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Private/Closed Bloodpeak Academy (A Monster School RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Red Gallade, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. https://pokecharms.com/threads/bloodpeak-academy-a-monster-school-rp-discussion.20823/
    As the dim light of the monster realm's near red sun began to creep over the horizon and give way to a violet sky, many monsters of Coffinvale town woke up to yet another new day and got ready for what it offered. Once such monster was a Vampire by the name of Adrian who reluctantly awoke from his coffin like bed, slowly he got himself dressed and went downstairs to receive his breakfast. As he walked into the kitchen, he was immediately jumped by a large Cerberus whom pinned down and licked Adrian's face which caused the latter to laugh as he attempted to get the three headed hound off of him. "Good to see you too, Rex!" Adrian said as his laughter slowly diminished only for a growl from his stomach take the place to fill in the sweet silence he cherished so dearly.

    "Morning son!" A rather chubby Vampire who closely resembled Adrian... but older and with a jet black goatee said in a somewhat cheerful tone of voice. "Your breakfast is on the side, it's your favorite too: Bacon and eggs with a side of bloodied toast." He said as he went to pour himself a cup of coffee. Adrian smiled faintly. "Thanks dad." He said as he sat down to eat his breakfast and watched Rex walk up to three dog bowls fused together; the left one had an 'R' on it, the middle had an 'E' and the right one had an 'X' on it which clearly pointed out the Cerberus' name.

    "Hard to believe I'm already going to high school, just when I thought middle school would be long, it just goes by-" Adrian paused and snapped his fingers. "-Like that." He concluded and resumed with the last of his breakfast, already he ate his bacon and eggs to move on to the toast. "Time zooms by when you're having fun, perhaps you'll be lucky and even find a girlfriend." His father joked and lightly chuckled before he took a sip of his coffee.

    Adrian blushed faintly and turned to his dad with a look of minor annoyance. "Dad!" He said as he got up just after his last bite of toast. Adrian's father couldn't remove his smile as he handed Adrian his bag. "But seriously: High school is a big moment for you to make great friends and greater memories." he said as he put both his hands on Adrian's shoulders. "I know dad, I can't make any promises though." Adrian said as he and his father shared a hug, Rex walked up to the pair and began to whimper lightly, clearly sad to see Adrian go.

    Adrian smiled and knelt down to hug and pet all three of Rex' heads. "Don't be like that, boy. We'll see each other again." He said with a smile as he got up and turned to leave the house, he waved his father and pet goodbye one last time before he proceeded to walk toward the school that would likely change his life for the better... or worse.

    After several minutes of walking, the school he applied for was right in front of him, the gates were open and already several other monsters around his age walked in to the school, some were eager to learn or meet new friends, others looked as if they just wanted to get everything over with. Adrian's mind leaned more toward the latter.

    "Here we go..." He whispered to himself and walked in to the courtyard of Bloodpeak Academy.
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  2. Chris:
    As daylight started to shine over Chris's face, he slowly started to wake up. He groaned quietly to himself so no one else could potentially hear him. He looked at his clock and saw that it was still a few minutes until it should ring. That made him annoyed. He wasn't supposed to wake up this so early. But he got up from his bed and walked over to his private bathroom and got a quick shower. Then he proceeded to go to his closet to get his clothes and get dressed. He started by putting a shirt over his well-trained stomach and then put on his jeans.

    When he was done with his daily routine up in his room he finally walked down to the breakfast table to grab some breakfast obviously. His father seemed to have already left for work and his mother was most likely still getting ready for work in his parents own room so he would have the table all for himself. He made himself some wafflesreal quick and ate all of them. Then he put on his hoodie, took his bag and left the house without a word to his mother. Him and his parents nearly never spoke unless it was necessary to do so. Like when they had to speak about the school Chris would attend.

    After a while he found himself entering the courtyard of the school of Bloodpeak Academy. There were tons of students going in and out of the building. A lot of them looked strong. A lot of them looked weak. Chris got a sour expression on his face when he saw the "weaker" students on the premises. They were just asking to be bullied. He sneaked over to another student and just pickpocketed out the students wallet, pretty clear for other students but invisible for that specific student.

    Cassie had already been awake for quite a while when the sun started to shine through her windows. She had just been stuck drawing after she woke up in the middle of the night. Right after religion, art was her favourite subject so she would often find herself drawing something. Right now she was drawing a portrait of a vampire attacking a human. A few minutes after the sun had reached her window, she heard a knock at her bedroom door.
    "Come in!" She invited and put away her portrait calmly. Her mother entered the room.
    "Come on, Cassie. You need to get ready for your first day of high school! Isn't it exciting!?" Her mother said.
    "Oh right. School. Yaaaayyyy..." She said sarcastically.
    "Oh come on, don't be like that. School's exciting. And by the way, where's your wolf?" her mother said, trying to encourage her daughter.
    "Lucky's down there i think right now. I'm gonna summon him later while we're going to school so he can get some exercise" Cassie replied
    "Okay. But get breakfast first. I've been up for a while making an amazing breakfast for us!" Her mother said. Cassie just rolled her eyes but couldn't help but to give of a small smile before going down to eat whatever her mother had made.

