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Open BNHA: Almighty Rebooted

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Pro Hero Dekiru, Dec 21, 2018.


Should this RP start at the Entrance Exams or at the first day of class?

Poll closed Dec 23, 2018.
  1. Entrance Exams

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  2. First day

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  1. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    @Generation Sect
    @Excalibur Queen
    @SS-I Never
    @Rohan Kishibe
    If I forgot anybody else, please tag them in.


    This is UA High, an academy for heroes in the making.
    A prestigious school that's molded and forged some of the world's greatest heroes.
    Here is where I leapt through the competition and rose to great heights, so I could achieve my dream and save people across the world with a smile on my face, like many others before me.
    Through those halls I ran towards victory, and I soon became the Number One Hero, and one of the greatest champions the world had ever seen before!
    And my name?
    Call me the Legionnaire!

    For those who are new here, this is a reboot of the original My Hero Academia anime, with new students, pros, and villains altogether.
    In this alternate universe, some key heroes and factors remain, such as the teachers at UA Academy, and the great All Might; but in the shadows, All For One still exists in this world, along with Chizome Akaguro, also known as the elusive Hero Killer Stain.
    The only changing factors, in order to keep things controlled somewhat, that will be scrapped and edited are the students, and the League of Villains.
    Two factors we will need are:
    1. The masterpiece of Endeavor
    2. The second oldest Iida sibling
    Some other rules of this RP include the general Pokecharms rules, such as:
    1. No overpowered characters.
    2. Proper grammar usage is key.

    Character Profile:

    Hero/Villain Name: (This won't be used, or even be mentioned early on; these will only come into play later on, when it's used in the show.)
    Skills and Talents Besides Quirk:

    Name: Dekiru Parokuro
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Hero-In-Training
    Appearance: Dekiru has dark, spiky navy-blue hair with a single, bold teal streak in it. He has an above-average, slightly muscular build; similar to his canon counterpart, Izuku Midoriya. His eyes are a bright teal, and his knees and legs are covered in small scars and scrapes.
    Quirk: Parkour--Dekiru's Quirk can tap into a pool of spring-like energy that lies dormant in his body, similar to a Magic Power (MP) bar seen in most RPG games. Dekiru can channel this energy into his limbs, and control the amount of energy placed into each limb, or even put it into his entire body. However, his energy is limited, and will recharge overtime. It turns his body into a sort of spring, what increases his kinetic pushing energy, but also increases knock back. It makes him great at jumping, running, and doing pretty much anything physical.
    Hero/Villain Name: The Legionnaire--The "Lee" syllable stands for "Leap." the "Jhan" syllable stands for the Japanese word for jump, and the "air" syllable, stands for well... air.
    Personality: Dekiru's energetic lifestyle fits his Quirk entirely; he's careful when getting into a fight, and is prone to try and distract his opponents with banter while he comes up with a strategy. It may come off as annoying and stupid, but it's quite the opposite.
    Skills and Talents Besides Quirk: As previously stated, Dekiru's both athletic, and a strategist. He's smart, and has a near-photographic memory. He's quick to pick up on what's going on around him. He's also artistic, and has great hand-eye coordination. Naturally, he's excellent at video games.
    Weaknesses: Despite Dekiru's quick thinking, he can be caught off guard by things such as facades and illusions. However, his greatest weakness is in his Quirk and fighting style. The knock back created by his Quirk can be used to his opponents' advantage. However; he's careful not to let this happen. The biggest hole, however, is his combat style. Dekiru can dish it out, but he's not really that good at taking it. Though he has speed on his side, he sacrifices defense in return. It's been a risk he was willing to take for months. To put it simply, Dekiru's a glass cannon.

    To those who were in the last one, sorry this took so long.
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  2. I won't be able to RP here anymore. I kinda fell out of touch with my BNHA OCs and I can't capture their essence as well as I used to. I'm sorry, but I'll no longer be involved here.
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  3. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Got it; I understand completely.
  4. Is it okay for me to copy and paste my old OC's unto here? 'XD
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  5. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Go ahead.
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  6. Name: Yuki Hase
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Alignment: Hero-In-Training
    Quirk: Muscle Augmentation
    Quirk Description- The same quirk the villain Muscular uses. This quirk allows for the user to manipulate and amplify their muscles to such a great extent that they can't be contained by their skin. This quirk allows for the users strength and speed to increase tremendously, and could also be used for defense.
    This quirks weakness is that the user may suffer from muscle fatigue which if they keep their muscled form for far too long, then they could cause their muscles to tear up and cause their quirk essentially useless.
    Hero Name: Agent Strong
    Personality: Yuki is a really energetic girl, and has the tendency to yell a lot. She gets along with most people pretty well, except for those who think too much of themselves. She isn't afraid to stand-up for what she thinks is right. She enjoys doing new things and always finds a way to want to help others in need, no matter the situation. She likes to exercise for 6 hours a day. She is bisexual, but is oblivious to love around her.
    Appearance: She is above average in height, standing at 5'05" feet. She has a muscular build due to her working out intensely and from her quirk. She has blonde hair and light blue eyes. She regularly wears shorts and tank tops, or other sportswear.
    Skills besides Quirk: She is a skilled martial artist, and has a keen for hand-to-hand combat.

