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Private/Closed BNHA RP Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Tailon, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Tailon

    Tailon Gryffindork

    @Rex @Mr.RMA @Shiny Lyni @Satoren @Dark Soul @Dwayna DragonFire

    We'll use this thread to document character bios and plot outlines and stuff, y'all know the drill.

    Birth place:
    Hero Costume:
    Identifying Marks:
    Love Relationships:

    Type: (Emmiter, Transformation, Mutant)

    My goth son bio
    (Art by @Satoren )
    Name: Chris Douglas
    Gender: Male
    Birth place: Providence, Rhode Island
    Age: 15
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Hair: Black (dyed)
    Eyes: Blue
    Clothing: Whatever it is, I promise it's blacker than the void. Varies with the weather, but usually hooded sweatshirts, a wide variety of pants from skinny to baggy, and a pair of big, black, leather combat boots.
    Hero Costume: (Pictured) A black, leather coat held tight at the waist by a belt, dark grey fatigues, white helmet/mask with light up eyes, the same combat boots.
    Identifying Marks: Often wears various ostentatious accessories such as studded wristbands and belts.
    Build: Athletic
    Personality: Have you seen this boy he has Issues™ largely to do with aggressive lashing out and trying to keep people at arm's length. If you do make the herculean effort to work past that he's actually a sweet kid though.
    Skills: A capable martial artist and cook for his age.
    Past: Grew up in a fairly restrictive environment that often caused him to bottle up his emotions and then lash out. His Quirk made rebellion easier but tended to make his relationship with his family all the harder because of it.
    Family: Both parents, a younger sister.
    Love Relationships: N/A

    Name: Wraith
    Type: Transformation
    Abilities: User can transform their body into a black, inky substance and move that substance as if it were a limb. The user can change the density of the substance to make it lighter than air or as dense as some metals.
    Limits/Weaknesses: Maintaining the transformation takes about as much effort as walking, and movement in the form requires as much effort as a corresponding movement in normal form, even when the Wraith is lighter than air. While the form is light enough to float it can be scattered by high winds or shock waves and takes time to reform before the user can transform back.
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Renaud 'Ren' Beck
    Hero Name: Virtual Hero-Faux Fox
    Gender: Male
    Birth place: Los Angeles, California
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 162 lbs.
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Black
    Clothing: Black or white, medium sleeved undershirt, flannel shirts of varying colors with sleeves rolled up, plain cargo pants, and grey leather sneakers.
    Hero Costume: (pictured above) A hi-tech mask which covers his nose, mouth, and ears. Modern-looking trench coat made of a highly resistant material. Short sleeved sweater, belt bag strapped to his right thigh, slacks, and leather shoes.
    Identifying Marks: A lime green diamond-like horn on his forehead. He also has no eyebrows.
    Build: Heavy build
    Personality: Seems stern, but is actually quite talkative and snarky. He makes an effort to work with others, but doesn't take criticism very well; especially from adults and authority figures. Although he is generally cordial, he also dislikes talking about himself or his family.
    Skills: Highly observant, with good deduction skills. He also has some knowledge in psychology and engages in psychoanalysis as a 'hobby.' Has some training in martial arts and self-defense.
    Past: Coming from a long line of Pro Heroes all working for a family company, young Renaud never doubted what his future would be. As a child, he never questioned his parents's strict methods to raise him, even if they were negatively affecting him deep down. However, as he grew older he learned that his family wasn't the perfect beacon of justice he once saw them as. His parents' personal problems have caused issues with the family before, and it was because of it that his upbringing had been particularly harsh. Disillusioned by his family's secrecy, he decided to move away from them to figure out what he needed to do from here on out.
    Family: Mother, Father and brother, though he is currently living with his aunt, uncle and cousin.
    Love Relationships: Ren has no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship.