    After the breakfast, Cassie put on her hoodie and grabbed her bag before she and her mother walked out of their house. When they got out, Cassie summoned Lucky, a dead wolf that Cassie could summon as she pleased as if it was when it was alive except for the fact that it had no bodyheat. The wolf instantly tackled Cassie and started licking her in the face.
    "Okay Lucky, i get it. You love me. I love you too. But we need to get moving. I'm sorry, but starting now i won't be able to walk you as much anymore. But i'll always do my best to find time for my favourite wolf!" Cassie said, while laughing and snuggling Lucky's head. Her mother just stood beside them and looked at her daughter with great pride and happiness.

    After around 20 minutes of walking they finally arrived at the gates of the school.
    "Are you sure you have everything now?" Cassie's mother asked worriedly.
    "Yes i'm sure. I know that you're worried about me mom but i'll be fine. If i do end up in trouble, i'll just summon Lucky and he'll help me" Cassie replied.
    "Okay, okay. But just promise that you won't seek out trouble like you've done before" her mother said.
    "Hey! That Cyclops deserved it after what he did to Lucky's toy!" Cassie argued.
    "Maybe so, but you still worried me, he was more than 2 meters tall!" her mother said. Cassie sighed and gave up. She knew she wouldn't be able to argue with her mother about that. So it would just be better to agree and promise not to seek out any trouble.
    "Fine. I promise not to seek out any trouble. Happy?" Cassie said. Her mother smiled and nodded.
    "Well then, i should be going to work now. Have fun and get some new friends in there, okay?" Her mother said.
    "I'll do my best. I'll see you later, mom and Lucky" Cassie said and hugged her mother and then her wolf. Lucky melted into a shadow and went back to the underworld and Cassie's mother started going in the direction of her job. Cassie turned around and entered the school premises.
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  3. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Garret walked downstairs, he entered the kitchen of his large house, his mum turned to him as he entered, "you ready for school" she asked, Garrett nodded and grabbed a bag of cookies from a cupboard, his mum gave him a look, "I know it's not normal mum but I can't just eat light, anyway have you seen my guitar, I swear I left in the hallway but it's not there" Garrett said to his mother, she pointed to the front door, "I moved it, it's by the front door. Now you best be off", after he gave his mum a quick peck on the cheek, he grabbed his guitar and stepped outside and grabbed his motorbike helmet, he then hopped on his black and white Kawasaki KLX250S (Motorcycle), and drove off to school.

    Pulling into the parking lot of the school, Garrett got off his motorcycle, and placed the helmet on the handle bars, before he sunk it into the shadows to keep it safe. He turned and looked around this place seemed cool, he saw a vampire and by the smell of his sent one of the boys he was near was a lycanthrope. He walked away from where he had sent his bike to the shadow realm and nearly walked straight into a girl who smelled a lot like death or decay maybe. "Oh sorry wasn't looking where I was going" Garrett said, he held his hand out in a greeting (handshake) "My name is Garrett, Garrett Kane", he attempted not to react to the scent but his body decided otherwise and he subconsciously wrinkled his nose and his pupils went very thin.
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  4. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Astrapi woke up with a yawn in her small bed, inside one of the famous crystal caves that made her home. Astrapi walked past a table on the way out, brushing two photos with her claws. "Morning Mum. Morning Dad" She sighed. Today was the first day of school. She woke up her Kneazle, Song, and placed her by a small platter of food which she started eating almost instantly. Astrapi got changed into her clothes and sat down on a low chair between two large crystals. "Woo... School today" She said unenthusiastically. When Song had finished. Astrapi smiled slightly and put her on her shoulder. "But who knows? I might even find a friend or too" With that, Astrapi flew off and out of the cave, heading for Bloodpeak Academy.

    Astrapi landed in the courtyard, Song's claws digging into her shoulder. The dragon put her Kneazle into her bag, assuming pets weren't allowed, but she couldn't leave her all alone at home. Astrapi looked round. Not many students where there yet.

    Kezian woke up with a start. He was semi excited for the first day of school and rushed straight downstairs to get breakfast. "Morning Kezian. Your up early" His Dad said, chuckling.
    "I know Dad" Kezian replied, taking a bite from his stroopwafel "But I cant be late for school"
    "Never seen you exited for school. Anyway, your Mother left your clothes on the-"
    "I know Dad!"
    Kezian got dressed quickly and ran downstairs, shouting a quick bye to his Dad before grabbing his bag and running off to school.