    Name: Tokoyami Aki
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Alignment: Hero-In-Training
    Quirk: Animalia
    Quirk Description- This quirk allows for the user to exhibit the charcteristics of any animal he touches. The can even get the abilities by eating the animal or touching the products made from an animal, like wool or leather. The user can even stack transformations, using multiple animal abilities at once. The quirk also allows for the user to call upon animals that are nearby.
    Though, the transformed state of the user only lasts for ten minutes.
    Hero Name: King of the Jungle
    Personality: Tokoyami is very arrogant, and prideful of himself. He always thinks of himself as the best as he is pretty skilled in using his quirk, and was in the top of his class in middle school. He gets easily angry, especially to those who think they can beat him. He is also extremely smart on his own rights, which adds to his arrogance.
    Appearance: He has long black hair that covers his hazel-colored eyes. He stands at 5'07" feet, and has a lean, muscular build. He regularly wears t-shirts and baggy jeans.
    Skills besides Quirk: Due to his intelligence, he is an incredible strategist and an amazing fighter.

    Name: Satsuke Todoroki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Alignment: Hero-In-Training
    Quirk: Half Hot and Half Cold
    Quirk Description- The same quirk that is used by Shoto Todoroki. The quirk allows the user to generate flames from the left side of their body and oce from the right side.
    A quick drawback is that if the user uses too much of one side, they may experience physical drawbacks, such as frostbite from using their ice quirk too much and overheating from using their fire quirk too much.
    Hero Name: None at the moment (isn't planning any)
    Personality: Stone cold serious. Satsuke barely shows any emotion, but will tend to show anger more than anything else. She is the quiet type and tends to keep to herself. Though, she is fairly easy to get along with, unlike Tokoyami, as she doesn't really care about being better than anybody.
    Appearance: Satsuke stands at 5'05" feet, and has a lean, flexible figure. She has white hair with red streaks surrounding it. While her right eye is grey, her left eye is turquoise. She doesn't tend to wear anything too glamorous, just some skinny jeans, or a skirt, and a blouse.
    Skills besides Quirk: Good strategist and quick instinct
    Other: Endeavor's masterpiece child
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  7. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    They're all good, if that wasn't clear before.
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  8. Oh, sorry. But, at least I can still look back at this discussion to see my character sheets if needed.
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  9. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Hey, guys! Been a while, hasn't it? XD

    Name: Tanaka "Underdog" Hiuchiichi
    Age: 15
    Alignment: Hero In Training
    Quirk: Emitter- “Haemokinesis”: He can shoot out his blood through small pores normally around his elbows, and shoulders, rarely. He can occasionally shoot his blood out of other parts of his body too, but it takes a lot of muscle thrust, mental stability and willpower, of course. After that blood is shot out, he has to time it, in order to turn his blood into shapes, otherwise his blood will just go back in. He can make small objects like knives, etc. when his blood goes into him, but that ends up using much of his stamina. He can increase the corrosivity of his blood, but if he uses that too much, he’ll fall into a coma, and when he wakes up, he has to eat really neutralized foods for two weeks or so, depending on how much he overuses it. He may risk death because of that too. It’s why it’s the part of his quirk he doesn’t like. But that’s not the only reason.
    Hero Name: Haemo.
    : He’s pretty awkward around new people, he doesn’t like to turn his voice up a lot either. But, he’s a nice and humorous person when you actually get to know him. He’s really protective, even if he’s not strong enough to protect his friends. In Middle School, he was always bullied. Not the cliche type of bullying. He didn’t even blame them. His father was a villain. That was why they always told him he’d never be a hero, but a villain just like his father was. That’s why he and Tanaka’s mother got divorced. He never really saw his father. His corrosive side of his quirk comes from his father. That’s the other reason he doesn’t like it, but copes with it sometimes in dangerous situations. He’s pretty smart. He was pretty much called ‘Underdog’ a lot in middle school.
    Appearance: He has short spiky brown hair but with a strong black hue to it. He has black eyes with a little red into them. He has a pretty light skin tone, he has a fairly muscular body, since he had time before the entrance exam, he decided he need to invest in physical strength too, just in case of dangerous situations. In the entrance exam, he wears a Jet black hoodie, with orange abstract markings, adidas pants and black and white shoes with green stripes going through the black part of his shoes.
    Skills besides Quirk: He has pretty good writing skills, definitely need some improvement though. His drawing is average. He can swim, and he used to practice Taekwondo in middle school.
    Weaknesses: He has to use his quirk carefully, because if he increases the density and erosion or corrosivity of his blood, he could easily fall unconscious and have to eat neutralized food for a while. It could also cause him to nearly die if he gets reckless.
    Other: His fashion sense isn’t the best, but he doesn’t know that. He’s in a not-so-rich apartment, living with his mom.

    If you're wondering, I changed Tanaka's last name. I dunno, 'Uranine' didn't really roll nicely off the tongue. Also, his dad's villain name's gonna be changed. So, are we starting from the Entrance Exams or First Day Of School?
  10. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    To give people time to sign up, I think we'll start from a couple hours before the beginning of the Entrance Exam.
  11. I hope you don't mind me copy-pasting my (minorly revised) old bio, haha.