    Name: Simulator
    Type: Mutant/Emitter hybrid
    Abilities: When Ren makes physical contact with another person, he's able to fully manipulate their nervous system into perceiving hallucinations, projected to them via the gem-like horn on his forehead. He can also affect several people at once with this Quirk, and they will all perceive the same hallucination. Maintaining a physical contact with someone also strengthens his hallucinations to the point that he can fully immobilize the person he touched.
    Limits/Weaknesses: When only a single person is affected by his Quirk, that person and Ren must maintain a distance within 30 feet from one another for the hallucinations to take effect (though this distance can be increased when more people have been affected by the Quirk) Should Ren or the person affected fall asleep or unconscious, the Quirk's effects are dispelled. However, repeated or prolonged use of the Quirk on an individual may also damage the affected person's nervous system to the point that the hallucinations become permanent.
    Ren's horn is highly sensitive and hitting it can also dispel his hallucinations and momentarily disable him.
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  3. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Name: Jacob Filcher
    Gender: Male
    Birth place: New York, New York
    Age: 15
    Height: 4'0"
    Weight: Roughly 200lbs
    Fur: Brown, with cream and black patterns.
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Child sized pants, usually blue, with holes cut in the back for his tail. Short sleeved t-shirts, black or blue or white usually. Sleeveless vests in green or red, a red bandanna around his neck, and brown fingerless gloves. Barefooted.
    Hero Costume: A very familiar orange and black jumpsuit, with brown accents. It's sleeveless, and the legs go down just past his knees. Continues being barefoot. There's a magnetic pad of his own design on the back that he can stick various gadgets to.
    Identifying Marks: He is a four foot tall anthropomorphic raccoon, with fairly typical fur coloration and patterns for his species. Anyone into comic books might be able to recognize just who it is he's patterned his appearance after: Rocket Raccoon.
    Build: Varies to an extent, usually lean and muscular, but he can run the gamut from scrawny to buff.
    Personality: The real Jake is a massive nerd, you'd have to be to put this much into copying a fictional character. Like many children, he is trying to figure out who he is, and who he wants to be. Only, his Quirk has allowed him to live out whatever fantasy strikes him, and, since around puberty, that fantasy has involved being short, technologically gifted, and absolutely covered in fur. He's actually something of a wimp, and non-confrontational by nature, you would not be able to guess this, though.

    As 'Rocket,' Jake is loud, aggressive, and something of a delinquent. He has an attitude problem, and is prone to fits of anger. He's confident, self assured, and has an ego that far outstrips his small size. This all is an act that Jake has carefully cultivated over the past couple of years, to the point he has basically fooled even himself into believing it.

    He doesn't make friends easy, and has a problem with pushing people away if they try to get too close. He pretends very hard not to care about the people around him, but secretly he has a heart. Even if he doesn't let people see it. These things are true for both Rocket and Jake, and part of the reason Jake took to copying this particular hero.
    Skills: Jake has taken to learning skills that Rocket displays in his comics. Various feats of mechanical engineering, hacking, gunplay. This stuff doesn't come naturally to him, he is not naturally gifted like his favorite hero was, and has yet to master the complexity or the speed at which Rocket is able to create things.
    Past: Jake's mother was the villainess Doppelganger, something of a minor rogue, above the petty thieves and purse snatchers, but nowhere near the ranks of supervillains. She fell in love with a Quirkless man who saw her inner beauty underneath her shifting exterior, and she retired to a life of quiet obscurity with him. That is, until her son manifested her Quirk. Jake has always been the sort to be taken by flights of fancy, and his parents have worked as hard as they can to help him grow and mature. Their home is filled with pictures of the happy family, both because Jake's father likes to preserve these memories, and to give a base for whatever form the two shapeshifters in his life have taken, just in case they want to return to a similar form later.

    Being the son of a villain, Jake did not have a good time in school. A group of students, children of heroes that had fought Doppelganger back in the day, singled him out and bullied him relentlessly. Being the children of heroes, these students had a certain popularity to them, and their tormenting was soon picked up by most of the rest of the student body. The teachers largely did nothing, Jake was one 'problem child' in a sea of otherwise good students to them.

    Jake's mother went through a phase similar to the one he is going through now, though she never decided to pretend to be a fictional character. She understands what Jake is going through, and does her best to explain it to her husband. They both work hard to be supportive, but their is a limit to their patience. It is their hope that, in a new school with new teachers and new fellow students, Jake will be able to escape his past torments and properly grow up.
    Family: Jake is an only child, his parents deciding that one shapeshifting child was enough.
    Love Relationships: None.