    Kezian arrived at the school gates, his bag slung over one shoulder, smiling. Today was it. Sighing, he walked into the courtyard. He was greeted instantly by the sight of Astrapi, and grunted, saying under his breath, "Great. A new school, and I can already spot someome who will tease me for being a flightless dragon"
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  5. Nova yawned, lazily rolling out of her bed. She dropped onto the floor, meeting her fluffy carpet and looked up at her mother who raised an eyebrow as she stood over her daughter. “Why’d you have to make me do this?” She groaned. Her mother summoned a plate of waffles, “Becuase you have to socialise with others, now eat.” Nova tilted her head, “Waffles?” Her mother chuckled and handed them over, then walked outside of Nova’s room. Nova quickly scoffed her food, got dressed into a black top with a cat in galaxy design on it, along with purple shorts, black fish nets and purple sneakers. She tied her hair up in a ponytail over her shoulder and reluctantly left for school.

    At the school gates, Nova instantly noticed a boy stealing from a student. She smiled to herself, “Maybe it’s not so bad here..” She even saw a girl with a pet in her bag and walked over. She peered into the girl’s bag, “Is that a Kneazle?” She sighed, “I love cats..” She pointed to her shirt and took a good look at the girl. “Oh, hey. You’re a dragon.”
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  6. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Astrapi turned to the girl who was much shorter than her and looked down. "Uh, yes. I am. But please don't touch Song. I don't think she's meant to be here." Astrapi zipped up the bag a little more. "Who are you, anyway?" Song meowed and Astrapi put a few treats into the hole to quiet her down. "I’m Astrapi” She held out her gloved hand for the girl to shake.
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  7. Cassie:
    Cassie turned around to look at the boy who had nearly bumped into her. His nose was wrinkled so he was definitely a type of monster who could smell the death around her. Cassie just sighed.
    "Hey. I'm Cassie. Sorry about the smell. I can't do much about it. It sticks with me wherever i go because of who my dad is" she said, hoping this boy wouldn't start a fight just because she smelled funny like many other's had done. Well, technically it was Cassie who started the fights. But they deserved to be beaten up. She was prepared to beat this guy up too if she needed but he hadn't done anything to deserve it just yet so she wasn't gonna attack him.

    Chris took the wallet and walked away a bit to a more secluded area to look at what kind of things he got from that. There was 20 dollars. That was something atleast. But nothing else out of value. He put the 20 in his own wallet and then went back to the person he had taken it from. He tapped the person on the shoulder to get their attention and held out the wallet.
    "Excuse me? It seems to me like you dropped this" he said.
    "Oh. Thank you" the person said and took the wallet back before going back to what they were doing. Chris just went on his way to find his dorm first of all.
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  8. "Nova." She shook Astrapi's hand, looking up at the tall dragon-like person. "You're so tall." She said, stretching out an arm to poke a finger at her wing. "Flying must be fun, I wish I sprouted some wings, too." She turned to look at the school just in time to see the boy who'd stolen the wallet walk inside. "That guy looks like he has the right idea, I'm finding my dorm." She went to leave, but then stopped in her tracks, "Wait.. are we sharing dorms?" She groaned, "I'll never get any peace around here.." She then left to find it.

    Before stepping into the big entrance doors, she glanced back one last time, "You coming, dragon?"
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  9. Adrian looked around at the crowd for anything interesting and sighed, he noticed, but cared little for the guy who stole someone's wallet, he knew from a young age that any type of contact with guys like him would instantly paint a target on his back for potential bullying. He turned his head to a curious pair which consisted of an anthropomorphic dragon and a demon who looked like a promising pair, although he quietly walked past the pair, he shot them a friendly smile as he made his way into the large building to find his dorm. As he stepped inside the Academy, he was slightly amazed at how the interior looked, almost as if it was made from an old mansion. He suddenly heard the speakers turn on, most likely a notification from someone high up the school's chain of command.

    "Attention new students, as this is your first day here, you have twenty minutes to find your dorm and get settled into the school. After twenty minutes, please make your way into the main hall located near the middle of the school, plenty of staff will help escort you there." A female voice nonchalantly spoke over the microphone with hint of boredom, like one of those employees at a supermarket. Adrian raised an eyebrow and looked into his bag to find his letter, the welcoming letter had a little map of the school on the back alongside one room marked which was most likely his dorm. "I wonder who I'll be sharing a dorm with. If it were a girl, my chances on either getting a girlfriend or a bad reputation might be too easy." He thought to himself as he slowly traversed to where his little map told him.
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  10. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