    Name: Ayato "Nami" Minami
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Hero-in-training
    Appearance: In a word, Ayato is generic. His already light skin is faded to a ghostly pale due to lack of time spent outside. It looks as if he hasn't made even a vague attempt to tame his short-cut, ash brown hair; instead leaving it as an unruly mass of cowlicks. Ayato's 5' 6" build is fairly slender, but far from physically strong due to over-reliance on his quirk. The only relatively abnormal characteristic to his appearance are his eyes, which appear a soft, dusty pink.
    He completely throws caution to the wind when it comes to looking presentable, typically wearing a heather grey hooded pullover (adorned with a multitude of circular pins) and a pair of black sweatpants.
    Quirk: "Level Up"
    • Upon playing a game, Ayato gains the abilities of the main character.
    • The ability lasts for approximately the same amount of time he spent playing the game after he steps away from the device (one hour of gameplay, one hour of abilities). Regardless of remaining time, his ability is immediately replaced once he begins to play a new game.
    • If the character's abilities are far too much for his body to handle, he cannot use his quirk at all without risking permanent damage. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if the protagonist has no inherent abilities, he gets absolutely nothing.
    Hero name: Protagonist
    Personality: Ayato doesn't read as the… friendliest of the bunch. He much prefers to keep to himself, oftentimes coming off as rude, distant, or disinterested in conversation. He has a tendency to space out a lot, including when it's important to stay attentive. Especially when it's important to stay attentive. Due to such, he tends to be rather uncooperative and unintentionally careless in his decision making process. The limitations of his quirk do nothing to help his aloof personality, as he has a tendency to sleep very little in exchange for more time to use his abilities. Despite that, he carries himself very confidently and isn't shy in the slightest. If you can manage to hold his attention, Ayato proves himself to be surprisingly insightful and easy to talk to, always trying his best to end on an optimistic note.
    Skills besides Quirk: Ayato has some knowledge about the nuances of various programming languages, although not enough to make anything out of it. He is fairly good at voice impressions, although it certainly isn't going to win him any awards. He also knows a surprising amount of information in the medical field, (no) thanks in part to the multitudinous injuries he tends to obtain. He used to take gymnastic classes, although he hasn't retained very many of the skills.
    Weaknesses: Minami is almost always in a state of being extremely sleep deprived, which tends to show a bit more clearly than he'd like when it comes to his quick decision making skills (or lack thereof), and rather distant demeanour. His physical strength is fairly lacking as well due to over-reliance on his quirk, leaving him forced to rely on other tactics as opposed to hitting hard and hoping for the best.
    Other: He always has at least one gaming device on his person at all times. Is that a safety hazard? Probably. Does he care? No.

    As a suggestion to avoid having the roleplay dwindle out like last time would be to have the roleplay start at an event such as the first day of class or right before the entrance exam—both of which would be points that allow time for more applicants before starting. The advantage to the former would be events moving along more quickly and the avoidance of the snag we ran into last time regarding the two weeks or so of "[name] smashed a bunch of robots" posts/the whole scoreboard debacle; the advantage of the latter would be a better chance for characters to introduce themselves to each other beforehand, and a chance to get used to roleplaying your character's quirk before class actually starts. However, it may prove of use to have a definite time schedule set out for events that happen afterwards that you stick to. I found that having something similar helped greatly in my own roleplay; in which it eventually died due to my lack of sticking to said scedule and leaving everyone to lose interest before the interesting parts of the plot could even begin to pick up the pace. Of course, this is just general advice—for all I know, this format may not help at all for a roleplay like this.

    Sorry about that, I went off on a bit of a tangent. On a completely unrelated side note, if you'd like me to change up his quirk due to similarities to Dekiru's own, I'm perfectly willing to do so.
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  12. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    You're good. And by the by, @Riverrunner, is your character going to have the same... role... that he was going to play in the original RP?
  13. @Riverrunner (and @Pro Hero Dekiru as well) I see what you're saying when it comes to starting the RP at the first day of school, but what about the scoreboard? Are we just planning to get rid of it altogether, or come up with it in the discussion thread?
  14. @SS-I Never My plan would be to come up with such on the discussion thread, because, honestly, in BNHA canon it's not too terribly important (aside from being an opportunity for your character to have bragging rights). In the original, it caused a snag because the leaderboard was made up entirely of our characters, so I believe it'd be easier to just have people say on here which placement they would like for which of their characters and why, and the rest of the slots would just be implied to be filled with NPCs. So it would, more or less, look like this:
    1. [Player Character 1] [70 Villain points, 0 hero points]
    2. Unclaimed
    3. Unclaimed
    4. [Player Character 2] [10 Villain points, 50 hero points]
    5. Unclaimed
    6. [Player character 3] [You get the idea]
    7. [Player character 4]
    8. Unclaimed
    9. Unclaimed
    10. [Player character 5]
    [Player Character 6] [Points]
    [Player Character 7] [Points]
    [Player Character 8] [Points]
    Of course, Dekiru gets the final say, and this is assuming we start on the first day of class as opposed to the exam in the first place, as well as not including the PCs that were accepted by recommendation (in which their point value wouldn't be listed and they would come to class on the first day like any other character).
  15. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Actually, if nobody minds, I think it would be possible to drop our characters in the middle of the Exam. To be honest, I don't see how we can include any more people once the first day of class begins, unless they'd like to become a villain, in which case, their importance to the story will be limited.
    Speaking of villains, they should be changed up a little to fit some plot points that would be all whack otherwise.
    For example, I can't see Dekiru fighting Muscular alone without reaching the brink of death.
    It was pointed out to me early in the first RP that presenting One For All in the RP would create a main character that screams, "I'M VERY CLEARLY SUPPOSED TO BE THE NUMBER ONE PROTAGONIST!!!" more so than in a usual RP.
    However, it also restricts us in a difficult way. Without One For All, our characters, or at least one of them, don't have that certain connection with All Might that lets us have plot convenience.
    Perhaps a certain number of students, preferably a trio, or at most group of four could stumble upon All Might's secret, and rather then tell them about One For All, decide to specially train this promising group so that one of them could become the Number One Hero someday, and possibly be his next inheritor. This would also allow some of them to know All Might's secret, and be able to supply him with backup when he needs it, such as when he fights against Nomu.
    And when he says, "You're next," the group can take that as a sign that, they, are the ones that he's entrusting with the planet's fate.
    Holy crap, I just got an idea.
    What if they were all given One For All?
    I mean, it would be bending the rules a little but, but it's not impossible.
    Perhaps the Quirk could be divided among three or four individuals with each of them possessing equal power.
    Each of them could work hard to mastering the Quirk, while combining it with their own, which in turn would create three to four individuals with powers that eventually rival All Might.
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  16. Holy sh**. That sounds too good to be true. I'm kinda personally all for it! :up: But I do wanna hear input that other RPers have about this before any of us could make a final decision.
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  17. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Oh my god, that sounds amazing. It’s genius. Plus Ultra, mates.
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  18. Having One For All available for character use in the roleplay is a bit of a touchy subject, considering, yeah, whoever gets it is automatically the centre of action in the roleplay; generally not something you want when there's multiple people all attempting to have equal participation, so honestly the best method of doing so is either the means that you mentioned, or just using the absense of One For All as a plot point in itself (not sure how that would work though; I guess I would be something along the lines of All Might still losing OFA despite not having passed it on, therefore leaving the entire class with the burden of following in his footsteps in more of a group effort in order to defeat whoever the main villain is going to be with OFA completely off the table).