    Name: Copycat
    Type: Emitter
    Abilities: Shapeshifting, pure and simple. Jake can completely alter his form at will. He has an eidetic memory, allowing him to remember the fine details of his most commonly taken forms with practice. He can also use some of his excess mass to heal his wounds and regenerate lost body parts. Jake's current form technically only needs roughly 60lbs of mass to maintain, which gives him 140lbs that he can redirect around his body to give more force to his physical strikes.
    Limits/Weaknesses: Jake's shapeshifting takes some time, it is not instantaneous. Conservation of mass also means that there's a limit on how large he can get, despite how large or small he makes himself, he remains 200lbs. This means, for example, that while he can take the form of a bird, he cannot fly. Jake can also forget the details of a form if he doesn't practice it often, and has long since forgotten what he used to look like. Being so small and focusing so much on gadgets means that Jake is also physically unskilled in combat. The amount of weight he can throw around means nothing if his opponent is actually skilled in a fight.
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  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Name: Robin Kapadia
    Gender: Female
    Birth place: Allen, TX
    Age: 15
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 155 lbs
    Hair: White, thick and curly, around her shoulder, usually braided back in a low ponytail
    Eyes: Gold
    Clothing: Typically wears a hoodie to hide her face, usually one she took from her younger brother's closet, and a surgical mask. She also wears straight-cut jeans and black-and-white high tops.
    Hero Costume: A pastel rainbow bear mascot suit in a yellow t-shirt and white tennis shoes.
    Identifying Marks: Almost never shows her face; you'd spot her by either finding her in her hero costume or her plushie avatar which she uses as a stand-in for herself. If she *must* go out in public, her surgical mask would probably give her away, or her white hair if she somehow miraculously isn't wearing her hood up.
    Build: Naturally broad shoulders and thick limbs, somewhat darker-skinned due to her South Asian heritage
    Personality: Very self-conscious about herself and lacks self-confidence to the point where she rarely shows her face in public. She's pretty easily excitable and just as easily distracted by nearly everything. She kind of comes off as a rather childish.
    Skills: Dancing and various kinds of textile arts (crochet, knitting, braiding, weaving, etc.)
    Past: Robin never knew her biological mother, and only knows that she inherited her Quirk from her. She grew up in a loving family, but was constantly compared to her brother at school (who could control lava) and as such, has a lot of self-esteem issues. She's always known that she wanted to be a hero, though she's afraid that her Quirk isn't good enough.
    Family: Has a younger brother, lives with her biological father and his husband.
    Love Relationships: n/a

    Name: Cotton
    Type: Mutant
    Abilities: The user's body hair is made of cotton, which they can control even when detached from their body. The user can grow more cotton by ingesting plenty of water and being exposed to sunshine.
    Limits/Weaknesses: The user can only control their own cotton, meaning that clothes worn by other people usually are not affected by the user's powers (unless the clothes were made from the user's cotton), and can only control their cotton within their line of sight if the cotton becomes detached from their body. Quirks that can control fabric, like Fiber Master, would also directly interfere with the user's own control over their cotton, though the user would be able to control all cotton still directly attached to them (clothes, hair, etc). Creating too much cotton in a short amount of time can dehydrate the user, though this can be prevented by simply drinking more water.