    Astrapi growled slightly. “Might as well. I’m in dorm 5. What about you, Nova?” Astrapi walked in after her. “And too answer your question, Flying is great, but it sure takes a lot out of you” Astrapi dipped her head at Adrian slightly as he walked past. She listened to the voice on the speaker and grunted; “20 minutes to get settled, huh?” She shook her head “better than no time at all” Astrapi looked around the building. This place was huge.
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  11. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Garrett chuckled "your father, wouldn't happen to be Hades would it, Shades aren't that fond of him, at least my parents are but I think he's really cool, I mean he did create Shades in the first place not sure why Shades don't like him. Anyway I'm an exception anyway, I'm a Shade-Werewolf hybrid, it masks my depressing and deathly Shade scent, with a more canine scent. I'm gonna go find my dorm, see you in the main hall, yeah?" He said before turning to walk away. He pulled his phone out quick checking through a few notes, he needed to sort through some of his songs later. He sighed and put the phone back in his pocket and checked his dorm number, Dorm 2.
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  12. It was amazing. He'd never seen any other 'monster' other than a kitsune- him and his family. But here, there were all sorts of people. From dragon people to werewolves to gigantic bugs. It was like a movie scene- flooded with CGI. Kei, in the crowd, still had blood-shot eyes, he found it hard to have to leave his uncle earlier- all that he'd done, leaving Japan and signing him up to this school- or yet better- letting him live without pressure from his own relatives. It felt wrong to leave him.

    As the bored voice echoed through the school, telling the students they have twenty minutes to find a dorm- their dorm, unpack, and then make their way to the main hall. Kei decided to get there as fast as he could- coming from his two-tailed human form to his two-tailed fox form, and dashed down the halls, finding his dorm easy. He was there before his dorm-mate, but it wouldn't be long before they arrived too. So he unpacked fast. His gigantic plushie collection of random Japanese figures- all equally adorable was by the side of his bed, which he'd packed a duvet set, so his bed was a luxury white with dark grey stripes near the bottom, made of extremely soft materials. On his bedside table, he put some other collection things, like video games for the Switch he'd brought, an extension was resting on the top with chargers for the mentioned console, his phone, etc. In other words, his side of the room looked adorable, but not exactly overloaded, still having some pieces of furniture that looked grown-up.

    He decided to rest on-top of his bed, phone in hand, browsing the internet, until his room-mate arrived. Although he'd preferably stay away from them, he didn't want to develop a bad relationship with the person he'd be living with for a year- or more. Of course, he was still going to avoid all other people- this was a stretch at the moment, and his stomach was forming knots.
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  13. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Yoaquin Amour ran as quickly as possible to the school, “Whew, how much further do I have to go?” he sighed and patted the pheasant that he had hidden in his scarf, then he brushed back his wavy light brown hair and hurried to the school.

    Almost as soon as the announcement about the dorms had finished, Yoaquin started to look around for his dorm, “I’m pretty sure I’m in the fourth dorm room! I guess I’ll hurry up and get there then!” he smiled as he pulled a crumpled map out of a pocket in his leather jacket and unfolded it. Whilst he was staring at the map of the school, he bumped into an extremely pale vampire, “Oh! Hey there! I wasn’t looking where I was going so sorry! I’m Yoaquin Amour and you are?” he said hastily.
  14. Nova pulled out her map and rotated it around for a few seconds, "Uhhh.." She finally pointed to a small dot on it, marking her dorm. She turned to the dragon girl again, "Dorm 5.." She wasn't sure what she felt about it, but at least she wasn't with an annoying person. She headed to the dorm with her new friendly face and opened the door. "Do you plan to let that Kneazle out?" She asked, stepping inside and throwing a galaxy styled backpack with a cat's design onto her bed. With the door just a creak open, she saw a flash of what looked like a fox run by, "Someone let their pet loose." She smiled, "Oh, well."
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  15. Adrian had his view locked on the map, so he didn't notice the Rokurokubi until it was too late and collided with him. "Dammit!" he said in clear annoyance as he looked up at whom he bumped into. "Watch where you're going." He said with a mixture of calmness and annoyance, in his mind, that wasn't his best sentence as he didn't look where he went either. He sighed to try and calm himself down. "Adrian... call me Adrian." He said as he collected himself and walked past the person who introduced them self as Yoaquin so that he could proceed on the search for his dorm which he soon found and smiled. "Alright, so this is where I'll be spending the last of my teen years." He joked as he opened the door to walk inside and noticed two beds opposite to each other. "Looks like I will have to be sharing with someone else..." The Vampire said to himself. "On the bright side, as I was here first, I can call first dibs on what bed I want!" He half joked to himself as he put his bag on the bed on the left side of the dorm room, he didn't bother to take his stuff out yet.
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  16. Michelle had just woken up from her sleep and she was awakened by her phone, with the alarm set on it. She quickly threw on her usual clothes and rushed to the kitchen where she quickly gobbled up a piece of bread that was left on the kitchen table presumably by one of her parents. She wasn't just rushing through her morning because the small goblin was late, no. She was just simply exited to start at her new school, Bloodpeak Academy. She grabbed her backpack and took a quick look inside of it. In side of the murky green bag was the usual school supplies and some extra stuff, as she was also going to stay at the school dorms. There was a notebook, pencil case, phone charger, laptop, a charger for the laptop, the school map, some extra clothing and a roll of duct tape. Why did she pack a roll of duct tape with her? Because why not and you never know when a roll of duct tape comes handy. Michelle was alone in her family's apartment, which meant that she was the last one to leave it, so she of course locked the door as she left. The small goblin rushed down the stairs of the apartment complex and exited it and proceeded to run to the bus stop that would drive her to her new school.