    Anyway, I'm personally all for it! It adds a connection with All Might for sake of moving the plot forward in a different way than canon (albeit fairly similar but severely deviating from canon isn't the point of this roleplay) and it makes it so just one character isn't automatically the centre of action whilst leaving everyone else in his/her dust. My only qualm with it would be the fact that someone would probably notice fairly quickly if 3-4 students suddenly have developed similar abilities in addition to their normal quirks around the same time All Might's power was declining, but if nothing else that can provide a means of raising suspicion amongst peers and overall just making relationships between characters more complicated and interesting.
  19. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I mean, One For All reacts differently depending on the Quirk. For example, Deku only turned out the way he did because he was born Quirkless. It reacted to All Might the same way. With somebody, say... Satsuke... her Quirk would just be multiplied in strength, and she might be able to use both sides at the same time extremely easily. With Yuki or Dekiru, their drawbacks could be restricted, and their Quirks themselves might be taken up a notch in terms of overall strength and flashiness. It's also common for some students to have great control over their Quirks. Bakugou, or perhaps Aki Tokoyami in this situation, would be the only students with the intellect and the interest/hatred in one of these individuals in order to make the connection.
    Which leads me to my second reason of introducing OFA; it creates character development, as stated, and more importantly, conflict.
    Todoroki quarreled with Deku because of his similarities to All Might, in terms of personality and Quirk, therefore leading to one of the best lines in the history of anime: "IT'S YOUR QUIRK, NOT HIS!"
    Gran Torino was only introduced to give Deku better control of OFA as a Quirk.
    And one of, if not the best rivalry in anime history, it further strengthened the bond as peers, and as rivals between Deku and Bakugou.
    As such, I'm gonna get to working on some new profile characters for the villains.
  20. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Name: Famuro Shogiyami
    Age: 16
    Aligment: Second-in-Command to the League of Villains
    Quirk: Dark Replication; Famuro has an Quirk that's uncanny; even for Quirks. Of course, his already-powerful Quirk was greatly enhanced by his master. His original Quirk was called "Replication," and could make non-living copies of anybody he touched, which had the same appearance, color, and texture, but no personality. This was something Famuro had to give it himself. They were as tough as he was, and would only dissapate of he lost focus. After his master gave him another Quirk to further enhance its power, it's strength skyrocketed. Any copies he made would possess a copy of the Quirk of the one it was created from, as well as that person's knowledge of said Quirk. However, the stronger the Quirk, the more focus needed for that individual clone. Several other bonuses were given to that Quirk; one of them was the power to make them with full power at less concentration. He can currently create up to five at a time, provided their Quirks have above medium level strength, such as that found in Dekiru and Tanaka. He is training to make six and above. He can, provided their Quirks are weak, such as the Quirks found in Hagakure and Mineta. Even if his clones are invisible, he can still track them. The downside to creating more than one is that the copies become much duller in color, and the eyes become whiter. At some point, certain features such as scars, freckles, and even birthmarks begin to vanish. As he approaches his limit, the clones turn more and more colorless, at some point becoming black and white. Provided the clone isn't destroyed, he can control them to move up to five miles away, and can see through their eyes. Whenever his clones' Quirks are used, they glow ominously with a powerful, blackish-purple aura.
    Villain Name: ???
    Villain Suit: Shogiyami's suit goes over his usual attire. He has two gunmetal braces on his arms that block attacks and hold two hunting knives each. Over his face is a simple, flattened, rounded, dome-shaped white mask with scrapes and two golden eyeholes. On the top of the mask are two blood-red horns that are dyed with the liquid they resemble. He wears a dark gray jacket with ripped off sleeves that blocks high and low temperatures, and is also bulletproof. His elbows and knees don fierce-looking gunmetal and crimson pads that are as solid as they are violent. They appear to have bloodstains on them. His shoes are usually combat boots, but he wears gunmetal plating on them in his Villain Suit, making them even more suitable for combat.
