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Blue Exorcist :: "TCL" Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Platinum_, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. ( RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/blue-exorcist-true-crosss-lie.16825/ )

    'Ayo. This is the discussion thread for "Blue Exorcist: True Cross's Lie", a roleplay I will be basing off of the manga and anime - Ao No Exorcist/Blue Exorcist. Even though I'm already up to my neck in roleplays at the moment, I don't believe this kind of RP has taken place on 'Charms before (or at least within the timespan of a couple years), so I'm excited for it.

    Basically, without giving major points of the RP away, the beginning main story of the roleplay with be that True Cross Academy has been found out to have been secretly taken over by demons/evil forces/illuminati. The secret is revealed, and it is up to the students and other exorcist practitioners to take it back. But the characters will soon learn that that is no easy task at all.

    ========================= RULES =========================

    - Follow all of 'Charms roleplay rules, as posted in this forum's main page, of course.

    - Your character can only dabble in two of the Meister Categories ; 1 Major and 1 Minor. Your Major will be your main way of battle and your specialty, and your Minor will be one of the meister classes that you are decent with, being used if needed.

    - Yes, you may allow your character to be a Demon-Human hybrid, but keep any extra abilities/powers to a minimum. (Also, no Spawns of Satan, please lmao)

    - No godmodding, of course. Do not automatically dodge attacks every battle, and do not control other people's characters.

    - NO ONE, TWO, OR THREE LINERS. I'm not going to set a dead-on required posting size, but me nor the other Roleplayers will be fond of two simple sentences. Even if you are stuck or dont know how exactly to reply to something, write as much as you can to make a decently sized post.

    - Please try not to go back and forth between you and another roleplayer. Allow others to keep up with the RP without spam!

    ========================= Meister Classes =========================

    Every RPer that chooses to be attending True Cross (Human or Demon Hybrid) will be in the same Cram School-Exorcism Class, but everyone will need to choose a meister class to Major and Minor in.
    (Ex: My character will be Majoring as a Tamer and Minoring as an Aria)

    Each of the classifications refers to the different fighting styles adopted by an Exorcist. There are currently five classifications:

    Knight: Class that fights with melee weapons such as Swords, Kr'iks, Staves, Axes, etc.

    : Class that uses fire arms such as Guns, Flamethrowers, Cross-Bows, etc.

    : Class that summons demons to aid them in battle or other uses. These demons are known as "Familiars".

    : Class that recites "Fatal Verses", which are holy incantations that will instantaneously be damage/kill/annihilate demons.

    : Class that has high medical knowledge to treat most wounds inflicted by demons and otherwise.

    ====================== Character Sheets =========================




    Meister: Major - | Minor -


    ====================== My Character =========================

    Name: Elijah Fritz

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Species: (Human - Human/Demon)

    Meister: Major - TAMER | Minor - ARIA

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  2. Ah, I love this anime so much ♥

    Name: Cain Moore

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Meister: Major - DRAGOON | Minor - DOCTOR

    Appearance: If we can do images...~
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  3. Awesome! Accepted. Feel free to drop a post in the RP!
  4. Thanks! Now, we are starting mid-conflict, correct? So all of our characters likely know each other, and have been training together for some time already?
  5. Yes. This will be in the middle of the "war", even though it had just recently started a couple days before hand. All of the characters in the exorcist school with preferably know eachother.
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  6. I just edited the post to the RP in my first post!
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  7. Aha, is it still breaking rule #5 if we don't have other members yet? ^-^;
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  8. 6* And haha no definitely not, don't worry about it you're doing great :D
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  9. Ah, I'm glad :D Thanks!
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  10. Name: August Dawn

    Species: Demon/Human


    Age: 15

    Meister: Major- Knight Minor- Dragoon

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  11. I just now relized that August is currently the only female...
  12. Can someone post in the RP?
  13. I was waiting for @Platinum_ to post, but I could see of I could find something to write about ; )
  14. I almost forgot about this RP but I remembered! And @Platinum_ could you post?

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