    She gave a quick look around the bus stop and saw all kinds of different monsters. There were Slime like creatures to werewolves, so the usual. The bus arrived in no time and Michelle stepped in the bus. All of the seats were occupied so the goblin had to stand and hold on to something for the whole 20 minutes ride to Bloodpeak Academy. When the bus had finally arrived at the school, she hopped of the bus and thanked the bus driver. Just as she stepped out of the bus with some other young monster, Michelle noticed something glimmering on the ground. She picked it up and examined it and it turned out to be a shiny, orange, plastic button. The small goblin just stuffed it into her pocket and continued her way to the school yard. As she arrived the introduction speech had just ended and she could just hear the part where the students were instructed to find their dorms. She opened her backpack, grabbed the school map and zipped the backpack close. She quickly examined the map about seven or six times before she spotted the dorms and made her way over to her new home, where she would probably spend the most time in, beside the actual school building of course.

    She continued her way in to the dormitories and searched for the room number six and found it in about five minutes. She opened the door and discovered that there was two beds, which usually meant that she was going to share the dorm with someone else. She thought to her self that if she was the first one to come into the dorm she could choose which bed to take dibs on. She closed the door and threw her bag on the right side bed, which was quickly followed by Michelle herself jumping onto the bed
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  17. Cassie:
    "Yeah i am. I guess you figured that out because of your more sensitive nose, huh? Anyway, i also need to go find my dorm. We'll see each other again i guess" Cassie said, feeling a bit awkward about the whole situation. She picked up her map from her pocket and looked at it to see where her dorm would be. She remembered she was gonna stay in dorm 6. Hopefully alone. She didn't like spending time with living creatures. Not for too long atleast. But it was always nice to have some company at times. She estimated the distance of her location and the dorms and then melted into a shadow to teleport to her dorm. She didn't quite teleport the whole way, but she she did get closer to her dorm. "I really need to get better at shadow-travelling" she thought to herself and walked the rest of the way.

    She entered her dorm and found a goblin girl jumping on one of the beds. So she was gonna share a room with someone. Not too much of an issue unless the other girl was talkative. She might as well try to get along with her though as they were gonna share this room for the whole semester atleast. Maybe even longer.
    "Hey. Seems to me like we're sharing this dorm. I''m Cassie" she said with a small smile to seem as friendly as possible. She had no idea whether or not she did a good job but she hoped she did.

    Chris had already memorized the map he had been given and quickly found his dorm, dorm 2. He opened the door and found two beds in there which meant he was shaing this room. "Just my luck. Now i'll have to share this dorm with someone else. Whoever it is, better not be getting in my way" he thought to himself before neatly putting his things at the bed he picked for himself. After that, he started to think about rules he and his roommate could have. But he figured that for it to be fair for both of them, his roommate should be here too while they made the rules. He didn't like the thought of sharing the dorm with someone else but he figured that they were going to live together so they should atleast try to tolerate each other. If things didn't work, they could just ask for a different rommate.
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  18. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Garrett walked to the building and entered. He walked to the door of Dorm 2 and turned the handle to enter. He opened the door to find the lycanthrope he had seen earlier, "Hello, my name is Garrett Kane, so we're gonna share a room then" he glanced around and sat on one of the beds. He took his guitar from his back and placed it on the floor resting against, he then sat on one of the beds and looked at the boy "and what's your name?" he asked the lycanthrope. He took a lightbulb from his pocket and touched a finger to it and a stream of light absorbed into his hand, he needed the snack and threw the bulb in the trash when he was done.
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  19. Michelle looked up and saw a person in the room and claimed to be her room mate. She jumped off the bed she had already claimed and walked over to the girl.