    Personality: Shogiyami is cruel, and despises heroes. He is reckless, and won't hesitate to make a risky move to accomplish his goals. If he has to run himself or a close friend through a wood-chipper to achieve his twisted dreams, he won't hesitate. He plays with his opponents, but becomes serious if they are an actual threat to him. Even so, he likes to watch them suffer slowly, enjoying slow, painful deaths. If he lived by religion, they would be masochism and sadism. When he doesn't get his way, he will keep trying. His perseverance, determination, and bravery know no bounds. Neither does his anger.
    Appearance: Shogiyami is athletic for his age, as well as tall and skinny. He's pale, and his veins course with reddish-purple blood. His hair is a deep purplish-black, and his eyes are a crimson blood-red. He normally wears a black sweatshirt and rubber-ish pants that go with his Villain Suit. He has several scars on his chest, back, and neck, as well as one going past, but not on, his left eye.
    Skills Besides Quirk: As stated, Famuro is athletic, but doesn't really move quickly. Since he likes toying with his opponents, he's an expert at dodging and parkour, like Dekiru. However, Famuro moves gracefully with fluid movements, rather than Dekiru's flashier, more efficient-looking style that seems to say, "look at me I'm winging it," when the former actually plans his moves beforehand, or on the fly. Famuro is also good with knives and swords. Cutting, chopping, slicing, whittling, sushi-making, you name it.
    Other: Shogiyami is related to the same Pro as his counterpart, Shigaraki; the Heroine killed by his master. Out of all the Heroes in the world, he despises All Might the most, and seeks to kill him with his own two hands, or better, with the two hands of All Might's clone.
    Name: Jackson (Jack) Girikano
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Villain
    Appearance: Jackson's face is rarely ever seen. Like his counterpart, Muscular, his left eye had to be replaced after encountering a duo of Pro Heroes, who he brutally murdered. His hair is a dirty blonde, and his eyes are a poison-like shade of violet. His teeth are jagged like Kirishima, and he always smiles creepily with the eyes of a serial killer. He's athletic and muscular, but more or less agile and thin than being bulky strong.
    Quirk: Chaos--Jackson can detach entire chunks of his body to transform it into a substance he calls "Chaos Matter." This substance can float, and can do what he wants. The atoms can rearrange to become whatever he wants it to. Though he can't change his own body directly, he can change and control whatever is detached, as long as he has a clear view of what he wants to make. He's not that smart, so he usually makes bladed weapons, preferably gigantic swords or scythes.
    Villain Name: Joker
    Villain Costume and Gear: Joker's costume resembles that of a jester's suit. He has a mask that looks like a drama mask, with one side being cheerful and the other half being sad and depressed. The happy half is navy blue and the sad half is a blood red. His hat has multiple points on it like a jester's hat, but his points are composed of dark colors with blood stains on them. On the tips are clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts. All of the hearts are cracked. His suit is composed of some pants decorated with the same card emblems (hearts, diamonds, etc.) with the same color scheme; red and navy patterns over a field of black. His shirt is decorated with creepy faces with different emotions; happy, sad, excited, furious, etc. Most of the faces have the same expression; fear. And not just any fear; more like the face you make when somebody is stabbing your guts out, fear. All of those faces are blood red--the others are navy blue. He wears white fingerless gloves, and has a pointed jester's poncho over it, that has a flaming, laughing face in the middle of it. When his Quirk activates, it glows a violent blue, like blue fire.
    Personality: If it wasn't already obvious, Joker's crazy. No, like batsh#t crazy. He's ten times more crazy than Toga, and fifty times more murder happy. He finds joy in suffering. The only reason he made an alliance with the League of Villains is because he agreed somewhat with Stain's ideology; purge those who are unworthy of this world. As such, those he finds acceptable to help him are those he'll spare.
    Skills and Talents Besides Quirk: Joker's fast, cunning, and won't be put down easily. He's also scary; not as violent and overpowering as Stain, but more ninja-like and creepy, like someone's fear of the dark. Joker's also good with bladed weapons. He hasn't bothered to learn how to use a gun, since he thinks it's "not as fun when they don't scream".
    Weaknesses: Joker has no other ambitions aside from murder. Aside from that, he's like Stain; he has no bonafide weaknesses. Any hope of defeating him would be to render him unconscious.
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  21. I'd like to join the reboot, but there's a big issue.
    I really think introducing a student with OFA is a bad idea, let alone 3-4.

