    Means of travel?: Rion is usually too drunk to ever ride a horse, and definitely never has enough money to afford a carriage. So it's by foot for him.
    Backstory: Rion is a drunkard, plain and simple. But that was not always the case. A long time ago, Rion was a monk in a martial arts temple. Going through the ancient texts, he had discovered an ancient fighting style that the monks no longer practiced. So he began to sneak out at night to practice it in secret. At the same time, however, there were rumors that a rival temple was going to attempt to assassinate the temple master. One night, when returning from his midnight training, Rion came across a figure attempting to enter the temple master's chamber with a knife. Rion attacked the mysterious figure, and in the fight the figure was accidentally killed. It was then revealed that the figure was none other than Rion's friend and sparring partner, a member of the temple and not some assassin. Rion was banished from the temple, and the shame drove him to drinking. He hopes to gain the title of Boken so he can get money, and therefore never have to worry about working for his drinks ever again. But deep down inside, he hopes to gain the title of Boken as a way to somehow, maybe, turn his life around and redeem himself.
  12. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    @Captain Cardboard Accepted, looks good! Boken isn't an english term. It's Japanese for adventure. And it sounds cool, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Bro, I AM IN. It's been a while since I've done roleplaying.

    Name: Becquerel 'Bec' Harley

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Bec has short, slick and brown oiled/gelled hair that covers his sunlight yellow eyes if he doesn't really care, but mostly doesn't have it cover his eyes. He has a raggedy white t-shirt with stains and a bandana around his neck. He also wears a thin leathery jacket with a fluffy hood and some dull brown pants. Bec is pretty slim.

    Weapon of Choice: Bec wields a steel circular shield that's in perfect condition due to it's durability and that Bec cleans and restores it a ton with spikes with a place to put his rapier made out of bronze.
    Weapon Appearance+Materials/Length: The shield is the height and size of an Easy Home fan and made out of steel that is extremely good with parrying. The sword the size of a typical rapier, being made out of bronze and extremely sharp. They are both extremely difficult to break.

    Means of Travel: Bec rides a horse.

    Backstory: Becquerel was born into the Harley family, a middle-class blacksmith family that is known for it's fine work and finer ties with very upper-class people. Becquerel's parents and WAY older siblings were busy, so Bec and his older brother, Caesar, focused on defending some old ladies from robbers and stuff. Then, one day when Bec was 10, a burglar broke into his house and killed Caesar while he was defending his turf and the burglar got away. Bec was out for vengeance because the burglar's were from some organization that dragged the Harley family through the dirt. Bec took Caesar's sword and shield and massacred the organization in 3 years and wants to gain the title of Bokto en to clear his family's name, and to gain some new friends.

    Also, are the people gonna group together in some way? If so, how?
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  14. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    @dratz we will all meet up, i'm planning on having some time spent around the lines, and then timeskip to the village.
    look, as much as I deeply approve of fresh kicks, even Midoriya kicked them off in respect of the time that they were in. (I'm talking about the fantasy AU.) So... i'm gonna have to ask you to kick off the kicks, mate.
    mechanical blacksmith wings.
    you realize how heavy those'll be? I can allow it, but under two circumstances.
    a. You realize that by mechanical, it's gonna be heavy and hard to fly, maybe even impossible until they have grown in strength.
    b. Due to the wings, the horse may not carry anything else, because of the weight.
    Now, I understand. "Well it's just a sheet of metal with a lifting gear."
    Trust me, I've seen some things.
    And there's more to it. think of it as an extreme balancing act. Too much weight, even slightly, and everything tips and falls off. That's why I said the horse may not carry anything other than Becquerel. Please understand.
  15. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Oh, ok. I'll edit it by scribbling out some stuff.
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  16. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Looks good, @dratz
    OK. We'll wait for everyone to get past the gates and then we'll time-skip to the village, where I have the event that will bring everyone together take place.
    I just realized, though, this really feels less of a village, and more of an entire city. I done flopped. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    I'll be back tomorrow, maybe late tonight, dunno.
  17. El Spazzino

    El Spazzino Previously dratz

    Becquerel is now tailing Rion and Rook and stuff.
  18. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Sorry I haven't been able to post. I'll get a post up tonight, I promise.
    EDIT: I know, kill me for saying that I couldn't post today in my other RPs, but I had a few minutes of free time, which is already almost over.
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