    "Hey there! I'm Michelle, nice to meet you," the small goblin said with a big grin in her face and then remembered that she had her backpack to unpack, "I hope you don't mind me taking this bed" she continued and nodded towards the right bed she had already chosen and proceeded to open her backpack to take out her laptop, laptop charger and the extra pair of clothes she packed and placed them on the bed that was a bit of a mess after jumping on it.
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  20. Cassie:
    Cassie freaked out on the inside. When she now saw the right bed, she knew that this was an active student. But she should try to be as friendly as possible.
    "Nice to meet you Michelle. I'm Cassie" she said. But then she remembered, she had already introduced herself. She just told the goblin her name twice. But maybe the goblin was too excited to notice that. Hopefully. Cassie didn't want it to seem like she was a nervous wreck. Even if she was. So she pretended like nothing happened and hoped that Michelle hadn't noticed.
    "I'm good with the left bed. You've already trashed the right one anyway" she said and put her bag on her new bed. Then she thought that her comment might've been too mean and freaked out once again. But she kept her composure and stayed calm. Nothing was wrong unless Michelle pointed it out to her.

    "'Sup. I'm Chris" Chris said when he met his new roommate. Nothing else. He didn't care a lot either. He decided to take a small whiff of the air to understand what kind of creature this person was. He smelled like a shade and a wolf at the same time. So it was a hybrid. "Great. Now i'm gonna spend my time here with a freak" he thought to himself.
    "Okay first off, if we need to shed, we do it outside. I already know that you're a hybrid. It's pretty hard not to smell that. If we do it in here, the one shedding is responsible for picking up his own fur. I don't want any distractions when i'm doing homework" he said as he finished his unpacking.

    (I'm feeling kinda sorry for Garrett who will have to deal with Chris xD)
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  21. Lussuria woke up in his gargantuan bed, his parents were probably 'going to eat' when He was asleep, as always. He stood up and stretched. After that, his phone rang "Perfect, they forget something or what" He took his phone. "What happend, old hag" He asked.
    "How you called me!!!... Luss, listen. Do you know, what you have today" his mother asked him.
    "let me guess, conversation with you?" Lussuria said. He didn't know, why mother had to call to him now.
    "No, two words. Blood-peak Aca-demy" She said slowly, to be sure. That her son's brain will get this information. "... It's today..." Luss said a bit scared. "Yes" his mother responded "Let me guess again. I'm late" He continued. "Yes" his mother confirmed "Luss, in your backpack is everything, that you will need. You will need to fly to school, if you don't want to be extremly late. Love you" and his mother ended the call. "Love you too" said Luss. He quickly ran, took a backpack, left home and flew to school.

    Lussuria landed on Bloodpeak Academy's courtyard and quickly ran to the dorms. He didn't have much time, but he thought about how many monsters are here. "Alright, where is third dorm room..."
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  22. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Yoaquin stepped aside, “Oh, bye then Adrian!” he called out as the vampire walked past him; “Okay, where’s dorm number... 4?” Yoaquin asked to himself, before he put the map he was staring at back in his jacket pocket.

    Yoaquin found his dorm room, “Oh hey there again Adrian!” he ran over to the other bed, pulled his pet pheasant out of his scarf and put it down next to his bed before flopping on it, “So, how are you?” Yoaquin looked over at Adrian.
  23. Boris yawned, sitting up. “Ugh...what....what time is it.....” He mumbled, looking at his clock. “Oh, its time for school....WAIT WHAT! I slept in again!” He yelled, falling out of his bed. He ran in the kitchen, grabbing a lunchbox and book bag. “OKAY BYE EVERYONE!” He yelled to his parents, and ran out of the house.

    He ran all the way to school, skidding to a stop at the entrance. “Phew....I’ve never ran....that fast.....in my life.....” He sighed, looking up at the building. He walked inside, looking around. “Woah....this place is bigger than I Thought.....”
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  24. Lussuria found his dorm and went inside. It seemed comfy, but it was smaller than his own room. Then he noticed two beds "Great, I'm going to share a room with someone and it won't be a girl probably...Well, It schouldn't be that bad. I hope so" He whispered to himself and chose a bed closer to the window. "You are going to be my bed. Better for you, if I will be able to woke up to school. I schould probably wait for my roommate or something. Nothing that, I can't handle." He said again to himself, then he thought that he sounds stupid, so he stopped.
    He laid on the bed, closed his eyes for a moment.
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  25. As Adrian was about to relax on his new bed, he turned around to notice the Rokurokubi he almost bumped into earlier enter the room and get on the other bed. "Yoaquin, right?" He asked to get a clarification if that was his new roommate's name. "I'm like what any other person at school would be like; Waiting for school to be over and done with or getting some good friends and even 'my future other half.'" He said in slight boredom as he began to get on his own bed and lie down on his back, hands behind his head and one leg over the other. "So this is Bloodpeak Academy, huh? Tell me, are you excited to see what crazy stuff happens in high school?" He asked as he turned his eyes to Yoaquin.
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  26. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Garrett stared at Chris, "those rules are fine, I will just go to the Shadow Realm if you need privacy" Garrett then demonstrated this by popping out of existence and into the Shadow Realm, he reached his hand back into the Mortal Realm to grab his guitar, then sat in the Shadow Realm and began to practice while he waited.