    Think about it, at less than 10%, Deku was already one of the top combatants in the story, and he could barely control that power.

    Even if the power was divided into fourths (which I'm pretty positive isn't even what your implying), it would become massively broken when paired with another quirk.
    A struggle for power won't occur if we've got four Super-Deku's running around with no side effects. And sorry bud, but its very clear who Dekiru is based off of. Lol

    It'll be a story of those four 'Supermen'....and everybody else in the background.

    So here's my suggestion....make the successor to One For All already exist, and make him one of the Big Three.

    Think about it, a senior oc that's not anyone's main, who's already trained to control his quirk a fair bit better than Deku. This idea does cut corners by increasing the time it takes for one for all to burn out in All Might, but this is prior to him pushing his body far beyond its limits, so we can assume the quirk would linger in him a bit longer. And y'all were gonna break it into four quirks!/I can cut corners slightly to!

    And with a plot like that, All Might's secret being found out by the freshman are just as likely, maybe even more so. And it keeps one rper from becoming way to strong for a good story.

    Yes? No? Maybe so?
  22. While I see where you're getting at, it really wouldn't make that much sense for a senior or junior to get One for All as All Might had decided to start teaching to find his successor in a freshman class. So, I'm pretty sure the successor is going to be a freshman (just as All Might stated in the show that Todoroki would've been the one he chose to be One for All's successor). Also, considering it'll be All Might's first year of teaching.

    Also, @Pro Hero Dekiru, I think it'll be better to decide on the other two students who will inherit One for All after we get more RPers.
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  23. Alright. Well I hope you guys are able to make a thoroughly successful story. Have fun. ^°
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  24. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Thanks. I'll try my hardest to incorporate OFA in a way that will create no, if not minimal problems.
    Anyways, we should get back to the original topic:
    Where do we start from?
    Again, I'd like to drop them at the beginning of the Entrance Exam, in order to give characters room to get to know each other. And repeating an earlier statement, I think we'll have to close our gates at the beginning of school, since it'll be difficult to incorporate people after school has started.
    But I'll take an idea from earlier and lay out the point profile now.

    1. Tokoyami Aki
    2. Class 1-A Student
    3. Other Student
    4. Dekiru Parokuro
    5. Other Student
    6. Class 1-A Student
    7. Other Student
    8. Other Student
    9. Class 1-A Student
    10. Other Student
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  25. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    More character filler!
    Name: Mikumo Akatani
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Hero In Training
    Appearance: Akatani's a bulky, muscular young individual, by far one of, if not the most athletic student in UA. He has bright, energetic red eyes, and messy crimson hair. Akatani's face has a nasty scar running down his right cheek, but it's masked by his intensely positive attitude. His face is stern, yet light-hearted and excited.
    Quirk: Superpower--If Dekiru had a pool of energy inside him, then Akatani had the entire ocean; an uncontrollable ocean, at that. This energy is crimson and intense, and can be used a number of ways. In order to limit his power, he wears two bracelets; one on each arm. These bracelets can control how much energy he can output at any one given time, and can be controlled with either his fingers or his voice. If his power were to go uncontrolled and allowed to wreak havoc, he could decimate four square blocks with his raw power.
    1. Akatani can supercharge his limbs and maul opponents with them. The more power he uses, the more uncontrollable his strength gets. He can even let loose and turn his entire body into a walking bastion.
    2. Akatani can blast his energy in controlled or uncontrolled strikes.
    3. Akatani can place this energy into anything he's holding and weaponize it.
    4. Akatani can surge his power into an object and superheat it, or charge it.
    5. His powers have other uses that he continues to look into.
    Hero Name: Enfanite
    Hero Costume: Enfanite's costume is composed of a gray body suit with red stripes that light up when his Quirk is activated. The lower half is black, and his shoulders and arms are white. The stripes run along his chest in a chevron-lied stripe, with streaks that go down his right and left arms, as well as his legs. Gold accents decorate his costume. In his costume, his bracelets are majorly upgraded, and he calls them his "Limiter Bracers." They cover his entire forearms, and are made of a gold-looking material. Each one can display a holographic screen that shows him his vitals, and allows him to communicate/video chat with others that have his line number. On his chest is a bold golden infinity sign.
    Personality: If not already obvious, Akatani's a free spirit, and he's light hearted. Once sitting at the bottom due to an inability to control his Quirk, he decided to always stay positive and rise to the top, which he did with flying colors. During his Provisional Exams, he passed with full points thanks to his infectious attitude. Even without his Bracers, he has shown to have excellent control over his Quirk thanks to his strive to look at himself and say, "I want to see myself do better." He's been an example on who the Number One Hero should be without even trying. If it wasn't clear before, Akatani is this alternate universe's reflection of Lemillion.
    Skills and Talents Besides Quirk: Akatani is an incredible pep-talker, and overall just a great human being. He's excellent at pushing others to go the distance, which is another reason he's one of the Big Three.
    Weaknesses: His biggest advantage is his kindness. Akatani will do anything to keep civilians, bystanders, and overall innocents safe from harm. Other than that, he's like Lemillion; he has no observable weaknesses.
    Name: Unknown for now
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: League of Villains
    Appearance: Jigoku has light skin, and his hair is spiky, yet curly, similar to fire, and is a deep jet-black with a few bold white streaks. His eyes are heterochromatic; his right eye is white, and his left eye has a colored contact on it that makes it yellow.
    Quirk: Brimstone--Jigoku has pyrokinesis; intense pyrokinesis, at that. The fire seems to come from within his body, as his limbs glow white when he blasts fire, which is of the same eerie color. As such, he's also resistant to flames, which is handy for defending himself by setting his entire body ablaze. His hair is also burn-resistant. He has such control over his fire that he can manipulate it and shape it, and move it where he wishes, in a technique akin to telekinesis.
    Villain Name: Jigoku; Japanese for "Hell"
    Villain Suit: Jigoku's costume consists of a hooded trench coat, a long-sleeved shirt, and a pair of pants, all of which are not affected by flames. The trench coat has a white, arching flame design that starts at the bottom and reaches up. The coat has several straps along the torso. His pants are a simple black, and his shirt is gray with a lightning-like crack running from the top left to the bottom right of the shirt. He also has a skull-like mask colored gunmetal.
    Personality: Jigoku rarely shows emotion. He's mysterious, to say the least. His cold demeanor perfectly opposites his fiery Quirk. He doesn't give fights much effort, because he never really needs to.
    Skills and Talents Besides Quirk: Jigoku's light and agile, and can move quickly without much effort.
    Weaknesses: If not already apparent, Jigoku has a lot of problems. He's closed off from other people, and doesn't have many strategies for keeping up with other people, especially in close combat. He's a long-distance fighter.
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  26. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Hey, uh, guys?
    I've come here to resign from this RP. Even though, spring break's come around where I live, I've got an errand about me writing an article a teacher wants to put into the school magazine. Sorry, I know this might frustrate a lot of you, on such short notice, but I really have to get these things done and then enjoy my spring break, I hope you all can understand.
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  27. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Hey, I like the ideas here except I wanna add another 1 lol. So we have a traitor in the group of students. So you know he'll expose everything as time goes on to the league of villains and that how we get into a rescue arc of someone part of the successors of All Might.