    Plushie Avatar Info: The plushie is a 14-inch stuffed pastel rainbow bear made from Robin's hair. It has a braided string attached to its back, which is directly connected to Robin and thus allows her to control it without having to see it all the time. The bear comes equipped with a camera in its left eye and a text-to-speech speaker, which Robin uses to communicate with others. This allows her to participate in class while she holes herself in either her dorm or the library, and uses either a phone app or her laptop to type the words she wants the bear to say for her.
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  5. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Name: Gil Shannon
    Gender: Male
    Birth place: Columbus, Ohio
    Age: 15
    Height: 6’3
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown, short, side-combed. Constantly keeping it gelled with a tin of pomade in his pocket.
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Generally wears a blue button-up shirt under a Burberry-patterned sweater vest, with a light tweed jacket and beige cargo slacks, or shorts in the hotter months. Wears leather brown sandals for nearly every occasion he can get away with. Also wears a yellowish-green newsboy cap and mirrored-lensed aviator sunglasses.
    Hero Costume: A beige military combat uniform designed to simulate the look of a stereotypical film director from the 1920s, complete with knee-high black boots and an ascot designed in a black-and-white pattern emulating that of a director’s clapperboard. He wears a black beret that has a pulldown mask that covers everything on his face except for his eyes, wearing a more durable form of his usual style of sunglasses.
    Identifying Marks: If the perpetual use of his particular style of dress wasn’t a dead giveaway, his callused knuckles are another noticeable trait of his.
    Build: Tall and semi-bulky
    Personality: A cinema buff to the Nth degree, especially for older movies. He hides some major insecurities under an air of haughtiness and snobbery. He clearly wants to believe he’s more important than he actually is. Despite his love for film, it’s also clear he’s a terrible actor, because anyone with any sense of awareness can tell he’s definitely masking his feelings in public. The cracks in his façade show all the more whenever people show off flashier or more impressive quirks around him.
    Skills: A strong fighter, and a fairly durable one at that, generally surprising to people who’ve never seen him in action. His quirk has boosted his sense of deduction to near-Sherlockian levels, and he’s rather quick to examine the tiniest of details in things, usually for strategic benefit.
    Past: Born and raised in a bubble of a suburban town, Gil lived a fairly privileged life with parents who tended to dote on him and his older sister quite a bit. Since the earliest days that he can remember, his father would make a point to watch all sorts of movies with him at least once a week. Specifically, films from before the days of quirks, classical movies of action, drama and the occasional humor, and plentiful stories of superheroes as they were viewed back in those days. It was this lineup of fictional heroes of the past that made Gil desire to become a hero himself, but his parents both seemed to discourage the idea. He never really understood why, until middle school began, and he found out just how much flashier the quirks of his peers could be. Some of the more aggressive ones would tease him about his abilities looking almost undetectable by comparison, with the particularly mean-spirited children going so far as to say he might as well have been quirkless if he couldn’t show off anything.
    His parents tried to encourage the police route, as his quirk would be invaluable to those in the criminal investigation trade, but Gil wasn’t going to just toss aside his dreams. He wanted to be like those amazing people on the silver screen, this was supposed to be a world where that was possible, and by god was he going to do what it took to make it happen.
    Family: His mother, father, and older sister, all living.
    Love Relationships: Briefly, he had a relationship with a girl in his class a couple years ago, but it hardly lasted even the semester. Didn’t help in the confidence department any.

    Name: Footage
    Type: Emitter
    Abilities: Allows Gil to alter his perception of time in four different ways: Fast-Forward speeds everything up, Slo-Mo reduces time’s momentum, Pause stops time for him entirely, and Rewind allows him to see into the past of any object he touches, or person he maintains physical or eye-contact with. He triggers each phase with a distinctive hand gesture, like that of a camera crewman, and can bring normal time perception back by simply saying “action.” All of this is purely perceptive, meaning time doesn’t change at all for anyone else involved, and Gil’s own physical momentum doesn’t change any, moving as slowly or as quickly as the rest. The only instance of physical change for Gil comes in Pause mode where he has extremely limited control of his eyes and mouth, allowing him to observe his surroundings and break out of the mental freeze frame he’s placed himself in.
    Limits/Weaknesses: Perceptive time manipulation generally does nothing to boost Gil’s physicality. Furthermore, if he stays in any particular manipulated time phase for too long, it’ll have adverse effects on his mental state. Generally this simply involves headaches to varying levels of severity, but if he pushes himself further, he places himself at risk of suffering brain damage. This is especially risky when he uses rewind, which takes the most mental strain on him.
  6. Name: Tara Glint
    Hero Name: Goldfinch
    Gender: Female
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'3, not counting wings.
    Weight: 125 lbs.
    Hair: Short black curls, forming an afro that falls to the sides of her head.
    Eyes: Stormy grey.

    Clothing: She most often dresses in black or greys, but likes vibrant prints and patterns too. To account for her robotic appendages, she wears stretch shorts, sleeveless shirts that she's sown zippers into to zip up below her wings, and similarly modified coats in cold weather.
    Hero Costume: In many ways, her suit resembles the standard uniform of a US army fighter pilot; A green jumpsuit, legs cut off above the knees and the arms above the elbows, a tactical vest over that with ammo pouches, a small rocket booster strapped to her lower back, and buckled belts to keep all of it snug. A black, silk aviator scarf loops around her neck. Instead of the helmet and breather, she has a fluorescent gold glass visor over her eyes that's secured over her ears with black headphone shells. The visor has a built-in HUD that allows her to record and parse information on the battleground.
    Identifying Marks: Tara's most striking features are her Mutant-type limbs, which look and act like they are mechanical in nature. All of them are glossy black, but in many places trimmed with lines of shiny gold. Her forearms are replaced with ones that give her almost human-shaped hands, save for the sharp, claw-like fingers. Towards the elbow the arms increase in thickness to almost twice the normal width, and a few of the armor's platelets extend up past the back of her elbow. Her legs are also mechanized, from above the knee joints down to oversized, two-toed talons that have taken the place of her feet. Finally, from her shoulder blades sprout two equally robotic wings that are normally folded flat against her back- though still very visible- and, when extended, span twelve feet.
    Build: Small, very lean, dark-skinned.