    ...and my friend said,
    I know you love her, but it's over, mate.
    It doesn't matter put the phone away.
    It's never easy to walk away. Let her go.
    It'll be alright...
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  27. Michelle's grin just grew bigger when her roommate introduced herself twice, but she didn't say anything. She climbed up on the mess that was her bad and sat on it, but made sure not to sit on her stuff that she just unpacked. She looked around the room. She hadn't really looked around the room properly until now and the first thought that came into her head was how boring it looked inside. Her head filled with ideas on how to decorate the dorm, but of course she had to ask Cassie about the subject.

    "So, I kinda think that this room looks boring and I would like to decorate it," she began and shifted her big eyes toward the other female in the room,"And as we are room mates, we should do this together. I only came up with two different options on how we could do it.. Either we split the room in half and we decorate our half as ever we want or we decorate the whole dorm together,"
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  28. Cassie:
    Cassie was surprised by Michelle's question. She looked around the room and thought the same thing. It was boring. And yeah, they should decorate it. And decoration of a room is something she knew she could do well.
    "Depends on how we want to decorate it. I for one would want atleast one of my drawings to be on the wall. But my drawings aren't exactly... cheerful. They're pretty dark to say the least" Cassie said, hinting to the fact that she likes dark things. This wasn't only because she was an 'emo' but also because she was a daughter of Hades.

    "Idiot. We're supposed to be escorted to the main hall in a few minutes" Chris muttered for himself when Garrett left. He wanted to prank the guy because he had been such an idiot, but how could he do that without Garrett noticing? He clearly had as good sense of smell as Chris had so covering his bed with flour or some sort of liquid was out the table. Unless he could get something that didn't have any scent. But that would be hard. But he could place something hard underneath his mattress that wouldn't be noticed until they were going to bed. So Chris looked through his bag and took out a hard book. He placed it underneath Garrett's bed and then he waited for someone to come greet them
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  29. Lussuria almost fell asleep, almost. He quickly stood up from his bed "Well, It seems, that waiting isn't my strength. I schould leave something like message for my roommate" Lussuria thought and he left a message ^Dear Friend, I wanted to wait for you, but I really needed to go for a while. Just. Don't. Touch. Any. Of. My. Things!... Deal, I want us to be friends or at least, not to be enemies and that's why you need to stay away from my things, Thank you =)^. He put his message on second bed and he left the dorm.

    He walked to the Main Hall and thought, where he needed to go now.
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  30. The kitsune checked the time on his phone after waiting what seemed like an hour for his room-mate to arrive. The one time he wanted to make social interaction, the person didn't even appear in time. It was getting very close to the time when the assembly or whatever of the like would occur in the Main Hall, so Kei got up, became kitsune, and ran straight to the door- but with paws, he couldn't open the door. So, he had to change back to human, tediously open the door, and then become human. And run straight down the corridors.

    Kei was turning left and right, speeding down the hallways, whilst skillfully dodging students- it was a surprise he hadn't hit one yet. Although, he did hear many yells and squeals of surprise from students and teachers alike- they wouldn't be able to tell who he was, surely. Left, right, left, straight on, left, left, the pattern echoed through his mind. It was at least five minutes of navigation through the school until he reached the Main Hall, and so he decided to stop, quickly hide behind a wall to become a human form again, and walk out, like no fox had ever ran down the corridor.

    But then, his thoughts had to hijack his mind. What if they thought it was a wild creature. What if there are magical foxes in the stables or somewhere? What if foxes are wild here? Oh no.. animal control might be looking for the animal... what if- no, none of this will happen, surely someone else has done something, like maybe a vampire had become bat or a werewolf had charged down the corridors to get here, although a werewolf would be easily caught.. yeah, I'll just hope for the best.

    Kei anxiously grabbed his arms, and waited to see what had to happen next.
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  31. ~Rinko~

    ~Rinko~ Previously PrincessPika~chan

    Yoaquin sighed, “A little, mostly wanna see what pranks I could try and pull,” he smiled as he spoke, the pheasant he had started to peck at the side of the bed, Yoaquin bent down and adjusted the emerald hat and cape that the bird wore. “Say, d’you have a pet or anything?” he asked after getting off his bed.
  32. "Well at least it would be better than these empty walls," Michelle said and smiled. She was happy that Cassie had agreed on her suggestion. Her eyes automatically drifted towards the walls of the room as she tried to come up whit some ideas to decorate, but the only things she came up with were some posters and maybe some random/dumb pictures from the internet. Soon the small goblin remembered that they were supposed to go to the Main hall to some kind of an assembly to start the day off. She jumped off her bed and threw her backpack on her back.