    Anyways I'm kinda didn't feel like making a new character sheet so here's 1 from a differ rp hope ya except me.

    Name: Gon Riku
    Age (Year): 15 (1st Year)
    Appearance: Gon Riku is about 5,9 in height and 150 pounds in weight. His skin tone is mixed though his is complete black. With his hair style he looks like a Gon Freecs with gray eyes.
    Clothing: Gon usually wears a white shirt with a hoodie tied around his waist(The hoodie is a mix of black, white, and a somewhat lighter shade of blue), jeans, and full blue sneakers.
    Hero Costume: A different color if normal attire basically but reinforced to adjust to his quirk.
    Personality: He has a dad like Todoroki so he's pushing himself to his limit. Trying to be free from his control. Besides that he's pretty chill (Haha puns :D) and easy going. Or is it something else...

    Quirk (Type): (I'm sorry creativity kicked in I kinda hope you accept this idea but if not I have a backup) Name: Specialist
    Explanation: It allows to control 2 different parts of his quirk at its max potential. Though he's only allowed to use 1 part at a time. The 2 Different Parts Are:
    1. Enhancer: Allowing him to strengthen and reinforce his natural abilities.
    2. Transmutter: Allows him to change the quality of what he calls aura of his to match a certain thing.

    He can't use both of them at once (yet) though the 1 he has most experience with is Enhancer.

    Setback:He can only use 1 at a time for now because he has no experience with 2 and never tried it. Also after using his quirk he's totally run down.
    Extras: Maybe a Traitor?

    Power: 5
    Speed: 5
    Technique: 3
    Intelligence: 3
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  28. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    About the traitor thing...
    I already have an idea for that, and that idea is already in motion, under all of your noses. That's all I'll say, in order to keep suspense.
    Also, that Quirk seems to be a little overpowered, if you ask me. First, it was a power enhancer and allowed projectile blasting. Then on top of that, he's now Shinsou, but with objects and people. Then on top of that, he can summon stuff? I get that he can only use one at a time, but he has all these options to choose from, and he can switch between them. It's just that seems like more than one Quirk.
  29. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    I was kinda hoping you would say all that, Specialist is from Hunter x Hunter I kinda had it in mind because if we're gonna have some all might mini running around might as well have a mini All For 1 running a round without the quirk stealing. Though I was gonna ask for some drawbacks on the quirk cause I do think it's a more than a little over powered.
  30. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    There's also the fact that two of his stats have A-status; overpowered is a little bit of an understatement.
    I think you could nerf it by combining two of the skills given to him by his Quirk, and scrapping the rest, like, say, the Enhancer and the Emitter parts, since those seem to be the two that work well together the most.
    And, let me address the already mentioned inclusion of OFA.
    Most of Midoriya's biggest achievements were when he couldn't fully control his Quirk. The most he could do when he had it under control has been shown in his second battle with Bakugou, when he rose to eight percent. The Entrance Exam? He couldn't control it; so that was most likely 100% of his power. I can say that confidently by comparing it to his fight with Muscular; the force he used with that punch looked akin to the devastation he unleashed upon the Zero-Pointer, and it was proven that he used 100% of One For All in that fight. Some might argue that the battle between Deku and Kacchan the second time had some pretty nasty effects on the surrounding environment, but that was mostly Bakugou. We've seen him devastate the area around him before. There's a HUGE power gap between five percent and one hundred percent of One For All's power. Deku's greatest accomplishments at five percent are shown in two battles; Midoriya's fight against Todoroki, and Midoriya's fight against the Hero Killer. At a blow using five percent of his strength, he got in a clean hit against the two of them; but it wasn't enough to assure his victory with one punch. Not by a long shot. Neither of them were even knocked out by the attacks. If you'll remember, Todoroki won that fight without any major injuries. The only thing he needed after that bout was a new shirt. And with Stain, he wasn't even close to beating him by himself. The clean shot to the face Midoriya got in when he arrived on the scene didn't do much, and even with another clean shot to the back, Stain was still up and ready to keep going, still without major injuries, even grazing Midoriya with his sword, in turn freezing him. The only shot Deku got in that did do a lot of damage was when he went over his five percent limit and damaged his bones with that final punch, and that was even with added assistance from Iida and Todoroki. An average punch from five percent of One For All is approximately the same strength as a kick to the gut, which is gonna hurt like hell, but it won't mess you up that badly. Again, there's an INCREDIBLY massive power gap between the anime's current Midoriya and the full power of One For All. And if we go the path I had originally set and divide the Quirk, we'll pick carefully who the other OC's that obtain OFA will be.
  31. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Name: Gon Riku
    Age (Year): 15 (1st Year)
    Appearance: Gon Riku is about 5,9 in height and 150 pounds in weight. His skin tone is mixed though his hair is complete black. With his hair style he looks like a Gon Freecs with gray eyes.
    Clothing: Gon usually wears a white shirt with a hoodie tied around his waist(The hoodie is a mix of black, white, and a somewhat lighter shade of blue), jeans, and full blue sneakers.
    Hero Costume: A different color if normal attire basically but reinforced to adjust to his quirk.
    Personality: He has a dad like Todoroki so he's pushing himself to his limit. Trying to be free from his control. Besides that he's pretty chill (Haha puns :D) and easy going. Or is it something else...