    Personality: To new acquaintances Tara can come across as distant, independent, even hostile. While it's true that she carries a lot of bitterness around and can be snappy and dismissive, friends know she can be enthusiastic , sardonically humorous and supportive in nature. Her unwavering self-confidence can lead to conflict when she's faced with criticism or defeat.
    Skills: Tara’s skills are varied, ranging from crafting her own outfits to an affinity with software and electronics. She's also meticulous in military customs, like weapon maintenance, and an impressive shot with her sniper rifle, despite the decreased accuracy of her various non-lethal rounds. She's trained to use her claws and talons in hand-to-hand combat.

    Past: Who Tara’s real parents are is a mystery that’s so far gone unsolved. She was found alone in the forests of Northern California, lost and starving, by a retired soldier who led a solitary park ranger’s lifestyle in a cabin there. Tara was too young to know much beyond her own name, and in the years that followed she forgot the details of her parents. The ranger, Archeus T. Glint, took care of Tara while the authorities worked her case and soon after decided to legally adopt her. At age four, she began to show the first signs of mutation, her mechanical limbs growing right along as she grew up. Most of her year she spent with Archeus’ ex-wife and her three children in San Fransisco, a loving family that she fit right into as she attended primary school.

    Most holidays, she travelled back to Archeus’ cabin, helping out with his ranger’s duties, learning to shoot and to fight. In school her limbs and ostentatious wings made her stand out, unapproachable to most, and made doing normal things like playing the guitar or using a pen difficult, leading to a growing frustration with her fate. However, instead of wallowing in it, she decided to take her destiny into her own hands; She’d use her Quirk and skillset to be a Hero, and let the world look up to her, not down on her. To symbolize the change, she had her robotic limbs, originally a marbled white in colour, spray-painted black with gold finish.

    Family: Archeus T. Glint, Mel Booker, and Mel’s children Savannah, Hudson and Daisy.
    Love Relationships: None so far.

    Name: Archangel
    Type: Mutant
    Abilities: Tara’s wings do not move fast enough for her to gain height with them. She moves upwards through her rocket boost, but will most often climb tall structures by digging her claws and talons into their walls or curling them around pipes or ledges with each successive upward jump. When fully extended, the wings allow Tara to glide for long distances. Her limbs and wings offer the same protection as real metal would, deflecting most small arms fire, but breaking under sustained or high caliber fire, after which it needs a few weeks to grow back.
    Limits/Weaknesses: Though the limbs aren’t much heavier than normal ones, they are large, cumbersome and lack dexterity. Tara uses a laptop with special, extra-large keys to take notes with and manages to sew her own clothes only with great difficulty. Navigating through crowds or cramped spaces is hard to do without hitting something or someone. Spending too much time gliding in air can cause painful back cramps.
  7. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Worldbuilding Shenanigans:
    • Our school, the Northerly Island Hero Academy (aka NIHA), is situated on Northerly Island in Chicago, IL. The campus covers about 50 acres of the island.
    • NIHA is a 10-through-12 government-run boarding magnet high school
    • 30 students are accepted per year into NIHA
    • Daily schedule: morning classes are with your grade, and then after lunch, the afternoon classes are split into intergrade groups of Hero/Support/Business, with the Hero course acting like an Honors program
      • Switching between the three groups would require some paperwork and stuff, but it's not impossible to do so.
    • For the purposes of consistency in the timeline, the Luminescent Baby was born on July 10, 2017. The year the RP is set is sometime in the 2060s.
    • "The US has a guaranteed basic income and universal health care" - @Tailon
    • "Phones are probably rad as shit and there's probably AI but they're still costly and require computing power that only a government or mega corporation might have" - Tailon, again
    Will add more when things pop up

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