    "Shit! We are supposed to go to the main hall to an assembly thing," She said quickly, ran towards the door and left the dorm area and made her way to the Main hall.
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  33. Adrian sighed and nodded. "So long as you don't do any pranks to me, otherwise it'll be awful to have each other for roommates as I can get angry quite easily." He warned before his eyes widened and a smile formed upon his face upon hearing the question about pets. "I do actually, I have a pet Cerberus called Rex. He said as he went to get out his phone and show Yoaquin one of the many pictures he had of Rex. In the middle of having shown him his pet photos, the speakers began to flair up for everyone's attention.

    "All new students, please stop what you're doing and make your way to the main hall." The same female voice said as Adrian sat up on his bed. "You heard the lady, let's get moving." The vampire said as he walked to the door and held it open for his roommate, he allowed him to leave and would follow behind Yoaquin when he got out.
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  34. Void_Nugget

    Void_Nugget Previously Shadow_Pup

    Garrett heard the voice from the Shadow Realm, he shifted into wolf from and sprinted through the Shadow Realm, he reached a point inhaled deeply through his nose, he could smell the other students, he shifted back and stepped back into the Mortal Realm, right in front of Kei "oh god, sorry. he jumped back, not so good on the determining of my potion between realms, so yeah, sorry" he stood back "my name is Garrett, what's yours".
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  35. Cassie:
    Cassie was surprised as Michelle took off towards the main hall. She knew the girl was right so she was also gonna go there. But not in the same way. She melted into a shadow again and came out inside the school's kitchen. "This is not the right place..." she thought to herself. She was just about to try again but felt a little dizzy. "Right. Travelling through the shadows is exhausting". So she walked out of the kitchen and found her way to the Main Hall. It took her a few more minutes to go there without shadow travelling but she made it in time. Except she was a little more tired than she should be. She saw a bunch of other students there but kept to the shadows of the room and just waited for whatever was gonna happen to happen.

    Chris finished setting things up before checking his watch to see what the time was. It was about time for him to leave for the Main Hall. In fact, he'd have to hurry to get to the Main Hall.
    "This is why they should have single dorms. With two people in one dorm, there will be problems with time. A roommate is just distracting" Chris muttered for himself as he walked out the dorm, transformed into his wolf form and ran to the Main Hall. He made it there in time and leaned against a wall, watching the other students as a predator who looks for his next prey as he waited for something to happen
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  36. Luss made it to the Main Hall and looked around. It seemed, that not everyone has came here yet... He was kinda happy. "I wasn't late for my first... And probably last time" he thought. Lussuria looked around, there was already some students. He hid his wings and sat on the floor, he was still looking around in the really big, Main hall as others needed to gather here.
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  37. Bumbletime

    Bumbletime Previously Finch~

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    Kezian stopped off at his dorm to drop his stuff onto his bed, before making his way to the main hall. By the look of it, his roommate had already checked in. He sighed and walked in, taking a seat near the front, pulling his phone from out his pocket and playing a few games to pass time.

    Astrapi looked at Nova. "Yes, I do" She let Song out and onto her bed, before looking up and checking the time. "We should probably get going then. We don't want to be late" Astrapi started down the hall at a fast pace, then stopped as she entered the hall, skidding into it, grinning. She knew she had probably made too big of an entrance, but she didn't care. She sat down near the back and waited for the announcement.
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  38. Nova sighed, then slowly began walking to the hall, hands in her pockets. After a small time, she finally reached the hall and walked inside, she saw it was full of students and made her way to sit with what looked like an Incubus. She saw him hide his wings and gave a small wave to his direction. "Interesting to see another demon." She smiled, "Maybe you and I can be friends, Incubus." She looked towards the front of the hall, "Do you know what this is about?" She yawned, leaning against the chair behind her. "I'm already dying of boredom."
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  39. Luss looked at demon girl that came to him "It will be probably something like. Dear students, we are happy that you came here blah, blah, blah... Nice to meet you. I just thought, that I may need a tutor in demonic magic. As I'm not the best in it... Hey, if you are bored let's play a game" Luss came closer to Nova "It's called 'chicken' , we will try to kiss each other. Person that will give up is a Chicken" Luss said, He was in half serious and in half not. He just wanted to see reaction.
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  40. Cassie:
    Cassie looked around the room and heard one guy suggesting a kissing game to a girl. She rolled her eyes. People were already flirting with each other. She walked up to the two demons.
    "Very charming. I'd rather kiss my wolf. And he's dead. But that's just me. Dead things are better than living things anyway" she said. She didn't know how the girl would take this but this did sound like 'flirting' on a harrasments scale. She had heard them introducing themselves to each other so there was no way they were a couple.
    "By the way, i'm Cassie" she said.

    Chris got bored just waiting around so he decided to start interacting with everyone else. She looked around the room to find someone to talk to and settled on an anthropomorphic dragon that was playing games on his phone. Better to interact with someone than to use a phone to pass the time. He walked over to the dragon guy and sat down next to him.
    "Hey. I'm Chris" he said with a fake smile
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