    Quirk (Type): (I'm sorry creativity kicked in I kinda hope you accept this idea but if not I have a backup) Name: Specialist
    Explanation: It allows to control 2 different parts of his quirk at its max potential. Though he's only allowed to use 1 part at a time. The 2 Different Parts Are:
    1. Enhancer: Allowing him to strengthen and reinforce his natural abilities.
    2. Transmutter: Allows him to change the quality of what he calls aura of his to match a certain thing.
    He can't use both of them at once (yet) though the 1 he has most experience with is Enhancer.

    Setback:He can only use 1 at a time for now because he has no experience with 2 and never tried it. Also after using his quirk he's totally run down.
    Extras: Maybe a Traitor?

    Power: 5
    Speed: 5
    Technique: 3
    Intelligence: 3

    Can I keep 3 out of the five parts of the quirk? I was gonna keep Enhancer, emitter, and conjurer but since you said 2 I thought 2 keep 2 that could work off each other.
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  32. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    It's been the overpowered student problem that's been making this RP hard, right?
    Since it's hard to incorporate an overpowered character into a field of characters trying to start out, and there's the problem of an overpowered protagonist right from the get-go.
    However, here's the thing.
    What is we instead...

    ...gave One For All to the villain?
  33. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    That doesn't sound that bad
  34. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

  35. Name: Muko Hoiru

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Alignment: Hero in-training

    Appearance: Muko has shoulder length blonde hair that she lets fall loose, however it ends up, and light blue eyes. She’s rather tall, and has a lithe body type.

    Quirk: Ringlets
    This Quirk allows the user to form a variety of rings from their fingertips, of varying colours and sizes. These rings seem to work as transporters: If two rings with the same colour are created, they are Linked, and anything that passes through a side of one of those rings will come out of a certain side of the other. By moving her fingers/hands in certain ways, she can also change the size of these rings, or the shape, after they have been deployed, but they cannot be stretched too far out of their original shape before they return to it. Another interesting feature of these rings is that they do not seem to be easily destroyed, impact on them instead being bounced back by the surface of them (however, most of the rings made are pretty thin, so are hard to make contact with). However, they can be destroyed, or fade after being deployed for too long, simply poofing away. Another interesting feature of these rings is that they do not seem to care too much about gravity or the laws of physics: If a ring is simply deployed in the air, rather than fall, it will just float in place. The only way a ring will move is if it has some sort of force put upon it, I.e if tossed.

    Hero/Villain Name: Ringmaster

    Muko is eerily playful even in combat situations, seemingly never losing her sense of mirth and humour that she carries with her. She doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, and this is in part due to her lack of care for becoming an actual Hero. As such, Muko views high aspirations as childish notions, and despite her playful and teasing nature, enjoying tricking people in simple ways, she seems to look down on things she sees as “childish”. When actually taking things seriously, she’s evidently a pessimist, and has a rather cynical worldview.

    Skills and Talents besides Quirk:
    Muko is skilled at misdirection and mind games, using words to mess with her opponents head, and is rather lithe and agile, being able to do some pretty good cartwheels.

    Despite being agile, smart and quick thinking, Muko lacks any sort of real combat ability other than quick evasion, and requires time to be on her side and prior planning to get the most use out of her Quirk. In a way, most of her power comes from cheap tricks, and brute force is something she really can’t stand up to. She also can become overconfident, underestimating people and their ability to see through her tricks.
  36. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Though how much of OFA would the villain be able to control at max potential ?
    And am I accepted or naw?
    Just trying to make sure
  37. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    You're both good.
    And, you'll see about that later on.
  38. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    I guess I'll make the next post

    Hey at least the RP is starting to move but at a very slow pace
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  39. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Yo @Generation Sect I may not have been paying attention when I was reading but can you explain who is the person in the last paragraph in your post

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